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  1. No, of course they shouldn't, although I do appreciate when they do! (Because we're a family of animal-lovers.) I can certainly see why a tenant wouldn't want to deal with animals, and it's more than just wear and tear. You have the noise issue (I've visited several apartment buildings where the owner is at work and the dog barks off and on all day long), allergies (that pet smell and hair can stick around for a long time after the renter has left), potential aggression toward other renters in the building, and keeping the outside property picked up and tidy. As far as what to do if there's some disaster that requires a renter to relocate and not being able to find a place that will accept their pet... Well I guess we can't base all of our decisions on "What if's." I hope that's when the local community would step in and help figure out how to make it possible for the owner and pet to be reunited and together.
  2. Looks like dual agency is allowed in our state, which I had no reason to doubt. (And she did get our permission for this up front, before we signed, knowing that this happens here.) However, had I understood more how this works, I wouldn't have done it this way. Too late now, really. But again, so far it's moving along smoothly enough.
  3. I'll check and see, but I assume so. This is a long-time agent who seems very professional in her dealings.
  4. It isn't ideal, for sure. But, it's a pretty straightforward sale, with the exception of not quite meeting our price. We were thinking if we counter with an offer plus ask the agent to decrease the commission, we'd get our original price. Everyone would win because the buyer still gets a slight decrease and the agent still gets what she'd otherwise be getting if the buyer had their own agent. The agent wasn't representing the buyer when we contracted with her. As typical in a small town, someone asked our neighbor, "Who's selling Susie's house? I know someone interested." So when the someone finds out, they just call that same agent the same day. Toured it the next afternoon with an offer by evening. In the end I wish the agent had had the other agent work with them, but... I don't know. Maybe this is common here. I will say that the agent is remaining neutral while still making good suggestions. Maybe working more like a mediator?
  5. I believe there is at the same agency, although we're already contracted with this particular agent.
  6. Well, it's kind of too late for some of this... Unfortunately, this is our first home sold, and given that we have a lot of major events going on in our lives, we just jumped in with a well-reputed realtor and signed on. She was clear, before we signed, that there was a chance of her representing the buyer too since we are a small community with limited agents. We were aware of that. But I was not yet well versed enough to understand that seller is the only one who pays the commission and that part of it is then passed on to buyer's agent. So now it's figuring out how to handle it given where we're at. The asking price is close, $5,000 under.
  7. That's our situation. We contracted with a realtor, and one day later, had an offer from someone who is using the same agent. (We live in a small town so this isn't too unusual.) It's my understanding that only the seller pays the realtor commission, but at least in our state, the agent traditionally "shares" it with the buyer's agent. Since our realtor won't need to share it with anyone, can we ask her to take a lesser commission amount in order to make our target price? She hasn't had to work hard for this sale at all, and will still come out ahead because we wouldn't be asking her to decrease her commission by 50%. Anything else I should know when the realtor represents both the buyer and seller? Nothing is finalized yet.
  8. I rarely, rarely buy an actual physical movie anymore. Sometimes I buy a digital one on Amazon because it's the only option available and we want to watch it, but not necessarily because I want to watch it again. For very special movies or Christmas traditions, we might buy a DVD. But more and more, we buy even those on digital.
  9. I'm praying a cure is found soon. I wonder if we're ever at Mayo neurology at the same time... we're there all the time. Thank you for being an advocate!
  10. If you can afford a laptop, fine. When my dd entered college, she/we chose a chromebook. It was perfect for her. She had it all four years of college. It might not work so well depending on your degree and if a particular software is required. For my dd, she could do everything she needed to do and felt good about saving money. For browsing the internet, writing papers, things like that, it worked seamlessly. I don't know if colleges have certain academic sites that require other types of computers though.
  11. Before I read your entire post, I was thinking wheel bearings. So, I'm glad you're having them checked. The one time we had a wheel bearing problem, the sound did go away when under a certain speed limit. I hadn't had my car checked yet though and didn't know how serious it was, and one day, the entire piece that holds both front tires -- axel? (sorry, I'm not good at naming car parts) separated and fell off. Fortunately, I was just in the public library parking lot. I'm so grateful I wasn't on the freeway. I had my two babies with me. Please have your wheel bearings checked, just in case!
  12. This probably isn't what you were thinking, but there are high schools that focus on certain interests, such as art high schools. I think I've heard of science-focused schools as well. When our family was thinking of moving and tried out a different city for one school year, two of my dd's decided to attend an arts high school. (Otherwise we had mostly homeschooled.) There were around 5 focuses, such as music, theater, writing, media, etc, and you pick just one. Half the day every day was spent on that topic. As much as possible, they also combined that topic with the traditional classes needed, so instead of just science it might be science with an arts emphasis. You still needed to do some traditional classes because it was still a college prep school, but it was a block schedule and you got those classes done in one semester instead of a full year. I don't know if you have something like that in your area, but maybe? The one my dd's attended was considered a public charter school, so we didn't have to pay anything. Actually, it was also a boarding school for students who were coming from out-state. I wouldn't have wanted that and our girls lived at home, but it was an option and was very tightly run. They also tended to have a lot of extra, fun activities, and it was a very close-knit group of students. It's a different kind of an atmosphere for sure, and I think either you love it or you hate it. It did attract very non-traditional type students. One of my dd's loved it and the other hated it! I know something like this isn't exactly esports oriented, but maybe with a focus like media or writing, it would still hold your ds's interest.
  13. That happens to my dd, and her sinuses become so inflamed that they just stay congested. When it gets really bed, the only thing that opens things up again is a few days worth of prednisone. (It doesn't usually get that bad, but when it does, it works like a charm!) Otherwise, hot steamy showers, heat applied on chest, hot tea, and Robitussin help. (Not a fancy Robitussin with extra letters, just the traditional Robitussin. It thins the mucus allowing it to drain better.)
  14. I like handling business online. I save time and don't have to run around as much. I kind of like self check-out too. Unfortunately, our one grocery store in town besides Walmart just closed, so now everyone has to do all their grocery shopping at Walmart. (The next grocery store is about 35 miles away.) But their self check-out area is pretty slick. There are maybe 10 registers in it? There are still probably 12 regular manned registers although generally only half are open unless it's a busy time. I feel like I can be pretty fast and I use less bags with self check-out. (Although I was a lot slower at first -- there's definitely a learning curve!) It's usually only busy around 5pm when people are stopping by on their way home from work, and on Sunday afternoons when families do their shopping after church. I haven't heard that they've laid off people due to the self check-outs. There are almost always 2-3 employees working in the self check-out area to make sure everyone is doing it right or helping whenever necessary. To be honest, I'd rather have employees be available in the aisles to help me find things. I've noticed that more and more retail stores (even big department stores) have fewer employees around to assist with finding things, etc. One time I was in a Macy's and there was not a single employee on an entire floor to help me. I had to go to a completely different floor to find help! I think retail stores are really, really struggling, and maybe self check-outs are a way to keep them open even with a lot less people shopping there. (But I doubt Walmart is struggling, and I guess the retail store dilemma would be for another thread.) I do really worry about elderly people who are still able to write a check and lick a stamp, but the online world is increasingly beyond them.
  15. J-rap

    Tiny bruise?

    I get both tiny and big bruises sometimes when I have no idea how or where I got them. I usually don't pay any attention to them. They always slowly get better, and then are gone. I probably would think nothing of it unless it continued or got worse. I suppose it could be a bug bite. Or something pinched it? Or maybe a blood vessel popped? (I'm sure that's not the right terminology, but maybe you know what I mean! :)) How tiny is it?
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