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  1. I've given away and gotten roosters on CL. We had two (strays, couldn't find owner), and I just gave one away. A super nice family came and took him home.
  2. Nothing more to add about poop, but so many people complain about feed costs and lack of eggs in the winter/less sunlight days. We have eggs all winter long. It's soooo easy to run an extension cord and put a light bulb in the coop on a timer. Only a few hours of light supplement is needed a day, and the bulb does not need to be an expensive warming light. Just a low watt bulb is fine.
  3. Your day sounds perfect. Distraction is great. That's my preferred way of managing labor. 5 natural births, and it works. 👍 Hope your trip is a good one! Besides genuinely checking in, I kind of hate to see this thread die too. "Big ass rant." is kind of an epic thread title. 🤣
  4. Thinking of you, AM. ❤️
  5. Not much to report here. Scale readings are still wonky. 156.2 is what it's saying today. It did hit 154.8 (10 pounds lost) on Thursday, but it's been a over the place due to a med I'm taking. See above. How has your week been?
  6. The closest thing to acelebrity crush I had admiration for Prince. I loved his eccentricity and freedom to be his own person and his music for sure. That electric guitar? Swoon. Probably one of the celebrity deaths that hit me the hardest too.
  7. And regarding eating out, I'm loving kids' meals. Panda Express has a great Chinese food kid meal. So filling and a reasonable serving vs an adult meal that should totally be halved at least unless you're an athlete or a guy with a huge calorie allowance.
  8. A 30 pound loss is quite an accomplishment, and what an amazing job you've done moving yourself so close to a healthy BMI. Well done! I'm not eating particularly clean either and am still losing. There are so many paths to weight loss! I'm calorie counting because I like my carbs and fast food and not having to deny myself cravings, but there are so many other choices too. But, I do think everyone should do calorie counting for a week or two because it's so eye-opening to realize how many calories are in foods. My son took me to Red Robin last week and the fish and chips was 1500 calories! Shocking! That one meal is more than my total calorie allowance for the whole day. Guess what? I had checked the menu a few days before and still ordered it, but the day before I "fasted" with two protein shakes and just dinner for a total of 800 calories and saved the 400 for the next day. The next day, all I had was a protein shake for breakfast and then RR fish and chips for lunch. I couldn't even eat the whole thing because my stomach wasn't used to that much food at a time anymore. I could eat half and that was it. I was uncomfortably full. I saved the other half and had it the next day for lunch. Turns out, I didn't need to "fast" the day before, I could of just halved the meal. Lesson learned. I'm interested in others replies. I'm cheering for you!
  9. I've never heard of beets as a solution. We'll, I know what I'm having for lunch. Ha! Thank you.
  10. Thanks for sharing. Since mentioning how much this has helped my son here and there, I've heard some success stories with protein powder from others too, espeycialy adding one after a workout. It seems even if there's enough protein in the diet, the shakes help. I wonder if that's because the protein is broken down and easily assimilated?
  11. TMI, but I haven't been able to weigh myself for 5 days because I started a new med that is making me constipated. Saturday was my last weigh-in. Pretty sure I've lost 10 pounds by now but the scale won't be accurate until I can resolve my issue. Working on that.
  12. Aw, even with a milkshake and loosening up a bit, you're eating probably better and cleaner than most of us could. You're doing so well. It's hard not to be all or nothing though, I know. Try not to be so hard on yourself, Mama!
  13. You're doing amazing with working out, and congrats on improving your endurance! If you're happy, you've got a great thing going. I love your approach.
  14. It's no fun logging. It's work! But, yes, the weight is coming off. I guess brushing my teeth and flossing and all the other self-care things I do are work too, but they're worth it, as well. It's lovely you've found exercise you're enjoying! I love all those things too!
  15. Oh, and definitely Costco for frozen fruit. The strawberries and blueberries are staples here. We buy our protein powder there too.
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