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  1. This year, dh bought a bazillion phone chargers with 10' cords and has left them all over the house. We are all at home, and many of us have do not disturb signs up (Zoom calls), so one can't just go into a bedroom to find a left behind cord. It seemed wasteful until I realized I was plugging in most late afternoons somewhere in the house. 🙂 Previous things we did: 1. massive decluttering---everything can be picked up in a room within a few minutes 2. capsule wardrobes, including for the kids so all clothes are mix and match in a few key colors 3. visual labeling of shelv
  2. I've owned all three options + enameled cast iron. The only thing I feel strongly about is that it is undermounted, with a full wrap of the countertop material along three sides. If you are installing a garbage disposal, know that you may need to plan for an extended flange also, depending on the depth of the sink. Your cabinet builder can plan the base cabinet so that the sink dimensions for the body of the sink workout. If I had to decide today, I'd go porcelain. I think it will make your white uppers + your light countertops pop. I got the occasional scuff marks in my previous
  3. The white IKEA 365 is still being made; it's just been out of stock a lot this year (like a lot of IKEA things). We have their larger bowls for soup. It's made from feldspar porcelain. It's listed as "no cadmium or lead added".
  4. I occasionally ditch a vegetable (usually lettuce) or a couple of spoonfuls of leftovers....but mostly my family eats an entire fridge full of food every week. Everything turns over (even all of the condiments) within a few weeks.
  5. I perhaps oversimplified my example, and I understand your effort to evangelize to me was well-intentioned, but I have been reading the Bible for 40+ years now and am actually fairly well acquainted with it. Please respect that my experiences and interpretations may be different than yours, and that what I am writing doesn’t mean that I am ignorant of theologic orthodoxy/orthopraxy. I do think that there are some gaping chasms of questions that traditional Christianity does not address well....and that being asked to trust in His divine will or in His unknowable ways as an act of faith can be
  6. I fell through this hole a decade ago...we went back to white corelle.
  7. I, personally, would go for some All-Clad. I am nodding my head in agreement with the other suggestions, though.
  8. Can I confess that I actually labeled where stuff goes in my last fridge? We just got a new one last week and I am waiting to see if I need to do that or if everyone is sufficiently trained. I labeled where condiments go. I bought plastic bins to hold veg that line the bottom shelf of the fridge. (We buy zucchini 20 at a time, 8 red peppers, a similar number of cucumbers, etc. weekly. They needed support to stay organized. Having a highly organized fridge made it so much easier to compile a grocery list. My brain can just check quantities with a quick eyeball and move on without
  9. With Oldest, I outsourced Honors Physics (I used Derek Owens—he did the grading—it was fabulous. I will likely do it again with subsequent children!) He dual-enrolled for a few classes at the local cc his senior year, just to get a sense of his readiness, and to make some university plans. The cc classes were less expensive than most homeschool options! I counted those as one math credit, one English credit, and one elective credit. Everything else was me. We used Writing with Skill + lists of books for English. We used generic Chalkdust math. (See epic thread on these boards!) I used BJU
  10. Monthly. I do a quick tidy weekly when I am making the grocery list, but I do a full scrub down monthly for the fridge. My family members are messy.
  11. Will this kid have books in his life otherwise? For my nephew, that answer seems to be no, so I am sending board books now. They have been read to him, but the notion of buying books seems to be....novel. Board books survive the toddler years better than expensive treasuries. I’m also WAY more inclined to send fun and engaging books rather than Plutarch and Shakespeare. We own Lamb’s Shakespeare and some others, but my kids have never loved them the way that they have loved more “popular” things. My goal is to create a love of learning. If that happens, they can u
  12. His nonverbal processing of his past could look like regression and whining. I would be making sure I had structure and bonding time daily and I would just accept that the display of immature behaviors may be due to the past....or just because he is 2/3. Irrational displays of emotion is kinda peak toddler, iykwim.
  13. In my “If I could write the DSM” world, I would simply call them “expressive language disorder” and “receptive language disorder” and then subtype them with things like “with auditory processing components” and “without auditory processing components”. ITA that it is hard to find providers...or effective providers.
  14. Even if you’ve resolved the timing of when sound arrives in the brain for processing (the ear/nerve route), what the brain does in processing the sound and translating that to meaning and then to additional output can be glitchy as heck. The lack of clearcut DSM criteria in this area leaves the actual definition really murky. IOW, he may still fit under the label even if a particular issue inside of the label is resolved, iykwim.
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