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  1. I'm not an active poster here but, Mercy, you always strike me as such a kind person. I'm so glad the kitty made it's way home!
  2. A towel seems a little odd, but hopefully it was large and covered everything. As for the Under Armour bottoms, it could be that they were actually compression shorts and not underwear. Google that and you will see what I mean. They look just like undies, but the material is actually a little heavier and they can be worn under other clothes or they can be shorts by themselves (lots of people run in them if they have chafing issues - I own several pairs and there is no need for shorts over them other than personal preference). I personally tend to dress somewhat modestly, but in the sit
  3. Our schools started at the end of July with a 100% all day mask requirement. Despite plenty of online outcry from parents, it seems to be a non issue and kids are complying.
  4. The Eragon series by Christopher Paolini is my dragon loving son's favorite series.
  5. Gordon is our local restaurant supply store and I've been going there to avoid crowds. They have had huge bags of flour every time I've been along with plenty of bread. At ours, milk is limited to 2 gallons and meat is limited to 2 of each type for fresh, but frozen is unlimited (and plentiful in the store). Another place to get large quantities of food is from produce suppliers. In addition to produce, ours sells meats and dairy products. In my area, there are several suppliers that used to supply to restaurants and schools and with all of the closures are now looking for rev
  6. I was just coming here to say the same thing. The big difference between Liberty and most other univereities is that Liberty opened to anyone, regardless of their need, while most universities closed to all except those who had no other choice. One of the students at Liberty who was tested for Covid was was told to self quarantine pending results and chose to go home instead - if the student could go home that easily, why were they ever allowed back in the first place?
  7. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/nyu-dean-sends-dance-video-in-response-to-students-petitioning-for-tuition-refund/ NYU. The university my husband teaches at isn't giving tuition refunds, either, but his isn't a fine art school, so not sure it's really comprable.
  8. Not really. If *someone* has to get sick, I would rather is be a person who isn't following protocal than a person who is trying their best to follow it and then catches the infection from the someone who intentially is not. The people at Liberty are not only putting themselves in danger, but they are putting everyone with whom they come in contact at risk, too. And they don't have to, they're choosing to. edited: spelling
  9. I could have written a very similar post three years ago. The clinician I saw didn’t say that it was caused by deodorant, just that it was a “flare” and would happen occasionally. I never have seen anyone who solved the problem, but I end up back at urgent care or a dermatologist a couple of times a year and am prescribed steroids, shots and steroid creams. I gave up deodorant when it first happened and other posters are correct, once you get used to that it’s no big deal. However, it didn’t solve the problem, I still get random rashes that start in my armpits and and move down
  10. Really? I started reading wedding forums yesterday and found the majority of people said you should not hold a shower for people not invited to the wedding that it was rude and nothing more than a gift grab. (Of course, I fell down a rabbit hole of all sorts of wedding etiquette-related threads and read plenty of things that sounded excessive to me, so who knows what was true and what was people being over-the-top picky.) The more I thought about it, the more I don't want an expectation of bringing gifts and I want people to attend regardless of abilitiy/desire to bring a gift, so eith
  11. Thank you for all of the encouragement and ideas! When I first started researching, the first thing I came across was that I couldn't all it a shower because that was only for people invited to the wedding (and I know kids/families will not be invited simply because it's too many people). My intent is to not mention presents, but I do hope at least some people choose to give something. As with most coaches, he deals with a lot of kids and parents and I'm guessing is under paid. It never occurred to me that others wouldn't be interested, but I could definitely chat with my son's cor
  12. I am mostly a lurker, but the Hive provides such excellent and varied advice, I thought I would get your thoughts. My son's swimming coach is getting married in the fall. I would love to throw him and his fiance a wedding celebration type of party. I'm thinkng a post-practice brunch with some wedding themed decorations and inviting kids and their parents. He has been the main coach to these kids for 2+ years and will continue to be their coach for several more and he spends 10+ hours a week with them, so I would like to honor him in some way. Am I crazy? Has anyone ever be
  13. At a minimum I would have 1 parent take the 2 healthy kids. Whether or not both parents would go and leave the sick child at home alone would depend on the child, how close to home I would be and if I had any relatives/good friends nearby. With the sick one being 10, I probably wouldn't be comfortable having no one at home with him, but I wouldn't judge another parent for doing differently.
  14. It would definitely bother me that people working in my house thought it was okay to let strangers tour the house, that is bad judgment on their part.
  15. We never got anything itemized, but they could be including a per diem, which is often higher than the what you would actually spend on food if you are being frugal, as well as mileage at ~$.55/mile, which adds up quickly depending on far away the trip is. ETA: they could be adding coaching fees (their pay) to that, as well.
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