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  1. Having a breaker box in a bedroom seems odd. They seem to usually be in the basement or garage or closet. I guess I have seen them in hallways in apartments.
  2. https://nutritionfacts.org/video/evidence-based-weight-loss-live-presentation/ Have you heard of Dr. Michael Greger and nutritionfacts.org? He is an MD and has some great information about diet and weight loss. I linked a talk that I went to that I thought was helpful but he also had a podcast and some nice and short videos with lots of great evidence based information.
  3. Wow, I’m so sorry. That is heartbreaking on so many levels.
  4. I don’t think you’re the problem. I think swiftly attributing bad motives to people is a problem and I think othering people is a problem and at the root of racism. Scarcity breeds desire. I think we need to give people the benefit of the doubt and assume the best for one’s own mental health and for the health of society. I hope you have a lovely day.
  5. Did you see the stores when the pandemic started? How many years worth of TP did some people buy? People buy all sorts of things for weird reasons. Thinking dreadful things about people doesn’t help and is far more toxic to society than a book even a truly terrible and even racist book. But I don’t think this is a particularly helpful discussion. I probably shouldn’t have read or commented.
  6. Really?!?? Good grief. I think you are over thinking this. Maybe they are trying to make a quick buck. Or maybe they like Dr. Suess, which actually doesn’t make them racists. Or maybe they want a collectors item. Thinking the worst possible things about total strangers has become a real problem in our society. Who is really trying to validate their superiority here.
  7. Well they are big sellers now. Sold out and $1000 on Amazon. Just kind of funny.
  8. BA and RS are so different. RS has a lot of drawing and hands on geometry. BA is such a different and puzzely way to think about math. It seemed to work out well. He would see the concept presented in RS and then see it again in Beast. Adding the Beast in also slowed us down a bit so we wouldn't get through RS quite so quickly and I feel like he has a deeper and more thorough understanding of the concepts. He tends to rush things and this slowed him down a bit. I was not systematic about how or when he did either program though. It was pretty much how he felt that day or sometimes if
  9. Yes, I may consider one of the classes. And he wouldn't be totally independent. My husband and I have the ability to help him but he tends to have some pathological demand avoidence tendencies so I try to help and monitor in discreet ways.
  10. Well there was a thread called "AoPS woes" in the general educational forum, not sure how to link it on my phone, Which made it sounds like it might be hard for a student to do independently. I am willing to try AoPS and see how it goes through. Actually here's the link 😉
  11. I'm not sure what math program to move on too. We are finishing up Rightstart. We have been doing Beast Academy as well and he will be finishing up 5 too. We will be done in the next couple of months and I don't know where to go from here. He is independent with math at this point. My husband and I are willing and able to help occasionally but with some personality dynamics it would be best if he was basically independent. I was thinking about starting Art of Problem Solving but recent forum topics have caused to me to hesitate. Thanks!
  12. It's not a totally benign vaccine and heath care workers are seeing reactions in their coworkers. My husband has received both doses and he is glad to have gotten it but he also would not be comfortable with our kids getting it. It is pretty much expected that people will miss work after their second does. In the first 800 doses at my husband's hospital 3 people ended up in the ER. It's not surprising to me that some heath care workers, especially young heathy ones, are waiting. But it does not appear to be a different rate from the general public around here.
  13. We have been doing Compass Classroom Visual Latin with a 9 and 11 y.o. And it is fairly gentle and my kids haven’t had any issues with it. I watch the videos with them and then we go over the worksheet together. The videos are only about 5-10 mins and then we spend another 10-15 minutes on the worksheet. Itseems about right for them and you can try the first 4 Lessons for free.
  14. We have really enjoyed using TalkBox.mom. Depending on the age of kid, he could be in charge of it. Basically, you pick a couple of phrase that use use in your everyday life and add them in French. There is an easy to use app and book and a homeschool phrases supplement that we use all the time. If you like the book/app and you learn all the applicable phrases you could try the boxes. As far as communicating, it definitely gets you communicating right away. We also watch videos in our language.
  15. I have searched the forums and I am not finding anything less than a few years old, so I thought I would create a new topic and see if anyone has any recent experience. I am moving and I thought while I am packing up books I should catalogue them and then organize them once we move to our new place. I was trying to find an app that I could use and scan in the ISBN code and something my husband could also use on his phone and sync with the computer. I'd love to hear experiences and recommendations. Thanks!
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