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  1. I failed to mention a boatload of Goddess Girls and Heroes in Training...
  2. I can offer one successful trail: 1) The Gods and Goddesses of Olympus by Aliki, then 2) D'Aulaires Book of Greek Myths, then 3) The Myths of Greece and Rome by H.A. Guerber, then 4) The Metamorphoses, by Ovid. Ovid is surprisingly accessible if you are familiar with your mythology. And definitely entertaining. It feels like a worthy reward for all the time we’ve put into mythology. We are reading the David Rayburn translation, which is in verse and quite lovely, but doesn’t rhyme, so the syntax isn’t as convoluted as earlier translations. Obviously Ovid gets
  3. It is so frustrating to me how many books for parents of ND kids assume the parents are perfectly NT, or at least a wholly NT mom. Devise and keep track of an elaborate reward chart (!!!) to help the kid develop a daily routine. I need someone to do that for me! What I lack in order and structure, which the whole family would love, I hope I make up for in empathy and understanding...
  4. It’s tricky. You still want to feed his intellectual abilities, without being hung up on the outcomes. Looking back on my own Autistic life, I thrive in smaller, less competitive environments, where I can easily feel like a part of a group. (I have more social desire than social skills...) So maybe sending me to UC Berkeley at 17 was a mistake? But on the other hand I totally needed the academic peers at a school like that. Such a balancing act, and one that I’m always worrying about with my own gifted Autistic kid. I’m an government attorney, it’s a collegial environment, with very
  5. I wouldn’t worry about the ADOS. I was ready to diagnose him based just on your anecdotes in this thread. I’m so glad you got this figured out before college, so you can make sure he has the supports he needs from the start. My smart off the charts Autistic guy friends ended up working in professional fields, but in supporting roles well below their intellectual ability. And that’s totally okay! They have less responsibility and therefore less anxiety and are successful grownups, just not in the way people probably expected of them when they were super genius kids.
  6. Yup! We do have some trees that shed their leaves, and vines that wither, but we have plenty of plants that just stay green. Seattle average temps are above freezing year round. This weekend is an exception!
  7. We had 9 inches! (We are at 300 feet, so a bit of altitude?)
  8. I’m currently hiding in my bedroom to avoid my loud kids so I really feel her sensory pain. The pandemic is not helping on so many levels. Treating anxiety will help. Calming her body will help. Does she have a weighted blanket? A guided meditation app? (Played very softly?) Soothing background noise? I’ve been listening to Benedictine Nuns from Avignon today, yesterday it was acoustic country hymns. Have you checked her methylation status? I ask because I just had to stop my B vitamin due to a possible adverse reaction to a flavoring, and while I wait for the replacement, my sensory
  9. Autistic. Music more than lyrics, if only because I often can’t make out the words? That said I love an acoustic singer with clear enunciation like James Taylor or Emmylou Harris, and I’m hugely verbal in general.
  10. It was released by the court. As a lawyer preparing for zoom trials, I desperately needed this laugh and I have nothing but respect for all the participants.
  11. If you need a good laugh, this is for you:
  12. So sorry for your loss. This would be a huge loss under any circumstances, but these are already hard times for everyone. Be extra gentle with yourself.
  13. Have you done DNA to check for methylation issues? Going on Folinic acid has made a huge difference for my anxiety.
  14. Oh thank goodness. Because as an Autistic with anxiety who is in my 12th month of long COVID, I don’t want you guys to risk in person school. Not when we are so close to vaccines. I see a lot of neurodiverse people on my long COVID forum. I think we have genes which predispose us to inflammation, autonomic and auto-immune issues. And worst case, waiting an extra year for college is probably not a bad idea if there are any EF issues.
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