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  1. I didn’t realize this song has been around since the 1990s! The first time I heard it was the Pentatonix version in 2014...
  2. Mulan will be on regular Disney+ starting December 4th.
  3. Long COVID is better than Dead COVID. After that it just gets really complicated... I’m really okay with my current symptoms. I could live like this indefinitely. I’m worried about things getting worse, even though all signs seems to indicate gradual improvement. The uncertainty sucks, but I try to remember we are *all* dealing with uncertainty right now. It’s hard.
  4. I got in in March. Lots of gastro symptoms. Diarrhea, anorexia, I lost 20 pounds in the first month. I’d still classify it as Mild/Moderate? I was able to work and parent, I never had low O2 readings. But it’s nine months later and I still have symptoms. Mild as long-haul symptoms go, but still.
  5. Thanks! I’m 50 pounds lighter now and eating super clean. When I feel good I feel really good. Sometimes I don’t feel sick, I just have these strange symptoms that are happening to me? If it doesn’t get worse, I could do this for a long time.
  6. I don’t. People have slowly improved, and symptoms can come and go. (I’m getting new neuro symptoms at nine months, but I’m also doing much better overall, including cognitively. It’s a strange beast.)
  7. I highly recommend the Body Politic forum as a long-COVID support group. (The answers here are great too!)
  8. I had crushing anxiety after COVID. (I mean I was already diagnosed with Anxiety, but my post-infection anxiety was *so much worse*.) I had great benefit from going on an SSRI. Otherwise: rest, hydration, probiotics, rest... It’s a strange virus, and loves to ebb and flow. You will gradually get better, with lots of relapses along the way. Consider joining us over at the Body Politic forum. Lots of support from a great group of people.
  9. I had some classmates in grad school who strategically sought a masters at one school and a PhD at a second school to work with specific professors and add interest to their resume for eventual academic job placement. These were absolutely tip top Ivy League students who are now R1 professors. I don’t know how much these kinds of strategic considerations would apply to us mere mortals. They would also be very, very field specific.
  10. I think a combination of election anxiety and increased COVID cases have people stocking up. Glad I bought a case of TP from Amazon earlier in the summer.
  11. We watched Hocus Pocus in the basement with all the light out. But the few times I went up and took a peek, the street was *empty*. Absolutely no one walking around.
  12. Ugh. I feel this. I finally told DD7 after people on Twitter insisted I was withholding her diagnosis from her out of shame. Um, no. But it was probably time to tell her anyway, so... The conversation went something like this: “You know how we talk a lot about mommy’s brain working differently? And you know how you and I both think your brain is like mine? Well, it turns out there is a word for people with brains like mommy’s. It’s called being Autistic.” ”Oh, okay, so I’m Autistic then. Okay, cool.” The point being that even though I had never told her the word Autism, we
  13. We both work full time and send our kids to our Parish school. I know they will cover the basic skills there just fine. We have plenty of time at home to dive into the fun stuff: mythology, history, literature... That said, I’ve loved having them at home during the Pandemic. I’m living the dream right now, home with my kids and working full time. I kind of dread going back to “real” life someday.
  14. Just clicked through the virtual tour. What a cute, compact yet classic campus! Looks lovely.
  15. I’m at the point where I do I risk benefit analysis before I go to the doctor’s office, and they want to know if I’m willing to go to a movie!?!! Dude, Netflix exists. This is absurd.
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