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  1. Zoo Keeper

    Math to pair with Miquon

    At that age/grade, my math lover enjoyed Singapore, Miquon, and MEP together. I would not recommend trying to make them line up topically, just have one be the main math, and pull out the others and do a page or two or three a few times a week or as needed.
  2. Zoo Keeper

    Ten day flu?? Anyone else?

    Yes, there is a 10 day flu going around. Come to my house. ;(
  3. Zoo Keeper

    Need help with math and high schooler

    Honestly, I wouldn't jump to DO in your case. While I have used Foerster's and think it is a great text, it would not be *my* first choice for what you have described. I think that Jann in TX's classes may be more of what you are looking for. Yes, the classes are online, but can be played back as needed and tutoring is available.
  4. For my boy who was very quick in math concepts, I kept a "boring" math that got done most every day (I'm not a math natural, and I wanted to make sure we covered all the expected topics in a way that built) and I let him do MEP on the side and play around on Khan Academy at his own whim as well. He really loved the puzzle aspect of MEP (Year 2 sounds like a good fit for your guy--use the teacher's notes too, there are problems in there as well as the student workbooks). His daily math was Singapore, until 4th grade, then we switched to R&S for 4th - 6th. I had multiple crazy things (one kid with chronic illness, then a difficult pregnancy and NICU baby,) going on when he was around those ages, so *I* needed easy and consistent to teach. We still let him loose on Khan and let him dip his toes into Alcumus for fun. He went to Dolciani Pre A in jr. high and was fine. So, using a less than AOPS type set up didn't hurt my math natural--he still got a good base, but also some mental stretching in a way that *I* could also handle.
  5. Zoo Keeper

    recommend kids snow boots

    We've been very happy with the L. L. Bean books that we find at the thrift store or that get handed down to us; I have a pair (like these) waiting for my youngest son for next winter--he will be the 7th boy to spend a winter sledding, stomping, and shoveling with those boots. 🙂 Buying kids' boots at full price is painful. Especially if you have a long winter and your teen announces that his *new* boots don't fit after only two months.
  6. ^ That one is beautifully set up. I also like Charlotte Mason Help.
  7. Zoo Keeper

    Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

    The sick ones are drinking juice watching NOVA... Piano lesson ride taken care of. Good discussions about Treasure Island and McCarthyism with older ones. I might just add laundry to the list...
  8. Zoo Keeper

    Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

    Morning! I have two sick kids (bad head/chest cold); one of them is the preschooler, who is a miserable drama queen when she is sick. She didn't sleep well last night, so neither did I. (edited! three sick kids...) So, for today: MAKE BIG HONKING POT OF COFFEE Keep sickies hydrated, medicated, and napped, while dealing with the bored bits of resting. Educate the other ones.. Figure out how to get one child to piano lessons (ask around for a ride for her), since I need to be home. Finish filling out calendar (need to reschedule some dr appts made last year) Make pizza dough for supper Call friend who wasn't at church yesterday--check in to see how she is.
  9. Zoo Keeper

    Has Anyone Used Hunter's Rainbow Curriculum?

    I do this kind of subject rotation (3 R's in the morning, then ONE content subject in the afternoon) for my K-6th kids and it works very well to keep things a little more manageable.
  10. Zoo Keeper

    Get rid of it all 2019

    Two bags of kids' clothes going another family.... and I deep cleaned the refrigerator this weekend. Took everything out--food, shelves, drawers--scrubbed it all, and it looks so much nicer now. How do fridges get so filthy?
  11. It means that there is now a bunch of previously unavailable stuff that has entered public domain. Very good news!
  12. OP, around those ages that you are having trouble finding something is when *most* of my kids have really liked doing TOPS. It was something different, and was especially good for learning to how set things up, follow a process, problem solve, and other skills that generally help across the board. One or two books a year was plenty. We also did nature study, took lots of walks, and watched boatloads of NOVA. All good stuff in different doses at different times for different kids.
  13. Zoo Keeper

    She did it -- mommy brag inside

    Congratulations to both of you! 🙂
  14. Zoo Keeper

    Homeschoolers who work too slowly

    This is one of my sons as well. He had extensive testing done, which revealed significant fluid reasoning deficits, and very low working memory; he also has very high vocabulary and verbal comprehension scores. (Hello, 2E, nice to meet you...) One of the evaluators said that homeschooling was probably the best thing we could do for him, since his deficits and his strengths together made an average that ensures that he does not officially qualify for services in our school district. It's all about the numbers, and not really about the kid. 😞 He is in jr. high, and my plan is to have him *mostly* comfortable with timed tests and other things like that by the *end* of high school. It's a process and skill set that will have to be explicitly taught and practiced and practiced and practiced for him. One thing that has helped him is having a weekly schedule (all subjects, all assignments, all outside commitments on one page), and then helping him figure out what needs to be done when (what subjects in the morning, what in the afternoon, will that big assignment really get done in that spot, or do you need to break it up?....). We do this together verbally, and we are beginning to do this on his daily math lessons (hey, you've seen these problems before, they shouldn't take so long---these problems are new and harder, maybe you should do them first since they might take longer...). Basically, I'm teaching him how to scan a big thing, break it into chunks, and then prioritize.
  15. Zoo Keeper

    Get rid of it all 2019

    I'm jumping on the bandwagon.... Three boxes of stuff (including books!...) are ready to go out the door. Hopefully more to come.
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