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  1. I'm sorry. Do they give you a reason for it not being approved so far? We have a family member on SS Disability but it was an easy call. He's allowed to have money in savings, but any earned income has to be under $14,000/year or something like that. (It's actually been years since I've checked, so that could be completely off.)
  2. I had that problem for awhile... I couldn't even open my mouth wide enough for a thick sandwich! It was often quite painful. My dentist started thinking about various treatments, but one thing I noticed: a couple of my molars (an upper and lower) on one side of my mouth seemed to hit together before the rest of my teeth. It was a relatively new thing and very subtle. So I asked my dentist if he could sand them down a bit so they would hit evenly with all of my other teeth. He did that, and the teeth issues went away! My dh went through something similar some years later, so I mentioned to the dentist that he should check to see if some molars were biting down on each other before the other teeth. My dh didn't notice it, but our dentist could see that that's what was happening. He sanded them down, and voila, it was fixed!
  3. This is a tricky and difficult stage. I'm sorry. Constant falls are usually the beginning of a big decline. My dad started falling often, and I researched fall buttons and there were a couple that looked good and had good reviews. You can google them. Your mother would need to wear the button all the time. My dad, unfortunately, was stubbornly against that idea. Fortunately, he always had his phone on him and was able to call us when he fell. But we also checked on him everyday and he had neighbors across the hall who did too. (He lived in a nice senior apartment complex.) His last and most serious fall sent him to the hospital, and then to a rehab facility. They were great about helping him with his falling. They wanted him to get stronger so he wouldn't keep falling and could live independently again. They put a mattress on his bed that had the sides built up, and passed his room about every 30 minutes or so to check on him. He wasn't even allowed to be in a wheelchair unless he was in a public place, since he was a fall risk. (When he was in the hospital, there was an actual bed alarm, but not at the rehab facility.) While in rehab, they really pushed him to get stronger -- which is what he really wanted. He did a lot of physical therapy! His path didn't go so well after that though... He was 96! But he had lived in the independent senior apartment for four years and that was great! If he had lived longer and was still sharp and wanting to be semi-independent, our state has a version of Medicaid that takes over long term care payments but I think can sometimes help with home care or assisted living. There's also help for veterans (through the VA) who need help while living independently. My dad would've qualified for that as well, if he had lived longer. This is a hard stage and I wish you the best!
  4. $20,000? No way! I'd answer with a kind of joking response at first, like no way could our kids afford that! Good luck finding someone! If he's persistent, I'd answer him more bluntly. Sorry, I'm not comfortable passing on their phone numbers because this is far more than anything our family is comfortable with. Good luck with your endeavors!
  5. Can another homeschool parent who knows your family write it? Or do you have a friend who is a teacher and could verify your child's qualifications?
  6. I once made coffee for our church, and the woman teaching me their standard measurements told me to use 1 tsp. per 6 ounce cup. I was kind of horrified and secretly changed it to a tablespoon per cup... People came up to me afterwards telling me it was the best coffee they'd had at church! 😄
  7. For a drip coffee maker, I think the standard "cup" measurement is 6 ounces. So for every 6 ounces or cup on a drip maker, I use one heaping tablespoon of ground coffee. If I know ahead of time that the grounds are quite strong, I might use a rounded tablespoon instead of heaping. We like strong coffee in our family. 🙂
  8. I'm really sorry. Another place you could hang a sign is a at a local grocery store or post office, where more people beyond just your immediate neighborhood could see it. You never know. Our dd had a cat who was missing for a month once! We think he was startled by something and ran under a pickup truck. We didn't know this at the time. But a month later, our dd suddenly got a call from a farm family about 12 miles away. The woman said that she had been in town shopping a month earlier, and when she arrived back at the farm, a cat jumped out from under her truck. He must've been tucked away in there somewhere safe, and he made the drive to her farm okay but then ran off to the nearby woods. The woman left some food and water outside and now and then the cat would quietly come up and get some, but would aways run away if anyone got too close. A month later, the woman's son was in town and saw one of the missing cat signs in a public area and recognized him as the cat who had hitchhiked home with his mother! Our dd drove out there and walked around in the woods calling his name, and he came running to her!
  9. Our state has been doing public announcements, newspaper articles, etc. on the zipper merge. It was very educational for me... I really didn't know anything about it before!
  10. I'm so sorry you're suffering with this. It must be very painful. I've been hearing a lot about well-controlled ketamine therapy for treatment-resistant depression lately. I've also been hearing about Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy which Maize suggested earlier. In fact, I know someone now doing TMS treatments at Mayo. My understanding is that both of those treatments have the effect of forcing brain pattern changes.
  11. Kind of interesting because this has gone back and forth with both my dh's and my families over the generations: Most of our grandparents (born in the very late 1800's) were from larger families (4-7 children). Our parents (born in the late 1920's) were all from smaller families (2-3 children). My own family had 3 children, and my dh's family had 7. We have 5 children. I think it's very, very unlikely that any of our own children will have 5 children, and quite likely that some will have none.
  12. This is kind of fascinating to me.. I've never heard of an adult sleeping with a stuffed animal! At the same time, I imagine it could be kind of nice. I did sleep with a giant stuffed animal dog into high school!
  13. I'm so sorry, I had one once and it was horrible. I recently learned of this supplement that's supposed to be fairly good at breaking down kidney stones: Chanca Piedra. I don't know much about it at all, but maybe it's worth looking into?
  14. I think something like this is all in the wording. So, "While you're staying in this room, you'll need to rotate the eggs." vs "I'm so sorry, but this is the room with the incubator which can't easily be moved. I hope you don't mind if we come in a couple times/day to rotate the eggs. Or if you'd prefer, you can certainly rotate them yourself and then we won't have to bother you with coming in!"
  15. Here, the standard rule of thumb is that if teeth are impacted, it's done by an oral surgeon. If none are impacted, the dentist can do it. If an oral surgeon does it, you can usually choose between general anesthesia or local (they might give their recommendations). Three of our are kids had impacted teeth so went with the oral surgeon and GA; the fourth had no impacted teeth and had them removed right in our regular dentist's office with local. It went smoothly for all of them with the exception of one, who ended up getting dry socket which was very painful. We had thought about planning a trip a couple days after her surgery but decided not to. I'm glad we didn't!
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