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  1. I've heard of the white ones, but haven't actually seen any in person yet. I kind of prefer the white over the black, I think!
  2. When you think of it, what does "clean cut" even supposed to mean? haha That you have no bad habits, no germs, and are honest and professional? To me, "well-groomed" would maybe make more sense. (I mean -- if you're thinking about your looks in a job setting or even just to give a certain positive impression, I suppose.) You can have earrings and tattoos and long hair (for a guy) and still look well-groomed if you're clean, your hair is nicely combed and off your face, your clothes are clean and pressed with no holes, etc. I suppose having tattoos and long hair (for a guy) might give the impression to some people that there are bad habits and sleazy things going on in that person's life, even if they are well-groomed, although I think that's changing. (Depending on what the tattoos are, though!)
  3. Me too! Mine were pierced in a doctor's office in the 70's and they're not symmetrical either. It was a doctor who did it! That seems so funny now. My girls all had them done at places like Claire's and they are perfect. 🙂
  4. Many foreign countries now use Uber. They're nice because then you don't need to have cash or even credit cards on you, or hassle with price. (But some countries -- and England might be one of them -- don't allow them.) You'd want to download the Uber app and set it up ahead of time. We've spent a lot of time in other countries over the years, and generally don't even use our phones like we do in the U.S. We just turn them "to Airplane Mode," but that still allows us to link onto a wifi network in a lot of places (hotels, museums, restaurants, often city-wifi, etc.). So no extra charges at all. As long as we're in a wifi area, we can still do most things we need to do, and even call home via an app like WhatsApp (again, free of charge). But, if you're thinking that with young kids at home you'd like to be accessible 24 hours/day, there's the $10/day type plan that people have mentioned, but you also might be able to get a one-month plan (which, even if your trip is just for 10 days might still be cheaper then $10/daily). We always travel with two credit cards plus our ATM cards. (Don't keep them all in the same place.) I always travel with a cross body bag that fully zips, and keep in hanging in front of me. I haven't traveled with a big backpack in years, but I did in my 20's! It seemed really handy back then. Now I love our lightweight roller suitcases. It's true that you have to carry them up stairs sometimes (like in subways), but I still prefer them over carrying a backpack. (Although when in my 20's, I really did like them a lot!) We often stay in places with kitchens, because food is the big expense that can add up, and that makes us feel more comfortable about eating out at that one really nice restaurant, or stopping at a cute cafe for coffee and desserts during the day -- since we know most meals we prepare ourselves at our accommodations. I'd recommend you bring one of those tiny lightweight bags that fold up into a small 3-inch ball but expand into a bag that carries groceries. Many countries in Europe now require you to bring your own grocery bag, or else you pay to get one of theirs. We used to "wing it" a lot more when traveling, but I've found that nowadays I like to have things planned out a little better. So for example, I often research ahead of time where to pick up a taxi at the airport after I land, or which exit of a giant train station I should take in order to walk in the direction of our hotel. Those are all things you can certainly figure out when you get there, of course, but then it takes a little more time. If you're planning to train or bus anywhere, I'd recommend this place if you want to get tickets ahead of time: They are great, very responsive, helpful, and will answer any very specific questions you have. If you have other specific questions, I may be able to answer them. Let me know. It sounds like a lot of fun! I'm not a travel agent but have planned many, many trips over the years. 🙂
  5. When our kids first got their driver's license, we made them an authorized user of one of our cc's and they had their own card. This was really for gas only (and emergencies, but there never was one). In fact, it was a credit card we had entirely set up for only gas. We knew we could trust them, and also it saved us the hassle of having to get the gas ourselves. Eventually we phased out that card but as they graduated from high school and went on to college, etc., we made them authorized users of another card (and they each had their own card). This is a card that was a travel-type card -- it collected points, no money conversion fees, etc. (Our kids traveled a lot.) It was for emergency only, or things for which we gave them permission to use it for. Also, then I could ask them to run errands for me more easily (and they could just pay with the card) which was handy. 🙂 This was nice for them during their years of building up their own good credit, etc.. But also, it's harder to get by with cash only (when traveling) in this digital world these days (unlike my years of traveling in foreign countries in my 20's, when we used travelers checks and could always stop by any American Express office to get more). We've liked Capitol One for that because of their points program, but also because they give each card holder (on the same account) a different number. That way, if one of the cards is lost or is somehow used fraudulently, you only have to cancel that one card -- not everyone else's on the account. Our kids have never misused it although they HAVE used it for emergency-type situations.
  6. It doesn't bother me at all, and I don't equate it at all with not being clean cut -- for either men or women. My ds had one ear pierced in high school. I think it was a trendy thing to do. He also had longish hair. He was still clean cut. 🙂 He stopped wearing an earring in it after just a few years though.
  7. I'm a shoe minimalist too -- haha. My favorite all-season, all-event, dress-up (I mean, not fancy but nice casual), dress down, with or without socks, super comfortable walking shoe is a black leather loafer style with a rubber sole. This is what I currently have: My last pair similar to this was an Ecco brand too. They're great, high quality, and last for years.
  8. We've stayed at this bed and breakfast several times in Boulder and loved it: (Plus, you can park your car there and walk to the pedestrian area and lots of restaurants, etc.)
  9. Haha, I'm sure I'd love it! It really shouldn't be too hard to just follow a precise formula... I want one now, too!
  10. I've been having issues with it being slow for at least two months now. I've been mostly on the road, so have probably logged into wifi areas in about 30 different places these past two months. About 1/3 of the time (no particular pattern -- it might even be the same wifi network), it takes several minutes, or it seems to take so long that I just give up. It is ONLY this website that does this. To test it, I always load other sites while I'm waiting -- such as BBC, NPR, etc. They always load fast, even when WTM is still trying. I'm on a MacBook using Safari. Sometimes, if I completely shut down Safari and start it up again, I can get it to finally load.
  11. I thought you were supposed to have it so it hangs over and then down... 😏
  12. Also, randomly, I sometimes find just the thing I'm looking for at Zara's. It's mostly geared toward younger people, but I've found cute sweaters and dresses (even ones a 50+ year old would wear!) there for a great price.
  13. I've had great luck with Loft, and it seems like they always have a sale going on! I have some luck with Banana Republic, otherwise Macy's and Nordstroms.
  14. Well, I guess you call your own shots as the parent, for sure. We'd require our kids to drive within the speed limit too as a minor living with us.
  15. But there is a difference between a family rule and an actual law.
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