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  1. I’m a fix-it personality too- an engineer. And my best friend had a medically fragile child. So when she tells me stuff, I first go off to google for her and give her info. And then I step back and go 🤦‍♀️, and say I’m so sorry. Fortunately she appreciates my practical side of research, but she also appreciates just knowing I’m keeping them in our thoughts and prayers, or lighting a candle for him. When one of mine is sick, she checks in regularly, first thing each morning. So I’ve learned to check in regularly as well. After a death, the hardest thing is to see life going on as normal for so many around you, while yours is turned upside down. The biggest thing for me is people who thought to call or share a story or talk about the dead person months and months later. To not pretend that it never happened or be scared to bring it up. The actual words didn’t matter.
  2. We’re just doing chicken with gravy, mashed potatoes , stuffing, cranberry sauce and Brussels sprouts. Kids had a hand in the menu 🙂
  3. I just tried it for area I know that would be noisy- bmx park, airport, train, stadium etc. it didn’t pick any of that up. from what I could see, their noise levels were based upon street traffic.
  4. For noise- you can check for airplane lines of flights, trains, and police shooting ranges, bmx parks, stadiums and places with music/lights/fireworks. Folks in neighborhoods near us are often surprised at how the sound travels, even though they didn’t think they were very close. We live over 2 miles from a bmx park and can still hear the loudspeakers and music at times.
  5. We went to the local mall and walked around at various times to get a feel for who lived and worked there. And to the local parks. Those work off of a gut feel sometimes. We drove around noticing the restaurants and Home Depots and various businesses. Again at various times of time and in the evening, once we thought we liked a particular area. We insisted on a neighborhood with sidewalks because our kids were still younger, and because I like sidewalks 🙂
  6. Your first paragraph is super helpful, thank you. So if I’m interested in quotes from any of those companies listed, I go to them or their agent directly. A broker would not be able to quote them for me, but brokers work with dozens of smaller/lesser known companies that I might not even know about. I’ll be busy with phone calls next week
  7. Different experience but we went from an island with a stovetop to a plain island (no stove tops, sinks etc). Oh my, how I love it!!! The space to spread out and cook and chop and platter. My sink and dishwasher are to my back. It’s perfect. 10 years ago I had a sink in our island. I liked the fact that I could look out to the playroom, but the sink was disruptive and in the way. I could have walked around to the other side of the island, but then I’d be too far from the stove.
  8. Is a broker different from an agent then? How did you find yours?
  9. We’ve never used an insurance agent, just always called a company directly. But I’m shopping for new homeowners insurance (Florida), and wondering how using an agent may help or not. How do they get paid, what do they do, and how to find a good one. Thanks!
  10. Thanks all. I do realize we got in a rut and I need to try some other whole wheat breads. We all like rye bread, but I only see enriched rye at the store, so that doesn’t sound like whole grain either or any better than white. Am I wrong?
  11. They used to have whole wheat buns but they haven’t had them in a long time. I miss them! We do buy the whole wheat tortillas. And when I used to shop at Publix, I always bought whole grain pasta as well, but Aldi doesn’t carry that either. Maybe I’ll go back to whole wheat buns and pasta from another store, and not be concerned about the white bread bagels dh buys.
  12. Aldi is the main store I shop at. I buy their whole wheat bread that is a knockoff to Nature’s Own, but even I don’t care for it much. I never even really looked for others. I’ll try the shorter loaf next time. Thanks.
  13. I shop and always bought whole wheat everything. Dh likes to shop 😬. He buys white bread bagels, muffins, and ice cream. I’m having a tough time competing. 😂 He was good for many many years about the whole wheat, but over the last couple, not so much.
  14. I grew up on Wonder type bread, but after my kids were born, I started buying whole wheat breads, bagels, pasta, brown rice etc to raise them differently, on better choices. I still prefer the taste of white, but 🤷‍♀️. My dh continued to buy white stuff for himself; he detests whole wheat. And now my kids are teens and they detest whole wheat as well. Helped along by dh who would give them ‘treats’ of his bagels etc. Is it a losing cause? How important is it for them to eat whole grains? How do I turn this tide? Anyone else in a similar boat? I mean they’ll be off to college in a couple years where they can eat what they want.
  15. We will pray for you, and while it’s good to be strong, it’s also good for your kids to see you grieve, because they are too. Hugs.
  16. That’s not the dragon on the website at all. They were definitely metal- you could tell by the bends and angles- inflatables would have looked rounder and smoother. They did a lousy swap on you.
  17. She needs to move, and quickly. “Mom, remember how you said it might be better if you moved out because I don’t like the way you talk to me and my kids? I agree, and I found a long term motel that you can rent weekly while you apartment shop and find something long term. We’ll move you over this weekend.”
  18. You couldn’t have some kind of double hanging rods down the middle from ceiling to floor? Clothes on hangers are less than 2’. That leaves 2.5 feet aisles on each side.
  19. I’m glad for your update. It takes strength to walk away from a relationship and marriage like that, so you are showing your kids that. That they don’t need to stay and be abused. I’m sorry you had some really bad years in there. Congratulations on the house and finishing your degree, and so happy you and your kids are in a good place. Best wishes that April 7 goes smoothly and that all this is behind you soon.
  20. We went to an elder care lawyer to get it all done.
  21. Still have and use and know who gave them: white dinnerware, stainless steel mixing bowls, nesting set of metal colanders, knickknacks/bowls/pictures, salt and pepper shakers, and our mattress set. Still have but rarely use- fancy stemware/drink glasses. Nightgown. Had a white kitchen wastebasket for 12 years and I remembered her every time. Great gift! Actually it was a shower gift filled with cleaning stuff. Cookware and many kitchen items were well used and had to be replaced over the years. Same with towels and bedding items. Down duvet given away before moving to florida. i appreciated the money, but I really enjoyed the gifts.
  22. Yes. Catholic. Social distancing. Masks required. Personal books for readings and songs provided that you take with you each time. Sprayed down/sanitized between Masses. Extra masses added to help with social distancing. No holy water fonts. Priests and ministers use hand sanitizer.
  23. I hated subway tile and refused to even look at it. Until I went through so many samples of backsplash tile that looked so pretty in the store, but just looked so busy at home and took away from our counters or kind of clashed. I went through tons of photos online and I liked clean and plain backsplash. Who knew. 😂 So I have 3”x6” white tiles. And not all white tiles are the same white🙄 I had to go through a few different whites to work with our counter. And I love the clean simple look.
  24. Our white wood cabinets are not ‘textured/grainy’ like our oak ones were. They are very very smooth which makes them easy to clean. It must be how the factory applied the paint. If we had just painted over our oak cabinets, I don’t think it would look at all similar. So if you look at white cabinets, keep that in mind. Maybe even test the door panels in the stores with grimy hands and a rag 🙂. We went with a simple shaker style- the little ledge does collect dust. Easy to wipe, but still. However, I like the style. Only a completely smooth door/drawer front would catch nothing.
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