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  1. daijobu

    GPA Scale

    I just lump in AP, honors, and university level together and call it all Honors for GPA. But at this point, I've made so many unfounded assumptions, I wouldn't trust me on this.
  2. daijobu

    GPA Scale

    Somewhat related question: I'm being asked on a scholarship application to report dd's class rank and the "# tied at that rank." There's no option to skip the question, and you can't enter in "n/a". So if you have 1 student at a rank, is the "# tied at that rank" 1 or 0? (I think 1 and dd says 0 because no one else is tied with her. I think she's nutty.)
  3. daijobu

    GPA Scale

    Can we also solidify this: Is an A+ in a non-honors course a 4.3 or a 4.0? Is an A+ in an honors course a 5.3 or 5.0?
  4. For the signature I used a google drawing program and my mouse to scrawl out a reasonable signature. Then I copy/pasted it into my document.
  5. daijobu

    edhesive AP statistics

    I'm just following along with my dd's pacing. So far she is through quiz 1.1-1.2. I hadn't checked the edhesive teacher account in weeks, and dd reminded me to grade her quiz. The multiple choice parts came up already graded, but you need to assign points to the free response questions.
  6. I haven't really been there, but if I may, I can offer some ideas: 1. We school year round because I don't like feeling like I'm "falling behind." I vote for working review and current math in tandem. If she's forgotten the quadratic equation, do a quick review, with a derivation using completing the square, and then return to the problem. Don't redo all the algebra chapters again; that's just too depressing. 2. My kids regularly took practice AMC's in addition to their work in AoPS. For her level I would have her take AMC 10. Taking the AMC every week will prevent her skills from getting rusty. She'll have plenty of algebra, geometry, counting and yes, problems involving quadratics. An AMC takes about an hour. Just take one once a week. It's worth the little bit of extra time to keep those skills fresh. I know a lot of boardies complain about AoPS geometry as being the most difficult book in the series, but my money is on Intermediate Algebra. Just FYI, you'll be mired in polynomials for what seems like years! (It's more like 4 chapters, but still.)
  7. I'm going to add another vote for schooling year round. If I'm gaining extra instruction days during the summer, I have more to days I can spend on spontaneous opportunities, field trips, etc without guilt. And I don't have a goal to reach for the end of the year. We just keep going and going and going. No summer slide where the student forgets what they learned last year. You never know when that extra time will come in handy. A family illness or other disruption may take away instruction days. Better to have them banked early on just in case. And no lesson plans. I start with what I consider to the most important subject (math) and end with the least important subject (for us: spelling) because that's the subject that gets cut if we run out of time, and I don't sweat it. HTH, and do what works for your family!
  8. daijobu

    edhesive AP statistics

    Also: someone on the message board linked me to these instructions.
  9. daijobu

    Common App--hopefully, my last questions!

    Who on earth chastises you for asking about course descriptions?
  10. Graphing calculators weren't invented when I took AP Calc BC, so we had to graph things by hand. These days, if you want to graph something, you can use desmos, or just enter it into google. Check out this hyperbolic paraboloid (z=x^2 - y^2). (I can still draw a hyperbolic paraboloid by hand. It was practically required for high school graduation.)
  11. daijobu

    edhesive AP statistics

    Hi, mirabilis: So the funny thing is freesia had to ask for the solutions which were emailed to her as a packet of pdf's! We don't need to do that, the solutions are actually embedded in the teacher website, but it isn't easy to find. If you log in to your teacher account, first find your way to the page that shows this: by clicking "Modules" on the left side bar. Page down to the quiz you are looking for: See on the line for Quiz: 1.1 + 1.2? To the right there is that tiny icon of a person in front of a blackboard? Clicking on that will reveal "Teacher Resources" on the right hand side: And there you can find the link to the solutions. Never in 100 years would I have found that on my own. LMK if you have trouble finding this.
  12. daijobu

    pick a graduation date

    I'm being asked for a graduation date for our high school on various forms. What should I keep in mind in choosing one? I was thinking either Friday May 31 or Friday June 14?
  13. daijobu

    edhesive AP statistics

    Thanks, I'll PM her and post it here.
  14. Does anyone else have a student taking AP statistics at edhesive? My dd has submitted her quiz, but I can't figure out how to grade her free response questions. I don't know where to find the solutions to those questions. Thank you for your help!
  15. daijobu

    GPA Scale

    Not that I can see. I'm getting 4's and 5's and arguments for both sides. I got a response on hs2coll for 4.0. But this is from the Common App help page:
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