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  1. Dr. Martens are cute, but all those laces would drive me crazy! Also, I hear they take a long time to break in. (My dd has a pair.) I have a pair of of Timberland ankle boots, and they are so amazingly comfortable and they just pull on and off... They required no break-in period at all. I wear them every day, fall though winter (unless I'm actually walking in snow -- then I change to snow boots!). Here they are: https://www.backcountry.com/timberland-sutherlin-bay-double-gore-chelsea-boot-womens?CMP_SKU=TIM009A&MER=0406&skid=TIM009A-BKFUL-S10&mr:trackingCode=3C03
  2. We're a huge migraine family (on my dh's side). My dh can't take Imitrex -- he had a weird psychotic reaction the first time he used it (thus it was the last time). The main thing that has helped him once it's full-blown is Midrin. It's not really recommended much anymore, but it's really what has helped my dh when nothing else does. Other than that, diet changes help. The book Heal Your Headache has been a HUGE help regarding how to handle diet and explaining migraines in general. I'd really recommend that!! Oh, my dh also tried Maxalt once, and, well -- it didn't end well. Reall
  3. I love where I live now, but I miss the Pacific coast -- the wild coastline, the mountains nearby, the old west feeling. I used to own a western shirt and a cowboy hat! haha I miss the people who were so down-to-earth and friendly and easy to talk to. The people here are generally super nice and not pretentious -- which I love, but they're harder to get to know. Things here feel a little more rigid, more defined, less relaxed. I don't know why. Possibly it's simply because I'm an adult now and see things differently!
  4. Okay, I thought of one! Wavin' Flag - K'naan
  5. It would bother me a little, but I assume there are and always will be people who take advantage of services like that, and agencies know that. It is what it is.
  6. I just looked her up because that name sounded familiar. Wasn't there a movie made about her and her husband?
  7. Oh good, that means I can invite Stephen Hawking now!
  8. I think I need that music playlist too!
  9. Congrats on your new place! That's great! We've had some interesting cockroach experiences too. Sometimes there's not a lot you can do about it (we were in a large apartment building), but you do get used to doing things a certain way to keep the numbers down, and we didn't mind them too much. We kept everything in the refrigerator or freezer too. We even kept boxes of cereal in the fridge. (The only thing we didn't keep in the fridge but probably should have was our recipe books, because if we dripped any food on them while cooking, the roaches would find it!) I'm not sure if cock
  10. Interestingly, my parents never talked to us about money. It's strange now, when I think of it. They were both extremely responsible financially though, and had everything very well budgeted. So it's odd that they didn't talk with us kids about it. We (kids) were all quite careful though anyway. I grew up in the 60's and 70's and I think most kids my age were pretty frugal with money and we didn't spend much at all. Kids just didn't spend money on clothes and electronics and such then like they do now. We did talk more about it with our own kids, but I think we could have even be
  11. I don't have emergency back-up food, but I do always have large bags of dried beans and rice, simply because we love them! If electricity is out, we'd have enough leftovers and random food like bread and PB to easily get us through several days. But, I definitely understand being prepared. We used to live in a very rural area, and when we'd have blizzards, all highways to our town were closed, and there were times we when we couldn't leave our house for a long 2-3 day blizzard. The most nerve-wracking part of that was that our heat was fuel oil (delivered to our home every month or so)
  12. I agree that if it's clearly a scam, you could talk to her about it.
  13. I probably wouldn't say anything unless she asks you, but that doesn't mean you can't suggest something that's possibly beneficial and cheaper? For example, gentle pool exercise, meeting with a reputable nutritionist, etc. Does she get plenty of sunshine? That can sometimes help with the psoriasis. (We have a family member who has suffered from it for many years.)
  14. Ah, thank you. I guess I didn't realize that it had to be only people who were gone. 🙂
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