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  1. I have been very, very, happy with my set from Sitram. https://sitramusa.com/
  2. Key to Algebra is another workbook series that has been very helpful here for my ones that struggle with math. The workbooks are topical, so you do not need to purchase the whole set if it is just ____ she is hitting a roadblock with. But I would try the pdf's Heigh Ho linked above and see if those help first.
  3. Tortilla chips (salsa, guac, and cheese if possible) Books Coffee Blueberries lazy Saturday mornings
  4. For mysteries, the Cadfael series by Ellis Peters is well written and not graphic. And the Flavia De Luce series is charming.
  5. What an ordeal you've been through! Praying for your recovery and healing. 🙂
  6. When my daughter went through her ballet phase, she watched these two from American Ballet Theater over and over and over... The Dream and Don Quixote (Baryshnikov is amazing! )
  7. There are other books in the Giver series... Maybe Ender's Game -- book (and it's a series, too) & movie
  8. A few questions for you, OP: Why do you not want Saxon? Is the integrated, incremental bits? Would you prefer something more topical? Does your daughter like Saxon? Is she putting the pieces together well and wants to keep going? How are *you* in teaching/understanding math? Do you need/want more hand-holding? Are able/available to teach or talk through things? Or do you need to be more hands off? All these things affect what curricula I would suggest. And in the spirit of full disclosure, I am NOT a math minded person. Just someone who has been using lots of books
  9. Dolciani Pre-A is good --very good. The C level problems are especially challenging and great for application of concepts. I spread Dolciani Pre-A over 18 months (with some other rabbit trails) for one of mine who was quick with math and needed more of a challenge; he had previously done R&S 7, and then BJU Press Fundamentals of Math, and he was BORED. Overall Dolciani was a great experience for him. BUT Finding the Teacher's Edition was an expensive hunt for the holy grail. I needed the answers, especially for those C level problems. 🙂 I did find the TE, but it still remain
  10. I don't think BF's book is too young for that age at all (for most kids). Especially if he likes CHOW, BF's book would be similar to that style. I think that Hakim (especially the 13 vol) would be overkill for that age. IMO, Hakim is better for jr high-- it is a LOT to get through. Landmark History of the American People (Boorstin) is another narrative American history that I like. You can see samples here...
  11. And I'll give a rec to Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. He has excellent recipes that aren't too complicated and don't call for crazy obscure ingredients.
  12. Just agreeing with SusanC-- I have the Enchanted Broccoli Forest-- and I love it. We cook vegetarian frequently, and I find the recipes in Broc Forest to be good basic workhorses that can be dressed up as needed. It is heavy on the eggs and cheese, so it may not be as vegan friendly (if you need that). And I've been eyeing the America's Test Kitchen Vegetarian cookbook- I have had good results with almost every recipe I've ever done from those folks (I have some of their other cookbooks that see hard use).
  13. Praying now and later. Great thread, Mercy, thanks for starting it. 🙂
  14. Yes, we do. And we still use pens and a notebook to budget and keep track of spending. Unusual for today, but it works for us. 🙂
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