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  1. What brand/model is it? And any issues with it? We are looking at used ones. No ac in garage- but we do have a ceiling fan. He used to run in the summer, just early morning, so I assume he’d do the same.
  2. One of the ones for sale on FB marketplace here is a Schwinn 270. How did you know the calibration was off (not sure what that means)? And what is involved? Dh is really not handy and can sometimes turn a simple project into a headache, but maybe I could do it? So every 6 months of regular use it needs work?
  3. I’ve worn ‘dressy crocs’ with dresses. They are a ballet slipper type look, so flat, but on the dressy side.
  4. Dh is looking to get one since he usually runs but hasn’t been able to since plantar fasciitis. What do you like/not like and what are good features? I’m thinking he’s best with a recumbent bike because he’s had two back surgeries and they are supposed to be easier on the back. It’ll go in the garage and dh plans to be able to watch his tablet while cycling.
  5. I could wear Vionics flip flops all day at Disney.
  6. Hmm, can his phone come down with bad reception? 😄. I’m sorry, that stinks.
  7. She mainly sounds lonely, and is trying to come up with reasons to have someone come over. I used to place groceries orders with Shipt/Instacart for my mom. She’d call me with a list, I’d place the order, and they’d deliver to her. Of course this was pre-covid and they’d carry them inside and sometimes even help unload. But if she’s vaccinated maybe she can ask them to bring inside, or just specify on the order to make very lightweight bags due to elderly recipient. My friend’s son has been bringing trash in/out for elderly neighbors for years. They pay him, though he’s a good kid and would do it anyway. I would outsource what you can. our Meals on Wheels/Neighborly organization also goes around on certain days to pick up folks to bring to their Rec center for a lunch and a couple hours of games/entertainment/socializing. It just started up again a few weeks after a long hiatus for covid. Your local senior services would likely know of options. My mil used to attend ‘lunch bunch’ at church once a week. It was bring your own lunch, but you got to eat with others. People would pick up those who couldn’t drive.
  8. I think it is fine to apply. Give them the forms and they can decide who needs the money the most. You might be the target family. A family for whom the extras are just out of reach. For extenuating circumstances, I think just mentioning it was a difficult year, financially and emotionally, with his medically fragile sibling dying, would cover it. Keep it simple.
  9. Otherwise this one is a classic. We have it too.
  10. I bought this board book at Christmas as a gift and thought it was cute. You can see details on Amazon
  11. Formica! That’s probably what the table top was that I grew up with. So easy to clean, and nothing to worry about. Maybe I’ll have to wait until the grooved plank look is over. I see tables from a year or two ago that are much closer to what I’m looking for. Thanks for the input on counter height. I might try to put our current table up on blocks and use our stools to see what we think. I think we could deal with the height factor; our meals don’t last long and we have a regular height table outside and in our dining room. I’ll see how it looks. All the chairs we saw had rungs, so I’m not sure that feet would need to dangle. Something to try out though.
  12. I want a new kitchen table set and have questions about the durability of the current farmhouse style sets. I love the look, but wondering the practicality of them. First- we use water pitchers and glasses and they do sweat. Would this cause water damage on a farmhouse wood table? One table at the store had a warning that made the table seem useless to actually be used in a dining setting! So strange. Second- so many of them have grooves (the plank look). I envision having to clean out those grooves and it not being practical. But it is so hard to find a smooth top in a style I like. Third- many chairs come with fabric seats instead of wood. Is that a mistake? Should I make sure to get a wood seat? We have a tile table (think 1980’s style) left by the previous owners 9 years ago. Indestructible top as far as food or water or cleaners go. I grew up with a wood looking table but it had an indestructible plastic type top. Also, the farmhouse tables that I see in the stores with smooth tops (not plank/groove) are counter height. Anyone have that height and tell me pros and cons of that height? Our kids are teens and we have no elderly visitors. I know I want white. Or some variation of that. I’ve never bought a new dining set! My first house in my 20s- I trash picked a glass/chrome set. A minor problem in the scheme of things, but would love some advice/experience. Thanks!
  13. I wouldn’t worry about a built in look. Install the kitchen as in and give him the taller fridge wherever it fits. My mom in her assisted living place would have appreciated more counter space instead of a compact look. Function over looks. 🙂
  14. Just one. So many complaints! So much cause of drama in our little homeschool. This one could set the tone for the whole day. The amount of work picked up in middle school, so that was part of it. Less free time I guess. Even though they still had more time than if they went to school. Assuming you didn’t procrastinate all day 😂. Two were fine and easy to school. One was not.
  15. My first post looks like it was in 2009 when my kids were 4. At the time we were just doing preschool at home and learning. I ended up homeschooling until high school, 2 years ago. We had a blast in the younger years, but middle school got hard. Well, one of my three middle schoolers made it really hard and stressful.
  16. Do you have any old home movies that she could watch on tv? Would she like that? Though maybe since they don’t likely have sound, it might be confusing.
  17. My folks charged me rent; I think they started a few months after I graduated college. It took me back, I admit it. But it also got me thinking- I was paying the same at home that 1/2 an apartment would cost. ($375 back in 1987). When I looked at it like that, there was more incentive (to me) to move out. While everything was paid for by my parents, I felt it was foolish to leave. so I think it was a good idea they had. It gave me the nudge to find my own place (with a friend), once everything was equal financially between staying and going. If I stayed home, my folks would have been fine. But I’m glad they made it an even field for choosing.
  18. Would he get a roommate? It’s a great way to reduce expenses. My first house that I bought in my 20s turned into a rental and my second house I lived in, but advertised for a roommate. I had a roommate (3 different ones over the years) that paid a good amount of rent- which covered more than half of my mortgage, plus they shared the utilities. It was so much cheaper than renting. When I got married, I turned that house into a rental as well. I didn’t find home ownership to be a drag at all on my lifestyle, and travelled plenty.
  19. My Catholic university actually had a group called the Association of Commuting students. It shared building space with the Resident Association. The large majority of my friends came from joining the board of that group. They put together activities like movies, dances, hayrides and such. (Do kids still do those things?!) Are there groups she may not be aware of yet? The Student Union that planned campus activitywas also a nice group to meet people. We had sororities and fraternities as well, but they weren’t allowed houses on campus.
  20. I started volunteering with Meals on Wheels a few months ago. And I’ve learned more lacrosse than I ever knew before (I practice with dd).
  21. I’m sorry. That sounds hard. Maybe her doctor would consider anti-anxiety meds for her? Will she visit your dad and do an overnight visit with him? And then she goes back home?maybe she’d discover that she enjoys the meals or the social atmosphere. my mom preferred male aids to do her bathing 😳. She said they were gentler and less hurried (not in a weird way, but not making her feel like a nuisance kind of thing)
  22. Thank you for this topic. I have three teens, and I can tell I really need to be aware of the changing dynamics as they become adults. It seems I spent 24/7 with them for so many years, and doing for them and with them that mothering them is just second nature. It’ll be a big adjustment I can tell to move from mothering them, to being a mother with a mostly zipped up mouth 😬 I feel I’ve adjusted well so far as they’ve aged, but the complete independence will be very different. So again, I appreciate reading this topic and responses and experiences.
  23. I love my Columbia capris! Great travel pants. Well, I bought them for travel but I wear them everyday. Lightweight, pockets, comfy. ‘Columbia women’s anytime outdoor capris’. Can find on Amazon.
  24. We’ve been going to both all along. Ortho- just the kids go in and temp check at door. Parents wait in car. Dentist- again, patients only inside. They wear masks and plastic shields. They’ve had no incidents of covid.
  25. When people say location location, they generally mean be in a good area, not next to a dump or highway or fire station, or airport, just to have a big house or a house with the features they want. And I think you’re already being careful of that.
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