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  1. daijobu


    Schools offering a major in Computer Science without ABET accreditation: Stanford CMU Cornell Princeton Columbia Harvard Rice Yale Brown Duke Northwestern Makes me wonder how students from the top computer science schools in the US are faring against this "kiss of death."
  2. I think to a certain extent you can. I organized my transcript by subject, and included a few items on the high school transcript that were taken in middle school: algebra, geometry and AP CS A. I made it clear that those grades were not used to calculate GPA or for units for graduation. I included them in case any box-checkers wanted to make sure she'd taken algebra and geometry (important for UCs), and just because it was an AP class. But I don't think what constitutes English 9 versus English 10 is well-defined. Everything else I'd just rename the year.
  3. Thank you for the tip! I'm deciding recently that if it's important have a particular brand and avoid counterfeit products, I'm ordering from stores that don't use 3rd parties to fulfill. When you say "escalate" is that simply a matter of saying, "Can I speak to a manager?" Or is there something else that translates into escalation?
  4. What?? They have live people answering phones?
  5. I ordered a skein, and I need more yarn than I thought I would. (I made a big goof and I just want to start the project over.) I'd like to order from the same dye lot. Do you think that will be possible? it's a Bernat brand yard ordered online from Yarnspirations. Thanks!
  6. I just read this post and generally agree with her assessment. But remember, these are general guidelines, and you need to look at your own student and think about what kind of picture you are painting of her. Your student is the kind of kid who spends her hard-earned money on interesting educational opportunities. That's pretty neat. This blogger would suggest that because she paid for this experience, it isn't worth reporting. But because she herself earned the money, and not the parents, I think this is impressive and worth reporting. Unless there are many other things about your student (not being sarcastic here...I imagine she's probably quite accomplished), it pales in comparison.
  7. You aren't overthinking this. It's tough to figure out which data field (if any) a given activity should be documented. Should it be an EC, a transcript item, a main essay topic, or a response to a supplemental question? Or should it go into your counselor letter? Cal Newport advocates leaving things off your college application, especially if you think those items will dilute the strength of her more impressive accomplishments. This is hard to do. You can read his book, How to be a High School Superstar, and decide for yourself.
  8. So, I'm pretty sure you should include that course on her transcript, even if she doesn't need the credit. And you should keep a copy of her college transcript--an unofficial pdf is fine for now--to upload to the Common App. Once she's been admitted to a university, they will likely ask you for all official transcripts, so you should order this transcript for the admissions department. I had the same thing happen, where we accidentally on purpose signed up for a class at the CC. It turned out to be pass/fail, and I wish it had never happened because it didn't amount to much. But because it was a college class I needed to include the info on her transcript, and I ended up ordering an official transcript from the CC sent directly to the university. Whatever. I really like the story of your student saving her money to pay for this class. It really shows initiative and love of learning and a strong work ethic.
  9. Many books for adults have versions for children:
  10. What classes did your student take? Are they core academic classes for which she received high school or college credit? Did she receive a grade or P/F? If it's a regular college class, then she will need to supply that college's transcript with her application. You will want to include it on your own main transcript as well. If it was more of an enrichment class, no grades and no credit, and not something that was offered to college students or advanced high school students, like where your student did some marine biology research, then I wouldn't call it a class, and classify it as an EC or something. It depends partly on what kind of activity it was.
  11. I'm sorry you are experiencing this issue, which is hands down the worst thing about homeschooling. I have not heard anyone taking the initiative you describe re: proctoring exams. You might call the homeschool resource center you mention and ask how they received approval. I am also building a list of homeschool friendly testing sites here.
  12. I'm not familiar with "WHA", but by the time my student was junior, she had been taking AP classes since 8th grade: AP CS A, AP chemistry, AP stats, and AP bio.
  13. Grade 11 AP Seminar --> ??? skip this one AP Biology --> solid AP Statistics --> easy Calculus 12 What is the difference between this calculus class and AP Calc BC in 12th grade? For a mathy kid, I recommend going straight to AP Calc BC. Literary Studies 11 Strings 11 PE 11 Computer Programming 12 (Outside of timetable - he is 1/2-way with Derek Owens CS' course. The school will give him this credit.) The school really wants him to do the AP Capstone Diploma. Since I don't think it would be terrible for Marcus, and they are giving us $45,000 in Scholarship money....I think it's ok. From what I understand, he can make this all about something that he is interested in anyway. Grade 12 AP Research--> ??? skip this one too. AP Physics C AP Chem AP Calculus BC --> Yikes! These are 3 solid courses. I'd move AP Calc BC to 11th grade just to give him a chance to breathe his senior year. AP Micro/Macroeconomics English 12 Strings 12 AP Stats is easy and should be doable with AP bio in 11th grade. I'm a little concerned about AP calculus BC AND AP Physics C AND AP Chemistry all in one year. Those are 3 very solid AP courses and may overwhelm a student who isn't mathy or lacks solid EF skills. The word "overwhelming" comes to mind. Why is he doubling up on science his senior year? You say your student doesn't know how to study. Either he's going to learn very fast his senior year...or he's going to crash and burn. I know very little about AP "seminar" and AP "research", but there's a risk that they were suck more time away from your student's schedule than advertised. And there's little to gain. Drop those. Having said that, my dd, who has excellent EF skills took these AP classes her junior year: APUSH, AP lang and comp, AP calc BC, and AP Physics C. So it is doable, but like I said, she's very organized, had lots of experience taking AP classes so she knew the drill, and didn't attend bm let alone boarding school. She also took NO AP CLASSES her senior year, leaving time for applying to colleges, her internship, and life in general.
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