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  1. I have been looking at purchasing this for a while and this thread made be what pushes me to do it now. What age would you said I could watch this with kids? Thanks!
  2. https://partypantspads.com party in my pants pads. They are very thin but very absorbent and comfortable. I have had them for years and years so I know they last a long time.
  3. Can’t wait! I’ve been wanting to start Latin myself before starting me kids on it.
  4. Residential solar panels don’t kill birds. The only solar panels that are problematic for birds are huge solar farms, particularly thermal solar that concentrates the suns rays and attracts birds. As far as the OP question, we have solar and we produce basically all of our energy needs in the summer, most in the spring and fall. We have tesla battery backup when our power goes out. We have two and they fit easily along the wall in our laundry room. They will power everything in our house if the electricity goes out. We live in the Pacific Northwest so a fairly rainy climate in the w
  5. Absolutely, don’t burn poison ivy, you don’t want to breath that. It sounded like just your average flower bed weeds.
  6. The easiest and most effective way I have found to get rid of weeds is to burn them. Our local nursery had a little propane torch. Obviously you have to be careful what time of year you do it and you need someone next to you with a hose but it doesn’t damage your soil, you aren’t dealing with poisons, and you don’t have to use gallons and gallons of vinegar (I have never found the vinegar method very effective.)
  7. I have had two pieces shatter /explode recently, one was just sitting in the sink but it had been chipped for a while so maybe somehow it was compromised. But there was no temperature change. The other one I set on the counter from the oven and it exploded. Older might be better but avoid the vintage painted stuff because it generally has super high lead content https://tamararubin.com/category/leaded-pyrex/
  8. Not pounds, Tons. And yes very very toxic. https://tamararubin.com/2019/04/as-notre-dame-burns-please-think-of-the-children-of-paris-the-potential-tragedy-here-is-far-worse-than-flint/
  9. I'm not clear where the data about Oregon is coming from, but as far as the MMR is concerned for school age children in Multnomah county the rate of children up to date is 95% + The map you linked looks like it only looks at non medical exemptions not the MMR. The "exception" rate is higher because there are people who have skipped one vaccine, Hep B or chickenpox and they have to fill out the exemption form just like the totally unvaccinated child. Also, Oregon has had 10 measles cases this year. 5 related to the group in Clark County WA and 5 unrelated and brought in from outside
  10. They have very similar training to MDs. 4 years of medical school (after college) and then several years of residency depending on specialty. They can apply to many of the same residencies that MDs apply to. I have had OBs that were DOs, family practice doctor that was also a DO and a dermatologist that was a DO.
  11. It worked for me and it helped my kids because they helped me with the kitchen and they saw how it worked on stuff that was more mutual or my stuff before we started in on their stuff.
  12. I would definitely get an evaluation by a speech therapist. I would never count on something like this resolving itself. The older a child gets the harder it is to correct. A 7.5 should be easily understood.
  13. Just to clarify, The OP is seeing a nurse. An NP is a nurse. They are not doctors and they have 1-2 years of post college education. Which may have been online. An internal medicine doctor or family practice doctor has at least 7 years of post college education. Not online. It drives me nuts because my kid and I have had multiple missed diagnosis of very basic things that when I saw an actual doctor was quickly correctly diagnosed. I mean, I know doctors miss things as well, but this big push to get people to see NPs results in a lot more extra images, test etc, that wouldn’t be nece
  14. I wipe them with a spong or dish cloth. My husband thinks you can just dump food in the dishwasher but I think that pretty gross especially in the summer. Super dirty stuff I leave in the bottom of the sink while I hand wash dishes that don’t go in the dishwasher. Then I put them in the dishwasher and they are basically rinsed/soaked.
  15. One thing that I didn’t realize would be an issue when we moved to a low COL area was heating costs. If you move from a moderate climate to say upstate New York or any other place with bad winters you are going to be paying hundreds of dollars more to heat your house. We went from a $60 /month bill to hundreds of dollars a month and we had to keep our house at about 55 degrees because we couldn’t afford to heat it any hotter. So although our housing was a fraction of the cost we made up for paying for heat. Prices for heating can very too. For example electric versus gas versus oil, whic
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