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  1. prairiewindmomma

    Ignore this thread!

    I am all peoples out. I finally figured out how to successfully have a mommy play date. My daughters and sons all invited friends over at the same time I invited a friend over.
  2. prairiewindmomma

    Ignore this thread!

    True story.... last week my daughters and I gave a ride to a little girl from church to a church activity. The little girl was clearly repeating the opinions of a (belligerent) adult in her life. We listened patiently for a few minutes and when the conversation turned political, dd yelled out “Cakesniffer!” in response to the political figure being commented on. I about died.
  3. prairiewindmomma


    Albuterol inhaler
  4. Dental dams. I was handed the supplies by the university after 6 students in my dorm tested positive for STDs, including a couple with HIV. It was a health service intervention, coupled with educational presentations about safe sex, STDs, testing services (and abstinence). ETA: the educational presentations were done by university health officials and the county health department edited again to fix typos: the teen boys in the background are arguing loudly about historical sword designs
  5. This. As a RA, I kept a huge jar of condoms, lube, etc. near my door (funded by the nurse’s office at the university). Most people on my floor kept supplies on hand for others even if they themselves didn’t need the supplies.
  6. We are religiously conservative and I have no problem with the access you describe. It’s a public health issue. (I am also in the camp that kids should be able to carry their own meds to school.)
  7. prairiewindmomma

    Math for a student with adhd?

    12. If I could go back, and have a do-over at life, I would have started him at 7-8. He internalized a lot of negative messaging about himself and missed a lot of social cuing before meds gave him a level playing field at life. He is ADD-I, not the hanging from the rafters ADHD.
  8. For my kid working independently, no. If I am scribing and working directly with him, yes. He has WAY more going on than just visual processing and dysgraphia....see my above post about lots of testing, known issues, and years of interventions with qualified specialists on board.
  9. prairiewindmomma

    Grocery shipping to PO Box?

    We had a UPS box that gave us a street address. We received amazon boxes daily there. 🙂
  10. You’ve been talking about an outside job for years for a variety of reasons. Chase the job and see what happens.
  11. prairiewindmomma

    Ignore this thread!

    Brownies are cooking in the oven!
  12. prairiewindmomma

    Math for a student with adhd?

    If all of the natural supports don’t work, give meds some serious consideration. One of mine went through years of supports. He was clearly bright but couldn’t organize coherent sentences and fell apart in math. We finally, after years of frustration did a trial of meds. He’s likely going to be a math major. Once his brain could focus he took off academically. Like, he truly is a gifted kid. He used MUS for geometry and Larson for Algebra 1, 2, and Pre-Calc (Chalkdust). He is going to do Calculus at the cc next year.
  13. My severely ADD kid (different one) needs meds to do schoolwork. Pm me if you want details. I resisted meds for him for a long time.
  14. prairiewindmomma

    Help us settle this chemistry dispute...

    Thank you, Dicentra.
  15. prairiewindmomma

    Difficult School Year

    We kinda have similar issues. I think you all need to get up and start your day earlier. Our schedule has everyone up by 6. If you had school starting at 7:30 or 7:45 you would have a solid 3.5 hour block before you need to do the college drop-off T/R. Your kids are totally capable of making sandwiches for lunch while you are gone and could eat and goof off during that time. If they save you a sandwich, you could eat and be back to doing school at 12:30 and that would give you two more hours until everyone comes home...a solid 5.5 hours is more than enough for kids that age. As far as your MWF days go, if you start at 7:30 you have 4 hours of working time until lunch at 11:30. If you need more time for them to finish open ended projects, great, but if not, you could just do shorter days.
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