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  1. In my area people are stealing the blue boxes and it has become a real problem. Maybe that will reassure him about your own mailbox.
  2. I would not buy Le Creuset because of the super high lead content and other dangerous metals in their products. Tamara Rubin has lead poisoned children and has spent the last 13 years of her life devoted to consumer safety and making people aware of the dangers of lead. https://tamararubin.com/category/le-creuset/
  3. So we just put up shelving and we used both ikea and The Container Store’s Elfa and I would say the Elfa was much easier to install. They both are very sturdy, but I would go with Elfa if I was going to do more. I’m not sure exactly why my husband got the IKEA for the garage.
  4. We have AC and my brother and sil and kids are staying with us to stay cool. My parents don't have AC but they do have a basement. I wish they would stay with us too but my dad sleeps better in his own bed. Most people I know don't have AC. My kids are camp this weekend though and their is no AC in the gym. It's supposed to be 95 degrees tomorrow so 20 degrees cooler than today.
  5. My son has been using Phonetic Zoo From IEW. It is independent. I just set up the iPod for him at the begining, he listenes to the jingle with the spelling rule, he does a spelling test and the next track is the corrections. When he has gotten 100 percent two days in a row, he moves on. It has worked well for us.
  6. We have white cabinets. They came painted and the one under the sink has chipped. I’m a bit annoyed about it because they are not that old. Further, the woman who lived here before us and put them in had no children and it was just her so I feel like with children using them there will be more chips in the future.
  7. I also thought it was interesting that she had an Indian background and wonder how that plays into her words. The slang she uses on her professional site is also a bit interesting. “Yo... let’s roll.” I’m not sure I would hire her as my psychiatrist or psychoanalysist even if this video hadn’t come out.
  8. Wow! Thanks for sharing this. I have hesitating about doing this in the past but maybe this year I will pull the trigger.
  9. 10 and 12 is a great age if you/ they are interested and are able to put in the time. It would give them a chance to get an idea of what they want to work on language wise in high school. The Getting Started books are easy to implement. Duolingo is also easy to implement and it will give you/them a taste of a language and if the kids are motivated and want to learn more, you can go from there. I have more suggestions but they are more expensive require a bit more to implement. Once you have an idea of where you want to go and what language your kids might be interested in pursuing you can go from there.
  10. I have taught my kids cursive first. It “worked” for my oldest in that he still writes in cursive. His handwriting leaves something to be desired but considering his father’s handwriting, I knew it would be an uphill battle. My middle writes in print now and it is legible. I used Handwriting Without Tears after she made it clear the cursive was too much of a struggle for her. We will see how it works with the youngest as he is just learning to write. I think it worked out fairly well for us. ETA: Both my kids got OT and handwriting was something they worked on after addressing some other sensory processing issues.
  11. It has gotten pretty nasty out there and I have seen some, not sure if I should call it borderline anti-semitism, or actual antisemitism. But pretty disturbing stuff. Anyway, there were Jews living in the land during the Ottoman rule, which was basically a colonialist force. It’s also interesting that as Jewish immigration to the area increased so did Arab immigration. Then the British acquired the area in the aftermath of WW1 and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. And the British had made promises both Jews and Arabs before and during WW1.
  12. https://uwapress.uw.edu/book/9780295975504/forest-dreams-forest-nightmares/ This is a very interesting book about it and in no way conservative. There are controlled burns but fire suppression has been the over arching policy for a hundred years. It’s obviously very complicated but I highly recommend that book for a good history and explanation of why we are having this huge fires these days.
  13. I would also second(or third) an induction stove top. It gets hot so fast and when you turn it off, it’s off. I had one for a number of years and we just moved to a house with gas and I definitely prefer induction. As long as your pan is ferromagnetic, it works. So cast iron works. Also, because of how induction works, the stove won’t turn on unless there is a pan on that burner. So no accidentally turning on the stove and melting something or having gas fill your house. The only time I had a small issue was with a cast iron ebelskiver pan, where the bottom wasn’t flat. There was kind of a ridge that circled the pan and it kept the pan from touching the stove.
  14. I think dark blue or other dark colors are pretty and won’t look dated too soon. Our house is purple /eggplant. Black is super trendy in our area and I feel like black houses are going to look super dated pretty quick. Especially ones with orange doors. And I would think it would be hot.
  15. I also don’t have a problem with them asking a 14 year old to do this. Many children would enjoy a cute post card and a short note addressed to them. I also think is is a good skill for a 14 year old to practice calling people. People don’t have to pick up the phone and a check in call saying, how are you doing, we’ve missed you, isn’t really intrusive. Ultimately you are the parent though, so you get to decide. I agree the push back, you must do this attitude is inappropriate.
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