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  1. I go to bed before him and I wear ear plugs.
  2. No, I haven’t tried Altra- I’ll look into them. I do have keens ( a pair that my son outgrew before wearing them), but the footbed doesn’t seem to fit my foot well.
  3. Are they supportive? Or is it pretty much just a thin barrier and like going barefoot? I do need support.
  4. I returned another pair of good supportive running shoes today. These gave me a bunion type thing on the outside of one foot. So, instead of sneakers or confined shoes, what else can I wear for walking and maybe some easy running. Walking is maybe 3-4 miles a day, on pavement/streets. I have sandals that I could wear casually walking for a day shopping or touring or such, but don’t think they’d work for a fast paced walk with some running. so options? I live in Florida so spend a good amount of time barefoot or in crocs or such. maybe my feet don’t take to confined spaces as much any
  5. We asked around at church, other people with older folks etc. maybe his AL place may have some suggestions of local agencies? Or does he have a favorite aide at AL that may want to moonlight as a companion?
  6. Is he not allowed back at his AL yet due to his condition? He could have PT done there, either by their in house folks or another agency that would come in.
  7. I lived close by which I realize you don’t, so I was there a lot. I also hired her a companion for a couple hours a day that was supposed to look out for her, so it can be done. And maybe you can find an encouraging aide that will keep the place on its toes with your dad. We went with a basic cna, but a higher qualified aide or nursing student may have provided better results in our case. Only because it tends to be their calling, rather than just a job. my experience: 1) my mom didn’t exactly like people hovering and was super fussy, and the one she settled for wasn’t very ambitiou
  8. They may release him from the hospital with a bunch. Ask them for some extras. It’s standard hospital footwear. And if he likes slippers, he may not need them. My mom wasn’t a fan of shoes and the socks were more comfortable
  9. Button downs may be easier if he has trouble pulling stuff over his head.
  10. They are remembering their younger selves 💕. Same way I have pants I’ve long outgrown in my closet 😂
  11. Yes, I was greatly dismayed that going to the bathroom on their own was more frowned upon and discouraged, than encouraged. Both in hospitals and rehabs. Yes, and if he’s says he hurts and doesn’t want to get up, they may just leave him in bed. And if he says he doesn’t want to go to pt because he hurts or is tired, they will not typically force it. They say it’s because they do not want to force them against their will, but it also makes it easier on the staff. And this is how some patients get worse in rehab instead of better. Patients either need to advocate for themselves, or hav
  12. When my dad got older, he liked ordering pants from haband.com Lots of pull on type pants. Not too expensive.
  13. It is a lot to take on. And even if your mom hadn’t divorced him, you might still be doing this. My mom wasn’t quite capable when it got to this stage and these kinds of things. I don’t know if it’s because it’s their spouse or themselves, or the age, but it was too much of an effort for her to get it organized and together.
  14. Sweatpants are the easiest (not the kind you tie but just elastic). I’d go for 8. They often lose clothes or ‘can’t find’ them to wash 🙄. I took to doing my moms. Nothing fancy or good for that reason. T-shirt’s are fine if he can manage them. And definitely a sweater, sweatshirt, blanket. Many older folks find it too cold. Put his name on everything if you can. Non slip socks like you wear in the hospital are good. Plus a pair of sneakers for pt- they need a pair of shoes for pt. some people may dress a little nicer if they go to the dining hall, but I wouldn’t worry about that as
  15. One other thing to ask his doctor- how much time should your dad spend up, in a chair, walking with a walker, versus back in bed. Elderly lose a lot of muscle and ability very fast. Sitting requires more core muscles and strength than laying in bed. Is he continent now? If so, insist that they get him up to use the bathroom instead of diapering him. Otherwise he will likely come out of rehab incontinent and needing depends full time. The staff generally finds it easier to change depends than get the elderly folks to the bathroom because they change them at a time of their choosing.
  16. His doctor has to be very specific for the PT prescription- if he wants 2x/day, 7 days a week, the doctor has to spell it out on the prescription (and get a copy of it). Many rehabs in my experience are busy and will try to get away with 1x/day and never on weekends or holidays. So check the rehab staff. Also, if they come to get your dad and he says he doesn’t want to do it or isn’t ready, he may be forgotten for the day. Which brings the issue of the CNA staff into place. Visit at various times (especially evenings if you can). My mom stayed in one place with some seriously witchy c
  17. How do you do this? Or is it just on a certain model? My sauté seems to have only one heat to it- high.
  18. I’ve hinted for a snorkel and fins (I can’t swim with my head below water otherwise 🤷‍♀️), a new crossword book, and I would love a lightweight robe, but no one will guess that 😂
  19. I’d put a mirror over the sink and a generic picture over the toilet. You could always buy a distressed frame or a metal one that is the color of the faucets/knobs.
  20. I must have completely misunderstood something! 😳I deleted my comment to not create further confusion 🙂
  21. What did you take (link or brand) and what kind of differences in your skin? Thanks!
  22. Congratulations! It sounds like you've really stuck with it. :)
  23. I am down to a normal BMI again. I've had a tendency since menopause (and because I cook for 3 males that love to eat), to slip into the overweight category, but I've been calorie counting and exercising. It'll take another 18 pounds though to be in mid-range territory. Yikes. Not sure I'll make it there, but I'm happy to feeling better. :) For now, I'll keep it a goal to stay in the normal range. That's all. :)
  24. Well, I just got home from Sprouts with a canister. I'll try it and see. Would love to see the results those Amazon reviewers get, but I'm pretty skeptical. Worth a shot though :) I'll try to follow-up in a month. I went with this one: https://www.pharmaca.com/country-life-maxi-collagen-c-a-biotin-7-5oz?msclkid=38eabb9c2a5b1ab386bcdb11ac803de7&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=PH_Bing_Shopping_Medium&utm_term=4574861727535181&utm_content=Shopping - Medium
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