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  1. Here’s an example where someone screenshot the process with the emails, etc.
  2. Each store has its own process (curbside, designated parking spot, etc.), but click and collect is supposed to be contactless. Our IKEA says they offer click and collect on the website, but in actuality, they don’t have enough staff to offer it.
  3. Blimey, that’s a lot of family history for ADHD. Fwiw, my oldest is brilliant in math—majoring in it in college. He is totally nonfunctional in school without meds on board. Literally. Checked out zombie, completely inattentive, NOT hyper. Address the attention issue. Then see what remains.
  4. I see social issues + attention issues + some hints of anxiety and that for me would also mean that an ASD rule out and full neuropsych work up should be on the table.... Really common issues, fwiw, but I think putting some framework around that is helpful.
  5. Gifted perfectionism is such a thing...even/especially if you are 2E. Huh. Our district’s TAG coordinator brought in a psychologist this week to talk to parents in a Zoom seminar specifically on procrastination, perfectionism, and anxiety. We have had a ton of support here both in the district and with providers in the community...for which I am grateful. Transitioning back after covid is a hard thing...my kids have been home for 10 months. In kid years, that’s forever. Time moves differently for them. I am not saying she shouldn’t be bring more resources on board (she should) but th
  6. Yes, this bit stood out to me too. I needed to see this. Thanks for sharing!!
  7. This has been our experience. We tried switching back because vyvanse is so expensive, but it did not go well. Vyvanse is so much better.
  8. Our public schools have not recommended tough love. They have recommended IEPs with a lot of supports. They have also worked to match with really good teachers who have been awesome with communicating with me. Do comprehensive testing. Make sure you know all of the issues. Go from there. We totally have had the decompensating meltdowns at home post-school. Hugs.
  9. Any chance she has inattention issues elsewhere in her life? ADHD in girls looks very different than it does in boys... https://childmind.org/article/how-to-tell-if-your-daughter-has-adhd/?_gl=1*gg2vvp*_ga*NURfVWt0bFN5VEZ4QXE0Mjl2UVhsNnAxcG13YTVicDY4VmJtVGo0OGJuYmdVSEo4TGhyVTBIV1BoaW9FcnB6NQ..
  10. My kids: Ask stupid questions, win stupid prizes. A more appropriate prompt: Compose a sentence in the subjunctive mood about the girth of a whale.
  11. Ok....dd just needed space sometimes. She felt like she was stuck in a dynamic and she had to deal with certain people on a regular basis...but she was lonely and there weren’t other good options. The root of it all was loneliness and insecurity....but at the time it looked like jealousy. She doesn’t think I could have done any more. She needed acknowledgment it was hard—and while she heard me trying to give her perspective—she couldn’t really believe that what I was telling her was true because she didn’t have enough life experience.
  12. Let me ask my 12yodd for insight. We have been talking about this now that she is old enough to have perspective on some friend and sibling situations...
  13. Ds has a math disability. I feel your pain. Huge hugs!!
  14. I was leaning towards acute posterior septal myocardial infarction on that line, fwiw... I think the pen drags a tiny bit between the r in posterior before starting septal....
  15. Mmmm....if they are really into gardening or cooking, it might be prepping a bunch of seedlings and watering them together, and then planting them out and tending them. It might be making a stop motion mini-fig movie. It's whatever they are both interested in and invested in enough to work together...and be able to contribute to roughly equally. Jealousy at our house tends to make us angry and withdraw....this is about building connection and empathy. Also, I'd try to keep adults out of this. Is there any chance that the tension between the kids is a reflection on tension between
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