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  1. I have the 6th grade course, and no, I don't see anything in it about non-resistance. Most of it is straight up factual type questions (which king did ___ according to ___ verse, etc.) ; the Bible truth type questions are more about character traits such as humility, obedience, hypocrisy, etc. Nothing like non-resistance.
  2. I'd be shouting that from the rooftops! Well done, dd and to you!.
  3. Just an FYI-- all three of the original trilogy are on archive.org... https://archive.org/search.php?query=creator%3A"Ian+Doescher"
  4. Next year's 5th grader (my 5th one!): Math: R&S as the main dish, continue with MEP as the side dish. Science: SL core E (most of it... probably won't do both TOPS units). History: SL core E (second half of American history) -- I have an older version of this core that has been well loved here. Writing assignments tied to history. Lit: SL core E, along with various selections from Ambleside Online's Year 3 & Year 4 Grammar & Spelling: R&S for both of these Fine Arts: drawing/painting from nature; other informal drawing/paintin
  5. Just echoing that if you are between sizes, go UP. so that you can comfortably layer for winter weather. You need the room for the sweater and/or the vest, the scarf, etc., especially if you plan on being outside for any longer times. Multiple layers are better than one fat layer-- and it is easier to take a layer off if you start to get too warm.
  6. We did self-taught psychology using SL-- we did use the schedule and Instructor's Guide from SL, but used an older edition of the textbook and used the separate study guide that went with it. Much cheaper than hunting out a reasonable price for the newest edition. I had to tweak the IG slightly (to match editions), but not much. Because Myers Psychology for AP is very commonly used in many high schools it is easy to find schedules, links, pdf's of textbooks, and other goodies on school or classroom websites (like this one... or this one... or...). Google is your friend here. 😉 We
  7. Yes, my TE has answers/solutions for the review questions at the end of each chapter. I have this older edition of the high school course... Student Book and Teacher's Edition And in case you are wondering, my Test Booklet has the answers in back as well.
  8. I've been enjoying clicking through all the links in this thread... and I have some serious explaining to do about all the adds that are going to pop up on our computer. 🤯 No, dear, I am NOT shopping for that. Really.
  9. We've never had a real need to name our homeschool either, until the diploma happened; and something too cutesy made it sound fake... We also went with "geographic location" + academy.
  10. Short answer: YES in Greek, you need those marks. Long answer: Sometimes, as the form of the word changes (is declined or conjugated, etc.) the accent changes or is a "marker" for showing how the word has changed. It isn't just about how to pronounce the word.
  11. Next year's 10th grader... some LD's that make things interesting, but he is a disciplined hard worker. Progress will be made, it just doesn't go on anyone else's timetable. Just keep swimming... math: something lighter for Geometry (maybe MUS or Basic Geo by Jurgensen and Brown) and large doses of continual Alg 1 review (possibly using Jacobs Elementary Alg). science: he really wants biology, with dissections. Possibly Miller Levine or Abeka or AGS if we need to dial it back. history: world history of some sort... we have lots of books around the house. Still thinking on t
  12. My deepest sympathy on your loss. Praying for you and your family.
  13. 🙂 T, you have been in my prayers-- Congratulations!!! and thanks for the wonderful update with pictures! What a blessing. 🙂
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