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  1. It's very likely that you'll hear different opinions from different doctors. But there's the other side too. My brother is a pulmonary research doctor at one of the nation's leading hospitals, and he does encourage wearing cloth face masks when in close contact with others, as does his entire institution. He was actually one of the lead research doctors working with scientists across the country on what type of materials found at home would provide some protection. Now, it could be we'll find information down the road that proves it's not as helpful as we'd hoped, but for now, based on a lot of scientific minds, this seems to be a good option to try when there is actually nothing else at all (besides a complete lock-down). And, such an easy thing to do. If your child was dying and the doctor said, I have something he can try that could very well help him a lot and will absolutely do no harm at all, and that ongoing studies show is helpful even though it's not 100% proven yet, wouldn't you try it? Also, even if you might not be finding the "official" studies you're looking for, you can be sure these studies are being done. They're just being done at a fast pace and so don't follow the usual protocol. My brother also studies droplet spread, and what current conditions in a person make them less likely to become seriously ill. He's very involved. ETA: I meant to add that I know you weren't stating that what you heard was your opinion, so I don't mean to get down on you! Just responding to what the doctor friends of yours were saying. These are such crazy times and we hear so many things... So I wanted to present the other side. Sorry, another ETA: If it makes any difference, my brother is a Republican and a conservative Christian and probably voted for Trump, and he still strongly supports face masks. 🙂
  2. I heard Bishop Michael Curry (I guess head of the Episcopal Church) give a similar great message on NPR this afternoon. It was so refreshing to hear!
  3. I'd maybe call someone in my state department and ask them? Don't know who though. Also, good for you for being honest and wanting to do the right thing!
  4. That makes sense then... But wow, just neutering cats in your own home on a Friday night? Well, I guess it was probably a good thing! And assuming they did it humanely. I don't blame your son for closing his eyes. 🙂
  5. This is what I thought too... I'm surprised they wouldn't give you a call when they discovered the sex was different than what you'd indicated. (Which I assume they'd know before beginning the procedure.) But you're not at fault ~ please try not to feel too badly.
  6. My best friends today are leftover from my high school days and days when my children were home and I met them through various kids' activities: homeschool activities, community ed activities, theater, sports, etc. (Rarely from church.) However, we just moved about 8 months ago to a completely new location so I'm starting over. (Still have my old best friends -- many of whom already lived across the country from me, but now NONE of them live in the same city.) I was just starting to meet and click with several people at our new church, actually -- probably more than I ever have in the past (at our church, that is), when the pandemic happened! Maybe because I finally found a church that feels like a perfect fit. But, I'm also meeting several people in my new neighborhood (which is now a high-rise apartment building!), also in my yoga class and the local shops and cafes that I was starting to go to regularly! Can't wait to be able to do that again. My kids met friends at typical kid activities, whether homeschool activities or music groups or sports, sometimes church, etc... And also at their part-time jobs which they all had starting around 14/15.
  7. I don't know how old your youngest are, but my dd and I laughed many times when we read this one out loud together when she was around 7: This is just so you can see the cover 🙂:
  8. I randomly found these when searching one day, and these are a couple of my daughters' favorites so far: I just realized that it doesn't show a picture, but they're navy blue and a soft jersey-knit material. These don't loop behind the ears, but tie in back (4 ties). So, they're not the type you can put on fast (it probably takes 30 seconds instead of 3). Because they have a tie in each corner and material is super soft and flexible, they fit really snugly against the skin all around, and if you have any problems with loops behind the ears, it takes care of that. (One of my dd's wears both glasses and hearing aids AND has very small ears, so these are perfect for her!)
  9. I believe it! I do think the governor here is really working hard to unite the parties and make this more about Minnesotans. Now that we're opening up slowly, I'd guess I see 75% of people with masks on (in the limited areas I'm in, that is!). In Minneapolis, masks are now required in any indoor public place, or you're not allowed inside. St. Paul hasn't yet made it a requirement, but a lot of stores there require it anyway. (Those are our two biggest cities.) Stores are working really hard to socially distance customers now are opening -- placing restrictions on number of people inside, stickers on the floor, etc. Some stores don't allow children under 16. Restaurants can only serve outdoors, and if they currently don't have that space, the cities are working with zoning laws to try and block off parts of parking lots and roads. I haven't been seeing the party crowds that others talk about, but we'll see how this weekend plays out. (Probably helps that it's raining!) Our numbers are still rising and expect to double from I think last week to the end of July.
  10. My dh does speech online (has for several years now) after a devastating stroke which took away his language. They are excellent therapists who are trained in working online. Many more therapists are learning to do this now, even before the pandemic, because it's just the way medicine is heading. Now, more and more major health insurance companies cover it if it's in-state (even without a pandemic). In our situation, speech therapy online has been really wonderful. I'm so grateful for it. Does your health insurance cover in-clinic therapy, generally? Then you'd probably want to call your local clinics to see if this is something they're doing now since the pandemic. And many health insurance companies that didn't cover this before, are doing so now because of the pandemic. Another thought is to call your local university (or state university) and ask them if they have any graduate students who might consider some online sessions with your ds. Since they're not able to be in-class right now, they might welcome the opportunity to work with someone online, and who knows -- they might not charge anything.
  11. In my family, Mother's Day has been quite casual and accommodating. Anyone was welcome! Well, when I was a child, we lived across the country from any relative, so it was easy. Our little family would go out to eat and that was always really special. But after that, we just kind of went with it each year. We'd see who was around, if it was picnic weather, etc., and throw something together. It might involve grandparents, aunts and cousins, or it might be just a very small gathering. But, both our mothers were always very kind and supportive, however it went. As my mother got older, we wanted to make the day more about her, and I'm glad we did. She's pretty special, and a week after Mother's Day last year, she had a stroke which triggered pretty severe dementia. Now, Mother's Day feels like no big deal to me at all. It's mostly about acknowledging the day and enjoying my kids who still want to celebrate it for me in a special (though never extravagant) way. 🙂 But I'd probably just as soon skip it! It just feels so unimportant now.
  12. I would want to use bathroom #1. But, probably you could discuss it with her? Out of curiosity, if a nurse is coming for 8 hours every night, why wouldn't she be the one staying up with your ds so both parents can sleep? (I'm sure there's a reason!) I don't know much about your story, but from the pieces I've picked up, you are amazing parents with a beautiful family!!
  13. J-rap

    SSI questions

    How often are you required to do that? I only had to do it once.
  14. J-rap

    SSI questions

    Okay, I was so slow in typing my response (had many interruptions!) that I see you're expected to keep receipts and such. I think if you keep a general household record for home payments, groceries, medical, health insurance, etc. etc., and count her as 1/4 of the household (or whatever it is), that should be good... Don't you think?
  15. J-rap

    SSI questions

    I remember needing to something similar for my two girls who were still young teens when my dh became disabled and they began receiving SS payments. I was really nervous that I wouldn't be able to prove that I really needed it, even though of course we didn't have my dh's income anymore (which was the only household income). I remember the wording made me think that if I couldn't really back it up with receipts and records, I'd have to return their payments. But for us, it was just a one-time deal and more straightforward. Basically I had to explain that yes, all of their payments were needed for everyday needs such as food, clothing, school and extra-curricular activities, medical, etc. I didn't have to prove it or list exact amounts for each category, or even any amounts. I pretty much just had to say yes, I needed it all. Are they asking you to do more than that?
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