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  1. Zip +4? There is very granular data out there. It really depends on how far they are going to drill down. Since they don’t plan to show their work, who knows?
  2. We had my kids baptized Episcopalian just so my mom would even attend the baptism. Her rejection of Catholicism, after being raised Catholic, is pretty absolute. (They were received into the Catholic Church afterwards without difficulty.) Can a Catholic University be a good fit for a non-Catholic? Absolutely, of course. Fit might not matter if your Dh will veto.
  3. Catholicism is vast, I think it would help to clarify what part of “Catholic” your husband wants to avoid. For example, UDallas sounds way too conservative for us, and we are Catholic! But maybe “orthodox” Catholic like UDallas would be closer to your Protestant faith on moral issues? But maybe he is like my mom and just wants nothing at all to do with the Catholic Church no matter what, no exceptions?
  4. I have no idea what your daughters specific strengths and weaknesses are, so this may not be applicable, but have you considered Latin? If you do a barebones approach, not only will you never have to speak a word of Latin, you really don’t have to write in Latin either. (Sentence translation, yes, free-writing, nope.) Memoria Press has curriculum for elementary/middle schoolers that is very straight forward and clutter-free. Perhaps the logic of Latin would appeal to her mathematical mind? Start at a low level, go slow and just fill the hours required?
  5. Dd 5.5 and I are enjoying Dorthy Mills The Book of the Ancient Greeks as a just for fun read aloud. We’ve reached the comparative political philosophy section of Athens vs. Sparta, and I keep pausing to see if she is really still interested (it’s absurdly dense) and she is! Okay! I’m game! But my biggest brag is her first ballet recital yesterday. She’s my maybe 2E kid, and emotional/sensory regulation is a struggle. She had real poise and presence on the stage, and I’m just so proud of her for rising to the occasion. (Behavior fell apart *afterwards* but hey, mine did too. “Big Event” mode isn’t easy for any of us.)
  6. I’m so sorry Yael. You have been through so much recently, and this is just an awful situation. I hope others have advice to give, I’m just praying for you and your family.
  7. They can provide their score, for better or worse, but only the college can decide what to do with it. I imagine the most colleges already have access to equally comprehensive demographic data. Not to mention the individual-specific data kids provide on their application? So not sure what value this adds, except to make the SAT look like it is being proactive about the issue of income disparity in test scores?
  8. I started out 45 minutes from home, but then my parents moved half way round the world... But my mom flew back to help me when I had a major crisis. So 1) is your relationship such that you will be able to detect a crisis remotely? 2) Can you travel if necessary? I think these factors apply to all kids, but unfortunately the risk of going off the rails is higher with an ASD college student. Undergrad is not the time to step back and see how they fly. From my personal experience, it’s just not developmentally appropriate with ASD.
  9. I just had a sleep test. My husband was concerned about my fatigue, I didn’t even think it was that bad. Diagnosis? Severe Apnea! So yeah. Get a sleep test.
  10. Paralegal programs can be a cheaper and faster entry into a legal career. Not the same salary potential, but worth considering.
  11. Okay! I can picture this! We haven’t done First Communion yet. (I was raised in a Catholic family, but Mom rebelled and kept her kids out of the Church. So I know parts really well, and have some gaps.)
  12. I’m 39, and kicked-off estrogen after a blood clot. I’m on the mini-pill now for birth control and yes I have noticed lighter periods. I do have more breakouts, which is a common side effect. But they are pretty superficial, and definitely better than heavy periods. So yes, I would ask your doctor.
  13. Group Confession!?!!! Is a thing? I had no idea. (Liberal Catholic School Mom who thinks she knows what she’s doing, but maybe not?)
  14. Nope! And it’s great. I have a 415, which does not raise *any* eyebrows in Seattle. And since spam calls usually pretend to be local, most of my spam is from 415. Anytime I get a call from a random 415 number I can safely ignore it, because it isn’t the daycare or the hospital or something else about my kids. They would all have local numbers. Highly recommend.
  15. Well, we Autistics certainly don’t have a monopoly on Executive Functioning issues... I wouldn’t put much weight on willingness to engage with adults, social difficulties will be more pronounced with peers. But as you said, he makes friends easily. So perhaps Autism isn’t an issue. If he is curious about it I would have him read a memoir from a late diagnosed adult like John Elder Robison. In my experience, and the experience of other late diagnosed people I know, reading these memoirs is uncanny. The authors know oddly specific things about your experience you didn’t think anyone else would know. (Because you always thought you were a random outlier and had no idea there were others like you.)
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