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  1. I've never had family including in-laws or friends who have been pushy about visiting for long periods and were unpleasant guests. When they visit, they're always kind and helpful and I guess are intuitive about boundaries... So it's fine, and even fun. When we lived overseas, my parents would often come and stay with us for two weeks at a time, but they were so sweet and came to help even though they were quite old! They didn't expect to be entertained and were very independent. I love having people come and stay. I love the extra company and conversation and activities. But, they
  2. I'd only take the trip with your pup if we were staying in a stand-alone place like an airbnb, or a cabin. (State parks around here have camper cabins that are fun.) Preferably, I'd leave him with a trainer and consider it a good time for him to get some good training by a professional. I wouldn't be comfortable having a pet-sitter care for him because he sounds like he needs to be handled very carefully right now. We had a GS mix once who began showing aggressive leanings toward strangers at just 4 months, so I know what that's like. It is not easy. If you take him with you,
  3. I believe GNP has visitor restrictions during peak times of day? You also need a ticket to get in, and for the Going-to-the-Sun-Road. I really don't know how much capacity is limited, but it seems like they have some checks in place to keep it from being absolutely crazy. It's too late for getting your prime spot during your prime period, but my extended family has booked last-minute trips to Glacier... As long as you're not picky about dates and where you stay, you might be able to find something. Generally mid-end of August and early September have more available. We've generally arra
  4. I wasn't in a hurry, but I didn't delay either. First at 28, and fifth at a month short of 35. In hind site, I'd delay until my 50's if I could! I feel like I was so naive then and of course so much wiser now -- haha. I don't see any of my kids having babies until their 30's. That's what I'm seeing all around me.
  5. I only have a more distant experience with this particular type of situation, although I've certainly experienced people very close to me that have made life choices and decisions so different than what I would have expected, that it feels like they're almost a different person. It can feel excruciating. I do think it's okay to just accept that you're grieving, that it's painful, that it's confusing... And then in the midst of that, you make the choice to keep loving them. (Which obviously you're doing already.) Life is hard and things will happen that don't make sense to us which we
  6. Two items my dd brought with her from dorm room to dorm room and then to her first post-college apartment, were: 1) This rolling cart from IKEA: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/raskog-utility-cart-white-20382932/ 2) And something like this to store things under her bed: (collapsable/foldable under-the-bed storage box) https://www.wayfair.com/storage-organization/pdp/wayfair-basics-under-the-bed-storage-bag-wfbs1220.html
  7. My dd's 2-inch mattress topper made such a difference!
  8. Ha, I don't know, but this seemed to be typical in our area. Kids went to their well-child visits through their last childhood vaccination at around age 12, and then most kids only went after that if needed. I suppose there were some kids that went every year, but we didn't see a need for that ourselves. Maybe it's different nowadays. (Our kids are all young adults now.)
  9. No, don't spray in the house! We just swat them wherever they land nearby, or on us. Done! If it happens nightly, I'd try and figure out how they were sneaking in...
  10. It seems like their last well-child visit was around 12, and I went in with them for that. But I think it was also during that visit with my son when the doctor (male) asked me to step out of the room for a minute -- if it was okay with my ds (which it was) -- so that he could do a quick male-check. After that, through high school, they really only went to the doctor if they had an injury or were very sick, and I'd make the appointment and go with them. Oh, they did have quick athletic checks (in order to participate in sports) every couple of years and usually I just waited in the lob
  11. My dh and I stapled ours to the inside of our passports. We keep other official vaccination records there (that yellow international travel vaccine certificate) too. Everyone in our family is used to guarding their passports with their lives 😁 so we figured that's a safe place. Otherwise, I keep a paper copy in my wallet, a digital copy on my computer, and my clinic has the info officially loaded on my patient chart. I think most places that will be requiring it will probably only need a digital version, so as long as your dd has it on her computer or phone, I think that's probab
  12. What a beautiful mother you are! It sounds like you're not suspecting a UTI anymore, but I wanted to throw out an easy alternative to try sometime down the road if you find yourself wondering about a UTI. I went through a period where I was getting UTI's frequently, and then I learned about a natural supplement called D-Mannose. It is like a miracle supplement for me. The majority of UTI's are caused by e-coli, and D-Mannose attacks e-coli. The minute I feel uncomfortable, like I might have a UTI, I pop a D-Mannose pill and by the next day it's gone. Now and then I'll take one
  13. My dd had a cartilage piercing (you're talking upper ear, right?) when she was about 14 because her earlobes were too small to be pierced. It was quite painful for awhile (she couldn't sleep on that side for weeks), but I sure don't remember being told that it takes that long to heal! She was in our town's summer swim club every year, and she never had to skip that. I think 1.5 years is wrong. She also got a small tattoo on the back of one shoulder about that age. Very small and delicate, a picture that has to do with her name, and honestly is covered under her clothes 99% of the time
  14. I was once told that when I start to feel those symptoms, I should think of something (or someone!) that makes me really mad! Supposedly it gets your adrenaline going and gets your blood flowing back into your head. I actually have tried that several times and I do think it helps!
  15. Yes. We encouraged probiotics for my dad, and it actually made him very sick. I think his situation is a little unusual, and maybe has to do with his age (93). But still -- yes. I talked with an infectious disease doc at Mayo and asked him which probiotic my dh should be taking for his health concerns (including needing to take antibiotics indefinitely), and he told me just plain natural yogurt. Much more gentle on your stomach and with the same effect. So, my dh takes about 1/4 cup of that every day.
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