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  1. My senior is in marching band and has been every year with a full load of advanced classes. Some nights she is short of sleep and catches up when she can or on the weekend. Occasionally she's up late doing homework, but she's learned to get as much done in class or anytime she has 15 spare minutes. It's definitely a balancing act and while she loves band and (and I agree with SKL, it is worth every penny), it's a huge commitment here (easily 20 hours per week for the next 6 weeks) and she's always exhausted and glad when it's done. I don't think she could keep such a full schedule for the entire school year. My freshman swims with a full advanced course load, so he's currently home at 6:00pm, with one extra activity on Wednesday nights that keeps him out until 9:00pm. So far, this has been easily manageable - he has anywhere between 30 minutes-1.5 hours of homework per night and still wastes 2 hours on the computer before bed. Starting this Monday, he will have morning swim practices at 6:00am and then 18 swim meets over the next few months in the evenings. I suspect he's either going to decide to go to bed earlier or things will get ugly around here due to lack of sleep. Heck, I'm not sure how I'm going to manage the 5:25am wake up 4 days per week! This kid isn't terribly sociable, so he spends as much of his non-school/swim time on the computer as he is allowed (which is too much), but he does need the down time.
  2. I’m not a dasher, but I am (I think) of similar age and I’m bored. I just had an initial phone interview to be a “merchandiser.” The job is 10-15 hours a week and involves going into stores and setting up displays. I don’t know the details yet, but it’s super flexible within the week, but not as flexible as gig work (like Door Dash). The pay is awful, but I don’t really need a job, I just need a reason to get out of my house.
  3. Neither of my kids have ever been a part of anything like this, but this sounds similar to what a local high school did with their high school cheerleading squad - the girls were "kidnapped" late at night and then did activities all night long. They never went to the school it was all out and about and eventually at someone's house and there were parents involved in chaperoning. As far as I know from the parent I was friends with whose daughter was involved, all of the kids loved it. It was not a mean-spirited activity, but a team bonding activity. Her daugter was involved in it, as a participant and then a planner, all 4 years of high school, so it was never off the rails to the extent that they did away with the event.
  4. I buy Wella Color Charm and a big bottle of 20 volume developer from Sally Beauty to touch up my roots. I find it far more convenient and less expensive than a box because depending on how often I touch up, it doesn’t require a full treatment so I just mix as much as I think I need.
  5. If he is a wine drinker, look into a Campagnolo corkscrew. Expensive ($300?), but very cool to a lot of cyclists. Practical - a Garmin Varia radar and headlight - and a Garmin watch or cycling computer that is compatible, if he doesn't always own one. This could be over $500 or be as inexpensive as maybe $250 (?) if he doesn't need the cycling computer. If he rides on the roads, he will come to appreciate the radar very quickly! A wheel-off smart trainer if he's into indoor riding (and a Zwift account) I'm sure I can think of more if none of these is appealing! edited for grammar/typo
  6. Enjoy your riding! My method for buying helmets is to buy a nicer one on clearance with the reason being the more expensive ones tend to be better vented, lighter weight and/or have better fitting mechanisms. I don't care so much that it's last year's model or that the color isn't exactly what I wanted so it works well for me.
  7. I have a road bike and a hybrid/flat bar bike, both ridden primarily on the roads, though the flat bar bike can handle gravel/packed dirt. I am not a mountain biker. I've been riding for many years and only a couple of times have I ever had an issue that would have required other tools. Once I broke a chain (and fortunately someone with a bike on the back of their car came by moments later!) and I have broken cables a couple of times, but that just requires limping home in a single gear. My bike repair skills don't really extend much beyond changing a flat!
  8. Sorry, I somehow missed this! I don't really carry a tool kit, just some tire levers, patch kit and spare tube. About the only thing I might carry are a 4/5mm Allen tool. Anything harder than that to fix on the go and I will be calling my husband or an Uber. ETA: And a frame pump.
  9. What about a triangle bag? That would have a little more room for extra storage. Also, if you don’t currently have a cycling jersey, those pockets come in handy!
  10. Nice! I just went for a 2.5 hour ride today as our weather is finally warming a bit. In your place, I might get a new helmet, definitely cycling shorts, and no to the donut only because I can’t believe it would stay in place. Otherwise, a water bottle, a bag with tube and tire levers, pump and I think you’re good to go! I have a Garmin watch that I use to record rides, which I love, but that’s obviously optional.
  11. Probably not, but has anybody who is considered essential had a choice?
  12. We're all 1 - 2 days here. If I feel like I woke up sweating at all througout the night, they get tossed in the laundry; otherwise, they usually get a second wear. When in doubt, they get washed.
  13. I have Fiestaware and a bunch of Corelle that we aquired over the years and/or was given to us. The Fiestaware dishes were meant to be for general use, but I find myself always grabbing the Corelle unless we have company. If I had it to do over, I think I would have only gotten the Corelle.
  14. We are allowing our daughter to see her boyfriend as normal. My husband and I have been cautious since March; however, we are not requiring quite the same level of caution from our kids (though our son isn't seeing people by his own choice). As much as we are believers of the seriousness of Covid, we also have to balance that with the social-emotional needs of teenagers.
  15. Do not think twice, sign up for the lunches. Your mental and physical health are far more important than worrying about whether or not you qualify or need the help.
  16. The Flying Biscuit is amazing and a local Atlanta chain. The biscuits are heavenly, but everything I’ve had from there has been tasty.
  17. My son was just tested and I had to schedule the test 48 hours out. Results were in almost 96 hours later. He started experiencing symptoms on a Tuesday and the results were finally available the following Monday. We didn't pay anything, but we did provide our insurance card, so I'm guessing they will be billed, but I'm not positive. I was unimpressed with the whole process. My son stayed in during this time, but I can't imagine everyone is going to do that with that long of a lag between symptoms and results.
  18. I'm not an active poster here but, Mercy, you always strike me as such a kind person. I'm so glad the kitty made it's way home!
  19. A towel seems a little odd, but hopefully it was large and covered everything. As for the Under Armour bottoms, it could be that they were actually compression shorts and not underwear. Google that and you will see what I mean. They look just like undies, but the material is actually a little heavier and they can be worn under other clothes or they can be shorts by themselves (lots of people run in them if they have chafing issues - I own several pairs and there is no need for shorts over them other than personal preference). I personally tend to dress somewhat modestly, but in the situation of a communal shower, I wouldn't care too much about what others did as long as they were relatively covered.
  20. Our schools started at the end of July with a 100% all day mask requirement. Despite plenty of online outcry from parents, it seems to be a non issue and kids are complying.
  21. The Eragon series by Christopher Paolini is my dragon loving son's favorite series.
  22. Gordon is our local restaurant supply store and I've been going there to avoid crowds. They have had huge bags of flour every time I've been along with plenty of bread. At ours, milk is limited to 2 gallons and meat is limited to 2 of each type for fresh, but frozen is unlimited (and plentiful in the store). Another place to get large quantities of food is from produce suppliers. In addition to produce, ours sells meats and dairy products. In my area, there are several suppliers that used to supply to restaurants and schools and with all of the closures are now looking for revenue streams so are selling to the public. It's mostly large quantity purchases, but we've found it to be convenient and are happy to help out a couple of businesses that may be struggling right now.
  23. I was just coming here to say the same thing. The big difference between Liberty and most other univereities is that Liberty opened to anyone, regardless of their need, while most universities closed to all except those who had no other choice. One of the students at Liberty who was tested for Covid was was told to self quarantine pending results and chose to go home instead - if the student could go home that easily, why were they ever allowed back in the first place?
  24. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/nyu-dean-sends-dance-video-in-response-to-students-petitioning-for-tuition-refund/ NYU. The university my husband teaches at isn't giving tuition refunds, either, but his isn't a fine art school, so not sure it's really comprable.
  25. Not really. If *someone* has to get sick, I would rather is be a person who isn't following protocal than a person who is trying their best to follow it and then catches the infection from the someone who intentially is not. The people at Liberty are not only putting themselves in danger, but they are putting everyone with whom they come in contact at risk, too. And they don't have to, they're choosing to. edited: spelling
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