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  1. For a formal event that my three teen boys attended last year, I had to find matching (same color) suit coats and pants, along with a dress shirt/tie that looked nice, dress shoes, and dress socks. All three were in that no man's land of sizing. My total budget for all of them was $100, more or less, hopefully less. We hit every resale shop in two cities in two states. I am firmly convinced that it was one of the circles of Hades mentioned in the Inferno. Really, truly convinced.
  2. Morning all! today's list: make a bigger pot of coffee (didn't sleep well last night) start laundry morning dishes start school with younger ones switch laundry school with older ones lunch and afternoon dishes make birthday cake for dd school stuff make birthday dinner for dd relax tonight with family
  3. Morning all! Today's list: start laundry (waiting for one of the boys to get out of the shower, our hot water tank is very small...) morning dishes and tidy/sweep the downstairs school with the younger ones hang laundry school with the older ones lunch and afternoon dishes start dough for supper take dd to piano lesson, run to the pharmacy, and do science and grammar lessons with ds during piano finish school bits get pizzas ready for the oven ds to soccer practice homemade pizza for supper
  4. Morning all! Way to stand strong, Dawn! 🙂 today's list: coffee ebay package ready to take to PO start laundry morning dishes school more school hang laundry catch up on grading for older boys afternoon dishes more school something kid friendly for supper, we are babysitting 5 extra kids today
  5. ^ Just agreeing 5000% with the bolded. I have a few ADHD kids myself. One is old enough to have decided that he does not want meds (with the help of a medical professional, he tried different ones, and did not want the side effects), and we have let him make that call. We have had to lower the bar in some areas and be very selective about what battles we are going to fight. Because above all, I want to be someone my son will one day feel happy to come home to, not someone he can't wait to get away from because all I have done is bark at him for almost everything for 18 years. Yes, I still bark at him for certain things. And I choose to be very content with some other things and tell him how glad I am that he *is* working hard in that area. And other times I choose to hug him and tell him I love him so much. No matter what he does. Because he's my son. That's all. He needs to hear that our relationship is not dependent on how perfect he is. 🙂 (not saying you don't show love to your kids, OP, I don't even know you. Just sharing about my family and how it is for us).
  6. Jean, you give me hope. I might just get to some of things that I never seem to get to. Someday.
  7. Morning all! today's list: coffee morning dishes start laundry school switch laundry take one of the boys to a dr appt school afternoon dishes make sure one of the boys gets out the door on time for his x-country meet-- don't miss the bus! more school make _____ for supper...I'm in a rut and having a hard time coming up with yummy. Bible study group tonight kids to bed and then fold laundry
  8. Maybe Jousting Armadillos? (and Crocodiles & Coconuts, and Chuckles the Rocket Dog)... I haven't used these, so I'm not sure how much overlap there is between these books and Jacobs Algebra. Here's a thread that compares Jousting with Jacobs Algebra. I'm sure there are more if I search some more. ETA: Here's one, and another one. Rose speaks about her experience with both programs in all those threads. Hope something helps. 🙂
  9. I hear you, Reader, about the migraines. Mine is flaring right now as well. I'm having a hard time thinking and doing even easy things right-- to quote my son "Mom, it's like your brain is on dial-up right now..." 😉 I just ordered videos to go with their algebra 2, because there is no way I can teach it with my month long migraine....
  10. ((Selkie)) Saying goodbye is so hard. You have my deepest sympathy.
  11. For one of mine who wanted to do it himself before he really was ready, I would write key words that I thought he would need help with on the white board and casually leave it on the table and walk away. I didn't make him use it, but it was there... Usually he would end up peeking at the board when he thought I wasn't looking. 🙂 My other less stubborn kids were happy to help me come up a sentence that I wrote on the white board and they copied onto their paper.
  12. Yes, it is new, so you probably won't get reviews yet. And I'm excited, too. GSWL has done so well at our house.
  13. Ooo! Ooo! Me next! 😉 Yesterday was so crazy, I didn't even have time to post. It was a Monday with a vengeance. Here's to a better Tuesday. school more school laundry general all purpose picking up downstairs... homemade pizza for supper
  14. And just in case you needed one more program to think about... 😉 Rod and Staff math has been especially wonderful for one of mine who does have diagnosed LD's in working memory. And great for his siblings without memory issues as well. You can find samples at CLE would be another good choice.
  15. Praying you and your family stay safe, Colleen.
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