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  1. I always put the x on the LHS. I'm a little discombobulated to see it on the "wrong" side. I also like my chain inequalities to be increasing...unless we're comparing a variable with a number, then--you guessed it--the variable goes on the LHS regardless of the direction of the inequality. Can he solve most of the Review Problems and some or most of the Challenge Problems? If so, then I think he's good to continue with the textbook. Learning from a textbook, IMO, is an important skill to maintain. If he's able to do it now, I'd have him keep at it.
  2. Why, why does this happen? Why is it happening so often now? Are newbies deliberately searching through the archives for the oldest messages? What's going on?
  3. We schooled year round and often didn't adhere to Sept-May school year. If we finished algebra on Tuesday, we started geometry on Wednesday. So we pushed the course into the year where it made the most sense, generally where most of the learning happened. Or if it made more sense, in the year where the class was completed. Whatever looked most "normal" for our transcript.
  4. There are youtubers who post the behind the wheel test route for many local communities. Our drive ed teacher also had my dd drive the route so she was familiar. The hardest part for me was being in the front seat while dds had their learner's permits. Knitting and keeping my eyes off the road helped. I tried to only advise when asked or when something dire was about to happen.
  5. I have a suspicion @freesia is looking for a way to eat more chocolate and call it "parenting." Just kidding, I thought this was a great idea. I love the candle, it seems more solemn than just a timer.
  6. Sure. To be clear, I'm not currently a member of the club. I just see this notification on my Clubs page and I can't seem to make it go away. Thanks!
  7. For a long while now I see this on my main Clubs page: I think I saw someone else in this forum complain about this. I don't recall asking to join this club and when I click the red X I am directed to this page: Not a big deal for me, but FYI.
  8. I just thought of something else. Besides being able to put "AP" on your transcript, being CB-approved means you have access to all their online resources, including their email list for teachers and their Question Bank and old exams. I personally did not find the email list to be very helpful, but I know others have. I have tutored for AP calculus, and I found the Question Bank to be a really great resource for putting together worksheets with practice problems. (You can filter for questions in one or more topics and create a custom worksheet and have your student complete it online
  9. MOEMS is terrific for elementary students. It's only 5 questions, takes a half hour, so most younger kids have the attention span required to take the exam and then spend 20 minutes discussing the problems. If you register officially, they will send you a nice package of certificates, pins, patches and a trophy. They range between apathetic to vaguely distasteful about homeschoolers, but are generally easy to deal with.
  10. I don't have answers, but want to offer my sympathy. I used to routinely advise homeschooling parents to grab an easy 700+ on the SAT subject test to validate an A in a homeschool high school class. My dd eked out a low SAT Spanish score so she could satisfy the university foreign language requirement. I don't know what homeschooled kids will do now, not just for admissions for the myriad ways that SAT subject test scores are handy to have. I don't think you should incorporate more APs. Just continue as planned to do the APs in areas of interest. (math OR science OR English OR
  11. Are you enrolling your student in public school? Public schools are obligated to enroll your student if you are in their district, transcript or no. Do your best to get the documents you can. Submit them, and tell them your situation. I'm sure it's not the first time a school has closed, and certainly very common during the pandemic. Transcripts are probably more for placement than admissions. Ask if there is a placement test.
  12. This may be true, but participating in a math contest is about more than showing achievement. It's about developing skills that can be crucial to success in college. I only ever made it to AIME my senior year in high school, just early enough to include on my applications. Yes, the AIME helped my application, but learning to solve hard math problems helped me succeed in college.
  13. This is something I hear time and again and it really strikes me. I have no idea what your ethnic background is or if you are an immigrant. But I find that White people who are at least a few generations in the US are completely clueless about most academic opportunities. In contrast, the recent immigrants know more about how US academics works before they even arrive in the US. They use online social networks in languages other than English to share their information. I wanted to join such a list, until I found out the parents there communicate in Mandarin. I get new immigrant parent
  14. Now that I think about it, even with my low GPA, the reputation of my school carried me into a top 5 med school, so no regrets.
  15. I'm pretty sure I was nowhere near the top half of my class. I actually have no idea because we weren't ranked in college, but I didn't make tau beta pi or the other honor societies, so I know I wasn't all that great. I was a little sad, but I don't carry this around like some sort of burden your DH does. I'm not sure if this says more about your DH or about Duke.
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