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  1. Not sure I can help but I will tell you what I am doing this year for my 5th grader. I did SSL in 3rd grade for dd10 but she did not retain much that year so I went over to LC and that worked out better because of the structure. After we're done I am going to FF and may use GSWL as a supplement for extra practice as I did with her older sister years before and it worked out GREAT!!!
  2. Same here but seems to be working now at least for me.
  3. I have the Samsung tab A and love it. If I was able to afford it I would have gotten the S2 tablet that has larger processor but the Tab A is still very nice and does the job.
  4. All you need is the Basic set with maybe an extra student workbook. I am using WG right now with my 2 dc without the need for the extra cards. As for the Supplement book most just use the Basic set. IMO the Supplement WB is not really needed because each new lesson continues with previously learned concepts. I have the Supplement WB and only have used it a few times.
  5. Maybe seeing a doctor can help. I say this because when my oldest dd was about 3 she started having night terrors and we could not figure out why. So one night I called her Dr. who had me bring her in for a full check up. After her labs came back it turned out her that the diabetes was causing her to have these night terrors. I am not saying that your ds night terrors are due to something like diabetes but I am saying that it might be worth a call or visit to the Doctors office to see if food allergies could be causing the night terrors.
  6. One school 5 blocks away 7:45 to 2:25 which is a little over 61/2 hours The other school a few blocks further 9am to 3:40 that's 6 hours 40 mins.
  7. I would venture to say that I would switch to another program. I agree that r&s is a solid program but it may not be right for him at this time. I use Rod and Staff with oldest dd but there was no way it was going to work for my youngest dd in the early grades because of a language delay. So I used FLL 1-2 then switched to Winston Grammar this year for forth grade and plan to use rod and staff next year. FLL is gentle and has a lot of repetition that drove us batty but it worked perfectly. There are many things I learned from using FLL that I still use now along with games I made up to h
  8. I am using WG basic this year and it seems to be working well for us. I used FLL1-2 also. So, here is what has and is helping dd now. 1. I took all the POS and definitions and created a match the words to the definitions. I have her do it 1-2x wk. 2. We Listen to Grammar Land Audio from Librivox and Discuss it. 3. All the POS have personalities or are clothes/accessories ( got the idea from GrammarLand). For Ex. I will say to dd I am a noun and need to accessorize what do I need to make my outfit look better and she'll tell me Adjective. For boys I use swords guns knights etc.We
  9. I have the both sets that have gotten mixed but looking through the cards I think the advanced card set had: The tricky words - for example many - adj or pron Verbals - infinitives and Gerunds Tricky Word Clues
  10. This is happenings to me on my second iPad. I logged in at least 7x but was kicked out each and every time.
  11. As far as Minecraft goes I have yet to figure out the educational value let alone allure of the game. That said I use the the " No Srceen Time Until" by yourmodernfamily.com with a few tweaks. Monday through Thursday there are no video games or computer use. However, I do allow no more than 2 hours for their favorite tv shows if they choose. Most of the time they don't as they usually choose to read, play or go outside. Weekends I allow Dd to have no more than 4 hours a day (with no more than 2hr on the gameboy) as a deal with Dh for no game time during the week with the knowledge that I WIL
  12. This is exactly how I felt at the beginning of the summer after reading a thread about homeschooling mistakes. Somehow I allowed my self to fall in the trap of learning the How to's that I forgot to actually stop and put it to good use. I also forgot that It was just as important to educate myself as it is to educate my girls. And last but not least I have learned that mental rest is just as important as physical rest so the self education I had planned to start this summer have been on an off. This is because I burned myself out. For self education I have been reading fables, fairy tales, l
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