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  1. I found this on Amazon is this it.
  2. Vintage81 responded better I could I used it with my 5th grader last year along with outside resources when she wanted more information on a particular topic.
  3. Major hair fall, extreme tiredness and increased heart rate sent me to the dr. who informed me I have Grave Disease. The good news is that as long as I stay a way from food allergens and eat natural whole foods I'm good. But the minute I deviate all my symptoms come crashing back.
  4. That70'sLisa thank you that sounds like a good app to use with dd and a little more user friendly than xtramath. Using programs like xtramath have been a great help along with daily flash cards review.
  5. I had to step a way to get my head around everything but I am looking forward to reading up on the NVLD when you get the chance to post.
  6. Thanks for the link I am going to be reading this very soon. ETA: Wow, this article had my dd11 down to a T when she was little and it actually helped make a little more since about dd current diagnosis.
  7. Yes, how I react to things she does that is tied her having autism. I admit have been really hard on her when came to her forgetfulness, avoidance etc. I have stepped in helping her in social situations before the diagnosis because I saw that was a problems before the evaluation. Dd has been hanging around other introverted kids and adults because she feels they operate on the same way length as she does and it has helped. I see her actively trying to interact without fear.
  8. Canadian Mom of 2. I think you are right I need to wait for the full evaluation which may give a little bit more information and recommendations that the pre-report did not give. During this time I am going to research somethings and use this time to calm down and regroup. The one thing that was advised and I agree with is getting dd help with her anxiety and depression now. And I really do appreciate all the ideas and advice because they have given me a lot to think about.
  9. It looks like I have a lot of researching to do like looking up what exactly is psychotherapy. The lady who evaluated dd suggested psychotherapy to help dd develop coping skills for her depression, anxiety, flexibility and social skills. Could they suggested this because she is high functioning or is that this is what the suggest to new diagnosed cases? Ok, here what I am planning to do please tell me if this is a good start. On the medical side talk to her doctor to see about getting other tests done on learning disabilities, cognitive Behavioral therapy, developmental optometrist, psychotherapy and Nonverbal learning disorder. The other is to work on her social, depression and anxiety through some type of therapy. Also, I was told that the full evaluation takes 4-6 weeks should I wait to see if they have other recommendations or go on? Phase two is the academic work which consist of I have yet to figure that out. So, if I understand correctly I need to work on her visual spatial skills first and this can be done by going to I do have to book for her age group that work on that will that be a good start?
  10. Storygirl thank you. I went to the doctors office to drop of the pre-report to the dr and asked her to call me so that i can ask her about getting other test done. I hope she will call me back today.
  11. I am going to check that site of a little later today to see what will be able to help her. Thanks for looking over the scores. I will have to check but I remember having to see one sometime ago if I am thinking of the right optometrist. I will have to look again and see but i will say for the past several years she has had to see a special optometrist because her prescriptions are strong. What does it mean when visual spatial scores are that low? ETA: I just went to social and wow they have a lot of things that looks like it will be a great help to dd.
  12. For some reason it will not let me upload this file even though it is way under required size. Mathematics Composite: Standard is 71 hers is 3 Numerical operations 78 hers is 7 Math Problem Solving 66 hers is 1 Math Fluency: Standard is 72 hers is 3 Math Fluency Addition 81 hers is 10 Math Fluency Subtraction 76 hers is 5 Math Fluency Multiplication 65 hers is 1 Placing her grade levels at grades 2 or 3
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