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  1. If you are running out of writing topics to teach, and you think your students will enter a mathematical field, you might teach them to use Overleaf for future papers.
  2. Ooh, are we sharing our favorite calculators now? I worked at HP one summer, and they gave me the HP 42S. (My DH is still bitter that I received a calculator for free.) The screen was wide enough to display 2 of the 4 registers, which was really nice to an RPN newbie like me. I have a similar app on my phone that mimics the HP 41CV which I use rarely, thought it does display all 4 registers, I can't actually find my IRL calculator, and I mostly use google.
  3. This was 10 years ago, but the feedback I received on the WTM boards was that 6A&B would be redundant, either with AoPS or with the earlier Singapore Math, I don't recall which. The message I received was that either way, with our without level 6, was fine. We skipped level 6 and it was fine.
  4. I had my main transcript that I created with all my courses. My dd took a class at CC, PAH, and Stanford OHS. I took the unofficial transcripts from those institutions and probably appended them to each other or maybe to my main transcript and uploaded them as well, just for confirmation. I'm fairly sure PAH does not send unofficial transcripts, but after my dd was admitted I had official transcripts sent from CC and OHS to the college. Take a look at the common app transcript upload fields. IIRC I had 3 spots to upload documents. You can see how you want to arrange your docs between the fields they provide.
  5. Like @Momto6inIN we are also an "only the books" AoPS family. My kids took a handful of online AoPS classes, mostly the test prep, or if they had a friend taking one, they'd join in. But I think studying the textbooks is a superior option if you have it.
  6. We did the US Edition. (Do ppl still use that?) We completed level 5 then switched to AoPS Prealgebra, and it was a seamless transition.
  7. I used the US edition about 15 years ago, and we only used the Textbook and the Workbook. It was enough for us, but I've heard others recommend the Challenging Word Problems and other supplements.
  8. Make: Electronics by Charles Platt is a terrific introduction to building electronics projects. My daughters and I learned so much working through this book and the sequel.
  9. I also did not grade AoPS math. I had them do the Exercises at the end of each section and then the Review Problems and Challenge Problems at the end of each chapter as homework. They checked their own answers in the Key and if there was something they didn't understand we would study the solution together. I checked for mastery by monitoring their AMC and to a lesser extent MathCounts scores. If their scores were improving each year I was good with that.
  10. Wow, is 120 hours really a thing? I never counted hours of any school work. Do movies or screenwriting count? Can he spend the year watching films and maybe writing a paper or two?
  11. I agree the green intermediate books are a big step up in difficulty. (Putnam problems!) That is material that you will start to see on the AMC 12. You might have him take an old one every so often to see if the material is sticking. 1/3 sounds like not much, unless you are including the Challenge Problems, which I wouldn't worry to much. (Did I mention the Putnam problems?) He should be getting most of the Exercises and Review Problems correct. How well does he document his solutions? Does he use stream of consciousness math notation or is his logic clear?
  12. Congratulations to you dd for standing up for integrity. I wonder why no other students in the room did the same? Is there any risk of retaliation? I might escalate nationally and watch out for this.
  13. Crazy ex girlfriend, especially if you enjoy musicals and parodies of music genres.
  14. @Not_a_Number coined the idea of "learned helplessness" in mathematics. The way many students learn math is that they are unable to logic their way out of unfamiliar territory. But math is ALL about this. I'm also not familiar with Harris, but agree with anyone who is combating this learned helplessness.
  15. Sounds like the Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence.
  16. I believe my course description was lightly edited from the textbook blurb on the AoPS website, or maybe from the textbook itself: Honors Intermediate Algebra Topics covered in Intermediate Algebra include a review of basic algebra topics, complex numbers, quadratics and conic sections, polynomials, multivariable expressions, sequences and series, identities, inequalities, exponents and logarithms, piecewise-defined functions, and functional equations. Instructor: (me!) Text: Intermediate Algebra by Richard Rusczyk and Mathew Crawford, Art of Problem Solving (AoPS)
  17. @SDMomof3 is correct, you can't sign up individually. Before the pandemic I used to help the community library host the AMC for local students, but now the MAA disallows libraries. I'm not sure what drove the MAA to make access even more difficult, but there you go. Competition Administration: The MAA AMC is hosted by math and education organizations including schools, colleges/universities, Math Circles, and learning/tutoring/enrichment centers. The competition is administered by a competition manager. This person must be affiliated with the host organization and needs to demonstrate this affiliation as well as the legitimacy of the organization during registration. Competition managers are adults who are not related to any of the participants. Under no circumstances may a parent or guardian of a student taking the AMC be involved in the administration of the competition. Home schools are not allowed to register to administer the competition. A fee for students taking the MAA AMC may be charged to cover the cost of administering the competition. Failure to follow MAA AMC registration policies will result in disqualification. Registration Categories and Requirements Schools and Colleges/Universities Schools and colleges/universities should register under the appropriate institution categories (Elementary, Middle School, HS/JR, High School, College/University). Competition managers registering a school or college/university must register with a school email address and provide a link to the school website. The MAA AMC must be administered at the registered school or college/institution unless cleared by the MAA AMC Office or following the inclement weather and school cancelation policy. Math Circle Math Student Circles and Math Teachers’ Circles that are registered with the American Institute of Mathematics (AIM) and appear on the respective website may administer the MAA AMC. Materials for competition administration by a Math Circle cannot be mailed to a residential address and must be mailed to the location where the competition is to take place. Acceptable locations where the MAA AMC may be administered include schools, universities, libraries, or community centers. Competition managers registering a Math Circle must demonstrate that the Math Circle is registered with AIM, provide a link to the Math Circle website, and provide the email address of an individual associated with the competition location who will be responsible for receiving the competition materials. Learning Centers Learning/Tutoring/Enrichment Centers must be able to provide a link to the learning/tutoring/enrichment center website and provide a valid tax ID form upon registering. Materials for competitions administered by a learning/tutoring/enrichment center cannot be mailed to a residential address and must be accepted at the business address. The MAA AMC must be administered at the registered learning/tutoring/enrichment center.
  18. Diplomacy/Foreign Service Essay Contest MathCounts Math Video Challenge (Create a video that illustrates the solution to a math problem.)
  19. She can also prep for MathCounts, which she can participate officially starting in grade 6.
  20. That's probably fair. My family and I have no personal experience with CC math or any other class, so I only report what I hear. I know a lot of homeschoolers locally outsource math to the CC, and they crow about it, but I wonder too about the quality of instruction.
  21. I've heard of students at CC who are advised to take their gen eds at CC then start their STEM major at the transfer university. Bad idea for the reasons above. If you are interested in transferring to a STEM major, get started on that intro chemistry, math, physics, whatever hard courses at the CC. As an added bonus, you will often have a smaller class size and better teaching than at university. (Not always of course.)
  22. Since it's the same award, I would only include the awards won in high school. I don't think the same award for 8th grade really adds much to the application. For all 4 years I would also include it as an EC.
  23. Roget's International Thesaurus. This is a true thesaurus in the sense that it contains an index so that for every word, you can find any nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs related to that word. It only takes a few minutes to understand how it works, and then you will be rewarded that a reference is truly a joy to use. I bought my 4th edition when I was in high school, and I stick with the 4th edition. According to Amazon reviewers, the most recent eighth edition has a new inferior indexing system (and a different author). I would stick to the older editions, especially the 5th edition or earlier with Robert Chapman as the author. I recommend that you do not purchase a dictionary of synonyms and antonyms as it is a less powerful tool than a true thesaurus. Plus, they are freely available online. Likewise, I did invest in a paper dictionary as I find my phone apps and websites (as well as the online etymology dictionary to be sufficient.
  24. @lewelma DH mentioned someone "escaped" from NZ quarantine and now there are 100 new cases as a result? Aren't people under armed guard in those hotels?
  25. So, as somone who lives in the Covid Wild West, where anything goes...how does it work? If I buy a plane ticket for NZ, do I need to show proof of a quarantine reservation as well? (Also, God help you if you need gall bladder surgery in Texas right now.)
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