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  1. TBIs take time and that’s super frustrating. Hugs!
  2. I don’t know that we as individuals can do much. Perhaps some of the larger organizations could purchase a vaccine lot and do vaccines. Honestly, though, the people I know in Honduras and other areas affected by the hurricanes that came through are focused on the basics—getting a roof back over their heads, buying food, and having basic necessities again. Meeting those basic needs is a way we help.
  3. On a side note, can I just say how awesome it is that your dad is willing to get the care he needs? Like, that’s a huge and complex thing. Good for him.
  4. On the IT vein....plural sight? Website or app design?
  5. Can you bring a treat (food or flowers) weekly after work and then have the excuse to go home and make dinner? Like, I might set aside Tuesdays to do that. If it becomes a routine for her, then there will be less fussing about when you will come next.
  6. FWIW, I'm seriously considering a week somewhere tropical, by myself, when this whole covid thing is over. All inclusive place. Hotel shuttle from the airport. No decision making.
  7. One of the helpful things that I found, in negotiating all of the things with family members, is to make a list of them, write down the time commitment next to them, and then discuss the consequences of what will happen if we don't do the thing. In some cases, I was completely right. On a few things, I discovered that I have some perfectionistic tendencies that I just need to let go. Like, tonight, when I needed to take in a vehicle for an oil change in a brief open hour on my schedule, I didn't make dinner. Nor did I bring home dinner. People are welcome to cereal or sandwiches or left
  8. I wear Columbia pants....even long ones in 100F weather. They breathe really nicely. They also have uv ratings, so I can skip the sunscreen.
  9. We've gone. The orthodontist is running surgical air scrubbers, and is doing high aerosol procedures in a separate room. I am COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE with the set up there. My dentist is not as careful---running only regular HEPA filters, no high volume evacuators, and my hygienist at my last appointment had not been vaccinated. I only see him for his 7am and 8 am appointments. I won't go later in the day when lots of mouths have been through the building. That said, I have had two kids in braces through covid, and all of us have had two rounds of cleanings. I've had restorative
  10. We probably would. We put $3k into an Odyssey 4 years ago and we just got rid of it this past week. We put $2k into another vehicle 2 years ago and it is still going. Anything decently reliable here starts at $6k, and is more likely $10k. $2k is 4-6 months of a new car payment. That seems like a decent calculated gamble to repair.
  11. So, the British Tinnitus Association is reporting that about 1 in 32,000 people (or 0.003125%) is reporting tinnitus as a side effect of the vaccine, and that about 6.6% of people are getting tinnitus as a result of covid.... https://www.tinnitus.org.uk/coronavirus-vaccines-and-tinnitus
  12. I agree. If you have to hang curtains, hang full length curtains, and push the rods to the ceiling as in the photo above. The above picture also has them hanging wider....the edge of the curtain is at the outer edge of the frame. The way they are hung makes this area seem less cramped. That said, I still prefer the minimal shades only look. It's actually a trending look right now---bare windows or shades only.
  13. 2-3% of the general population.....although more people without autism will still have specific issues that are typically comorbid with autism....like executive functioning issues, or anxiety, or social thinking deficits. Homeschoolers tend to be outliers in general. We're generally here because what was good for the majority wasn't good for our children. It takes a certain personality type to want to take on the amount of work homeschooling is as well as the social cost of leaving the mainstream AND/OR we love our kids so much that we pay the high cost because our kids need it. I began
  14. No. I prefer the minimal look you currently have.
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