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  1. Fabulous in so many ways! Thanks for the link.
  2. Clearly we have twins separated at birth... I many have "raised my voice" a time or two as well. 😉
  3. MEP math -- preschool through high school Annenberg learner ---we use Destinos for Spanish, and there are many other good courses for many subjects. Don Potter's site for elementary writing/reading archive.org seterra for maps/geography Stossel in the Classroom Ambleside Online
  4. And the second box -- jr. high/high school emphasis... Please reinforce the bottom of this box before lifting it. 😉 Yes-- all this went in ONE box. All this is stuff I own and have used. I've tried to give actual physical books, and let the tech dependent things be extras if ability is there. I do think the physical materials I've listed could get a student ready for community college, if student (and teacher) worked through it with consistency and with understanding. I've also tried to give titles that most average teachers and students could work through with success. I a
  5. What actually did fit in one box --for the elementary grades: I have and have used everything except the inflatable globe. 😉 Phonics Pathways ( or I'd access Alpha Phonics, Word Mastery, or Blend Phonics from Don Potter's site) * extra and not actually in the box* I like the Treadwell readers (like this one ) or the Progressive Road to Reading (here's one book) -- could access these online or print off selected bits when able. All six of the Miquon books, and the Lab Sheet Annotations---- I guess I'm carrying the C-rods in my purse-- they are essential. 🙂 R&S math
  6. I'm going with the assumption that pencils, erasers, pens, notebooks, etc. do NOT have to stuffed into the boxes. Those are a given that (hopefully) will be able to be replenished as needed. I'll take those things in place of expensive tech any day. I am going to empty out a box of copier paper (which is pretty close to the dimensions of a banker's box) to see what could fit in. Back in a bit.
  7. Just reminding myself to think about this and come up with something to post later...
  8. I cross posted this link in another thread, but folks over here might find this thread from 10 years ago interesting, especially through the lens of "rigorous homeshooling."
  9. I was searching for something else and found this thread from 10 years ago... Interesting reading. 🙂
  10. The older Scott Foresman lit books from the late 80's/early '90s (America Reads: Classic Edition) have nicely done history sections throughout the book. England in Literature is the English Lit one 😉 Scholars Online uses SF' s England in Lit ... https://www.scholarsonline.org/Info/coursedesc.php?id=1532 ETA: found a thread with the ISBN numbers for England in Literature...
  11. "fish or cut bait" ( just make a decision!)
  12. Disclaimer: I am a humanities girl, through and through. I have (mostly) humanities/creative/non-STEM focused kids. Just so you know where my advice is coming from. I still wanted my students to get a decent, college-ready high school science sequence from me at home--but not STEM major college ready, because I knew that was beyond my abilities to teach. If I had a more science-y child, it had to be outsourced, and I knew that. Lori's post has some good ideas for that. Conceptual Academy is also one I would use if we had the funds for it-- https://learnscience.academy/. What
  13. Hunter, I'm not sure; I found the link through google... I also hope it can stay easily available, it's a great resource!
  14. The older Dolciani texts from the 1960's do not have ISBN numbers... just an ASIN number like in this listing. This thread may help you in tracking down the Teacher Editions Good luck and happy hunting! FWIW, I ended up using 80's versions of Dolciani because I could find the student text, teacher edition, and solution manual without having to take out a second mortgage on the house. Here is a thread in which I gave the ISBN's for my 80's editions of Dolciani Alg 1
  15. I also used to look at Tapestry every so often just to remind myself why I didn't use it. 😉 Decision fatigue is real.
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