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  1. Since she likes history documentaries, can you find a good historical drama series that she'd enjoy? You could watch an episode together one night each week. You could maybe pick up some food at a restaurant on your way over there that she'd like, and eat while watching the episode together. (That way you wouldn't need to struggle with conversation while eating.) You can chat about the episode over coffee once it's over.
  2. It's been awhile since we were involved in a homeschool group (my kids are adults now), but at the time, I knew of only one family for sure that was anti-vax. Although I wouldn't be surprised if there were more than that, I'm still quite certain that the vast majority vaccinated their kids. The Covid vaccine is different though because it's become political... So I really don't know how that same group would feel about it this vaccine. I know some would definitely still have the vaccine, but probably not as many as pre-2020.
  3. The pharmacist who gave me the vaccine last weekend told me not to be surprised if I suddenly felt exhausted even 4-5 days after the vaccine... That the side effects can sometimes last or pop up even days later.
  4. Our dental office has been super careful. They fully closed for 6 months, and then opened carefully, always spacing appointments so there are no crossovers. People can't wait in their cars where ours is located, so I think that's why they're so careful about spacing them out. You are in one room all alone with the hygienist and then the dentist. They have on masks, goggles, the whole works. I figure they're at much more risk than the patient. I felt very safe.
  5. One of my best friends and her family never had vaccines either, and no one thought anything of it then, either. But that was different. There was already herd immunity for those ailments. So if a small minority of people refused to get vaccines, the rest of society that had vaccines were protecting them. Someday, we'll reach that point with Covid too, once there's herd immunity. Once there's herd immunity, then people with strong philosophical or medical reasons for avoiding vaccines will be protected by the rest of us who have been vaccinated. And that will be a good thing.
  6. Just saw this post, and hope your gss is getting the help he needs! I was thinking about the disability aspect, and how awful that is. Your dd (and and her ds) shouldn't be falling through the cracks like that. I did a quick search, and read that if seizures are uncontrolled even while on meds and under a doctor's treatment, it would qualify as a blue-book listing in three months. I wonder if you can try and apply again for your dd? Something seems off, like doctors aren't doing their job in helping present her case or something. I'm so very, very sorry for your situation. I agree that
  7. And from what I can find, around 10,000 people per year are killed by drunk drivers. Yet everyone seems onboard with trying to prevent those. Compared to 500,000+ Covid deaths in a year. Why is that? Is that because it's become political? Any political party would be too embarrassed to NOT support laws against drunk driving.
  8. It would be easy for all of my kids to find them... Our state began a data base that combined all of them, and it's easy to get a print-out. Although, I really don't know if their Covid vaccines are connected to that. They got them at such random places, not at local clinics. Just random pharmacies, grocery stores, job-sites, etc. I have only my last 15 years or so of vaccines, which would really only include tetanus I suppose and shots required for living/traveling in other countries -- like yellow fever. I doubt flu shot records could be found easily, unless I got them at my loc
  9. I'm glad you spoke up. I tend to be a very moderate person as well... And usually don't have strong opinions on many things because I can see both sides. But when it's a rare thing that I happen to feel very passionate about 🙂, I still want to be careful about how I choose my words. I know shouting doesn't usually help at all! Neither does making a person feel like their opinion is worthless.
  10. I got mine before I was expecting to get it as well... such a nice surprise!
  11. I've been reading about research studies on conspiracy theories, and people who support them. One study found that while people with less education and lack of scientific knowledge are often more likely to believe them, it's generally more highly educated people (even those with a science background) who actual drive them once they're out there. This is because they're able to pull out actual facts to support the claim, so if you question them, they can tell you those facts, and those facts can't be denied. But they are often random facts pulled from here and there that really, when placed
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