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  1. I saw that Amphotericin B is being used in India as well. It’s just so hard to get everyone the treatment they need when their health system is under the amount stress it is. I had missed the fact that this particular fungus is more prevalent there. It makes sense different climates and environments will have differing fungal issues.
  2. I wonder why this is first being noticed in India. Have their been cases in Covid patients elsewhere, I wonder? This article implicates the use of steroids possibly. I read something else a couple days ago that was attributing it possibly to oxygen being administered in home environments, without the ability to do so hygienically. It does seem strange to see such high rates of it. Hopefully they can figure out the cause and combat it quickly.
  3. At the pediatricians office, I wouldn’t expect I need to show anything. Our pediatrician is actually scheduling 12-15--year-olds along with 16 to 18-year-olds for their vaccination clinics, but their spots are all full. They know all my kids’ ages, so they wouldn’t need it. I have had a kid vaccinated at Walgreens once, but I can’t remember if I did anything other than sign forms and provide my own ID. I’ll make sure I can lay hands on the birth certificate, in case it’s needed. I expect that would make a barrier for more people getting their kids vaccinated though, because not everyone has bi
  4. I’m so sorry. Does your loved one need a higher level of care? Many programs at a higher level of care than outpatient also have a wraparound family support component. (I realize it’s possible that your loved one is already hospitalized, but it does seem like residential and partial hospitalization programs frequently have more of a family component than full on inpatient.)
  5. Does anyone know how ages will be verified for these kids who are too young for most of them to have ID?
  6. Does anyone know how you would go about scheduling one for a kid on the Walgreen site who isn’t part of your pharmacy account? My kid has never had a prescription ( I just realize that typing this, that’s weird), and when I try going through the motions just to see how Walgreen site works, it automatically fills me in as the patient, in an uneditable field. It takes me a while to even get there, because as soon as I go to look up the closest vaccine site, it logs me in and boots me back out to the main Walgreen site and I end up in a loop before I can finally get it to actually show me vacci
  7. If anyone finds a chain that is allowing under 16‘s schedule already, can you share which chain? (I say chain because it’s unlikely anyone else is going to live near the same place.)
  8. Patterns 😁: https://behealthyusa.net/collections/small/products/posh-kf94-kids-mask-a03?variant=39611981037732 My kids all had cute patterns for their cloth masks, but they like these so well they prefer them now over cloth usually. Fortunately none of them have had any issue wearing masks, though. It’s like wearing a seatbelt, I guess. It’s just what you do to be safe. But seriously, I see no issue with the Happy masks for the situation as you describe. I think outdoors they’re mostly functioning as droplet protection anyway. No aerosols are going to build up outside.
  9. That’s interesting and new info for me. Did you see this on their website somewhere? Broken record alert: I’d buy one pack of these and be done with it: https://www.amazon.com/20Packs-KIDS-KF94-Protective-Individually/dp/B08X47VFH7/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=bluna+snall&qid=1620691775&sr=8-1 They’re tested, adjustable, comfortable, and super breathable. My kids are all perfectly happy to wear them and have no issues with them slipping at all. I just rotate them so the same one isn’t being worn in a row. Preferably five days in between, but if we’re just
  10. Was it a chain or independent? I immediately started trying various places online, and (unsurprisingly) got kicked out every time I put in the (correct) birthdate. I had the same thought, that I could schedule for the end of the week (and cancel if for some reason it doesn’t come through by then).
  11. I wonder how many residents are in each of those nursing homes. It was 17 people in one nursing home and 10 in another. The really good news is they are asymptomatic, but I think this does show how elderly people aren’t as good at completely suppressing the virus.
  12. Right? And people say they want kids back to school and such for the sake of their mental health, but now they seem to not want mitigation measures in place to make it safe for everyone. What about the mental health of the kids who won’t be able to attend school if people aren’t wearing masks or getting vaccinated?
  13. This makes sense, but then strikes me as funny in the context of the conversation about how people are just going to fake their immunization card anyway. In this case, the conversation is about what is legal, but in the case of immunization records it’s all about how people aren’t going to follow the rules, so it should be done in a more secure way. I think the fact that someone can technically have two licenses that appear valid at the same time is a bigger deal than two immunization cards that appear valid at the same time.
  14. That’s not even ticketable where I am. You’re required to update your address in their system after you move, but you’re not required to have a new card issued with the new address, and in fact have to pay if you want to do that. Otherwise you just wait until the next time you get a new card, and at that point they will put the new address on it. A web search shows me there are other states that operate the same way. (which has absolutely zero to do with the vaccine record issue and I’m losing track of the conversation too much to decide if it would even have anything to do with the duplicate
  15. Oddly, this makes me feel better, even though it’s terrible. I had this happen regarding something that was super frustrating and unhelpful to have misrepresented by the doctor, and it’s always bothered me ever since. I switched doctors over it because I didn’t trust him after that. It somehow makes me feel better that it wasn’t just something about me. Although that’s bad, because it’s not good for it to happen to anyone.
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