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  1. How do you do this? Or is it just on a certain model? My sauté seems to have only one heat to it- high.
  2. I’ve hinted for a snorkel and fins (I can’t swim with my head below water otherwise 🤷‍♀️), a new crossword book, and I would love a lightweight robe, but no one will guess that 😂
  3. I’d put a mirror over the sink and a generic picture over the toilet. You could always buy a distressed frame or a metal one that is the color of the faucets/knobs.
  4. I must have completely misunderstood something! 😳I deleted my comment to not create further confusion 🙂
  5. What did you take (link or brand) and what kind of differences in your skin? Thanks!
  6. Congratulations! It sounds like you've really stuck with it. :)
  7. I am down to a normal BMI again. I've had a tendency since menopause (and because I cook for 3 males that love to eat), to slip into the overweight category, but I've been calorie counting and exercising. It'll take another 18 pounds though to be in mid-range territory. Yikes. Not sure I'll make it there, but I'm happy to feeling better. :) For now, I'll keep it a goal to stay in the normal range. That's all. :)
  8. Well, I just got home from Sprouts with a canister. I'll try it and see. Would love to see the results those Amazon reviewers get, but I'm pretty skeptical. Worth a shot though :) I'll try to follow-up in a month. I went with this one: https://www.pharmaca.com/country-life-maxi-collagen-c-a-biotin-7-5oz?msclkid=38eabb9c2a5b1ab386bcdb11ac803de7&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=PH_Bing_Shopping_Medium&utm_term=4574861727535181&utm_content=Shopping - Medium
  9. So I’m reading that 1 and 3 are the most common because that makes up the most of what our bodies have. So I get it. I’m also reading Amazon reviews that say the one they got from Amazon seems different than the one they bought locally at a health food store. Same packaging etc but not same performance. Did you buy local or from Amazon?
  10. I’m glad to hear no side effects.
  11. Can I ask why you chose this one? It has collagen types 1 and 3. Not that I know what it means, lol, but wondering if you chose it for that. I read this article yesterday about using collagen that has all five types to it. I’m still in research mode 🙂 https://consumershealth.org/collagen-supplements-guide/?msclkid=4c8099983405168fe8b1f9148a52bbd1
  12. Wondering what your experience was? Did it help? Side effects? Have a specific brand and type to recommend? I would just like my skin to be more elastic, a little firmer. If it can be.
  13. We have a Rinnai gas one. It attaches to our outside wall. The temp control is easy to adjust. We set it lower when the kids were younger. Love that everyone can take showers, do laundry, dishes etc and not run out. We used to run out just filling a bathtub. We’ve had multiple showers and stuff running at the same time without issue. cons: hot water takes a while to get to the faucet, especially in our master. So I feel like we waste water waiting for the warm water to make it through the pipes. But our washer- next to the heater almost- is instantaneous. So that is good.
  14. If it’s masked soccer, I would talk with the coach to see if he can encourage support of masks among the kids and for the kids to support each other because they are a team. and I would also tell my son to reply, my parents want me to mask and I am respecting them.
  15. We did Pooh Bear for ours. Loved it then, still love it (no, we don’t have a nursery anymore but I still like the theme), and my kids love Pooh and his friends 🙂
  16. For the body, the basic copper tone sport spray has never failed us. I know it’s aerosol and not so healthy, but it works and is easy to apply and cover. for the face- the badger zinc stick is excellent. (Though one kid uses the spray on his face). just reapply.
  17. I see a lot of older folks with them here. The dogs walk a little, ride a little, but it gets the people walking which is good. I used to think they were silly, but I see how they benefit people because they are taking their dog ‘for a walk’ lol- hadn’t realized it was an old thread!
  18. Just a different idea- some people rent office space- over the past decade I’ve seen lots of business models where they provide internet and desks etc, and you rent space from them. It’s meant for all the individuals that need a place to work, but don’t have an office per se. Could that be a temporary fix while you house-hunt?
  19. What brand/model is it? And any issues with it? We are looking at used ones. No ac in garage- but we do have a ceiling fan. He used to run in the summer, just early morning, so I assume he’d do the same.
  20. One of the ones for sale on FB marketplace here is a Schwinn 270. How did you know the calibration was off (not sure what that means)? And what is involved? Dh is really not handy and can sometimes turn a simple project into a headache, but maybe I could do it? So every 6 months of regular use it needs work?
  21. I’ve worn ‘dressy crocs’ with dresses. They are a ballet slipper type look, so flat, but on the dressy side.
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