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  1. I know we are supposed to let our kids advocate for themselves, but he is so close to done and only 20 years old. I would absolutely talk to the administration myself before giving up on this school. I know from personal experience that rules can be waived. Because I was twenty and so close to graduation and my mom stepped in when I couldn’t.
  2. I was living in SF at the time, so I went to my local corset shop: www.darkgarden.com They serve a real mix of clientele. Burlesque dancers, historical re-enactors, cos-play or just regular brides. The corset itself has hooks and eyes in the front and laces in the back. No whale bones, just metal stays. I never got very good at lacing myself, but I’m sure it would get easier with practice.
  3. My oldest has lost four teeth since we’ve been stuck at home. She has nowhere to spend her money and no real concept of saving it and eventually leaves it on the floor somewhere. I swear we’ve given her the same $1 two or three times...
  4. $1 per tooth. The Tooth Fairy once gave me a $20 in 1987, but I’m fairly sure she was just randomly short on small bills.
  5. I wore a corset for my wedding. Way more comfortable than Spanx. Elastic based shapewear constantly squeezes tighter and tighter. A corset just stays the same tightness. And just because some people use corsets for waist training, you don’t have to. It can just smooth and support. I still break it out for special occasions.
  6. I’ve lost 40 pounds since March. Combination of illness, anxiety and only eating the boring basic food we make at home. So it was the easiest and hardest weight I’ve ever lost! But I’m no longer obese, and if I lose another 10, which seems likely, I won’t even be overweight.
  7. I found several DAR applications from my family on Ancestry itself.
  8. 19. I thought it would be higher. I’m sure I’m forgetting somewhere.
  9. The Washington Post was different today. My doctor’s office changed the online chart software yesterday. I’m *done* with changes for this week!
  10. My oil furnace was made by a company what went out of business in 1962...
  11. We will be wearing costumes in the basement watching a silly movie with the lights out. Could trick or treating be done safely? Sure, maybe. Can we skip this year? Absolutely.
  12. Lots and lots on FB. Three on my Christmas card list. Two I actually see periodically. One I chat with on the phone occasionally, but we grew closer when we lived in the same city after college. My high school friends are much less important than I would have expected at the time.
  13. Absolutely. Think of all the grammatical structures most kids can use before they have any formal grammar instruction.
  14. I took the GED my sophomore year in college in order to apply to a specific foreign exchange program. In the 20 years since that application I have never had occasion to disclose my GED to anyone. I’m not saying it couldn’t possibly be an issue, but I don’t regret taking it to use it for a specific purpose. (I have multiple graduate degrees, so I’m really not worried about the stigma. But I don’t doubt such stigma could exist.)
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