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  1. No one disputes that mild COVID can be very, very serious. It’s just frustration that some people think “mild” means no big deal. This case shows clearly that this isn’t true.
  2. Of course I would. I’m only 41, and I have a really good relationships with my stepparents. I would want that for my kids. I’d be picky as hell, but I live in a big city. Lots of people out there. I found a good one once, I could do it again.
  3. Wow. That’s not what I said. My mom, who raised me, grew up in poverty, but my dad grew up rich, and his mom and her family were old money WASPs. Were they impressed by money, or inclined towards conspicuous consumption? Nope. They were also cold, socially aloof, laughably frugal, mostly oblivious to the material needs of others, and wholly incapable of actually talking about money, ever. Which created real problems. Not remotely superior, just different. My main point is that rich people aren’t a monolith, and there are cultural differences and it’s important to figure out which culture is at issue.
  4. I grew up upper middle class in a wealthy area. We went camping, they went to Hawaii twice a year. In high school I drove a used Volvo, they drove (very lightly) used BMWs. It was mostly fine, there were other kids like me, and my mom, who had grown up poor, made nice clothes a huge priority. (The other middle school that joined our high school had substantial poverty, and I honestly can’t imagine their experience.) My biggest piece of advice is just what *kind* of wealth are we talking about? Old money people aren’t impressed by money, and they don’t see consumption as a competition. New money can be a different thing. Know what you are getting into.
  5. I was sexually active for about a decade before I met my husband. I think the importance of being sexually compatible with your life partner is somewhat overrated. Great sex in my experience isn’t much correlated with being great relationship material. That said, I’m glad I’ve had the experience I had before I got married. I’ve been there and done that, got the t-shirt, I’m not worried about sexual temptation interrupting my marriage going forward.
  6. On my first day of college calculus 1, the prof asked how many kids had a five on the AP test. Half the room raised their hands. Okay this was UC Berkeley, but still, STEM kids 100% retake Calculus 1 for an easy A. Do it. Her science GPA will thank her.
  7. We have been using masks from The Gap and they have held up well. (Although the kid size has been slipping off my big eight year old’s nose, but the grown up size is still way too big for her. Any ideas from the crowd?)
  8. My zip code is 80%+ vaccinated. The kids wear masks and have daily temperature checks. I keep them home for a full year until I was vaccinated, but I’m comfortable sending them back in the fall. Mine are younger though, so one classroom all day. I’m hesitant to do after school which involves mixing.
  9. I assume she’s been tested for sleep apnea? Super common with hEDS. My c-pap has been a godsend. I would consider the possibilities of comorbidities, because there could be easy ways to see improvements. For example, there are treatments for MCAS. I’m on a regime of H1/H2 blockers (for my Zyrtec/Allegra and Pepcid) that have improved my MCAS but also stabilized my POTs. It’s all a work in progress, but I don’t feel like it’s all spinning out of control like I did last January. Improvement is possible.
  10. Given her near fainting I wonder if she also has POTs. It can be comorbid with hEDS. I recommend watching these videos to see how they can interact. Is it possible she had COVID? It triggered my underlying hEDS, POTs and MCAS issues.
  11. I’ve never ventured there. That’s my excuse!
  12. My newbie award shows that I’ve been here exactly seven years and have 1,618 posts. I feel like I post all the time. How do you guys with 15,000+ do it!?! Very impressive.
  13. I had coed communal bathrooms in my dorm in 1997. All showers and toilets had stalls. Turns out when you brush your teeth next to the guys on your floor they quickly feel like your brothers. The whole thing was completely fine for me. I know we had a girl move out after two weeks, so it isn’t for everyone, but after experiencing it firsthand, it’s hard for me to understand what was uncomfortable for her.
  14. Bush responded to my fifth grade letter criticizing our participation in the Gulf War with a form letter thanking me for supporting our troops….
  15. I washed all our Christmas pajamas before putting them under the tree, and I still got hives. So yes, I wash *everything* sometimes more than once if it still smells after the first wash.
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