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  1. Okay, you have convinced me. I think these exercises are adorable and fun. My kids are much older, but I wish I had used this with them.
  2. I've also heard good things about Meltzer. I have taken some of the old SATs available online, and I think the reading passages are difficult to parse (especially the ones written hundreds of years ago), and the questions quite impossible.
  3. Looking again at the illustration I notice one of the key words is "groceries." I'm wondering if groceries is the most significant word one can use in this situation. I might replace "groceries" with "dog" or "lung damage" or "organic kale."
  4. @mathmarm I want to emphasize that this comments in this post are entirely tongue in cheek, but I couldn't help pointing out I was a bit alarmed at the idea of children running toward a burning building to save a dog. It's only after the dog has been rescued that someone decides the fire department should be called. I'm a dog lover. I believe dogs should be saved from burning buildings. But it's a tricky question when saving involves children standing on each other's shoulders and leaning in to an alarming cloud of potentially toxic fumes. Also, shopping bag lady seems remarkab
  5. Problem 4 Dice have no memory. If the problem is asking given a die has already been rolled and those rolls were both 6, that die has no preconceived notions of what it's next roll should be. That probability is still . Your dd is telling you the probability that one rolls three 's in a row, which is different from just rolling one .
  6. Problem 2 @RKWAcademy is incorrect. This is the equation: So solving for we get "is" means equals. If an expression "is more" than another quantity, then that expression "equals plus" that quantity. Just because it ain't an integer doesn't mean it ain't right.
  7. LOL, I know what you mean by "without lies" but I still think your post was funny. It's always a good thing when your science textbook isn't lying to you. 🙂
  8. Also: is there a way to receive a notification by email when your blog has been updated?
  9. Yes, I totally agree. What a terrible conversation to have with a student.
  10. My caution to parents who are considering homeschooling in high school: If you are on the fence about homeschooling or enrolling in b&m high school, then start with the regular high school, and if you don't like it, switch to homeschooling. Don't start with the homeschooling then decide after a year or two to switch to b&m school because you are at their mercy when it comes to placement at an appropriate grade level. They may accept your homegrown history class or your online English class...or they may not, and now you are being placed into freshman English when you should be a
  11. With all due respect, I agree with the others. I really have no idea what you are talking about here, or why it even matters.
  12. Thank you for disabusing me of the idea of a learning difference also being a superpower. I feel like there's a whole subset of learning differences and other conditions that could be screened with a single question. Like "Do the numbers appear to have colors?" or something similar. You could compile a list of questions for a variety of learning differences and just ask them of even asymptomatic children, just to screen for undiagnosed learning differences and save everyone a lot of pain with little cost.
  13. Wait wait wait. This is the MIT kid? How does one overcome something like this? Is it just a matter of telling him that negative numbers aren't actually evil, or is some sort of therapy required? Is there anyway that this condition is helpful to a math student or is it always a disability?
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