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  1. Yes, it's tricky catching the next order! I just realized though that now that I'm getting a two month supply (free trial was just a month's worth), I'll only be able to up .005 every two months. Hm, maybe I'll do a .01 jump with every order instead. I love that with Curology, you can go up more slowly than starting with .025, jumping to .05 and then have to go all the way up to .1.
  2. No wrinkles improvement here either, but I probably haven't been back on Tretinion long enough to see results. I was only doing .025 a bit before Curology and am at .035 with it. I'm upping .005 each month until I get to .1.
  3. Oops, forgot. The Nuetrogena cleansing oil really removes all traces of make up. I've tested by running a cotton ball with toner afterwards and no residue. I love this stuff.
  4. I'm loving Curology and my skin is looking fabulous. Thank you for the recommendations. PM routine: Cleanse with Nuetrogena Ultra light cleansing oil on dry skin, add water, lather, rinse. Apply Tretinion 20 minutes or more later. Moisture 20 or so minutes after. AM routine: Double cleanse with Nuetrogena Ultra Light Cleansing Oil followed by Nuetrogena Hydro Boost gentle cleansing lotion (fragrance free!) Moisturizer with spf followed by Elta tinted mineral sunscreen. Skin is glowing!
  5. Weird, my phone doesn't do that. And I'm almost always in landscape mode because my eyes need the larger letters!
  6. I don't see them on my android either. I only see them when I'm on my laptop or PC.
  7. If you go to Account Settings, pick "signature" from the list on the left and see if you have them turned on. You'll see "View signatures?" with an option to turn them off or on.
  8. Thank you for sharing. Yes, thankful for a doctor who is taking me and my symptoms seriously. I joined a Facebook group and asked, and you can have no skin issues but mostly lung and other organ issues. It's called sine scleroderma. I guess kidneys are something to especially look at as well. I have a cardiogram recently (POTS protocol), and everything looked great. So that's good news.
  9. Oh, dear. I did not realize that specific antibody test was related to lungs. Well that makes sense. We've been trying to find out the reason for my breathlessness and huffing and puffing during and out if breath for several minutes still after going up stairs. Oh, gosh. Thanks for the great and unfortunately btdt advice. ❤️
  10. I don't know yet. My doctor uploaded test results online and sent me a message with a bit of info and set up a telehealth appt. Thanks for the good info❤️
  11. Thank you. You've got many challenges. 😔 Just my regular doctor ran tests, but she's good about referring when needed. I'm expecting to see a rheumatologist soon. I'll have a telehealth soon with my GP to go over test results in more detail. After looking at pics online, I'm wondering about all these white spots on my arms. Is this normal? Lighting is horrible, but you can get the gist. Some are larger than others. White spots are lighter than skin and of course freckles.
  12. Does anyone have this? I tested positive for the scl 70 antibodies, which is a scleroderma diagnosis. I don't have any typical symptoms though. Doctor is concerned about lung scarring because of my breathlessness though and is ordering imaging. I'm seriously confused. I am not surprised there is something autoimmune going on though. My ana was positive, homogeneous, and 1:160. That's high from what I understand.
  13. I just recently tested positive for heterogeneous MTHFR C677t, which is a 35% reduction in enzyme activity. I'm starting on a certain protocol (already feeling better) that I've read about from several sources but am still researching as well. Thank you! Note: The infographic is not for pregnancy, but for general health maintenance when you're not TTC or pregnant when needs increase. Just the best thing I could find to share the info. I'm doing the "low risk" supps minus the tmg- still looking into that. Have not tested for homocysteine levels yet! Edit: by the way, these are
  14. Hanging on the mail holder/key rack thingy.😬
  15. I read it was Gayle King's home. She's Oprah's BFF.
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