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  1. My apologies for the colloquial turn of phrase which appears to have given offense. I still hold by my statement that teaching speed reading is largely developmentally inappropriate for elementary aged students. My 8 yo can read at a college level. Of the time that we have together for education, I will see greater benefit teaching her the things I mention in my first post than in teaching her speed reading. Slow readers tend to be slow not because of the visual perception/function end of things (though I had a kid who needed vision therapy so it’s possible), they tend to be slow in t
  2. We are doing daily math, and that’s it. After a high pressure and stressful year, we are not pushing academics or life. We plan to hike a bit, sit on the beach a bit, and generally just chill.
  3. Found the planner!! Everyone’s portfolios are done! I am going to do tomorrow’s assignment of pre-loading boxes for the fall and then start the patch and touch up paint.
  4. Are you able to go with her to the nephrologist? I think that'd be the best way to manage the questions that you have. It's complicated, and there are a lot of ways it can play out---stokes, heart attacks and the like are just as in the range of possible as anemia, loss of appetite, depression and a slow decline through infections and organ shutdown. Peripheral artery disease is just the narrowing of arteries in the legs and elsewhere. The aspirin is meant to act as a thinner to try to prevent clots. One of my questions is whether the PAD is secondary to the kidney disease....probably a
  5. Y'all. I lost the freaking school planner for the year. I can't find it. It's like running a marathon and wiping out with scraped knees with the finish line in sight. I have one dd's portfolio almost done, but I had already clipped some work samples into the planner.
  6. My high schooler finally finished his MLA-documented poetry essay. Y'all!! I didn't think either of us was going to survive that. I had a hard cider each afternoon as we went through how to do the notation. I'm working on finishing up portfolios today. Here's the update: Tuesday next week: all of the IEP and SPED paperwork & that kid's portfolio Wednesday next week: other child's portfolio & work station Thursday next week: another child's portfolio & work station Friday next week: filing cabinet & all of the west wall of the schoolroom stuff
  7. Oh my heck. I just read your bio. Your kid is finishing second grade. My youngest is the same age. Gently, I think you're nuts if you're considering teaching your child speed reading at that age. With my daughter, I'm just letting her read for fun outside of school time. I'm helping her develop a love of books. I'm helping her create mental pictures of what she's reading. We're working on vocabulary of more complex words. She's narrating the occasional plot line to me, and we've talked about characters, setting, etc. But, goodness, there's no way I'd be contemplating speed reading with her.
  8. I am an ultra speed reader. It's my super skill in life. It has been VERY handy in my professional life, but there is no way I would ever teach that as a formal skill. I do teach my kids how to investigate a book--we read the title, chapter headings, and index. I teach them how to look for topic sentences. I do other deep investigation into books with our kids. But, I don't teach them how to skim read. I think the key to skim reading effectively is to create a mental outline (visually, almost subconsciously, definitely sub vocally) of the material in your mind as you go. That's not a
  9. The French co-owners acknowledge a malfunction but say the Taishan plant is operating within bounds, the Chinese state nothing is wrong. Hong Kong monitors 130ish km away are detecting normal levels of radiation.
  10. So, I'm looking at my 8 yo and my 12 yo, and I think they could get the conversation. I think you lay the foundation of talking about what it means to show up emotionally. It means that not only your body is there, but also your mind/thoughts, and your heart. It means that you really see the person in front of you, and you try to connect. You talk about times you have connected and times you haven't. As an example, we can all be in a room watching a Netflix show and laughing, but that one person is looking at their phone instead and has missed out on the joke. Or, sometimes we all show u
  11. Has anyone seen anything specifically regarding fully vaccinated + delta variant? I have seen reports we should have good coverage but I am also seeing an increase in fully vaccinated people reported to be ill with delta variant (though mild illness). Would love to see med journal or other not-newspaper reporting.
  12. Therapy and time, but especially therapy. Y’all have a lot of shared trauma to work through. A lot of things and people got shoved to the side when you were in crisis, and the fact that things aren’t rosy right now is an oddly encouraging sign. It means that you have the space to work through them. This is a long journey—just because things aren’t great now doesn’t mean that they can’t be in the future. Dh needs to be emotionally present to connect. If he’s not there yet, then this relationship isn’t ready to fully heal. This isn’t yours or ds’s thing to fix.
  13. Usually child life has workbooks, and there are sometimes peer or parent support groups. Most major metros will also have special play therapy places with sibling support. When my baby got RSV while dd had cancer it was a major emotionally traumatic event. Just because they are talking about things in a positive light (gratitude) doesn't mean that they aren't going through major things. Honestly, I think you're LDS, right? You are seeing the framework for typically Mormon cognitive processes....everything in couched in gratitude. "Heavenly Father, we thank thee...." "We're grateful for
  14. This. Note on #8---nails should be kept trimmed--not any of the horrible long styles like coffin nails, etc.
  15. Yes, living this also. I have been in a state of mild grieving that I think my life has been permanently shifted by this. I don’t think I will be able to be indoors in large gatherings without masking again.
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