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  1. I'm sorry! TJ's tea tree shampoo and conditioner are the only things I've found that got rid of my dandruff. That better not go too! There are several tea tree bar soaps with good reviews on Amazon. Nothing priced as well as TJ's though. ?
  2. And I more so follow CM's narration suggestions. Too structured and narration sucks the joy out of something, I've found. Basically, what I do is: tell me all you know about ____! I encourage them to think about the WH questions as they respond.
  3. DS is just coloring the maps and pics in textbook as he goes. LOL. Easy, peasy! I'll find the AG and look through it at least. I could make photo copies and put them all in a 3 prong folder to make it easier. Oh, thanks for these! Going to compare these to the AG q's. Yep! ?
  4. I know about the AG, but I could have swore there were questions in the book as well. Yet I'm not seeing any in the book I bought. I'm having DS read chapter on his own and color maps and all as he goes through. I'm just asking him about what he read/to narrate to me after each chapter, which is working great. I'd love to ask a few specific q's as well without pulling out and juggling the AG.
  5. Treering is a great one and super user friendly.
  6. Thank you! I found an awesome series of videos on YouTube by Merriam Style and particularly like the video "No Such thing as a neutral undertone!!" I like how simple she keeps it all. One thing I discovered is I've know I look nice in true red and true green, which happen to be 2 colors that look nice on all skin tones. It's nice because at least I know for sure those will work for me and why. LOL. I tried her bright yellow vs. bright blue and then muted blue vs. muted yellow test. I used construction paper under my face with no makeup and I think maybe the yellow, orange, and yellow green makes my skin a bit gray. I'm thinking I'm probably cool toned. I'm not sure if if I'm bright) vs. muted though but haven't spent much time figuring that out yet.
  7. I've spent so much time since this thread started trying to find my colors/season online with no success. Most of my clothes are neutral and boring because I have no idea what colors are best for me. I'm color impaired. LOL. Hopefully these color analysis things come back in style, and I can find someone IRL to help figure me out.
  8. The consultant I saw in high school couldn't figure out my color. I'm still disappointed over that. Haha! It was between two, don't remember which.
  9. McCarrick complaint in 2000 comes to light. "Sandri's letter is significant because it corroborates Ramsay's story as well as Vigano's claims. It shows the Vatican knew about allegations against McCarrick in 2000, a year before St. John Paul II made him a cardinal. And it further implicates the Benedict's papacy for failing to take action against McCarrick for years even as more allegations against him arrived. Vigano says Benedict eventually imposed some form of sanction on McCarrick in 2009 or 2010, nearly a decade after Ramsay's letter arrived."
  10. So exhausted, but I made today..... Sorry, yesterday and tomorrow, today was the lucky recipient of this bounty. Better luck next time!
  11. It doesn't last. Eventually they return to the land of the living and are better for it. ? That's been our experience each and every time we've unplugged anyway.
  12. Similar story, except I had many eye exams in the public school system and no problem was detected. I found out at the DMV eye exam when I was getting my license at 19 that I vision problems. It was completely unexpected, but come to find out I have an astigmatism. Wearing glasses for the first while was so overwhelming, especially in stores. The colors were so bright! I was convinced I had the wrong prescription, that is was too powerful. Nope!
  13. We've used a light with a timer in the winter and had eggs all winter long, just a bit less. We've had good production many winters with this method! We just followed the how-to in Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens.
  14. After a long break from chickens, we got chicks again in the spring. I only have a few that can have eggs in the house, but the kids plan to have a little business selling the surplus. Ours should start laying the middle of next month or so! A few thoughts: Having chickens and collecting eggs is kind of like Easter everyday for kids. I mostly got the chickens to delight my children and give them time with nature rather than electronics, although I def. enjoy them too. ? Where do you live? We live in the city and are only allowed 4 hens, no rooster. It's good to find out if there are any zoning limits. Because we could only have four, I made sure to get breeds that have reps for excellent egg production,while still giving us an array of colors. Out of the better layers, the kids picked a barred rock, California white (fabulous layers, if I just cared about an abundance of eggs, I would only have these), australorp, and an Easter egger (not the most prolific breed, must the best of the breeds that lay blue/green eggs.) We got 2 extra in case we get a rooster or one chicken didn't make it. I'm not sure that was a good idea because we're going to have a tough time saying goodbye and selling them. Argh! Moral dilemma now because we want to keep them! Get the friendly breeds! Rhode Island Reds, reg Leghorns, and others are the best layers but are awfully brutal to each other. There are ways to raise the friendly breeds to help make them even more friendly.
  15. The No Cry Sleep Solution with forward from Dr. Sears The Baby Book - Sears
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