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  1. Yes, I was kind of joking about my dentist, but now you've got me worrying. My dentist mailed me hand-written letter (did I mention I love my dentist?), telling me he could not guarantee my safety during a prophylactic visit, so instead he recommends "aggressive" brushing and flossing. I'm also concerned he's going to retire because how can he afford rent if he's not seeing patients?
  2. Wow, that really drives it home for me. Because IRL I have not heard of a single person who has had any symptoms from COVID. I read about it in the papers, so I assume it must be happening. The closest I can think of is I heard about someone who was a long time friend of my father's who was in a nursing home and tested positive. But now he's okay. And that's it for me. Every day I wake up and the sun is shining, people are walking their dogs, landscaping their front yards and showing courtesy about social distancing i.e., crossing the street as we approach so we don't occupy the same
  3. Yes, that's fair, and I feel bad for making light of this. We all have our favorite activities that are now off limits, and we all must mourn that loss, even if mine may seem trivial to everyone else. I looked into it and I had no idea there was a new version of Mulan. I thought you were referring the 20+ year old disney cartoon, but as it turns out, even that movie got nearly 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. (I haven't seen it.) I also didn't know there was another James Bond movie coming out, but I stopped watching those in the 1990s. I think I have a better understanding of my thing abou
  4. No, this is a fair assessment and pretty close to the mark. If people really cared about public health, they would not have voted down Hillary Clinton's healthcare initiative in the 1990s. I mean, who doesn't want public health care? But apparently lots of people don't. That plus a lot of other policies favored by conservatives has left me thinking that the best I can do is look out for myself and my family. I often wonder why I continue to let me heart bleed for other Americans when they don't bother looking out for their own best interests. The corporatization of health care is
  5. You're sad to miss Mulan? Seriously? Can't you just watch it at home? Bonus: If you watch Mulan at home (Mulan? Seriously?), you don't need to wear a mask, AND you can make your own popcorn! Man if I pulled something like that, DH would lock me out of the house, and he isn't even high risk. I feel like I'm still trying to figure out this friendship thing. I mean friends come and go from life, but my DH and family is everything. I like my friends and all but jeez, I don't like them enough to sit through Mulan with them.
  6. Maybe this is the real problem. I'm a follower of Cal Newport and all but ignore social media, so I'm not really aware of the local social scene. I just try to cope with the new routine and go about my day as best I can. Even if I were posting on Instagram, I would not be posting a boring photo of me on the sofa watching another episode of Sopranos with DH, because who wants to see that? You know what else I didn't post on Instagram? An exciting photo of me trying to figure out which batteries are charged and so I can see if my 20 year old digital camera still works, and whether it'
  7. Yes, I do understand. This is why I stay home. All the time. The only other building I have entered since February is the local flu clinic where I got my shots and then yeeted myself out of there like my pants were on fire. Neighbors knocked on my front door today and I just went about my business and ignored them until they walked off. If I'm walking the neighborhood and I spot you from 1 block away, I cross the street to avoid you. Nowadays we walk after dark so we can really avoid people. Remember, I'm not part of the problem. And at some level, yes I miss my dentist.
  8. No, I'm not offended, and thank you, because now I have a better understanding. My dh and I work from home, so home is where we stay, pretty much 24/7. I haven't even seen my own parents since May. As I said I haven't even been inside another building, except the flu shot clinic. I catch up with friends online, and if they want to have a party without me, good for them! But I do see that not everyone can work from home, and some people do need to go inside other buildings. Mostly I'm sad that my dentist refuses to see me and clean my teeth. Funny, I miss my dentist more than I m
  9. Yeah, I still don't get this at all. I must be wired differently or maybe just more introverted than you. I haven't attended any indoor social event since February. In fact, the only time I've been inside a building apart from my home was to get my flu and shingles shots. I have otherwise not been inside another building, and somehow I'm not angry and I'm doing fine. I'm also super healthy and I literally am not acquainted with anyone who has come down with covid. It's your decision to stay safe. It's your friend's decision to socialize and take that risk. So whatever
  10. Okay, so first of all I totally agree these weddings and dances are irresponsible and deadly and all that. But help me understand the emotional reaction people are having to the risky behavior of others. Presumably the downstream effects (illness, disability, death) are being felt by elderly and at risk family members. Shrug. I'm a generally risk averse person, so I'm accustomed to observing other humans doing crazy stuff like sky diving or installing swimming pools in their backyard or keeping guns in the house. When a family member drowns or shoots themselves, it's the family who
  11. If it helps you can also tell your student that in my household, we often strategically deploy passive voice to deflect blame for bad things. "I put away the dishes!" "A glass was broken."
  12. You might consider some therapy for your sons, from an outside therapist. Someone who can teach both of them coping skills to manage their emotions and preserve family harmony. I only suggest this because it sounds like you are an amazing parent, and maybe your kids just need to hear advice from someone else, with a thought toward managing behavior and emotions.
  13. Have you tried reverse psychology and told her to do Y? On second thought, that's a bad idea. I'd stop giving advice and just change the subject.
  14. BA uses what I believe is called "partial quotients." I like the partial quotients method, especially for when you are dividing by numbers that I don't know a lot of multiples. Like . I don't know a lot of multiples of , maybe just and . Unfortunately I make more errors because I have the additional step of adding all the partial quotients at the end, and I often silly that part. So I'll consider the traditional algorithm first and then partial quotients if I know I'll have difficulty. I also like teaching partial quotients because I like the BA story about the pirates and gold co
  15. Wait, what? Is square_25 still on WTM? I deleted her posts that I copied; and now she isn't coming up when I type @square_25. What a loss.
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