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  1. Some things that my 4-7th grade kids do on their own, when I am busy working with someone else and I don't want them just wandering off to their own devices... extra math practice or just watching videos on Khan Academy (the ones with Vi Hart have been well loved...) Evan Moor Daily Geography or Daily Language Review Math Minutes Typing practice at geography practice with seterra art, music, or geography at Easy Peasy mazes or other puzzles...
  2. OP, some curric ideas that might work: Computer based ideas: Does your state have a virtual charter, such as Connections Academy (or something else similar)? Easy Peasy -- I know that it gets a bad rap from some as being too lightweight, but I think it would be easy to place a child in different levels for different subjects and make it work. Honestly, if EP was done consistently and with understanding, it would be more than many kids get in some public schools around here. Khan Academy for math. Book based ideas: CLE for math or reading --it is written to the student. Spectrum workbooks -- these are actually not badly done; some kids might need *more* practice and *more* instruction than these provide, but these do provide a decent baseline that is on par with your average public school. I know a family that used Spectrum workbooks + lots of outside reading, and projects around the house (gardening, light carpentry, etc.) for their boys through most of 2nd -6th grade; their boys transitioned to public school in jr. high and did very well. OP, I do hope your friend can find a solution that works well for her and for her son. I know it can be so difficult to think through options when you feel that none of your options are ideal. We all want what is best for our children, and it can be so hard to figure out just what that best is. My prayers will be with her and with you as you try to help her.
  3. Morning all! LAST DAY OF SCHOOL here! 😊 And it is sunny. We have had a very s l o w and wet spring, so I'm thrilled to see the sun and blue skies. coffee and breakfast start laundry morning school stuff (light day!) switch laundry take most of the kids and go to one son's allergist appointment; also do a few errands while we're in the "big city" home to finish any remaining school bits supper-- chicken something with a large salad on the side... fold laundry, baths for the younger ones and bed for them relax with my sweetie. 🙂😊
  4. I do agree with the majority consensus that *most any* kid that age should not be left to essentially school themselves. I have had one of mine who was very self-motivated around that age, but that child still needed an adult to introduce new concepts, talk things over with, check work for mistakes, etc. A child with special needs is going to require MORE of this kind of scaffolding, not less. Daily interaction with a vested adult will be needed.
  5. Morning everyone-- today's docket: coffee quick tidy of downstairs start laundry morning school with the younger ones laundry keep older ones focused and check work as needed --tomorrow is our Last Day of School and no one's brains (including mine) are present and accounted for... lunch, dishes, put littlest one down for nap while folding laundry afternoon school for all one child to piano lessons, run a few errands supper -- homemade pizza grading for the high school boys... need to get some year end averages for those transcripts.
  6. I think she has a link to it in her signature....
  7. Just quoting myself because it is easier than typing it again... He did get accepted at the tech school (insert happy dance here!) 🙂 ; he'll be doing 1/2 days there and then algebra 2, conceptual physics, world history, and lit at home with me. Trying to figure out how to streamline our time together at home, because the stuff for the tech school will be step up for him, time and focus wise. A good step, but I know that means I'll have to do a little less in some subjects than I really want to. Still doing Cross Country at local high school, and SAT prep.
  8. ^ I think that this is the one she is talking about. We have used that one as a family read aloud for the ages you have and it worked well; one of mine also used it independently around 3rd grade as her daily Bible reading. I also like Leading Little Ones to God. Parts of it ^ may be simplistic for your older one, but it has a nice coverage of many topics that could be springboard for deeper talks.
  9. Maybe something at Conceptual Academy?
  10. Prayers for you and your family at this time. Grief is such a twisty thing.
  11. Stanford's Reading Like a Historian has easy to use primary docs for U. S. and World History-- I also like the essay prompts in Stanford's Beyond the Bubble-- I throw a few of these things from Stanford into the history assessment pile throughout the year; we do copious amounts of reading and talking, but it's nice to have a paper trail that isn't just end of chapter review questions and bold print terms --I did a year of that for U.S. history with one of my high schoolers, and we both almost fell asleep. Stanford's stuff is interesting and doable.
  12. 10 more school days to go. A few of my younger ones have finished up a few subjects already (spelling, grammar); my high schoolers have to finish up their stuff at the local high school, so they will finish that up around the middle of June (all their subjects with me will be done in 10 days!) I have to do some grading, transcripts, and portfolio work after that. 😞 Necessary evil. I did buy a new bathing suit yesterday. 🙂 Summer will come.
  13. Well, I didn't get my daughter's clothes sorted, nor did I get the school scheduling done. BUT I did spend a few hours visiting with a friend who stopped by out of the blue and needed someone to talk to. That's what I was supposed to do. So I did. We did eat supper, older kids did the dishes, younger kids are bathed and in bed, and maybe dh and I can relax together soon.
  14. clean bathrooms vac downstairs and mop floors sort through one daughter's clothes, bag up outgrown and organize remaining... school scheduling for the last two weeks of school! --think it through, type it up, print it out make pizza dough for tonight's supper-- Sloppy Joe Pizza supper bathe dishes bathe little children and convince them to go to sleep maybe play scrabble with my sweetie; he usually beats me, but hope springs eternal. 🙂
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