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  1. And Ashwagandha is my favorite support to recommend for adrenal support in the early stages of any adrenal taxing situations. It coupled with vitamin C, which is huge for adrenal support, is a wonderful support to help carry one through any sort of distress and help head off more serious adrenal issues.
  2. Just a heads up that along with benadryl, hydroxyine is listed as a drug to avoid or use briefly. They both have been found in studies to increase Alzheimer's risk. So okay for a short term solution, but not long term. It's the main reason I tried again and again to get of benadryl as a sleep aid coupled with the scary brain/cognitive side effects I was having using it. I started having sleeping issues when my dad died, and so for that really intense few months following, benadryl was great. But what I didn't realize is that cortisol was the underlying problem. By the time I did find th
  3. I hope you're sleep is much improved! DS is on a super low dose of ADD med for now because we think the other mood supps could help enough to avoid upping it. Low serotonin and ADD symptoms can overlap. It can be hard to know what's what she says. Doctor wants to see how he feels when he's been on the the others for a little longer before deciding a next step.
  4. I forgot to mention that DS is on a low dose of adderall and the combo is just fine for him according to his doctor.
  5. @ktgrok I'm not sure how your sleep is, but just the 5-htp (started several weeks before the ashwagandha) has improved my son's sleep wonderfully. He was having on and off bouts of insomnia for about the last 6 months but is sleeping so well now!
  6. I wonder if that's why I felt so bad taking the bendadryl. Man, it helped me sleep, but I felt it's effects well into the next day. Thrilled to have finally found something else to help me get sleep.
  7. I totally know large doses are needed by some. I also think that most people do not need that large of a dose and going low and upping low is probably the best way to find out what the best dose for you is, especially if you're supplementing without the supervision of a doctor.
  8. That's interesting about B6 @PeterPan. I was just reading this article recently and it talks about B6 and D3 being the biggies to sup with if you want to go the nutrient route.
  9. From the above article. https://www.hearthsidemedicine.com/post/calming-anxiety-and-insomnia-without-meds
  10. I think that sounds great. My son is doing really well on the 100 mg of 5htp and 1 cap of the ashwagandha. He was definitely experiencing depression and has some cortisol/adrenal issues. This is a great combo for him, and his mood has greatly improved. He was so touchy about stuff and everything was an argument or taken to the next level. That was hard for all of us.
  11. 200 mg is a large dose to start off with. I would caution against, personally.
  12. Okay, here's the ashwagandha supp that DS takes: https://www.amazon.com/Gaia-Herbs-Ashwagandha-Liquid-Capsules/dp/B00F1J72S8/ref=sr_1_7?dchild=1&keywords=liquid+cap+ashwagandha&qid=1610669120&s=hpc&sr=1-7 Each liquid cap is equal to 2700 dry herb. DS takes 1 a day. Each cap is standardized, which means it's guratented to have the recommended amount of the active/medicinal ingredient. 5-htp. I'm very careful to only buy supplements from companies that are independently tested. There is a lot of junk out there, and I do my homework. I like Jarrow's 5-htp. I've seen it
  13. I'm guessing you saw my recent post about this combo that my son's doctor has him on? Here's her website and article with dose info: https://www.hearthsidemedicine.com/post/calming-anxiety-and-insomnia-without-meds She recommended DS start with 50mg or even 25 mg of 5htp and give it a good 6 weeks before upping dose, again in small doses. Then repeat process above. I started DS on 100mg. She was fine with that. If we do need to add, we'll do so by 50mg at a time. She also recommends a 200 mg max. Or are least most people do not need more than that. I think she would prefer to a
  14. Oh, wow. That's rough. I hope you were able to find something that works better for you. I wonder what variables there are in our unique body chemistry that makes one person drowsy and another be able to function more normally again. Not taking Remeron, just a generic, but I do wonder how much difference one makes over the other for some. It's weird because one ibuprofen brand over another doesn't matter, but I've read several reviews stating one worked better for them. A poster up thread noticed a difference in grogginess when her prescription brand was changed.
  15. I hope the doctor is able to figure out a med that works well for your DS. It can take some time trialing different meds. I've tried a handful before this one, but you have some additional info. that could hopefully make the process easier. Thanks for the additional testing info!
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