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  1. I'm sorry, that must be so, so frustrating. It sounds like you're doing everything right, but genetics gets in the way. My ds is kind of over-the-top health-conscious . He researches things like crazy and reads and consults with experts, and several years ago he decided to go on a strict paleo diet for some stubborn allergies that never seemed to go away, and also for fatigue that set in every afternoon. (He had suffered both of those things throughout his childhood.) He felt like a new person after being on paleo. He's pretty strict about intermittent fasting too, so he eats all of his food within a designated window of time every day.
  2. I agree. I wanted to give her a giant hug after reading it. Wow.
  3. How about books (standing upright with bookends)? Or a ceramic vase where you put loose change?
  4. I'm a believer that small actions can cause a ripple effect in the world. I try and take time to smile warmly, greet people, and strike up little conversations with strangers when I can. We live inner-city now, and I take walks almost daily and pass lots of different types of people. We are beginning to have a bigger problem with young men joining gangs, getting into lots of trouble. If I pass a young man of that age and background-type on the sidewalk (which I do, quite often), I make a point of greeting them with a friendly hello and a kind smile, and will stop and help them if they need help with something. (I'm in my late 50's so don't have to worry about my friendliness ever being taken the wrong way!) I try and get to know the stranger next to me. I truly love hearing people's life stories, no matter how different they are from me. So if I think the stranger sitting next to me is open to talking, I'll ask a few questions, and then listen. (But don't worry, if you clearly don't want to talk, I'll leave you alone. I'm not pushy. :)) I ride the elevator a lot (we live on the 30th floor :)), and I'll often ask the complete stranger standing next to me, "How's your day going so far?" Just that little question breaks the ice and makes us elevator friends; next time I run into them in the elevator, we'll talk more. It's such a simple thing to do. Someone else mentioned treating retail workers, etc., kindly. I'm a firm believer in that. I used to just treat them as a business face, not a real person. Since having children working in the hospitality industry and retail industry, I've completely changed my tune on that, and wonder how I was so dumb about that before. Now I really make a point of starting every transaction with a "How's your day going?" and a smile. I try not to take things personally. Unless someone is really horrendously mean to me (or sleazy), I try and remind myself that something in their lives put them in the situation they're in now, making them feel crabby or whatever. Maybe their father is dying or their marriage is failing, etc. I try to respond to their crabby remark with a kind or understanding response, and usually the conversation changes. (Granted, I'm not always good at that, but I do try.) I try not to judge. People are so quick to judge. (Me too!) I think at heart, most people are good people, trying to do the best they can given who they are and what they've experienced. And just little things -- holding the door open for the person behind me, letting a young mom with a crying baby go before me in line at the grocery store, etc. Oh, just thought of another thing -- I write letters to people from my past if I hear about a major struggle they're having, even if they're people I didn't know well, or who wouldn't remember me. I know this can make a difference, being on the receiving end of letters like that at one point. There were days that letters and short notes from old friends and even strangers got me through my day. I've enjoyed people's responses. Thanks for posting this, Mercy!
  5. That's weird! I've not heard of throwing up with strep. But, if more than one person has tested positive and you've all felt sick in one way or another, I'd probably have everyone tested. I used to have a weird symptom of strep, even before the sore throat part would kick in. My lips would turn slightly numb and tingle! The doctor was skeptical when I told her that was one of my symptoms, but I had strep 3 - 4 times when my kids were young and always had that symptom. Now that I think of it, I think my hands would tingle too. So, I guess different people have different symptoms! Another thought is that the strep and the throwing up could be completely separate bugs, but one of them could be lowering the overall immunity so that it's then easier to pick up the other bug too, which is also circulating among family members. I know that often happens with strep and mono.
  6. charges around $25 - $50/day in our city (with $25 - $35 being most typical). That's for a 24-hour period, but the pet-sitter isn't driving back and forth anywhere every day. So, I tend to think your price range is probably fine. I'd err on the higher side though for a relative. Also, does he have far to travel there and back each day? I guess that would factor into it too.
  7. I think this is a good option. Leave them at home with a good movie, leave them your cell phone, and put the number of the YMCA or whatever it is on the phone for your kids to call in an emergency. (Also, do they know a neighbor well enough to run over there in an emergency?)
  8. Yep, definitely unsweetened! Have you scheduled a day yet?
  9. I know everyone reacts to anesthesia differently... I once picked up the husband of a good friend of mine after his colonoscopy (she was out of town dealing with sick parents), and we had a long conversation in the car on the drive home. He showed me his colonoscopy photos - 🙂 , talked about the experience, blah blah blah. Two days later I talked to my friend, and she told me her husband didn't even remember how he got home that day! He had no recollection of me, or of anything that day after the surgery.
  10. That's a great idea! I've added oats to my smoothies from time to time when I'm limited on ingredients, and I actually like it ~ makes it taste a little silkier and nuttier. It didn't occur to me to add a little every day.
  11. This sounds fascinating... In looking up a quick article on the diet they recommend (on Cooking Light), it's somewhat similar to how I eat now. Except, I do tend to graze throughout the day, I don't do any intermittant fasting, I eat some sugars, some grains... (And I mostly stay away from fat, except olive oil and whatever is in an occasional dessert.) Looks like a good one to read.
  12. I had my first one about two years ago, and I was scared silly. (And medical things don't usually make me nervous.) The best decision I made was to forego the large quantity of gatorade they recommended to have as my laxative beverage, and had iced herbal chamomile tea instead. It was a lot more tolerable. I'm sure drinking so much gatorade itself would have made my stomach turn. Honestly, drinking iced herbal tea wasn't that difficult at all! I had a thread on it at the time, beforehand, looking for advice. Someone recommended shutting myself up in a room next to the bathroom and binging on a good TV series throughout. That's what I did. It really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. And the minute the colonoscopy was over, I felt great. (Okay, a little hazy from the anesthesia, but after I was over that, I was fine.)
  13. Interesting. I do feel really good... So, it wouldn't occur to me to change a routine that seems to work fine for me. BUT, it's interesting to note that your LDL numbers went down. Do you still have your thyroid?
  14. Well that's something I didn't know! I do tend to use olive oil quite liberally...
  15. One thing I don't really understand... Some of you have recommended avoiding all oils, even olive oil. I always thought olive oil was a "good" oil, and in fact could help elevate the good cholesterol (or whatever the good part of cholesterol is called), kind of like fish oil. Is that not so?
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