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  1. https://london.ac.uk/courses/english The University of London distance program has been around forever, is reasonably priced and very legit. In the UK, college students have end of year examinations. Distance students take the same exams. It’s not watered down at all. The course descriptions sound very meaty too.
  2. I had mid-cycle spotting and abdominal pain after my second Pfizer, so I have an appointment next week. Maybe an ovarian cyst? I’ll let you all know!
  3. I wear goggles to the doctors office, which is still the only thing I do indoors. Yes, I’m fully vaccinated, no, I do not care how I look. COVID did a number to me and I’m not interested in picking up *any* virus right now.
  4. @ktgrokI wish you could come hang out at my parish in Seattle. We could (gently) make fun of the Pilates moms, and everyone would be masked. (My 1st grader just told me that a classmate is having a slumber party for her birthday, so maybe our COVID precautions aren’t *perfect* but the church is taking it seriously...)
  5. As an autistic kid, I did better as a big fish in a small pond. (Or should I say a medium fish, surrounded by other medium fish, in a small pond? I really respond to having equal peers, it’s not about outperforming the smaller fish!) Small ponds tend to have fewer executive functioning demands, its easier to see what everyone else is doing and follow that... I would perhaps consider honors programs at larger schools. Best of both worlds? Affordable diversity still with lots of attention?
  6. I love legumes, but they were causing reactions. I’m dealing with long COVID and was super reactive to everything in January. I’m more stable now, but still in a flare from the vaccines. Hopefully there will be legumes in my future.
  7. It was a federal judge appointed by Regan who let him live across from the elementary school. Not sure how you blame Seattle for that.
  8. I’m afraid of shaving my legs for fear of triggering a mast cell reaction... No one is going to see my legs under the compression leggings anyway!
  9. So @PeterPan what would you recommend for an ASD kid with chronic constipation? Assuming you wouldn’t have buy-in for a complete dietary overhaul, but you could add foods and supplements etc.? (I’m currently dairy, legume and grain free and loving it, but Dh wouldn’t go for that with the kids...)
  10. I had a rash on my fingers on the side that was vaccinated. But my longcovid journey has included hives, rashes, eczema... I took some Benadryl and didn’t worry about it. Didn’t happen with the second Pfizer shot.
  11. I took a Benadryl an hour before hand, and another right after my shot. Drank electrolytes, and ate blueberries, which help stabilize mast cells. Still felt unsettled. Held my epipen and did some deep breathing. After a half hour felt I could start the drive home, and pull over if I needed to use the epipen. I was completely fine. Driving was actually a nice distraction. I think it was just the adrenaline immediately after the shot. Second shot was the same, only I had my husband with me. I think you have a good plan for your second shot and you will be just fine.
  12. The 19 year old freshman will be competing for grades, internships etc. with the 17 and 18 year old freshman, not the 19 year old sophomores and juniors. I actually skipped a grade to be a 17 year old freshman. It was supposed to be a good thing. What did I know? If I could do it over I would do something else for a few years and start college at 20 or 22!
  13. My autistic daughter was resisting CVC words at the cusp of six, and reading Harry Potter by seven. When they are ready, they are ready. I don’t know the age to worry, but six isn’t it.
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