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  1. Plum, You've got to put in SWB's Day in the Life homeschooling bits. Very inspiring. 🙂 I loved reading those when my 3 oldest boys were small. Her realistic and funny descriptions of an average day of trying to balance it all were (and still are) priceless.
  2. Some older or public domain books that I've used over the years for different kids at different times (sorry I can't give links right now, I'm on my older, grumpier laptop that doesn't like having more than one window open…): Word Mastery (phonics book on Don Potter's site, Ellie linked his site upthread) Blend Phonics (also on Don Potter's site) Both of those were supplements to whatever phonics we were using. I also used these as spelling/dictation practice. Graded Work in Arithmetic by Baird (also from Don Potter's site, if I remember correctly-- Google books and/or are places to look as well.) There are multiple volumes of this that could span elementary. I used this as mental math or math drill. Number Stories of Long Ago by David Eugene Smith This one was very good for my history loving math hater. :) Second Primary Language Book by O.S. Reimold All my boys have used this around third grade or so. The Robinson Crusoe themed writing exercises were a big hit. Much better (for my boys) than stories about sweet little kittens or robin redbreast or some of the other sweetness and light that permeates vintage LA. Latin Book One, by Scott and Horn This is an oldie, but a goodie. This is free for the printing, along with an *answer key*. If you search here on the boards for it, there are threads with links. I know I've used more PD stuff, but those are the first things to come to mind right now.
  3. Yes, you can begin grammar in R&S 3. It is gentle enough for a newcomer. R&S 2 is not needed.
  4. Morning all! It's a Saturday at home (for me at least), which is dearly needed. Too many people going in too many directions lately. I have spent the past 45 min doing circles around the downstairs, just picking up the detritus of the past few days. Now for my coffee, please. 🙂 A big cup. Some of today's list: sweep, vac, mop downstairs strip, wash, and change beds in older boys' rooms another load of other laundry scrub bathrooms begin making the applesauce and canning... see if I can get through one bushel today. Moved this to Sunday instead so I can... finish filling out the FAFSA, and do some other "how did my baby get to be a senior" bits 🙂 school scheduling for next week
  5. Shelving. 🙂 More shelves all over the house. Nice looking built ins, not the motley crew I currently have. And someone else to clean, cook, and drive.
  6. 76% Some of those are tough!
  7. Here's my current 7th grader's lineup (and her brothers have done some iteration of this before her): Math: BJU Fundamentals of Math and whatever topics she chooses on Khan Academy at her own pace Science: Abeka Order and Design (parts of the book) and TOPS units of her choosing at her own pace, some bits from Ambleside Year 6 History: Ambleside Year 6 (mostly) Literature: mostly Ambleside Year 6, with some changes Grammar/Writing: Warriner's First Course --my vintage copy from the '60s 🙂 Spelling: Abeka Spelling/Vocab/Poetry I Latin: Getting Started with Latin (easy Latin review year for her) Piano lessons Sports at local middle school
  8. Late to post today; older boys at the the state XC meet (got them out the door early this morning). I'm also watching 2 extra kids today, so anything I do today is very ... fragmented. 😉 Here's the list: finish cleaning bathrooms finish sweep/vac/mop upstairs and downstairs finish folding laundry if I'm wearing my super cape today I might just get in some of the school planning for next week chicken, asparagus and _____ for supper tonight.
  9. Just wanted to say hi, OP, and good to see you back. 🙂
  10. Have you looked at the goodies at Timberdoodle? Lots of fun stuff there.
  11. Morning all! Monday again-- the weekend went by too fast. My boys' XC team is going to states! We're very excited about next Saturday. today's list: laundry, laundry, laundry dishes and picking up some school with younger ones school with older ones one child to piano, with two others coming along-- pharmacy and other errands while we're out. afternoon school afternoon cleaning and the Folding of the Laundry supper is something with potatoes....not sure what yet. taxiing of children to activities maybe convince DH to watch some Doc Martin with me-- he needs a good laugh right now. 🙂
  12. GIven the ages of your kids, and the other info you provided, I would take a look at Latin Book One, by Scott and Horn. It is/was available *free* on Yahoo groups…I downloaded the files years ago. It is an older jr high/high school level Latin, and the Yahoo files have answers, too. There used to be more chatter about Latin Book One (LBO) here on the boards years and years ago. I used this book for three of mine so far, after they had moved through all of LFC A and most of LFC B. They needed more translation type work, and more reading. LBO does that well. With LFC, my kids were so busy memorizing the trees, that they had lost sight of the fact that they were standing in a beautiful forest. LBO helped them enjoy the forest a little more. I used it to fill time before high school (and one of mine used LBO and part of Book Two for high school credit before moving to Henle). I bought vintage copies off Ebay for a song and printed off the answer keys from the files I had downloaded. I head that the Latin Book One group moved to Facebook, but I'm not on FB, so I can't verify that. ETA: here's a link to the Yahoo Group, and it gives a link to the FB group… I'll see if I can hunt up some older threads for you.
  13. My late to read child did well with Spelling Plus (when we finally got around to spelling...) The handout on the website has a nice overview. It took him 2 or so years to work through the lists. We started at the beginning, and went faster through the lists he knew easily. For this kid, focusing on rules and "tricks" of spelling caused him to shut down (he has working memory issues). Short lists of words that he saw over and over and over again, in different ways (writing, saying, dictation) helped more than anything.
  14. Thanks! I have a horde of butternut squash that have invaded my kitchen. Good garden year. 🙂
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