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  1. DH and I are 24 hours post 2nd Pfizer shot. About 4 hours in, I needed to take a nap. The rest of the night was really rough...chills, severe headache, fatigue. It felt like the flu. I'm starting to feel a lot better now, but I'll keep that a secret. My MIL decided to come to town, so I may have to suffer side effects for another 4 days. 😉 It's best if I stay in bed and not witness her quizzing my homeschoolers to see if they have actually learned anything this year. 😡 I had quite a bit of anxiety about the side effects. To prepare myself mentally, I envisioned my post shot exper
  2. I appreciate you taking the time to write this. Your words were really encouraging and helped me put things in perspective. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
  3. Ktgrogk - Easter is over, but I'm still watching this. I'm also forwarding it to people in my life who need a bit of hope. Thank you for posting this because it really made my day. Halleluiah, anyhow. 😊
  4. This was my first Easter feeling hopeless. I am painfully grieving this year, and I had such little hope today. I read Isaiah 25 (God Will Swallow Up Death Forever) and held on to that all day. I made it through Easter without crying, which was my goal. Trying to be strong for my kids. I enjoyed reading your responses throughout the day, so thank you for the replies. I kept reminding myself that I don't have to be at church to celebrate. There is Easter joy in family, nature, food, and scripture. My kids' hymn singing lifted my spirits. We can be anywhere and have the joy and
  5. What are you doing instead? I am cooking a ton of food (a blessing), taking a nice walk with my family (a blessing), and we're going to spend some time singing our favorite hymns (always fun...and a blessing). ...I'm still struggling, though. My kids, too. We miss church, but we can't go back...it's hard. Will someone please remind me to focus on the good? There is so much hope in the message of Easter. I must focus on that message.
  6. OP, I want to thank you for starting this thread. I think a lot of us are going through this right now, and it's heartbreaking. I am quite angry at many people in my life who have been quite selfish during this pandemic. And, it's been a lot of people, unfortunately. My home school circle has certain political leanings, and the area I live in is pretty much the same. It has been so hurtful to live in this bubble and realize that I am not of the same mindset. People who I thought were compassionate Christians or simply good people are the exact opposite. I was heartbroken for quit
  7. We are required to register our homeschool as a private school in our state (CA). The Head Mistress (me - and I love my title) and Principal (husband) have received our first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. 😁 We brought our PSA (Private School Affidavit) with us in case we needed proof, but absolutely no questions were asked. Like SeaConquest and ktgrok pointed out, Newsom just wants shots in arms...no questions asked. I was quite nervous because I haven't gotten a shot in years, but all went well. I have a sore arm and an excuse to lounge in the bed all day. I can easily handle that!
  8. This is great information, lots to think about. It's a fine balance with competitive sports. After adding the costs of lessons, club fees, travel expenses, etc. over years, some of the kids at our academy could pay for tuition (and then some) at a good college.
  9. At our academy, this is the minimum, usually expected of the late elementary/middle school age kids. The high school kids have 1 hour physical conditioning, 1 hour lesson (usually 4 lessons a week), 2 hours drills, 1 hour match play...that's 5 hours, and sometimes more. They usually put in some serve time, too. Then two day tournaments a couple times a month. Kids at our academy are regularly recruited for D1 schools.
  10. I've been gone for the past few days, but I want to come back and thank everyone for the replies. 😊 I'm feeling more confident in our decision to continue with SOHS for high schooler's education. Thanks again!!
  11. Congrats to you, too SeaConquest!! It sounds like you have quite the precocious child on your hands. Your STEM focus at SOHS and humanities/social sciences elsewhere sounds like a good balance. Good luck to you!!
  12. Oops!! I made a mistake there...typing while children are screaming at me. My apologies! 😊 What do you teach at AoPS? I have other kids who will be taking classes in the future. Do you know anything about how math is taught at Stanford OHS? My ds said he's reluctant to stop his classes at AoPS...he loves the program. He made it to state level MathCounts Competition last year, but it was cancelled because of Covid. He's still really upset about that. He said AoPS adequately prepared him for the competition! I'm hoping Stanford OHS can help him prepare for future math competit
  13. Would it be possible to take one class with Stanford OHS so your ds would have access to the clubs and summer program at Stanford?
  14. Thanks, Lanny!! DS has two great extracurriculars, so we are good there. They were heavily sidelined because of the pandemic, but things will return to normal soon. The academic community is what ds really needs. I think we will find it at Stanford OHS.
  15. 10th grade. I had great ambitions to choose the best courses from here and there and make the best program for him, but 9th grade didn't work. Well, it worked, but it wasn't sufficient. Some of his classes were subpar, the CC is so unpredictable, and ds is wanting the like-minded community. We weren't even thinking about Stanford or a complete online HS, but it's needed in our situation. I think some of you HS homeschool gurus (Farrar!) should have a semester long online class on navigating the complexities of homeschooling high school. There are too many options out there these
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