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  1. And some other options for world history.... Oak Meadow world history (current course is not textbook specific, older edition uses the Glencoe text authored by Spielvogel) Student's Friend -- yes, it looks light, but I would have no problems using this with a student who had already had a decent grounding in history. It would be a good base to add movies, documentaries, outside reading, discussions, etc. too. There are extras on the site.
  2. Just another plug for K12's Our Human Story. Very well written, and nice layout (pages aren't too frenetic). I'm using it this year with one of mine; he reads 2-4 pages daily and does a simple outline of his reading. At the end of each chapter/section, he goes back and answers the Key Questions (there are usually 2 or 3) in paragraph form. Sometimes it even looks kind of like an essay. 😉 He also does a map for each chapter (using Outline Maps of World History, Map Trek is the updated version), and occasionally I throw in something from Stanford's Reading Like a Historian. If I wanted to make it an meatier course, it would be easy to throw in some outside reading or a small research paper of his choosing. It's been a good year so far. He's getting a nice flow of world history, without getting burnt out in the process. Sadly, there is no teacher support. K12 uses this text in online only classes. But it isn't a huge effort for me to read a few pages and glance over an outline to see if he's going in the right direction. The essays require a little more work from both of us, but that is mostly because he is a fourteen year old boy. 🙂
  3. I have been very happy with my Brother printers. They do very well with lots of B&W printing-- nice with color as well, but the bulk of my printing is B&W. Our latest printer in this one: Brother MFC-J995DW. I was skeptical about the Inkvestment Tank thing, but it really has been a savings compared to the smaller ink cartridges we were replacing more often. I'm still using the ink that come with the printer, and that is after 7 months of hard use (lots of B&W, and about 300 pages of color).
  4. Here are some threads for you... Happy reading! 🙂 (and FWIW, if MUS is working well, I wouldn't worry about switching. )
  5. I'm another person who had chronic tonsil infections (not strep) all my childhood and early adult life. Finally I found a sympathetic ENT and had my tonsils out in my 20's. SO very glad I did. 🙂 Recovery from the surgery was a rough few weeks, but nothing compared to what I had been through for years before the surgery.
  6. My very visual kids enjoyed these (maybe they can buy you some breathing room between books...): Universe 365 Days Astronomy 365 Days DK Universe: the Definitive Visual Guide Space Atlas: Mapping the Universe and Beyond ETA: tired to fix links...
  7. Miquon and/or MEP --done at whatever pace works. and I really like some of the activities here...
  8. Because I have two boys doing Algebra 2 (at different chapters/concepts in different books), I''m slogging through Algebra 2 on my evenings and weekends. I can factor like a boss, radicals and I are on speaking terms, but advanced graphing and functions just isn't my cuppa. At all. Onward and upward anyway. Just please don't ask me to graph that onward and upward. ;) I'm also messing around with some political science reading because I like it and because oldest is doing an American Govt course with me and he likes to read, read, and talk. So, I get to read, read, and talk too. That's the nice part of homeshooling for me. :) And I'm finishing grade averages to update oldest son's transcript for that college application he was supposed to have sent in 2 weeks ago… I hope they are happy with just the transcript and don't ask me for course descriptions. I haven't updated those yet.
  9. Something I enjoy(ed)-- The Writer's Almanac. Hearing a poem read daily is just plain lovely. Be warned that not all the of poems read will be best for little ears. He assumes his audience is adults who can handle an occasional use of language or reference to "love". It's rare, but it does show up if you troll the archives on the website. (Yes, I know that Mr. Keillor was a bad boy...but I will still listen to him read poetry.)
  10. I agree that for some kids, Saxon needs a *more creative* supplement. You could try some of the things from the Math Learning Center (free pdf downloads). here's grade 3 stuff
  11. I like Elizabeth B's lessons at the I used them with one of mine who was having trouble reading, to help me see what he didn't know. You could probably use them to see what she does know, and then focus on the other bits. 🙂
  12. Morning all! school scheduling for next two weeks picking up the downstairs-- kids have been sloppy busy past few days, and it shows. but it is messy again.... 😉 laundry four loads washed, dried, folded. wash/change sheets on two beds scrub bathrooms
  13. Praying for you and your loved ones.
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