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  1. It would definitely bother me that people working in my house thought it was okay to let strangers tour the house, that is bad judgment on their part.
  2. Go to the St Petersburg pier and the Salvador Dali museum, walk around Clearwater Beach. ETA: eat at Frenchy’s
  3. We never got anything itemized, but they could be including a per diem, which is often higher than the what you would actually spend on food if you are being frugal, as well as mileage at ~$.55/mile, which adds up quickly depending on far away the trip is. ETA: they could be adding coaching fees (their pay) to that, as well.
  4. I would probably send $100 so that she could purchase any necessary food/snacks on campus and in the airport and maybe a couple of souvenirs on the outings and not have to worry about running out of money.
  5. I have the model prior to this one and it's highly supportive and very comfortable.
  6. These all have removable cups and I love some of these styles - not too revealing, but still super-cute! Nav&nvt=Swim&nvt=CATEGORIES&nvt=Tankini Tops
  7. If you’re talking about hitting a car while it’s moving, take pictures and leave contact information. Door dings are a little more subjective. I’ve had dozens of door dings in my life and no one has ever left a note. My husband, on the other hand, has none, but he parks on the far end of every parking lot to avoid them.
  8. Spray in colors will work fine on dark hair if she uses enough of it. Both of my kids have a medium brown hair and we didn't have any luck with semi-permanent colors showing up well without bleaching first. If you have a Sally Beauty nearby I would take your daughter over and they can pretty easily assess what your best bet is.
  9. I purchased a used microfiber sectional that originally came from Macy's that I adore. I paid probably 10% of the new price and it has been great, so I would absolutely consider buying used again (but I do only buy name brands so that I don't end up with someone else's cheap furniture that is going to fall apart on me in 6 months).
  10. You are correct that nobody would ever say no to that, but most people would never ask it because they would feel guilty because in the back of their mind they would probably know it was wrong. (And who is to say the barista would not be assuming it was for the person to put in their coffee anyway? Would the person be asking the barista if they could take the packets for later use by another guest in their house? I'm guessing the barista would still say yes, because they wouldn't want to challenge a person over a sugar packet, but it doesn't mean they would agree with it.)
  11. I would just wear running shorts and a tech shirt, but I see a lot of women wearing capri length leggings and tech shirts. I've always assumed it's because they wanted more coverage as the temps would be too warm for me to wear capris, but I could be wrong. Also, get a good, supportive bra if have any sort of chest!
  12. I would speak to the instructor and ask if she will make a statement that saving spots isn't allowed. Why should one person be able to come in and set up for four others? If they want to be together, they all need to arrive early. I would not address it with the patron unless I knew that the instructor was going to back me up. Good luck!
  13. Depending on how much effort you want to go to, you could definitely soft-stage it (shower curtain, towels, art work, candles, etc in various rooms). If I were doing that, I would remove everything before the renter took possession. We sold an empty house a couple of years ago and our realtor strongly suggested we do it.
  14. Frequently, shipping charges do not reflect actual shipping costs on eBay. The seller should charge whatever was agreed upon at the time of sale, unless there is some extenuating circumstance that I am missing.
  15. We had Mannington Adura Max (purchased from a flooring store) installed in our basement and love it. It's thick, indestructible and beautiful. My husband installed Home Depot Allure Traffic Master in our old house and we loved the look of that as well - we ended up moving too soon to know how it will hold up. He also installed a very cheap product from at the base of our basement stairs (purchased from one of the big box stores) - the quality was definitely lower than the other two products and it was noticeable. If you are getting something for a high traffic area do you research and make sure you're getting a decent quality product.
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