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  1. Obviously, now is the time to introduce these words from Gertrude Stein: “I really do not know that anything has ever been more exciting than diagramming sentences.” ― Gertrude Stein, Lectures in America (diagramming the quote is optional...) 😉 One of my sons thinks that Gertrude needed to get out more.
  2. And here's a quick (free!) little pdf https://www.mcckc.edu/tutoring/docs/br/math/basic/Percents.pdf and another freebie... https://www.cnm.edu/depts/tutoring/tlc/res/accuplacer/10_Math_550_Percents_Packet.pdf or yet another... http://www.wampatuck6thgrade.weebly.com/uploads/3/2/0/2/3202371/workbook_key_topic_14.pdf or if you need a one page reminder for a math notebook... https://www.palmbeachstate.edu/prepmathlw/Documents/conversions-fractionsdecimalspercents.pdf
  3. Yes--explanations and practice problems all in one pdf.
  4. Math Mammoth has a pdf on percents... https://www.mathmammoth.com/percent.php
  5. An hour sounds about right-- but I had one child (2E, mathematically bright, but with ADHD) who had to have that hour split up. After about 30/40 min on task, he was DONE. We had two sessions of math per day. This helped dramatically with the "I don't care what answer I put down, I just want to be done!" kind of mistakes. 🙂 By the *end* of his 8th grade year we were able to begin a longer once a day session to prepare for high school.
  6. I emailed the company and asked-- I was told that while the scope of topics covered was pretty much the same, there were more problems (regular and review) and some harder problems added in (not just the Honors problems) to make the stand alone Geo more of a year long course. I haven't compared the Basic Alg and Geo and the current Geo side by side, though. I only have the current edition of MUS Geometry.
  7. Price point and storage space are my two big considerations before I purchase anything... when/if I will use it really isn't the issue. I have bought books for me to use to study up on something before I teach it (hello, Algebra 2!), and sometimes multiple sources are needed for my brain to make the connections it needs to. DH tries to be understanding about that. He has become resigned to the fact that I decorate in book. 😉
  8. MUS's older edition "Basic Algebra and Geometry" is no frills. It looks like this..(not my listing, btw) MUS's current edition of geo (this *is* different then the Basic Algebra and Geo) is pretty easy as well. I also like Basic Geometry by Jurgensen and Brown. This has some easier work with proofs included. I have this one...(not my listing, again). I would possibly use the above courses in jr high (or even high school for a kid who needed an easier credit option because they truly couldn't handle something meatier...) Key to Geometry is very basic-- mostly cons
  9. This ^ is what I had to do with a few of mine.-- almost the same script! 🙂 It helped (eventually). I also had to remind one of mine that God sees and God knows, even if Mom misses something. That helped my "justice seeking rule follower" realize that his sibling wasn't just doing whatever and NOBODY saw it. And I did have to eventually have a talk with the tattler about his motivation behind the constant stream of tattling-- was he sincerely trying to *help* his brother, or was he just pointing out the "badness" of his brother so that he looked good? Obviously, some younger k
  10. Praying for your niece. The sheets sound like a wonderful and kind idea. I'll second the idea of a good waterproof mattress pad. We have been very happy with the flannel sheets from The Vermont Country Store; we were given a set as Christmas gift-- LOVE those sheets. Soft, strong, and holding up well after 3 years of use.
  11. get my walk in clean downstairs bathroom finish school schedules for next week (or two, or three if all goes well) and do some random photocopying of maps, tests, etc. finish grading from last week laundry -- there is always laundry. Wash something. Hang something. Fold something. 🙂
  12. And just in case anyone else other than me is wondering... The Shelter Institute does still exist and does still teach home building skills. https://www.shelterinstitute.com/home It wasn't just a 70's hippie thing. 🙂 I may just have to send one of my kids there. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.
  13. One of my really enjoyed the Drawing Professionally course on Easy Peasy....https://allinonehighschool.com/drawing-professionally/
  14. So far, mine do an average of 6 -7 hours daily and this includes some (but not all) of their "homework." There is usually and extra 1/2 hour to hour of work each night or stretched on to the weekends. This was with no official AP classes-- a few unofficial Mom-made AP/honors type things, but nothing we did outside testing for and therefore had to spend hours in test prep and follow someone else's crazy schedule. I have some 2E kids and we are not just as all-around driven and advanced as many on this board. Intense in some areas, but probably underachievers in other areas. Usually, it all
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