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  1. Glad for the good news! I've had multiple cysts, mammograms, and MRI's throughout my life, and fortunately it's all ended up okay so far. But, I'm glad I have good doctors who help me stay on top of yearly testing, etc. My mother had breast cancer (both breasts!) at age 42 as well, and her mother had it in her 50's. It definitely runs in the family!
  2. I'm not speaking to this particular case, but I think any surrogacy situation needs to have very, very clear steps and laws in place, which are easily available to know and understand. Both the parents and the woman carrying the baby should have been clearly advised, every step. I suppose that would start with medical clinics. So many entities are involved in this ~ much moreso than a typical adoption. That said, I do support surrogacy in certain situations. I do feel sorry for everyone involved. It's complicated.
  3. It never occurred to me to have rules, because it always seemed obvious! Try not to do it around people, and say a polite "excuse me" if you do.
  4. M dad (93) was bumped up on the list and was able to have his first Moderna shot a few days ago. He was fine, just a little bit of a sore arm. We've known three people now who have had the second vaccine. (I believe Pfizer ~ in our state, the ways things have rolled out, they've been giving Pfizer to health care workers, and Moderna to long-term-care residents.) Each of the three who received the second vaccine were sick for one or two days after that, sick enough to not go to work even though they had been planning to go. I don't know their symptoms but will be finding out soon!
  5. I only use them at Trader Joe's (we've only recently started using them again there). Because most people who go to our Trader Joe's seem to shop there regularly, the bags they use are generally TJ's very own reusable bags. Checkers are really good at packing them, like a jigsaw puzzle. I can see if they got other types of bags in different sizes or that didn't stand up well, it could slow things down. I probably wouldn't like dirty smelly ones either. I've never heard anyone complain.
  6. I completely get it. I've been stunned, shocked, and utterly disgusted. And then lastly, baffled. How? How did it come to this? My (online) church small group has been discussing this question over and over again, for almost a year now. We've come to realize, I think, that people are not our enemy, as much as it seems like they are. Systems, our brains, our upbringing... We all get caught up in it in one way or another. Those things form so much of us. But as Martin Luther King so aptly said, "Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that." I think you do that by bringing va
  7. I've definitely felt that same sadness and discouragement this past year, and I generally don't think of myself as a patriotic-type person. My own faith belief suggests that patriotism can be more of a trap than a good thing. Still, I'm an optimist at heart, and I always believe everyone has a chance of being a better version of themselves, and that finding authentic means of coming together can still happen. (In any situation.) And I think that in any situation, sometimes the only thing to judge is the direction the entity is facing. And right now, it seems like the direction our cou
  8. I loved the inauguration. I missed the first part, but tried to catch up with video clips later. I really liked Biden's speech. It sounded authentic; you can tell he's trying hard to give a strong message of unifying the country and being everyone's president. He sounded calm and determined. I thought Jill Biden's outfit was gorgeous (especially the color!). I loved all the matching outfits/gloves/masks! She and Biden seem like a very united, loving couple. And, she must have strong wrists for having to hold such a massive Bible! I'm sure Garth Brooks not shaking hands with H
  9. "Spoken word" is a certain type of poetry. It's more like a free-flowing oral recitation. It often has a certain rhythm -- like a song, but without actually singing it. It's very much about the performance of it, even more than the exact words themselves. I'm sure someone can give a better definition though!
  10. I can't tell you about the exercise part of it... But I can tell you that I used to get lower back pain a lot. Little things could trigger it: exercise, a certain position that put stress on that area, a sudden movement. Once I began sleeping on a very firm mattress, nothing triggered it anymore. Anyway, just a thought!
  11. J-rap


    I'm sorry this is so stressful for you all... I agree that you did nothing wrong. You caught it when any other discerning mom would have caught it. Who would ever suspect something like a thyroid issue for an 11 year old! I remember when my dd (who was probably also around 11) who's usually an enthusiastic hard worker told me she just didn't feel like helping to rake the yard one day with her siblings. She was still her happy self, just kept sneaking off to sit down somewhere, and I thought she was trying to get out of work so kept prodding her to get back to work. That evening, it final
  12. Wow, I had no idea that people washed them so often! I wash them once/week if I'm on the ball. I figure all I do is sleep in them... I don't usually sweat at night and I'm clean. I do the smell test, and as long as they still smell fresh, I figure they're good to go!
  13. I generally say "teeny tiny" or maybe "itty bitty." 🙂 When our son-in-law was learning American slang (he's from another country), we had to laugh when he picked up on our family's "itty bitty" saying and began saying it in serious conversations with people. 😄 We had to explain that it's probably not something you'd say in a formal setting!
  14. It sounds like you've worked so hard to help your sweet daughter! It's possible that by now she just has a very sensitive stomach and little things can throw it off. My mother was always like that. I can get thrown off too, but as long as I follow my general "rules" I feel fine. I could never tolerate breakfast either. Forcing myself to eat a big breakfast first thing in the morning generally makes me gag! I've always been that way. I also used to get sick from just having to stand up and walk right after eating. I remember all the high school football games I used to go to, where I'd
  15. I have the same issues, and I never used to. I can't remember when it started, but several months ago I think? I don't have this issue with any other site, even the "heavier" ones. I click on this site and then go and do something else while it loads. I use Safari.
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