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  1. Good to hear you’re getting back to cruising. Should be a blast. The sun and sea air are therapeutic in themselves. I had to check out the different dining options and, if it was the right cruise, the options look quiiite tasty. I’d be eating on the hour. Might have to cross cruising off the list! My bil got vaxed just to go cruising. He’s all set and already has at least one lined up. He’s old and crotchety and no longer likes the regular cruises. He’s more into the repositioning cruises and other oddball ones — like travelling down the Red Sea where they had to turn off the lights some nights while being escorted by the British Navy, I think it was. Doesn't that sound like a “fun” time?! 😆 Hbot experiences are so interesting. Shai Efrati, the Israeli researcher at Tel Aviv University, did a study involving participants sitting in an hbot chamber breathing pure oxygen at times for 2 hours per day, five days per week for two months. They had positive results, some really amazing. Maybe that’s why you tolerate driving better? https://www.timesofisrael.com/israeli-doctor-claims-to-reverse-aging-with-pure-oxygen-treatment-study/ Ever heard of ewot, exercise with oxygen therapy? I would like to try that. I have read that it helps some people improve their sat ox levels. I wonder if it could help long Covid, too? Could possibly help concussions, I would think. I think Promo Life sells the whole shabang. They’re a reliable company. I like them a lot. Yeah, the haze is bad. We are driving to Montana soon, into fire areas along the way and some are close to the roads. Yikes. Not looking forward to the smoke. Or the potential fires for that matter! LOL I might bring my IQ Air filter to give to my sister who is there and majorly affected by the smoke. Hoping it rains. Seems to do that whenever dh enters the state.
  2. @TexasProud Beautiful! I love the color, too. Some questions... What primer did you use? Two light coats? No sanding? Now that you have books there, are you noticing any sticky feeling or do books slide in and out easily?
  3. Beware of some of the Samsung fridges. One of them has a class action suit looming for a design flaw that cant be easily fixed. We had that one and it was a real humdinger. Just an fyi.
  4. LOL. Hopefully Lowe’s was not your only destination. They do, however, have some surprisingly nice appliances. 😊
  5. Where are you cruising and when? Inquiring minds... 😀 How did the rest of hbot go? Couldn't you just buy him some big boots and slip in lead weights? just kidding. maybe. 😊
  6. Seasonal plants, bulbs and flowers can also be a good deal Christmas stuff tvs, computer and techie stuff tires and/or tire rotations some vacation deals car rentals can be good, too
  7. Whisps cheese crunchies coconut nut clusters almond flour, monk fruit sweetener (a blend), spices, olive oil, avocado mayo Kerrygold butter, cheese bacon, canned salmon, tuna organic Romaine, the chonky little ones, and other greens asparagus, avocados, zucchini, sometimes mushrooms, little cukes to snack on, butternut squash, boxes of tomatoes organic berries and if they have them, peaches jars of artichokes, sun dried tomatoes, quinoa Kirkland coconut water, the big ones coffee paper products and cleaning supplies towels, sometimes summer slides, sometimes camping stuff epsom salt, Dove soap, toothbrushes, vitamin D restaurant gift cards. We get 30% off at one of our favorite places this way. $70 for a $100 gift card. Another is $75 for $100.
  8. You could also use a wetted sponge with a scrubby side, not too abrasive, and elbow grease. The water should help loosen it from the planks. Work bit by bit. Smart Strip by Dumond would work, too. No VOCs and very safe. You'd want to test an area to see if it affects the plank’s coatings. I would probably dab it on with a q-tip, wait a minute or a few more, then wipe off and wipe again with a fresh, wet paper towel. Toss often and use fresh ones. Amazon sells it. The smallest is a quart. Lasts a long time if you reseal it properly.
  9. Sounds like it would be worth trying. I've read that passport processing is backlogged. Dh and I renewed ours about a year ago and they were processed quickly. That surprised me.
  10. This is the SEA Spot Saver Program. Seems like it would be worth trying to avoid lines if you don't have TSA Pre-check. https://onemileatatime.com/seatac-airport-tsa-appointment/ This program is initially being offered daily from May 4 through August 31, 2021, and it’s available from 4AM until 12PM. The program is completely free for passengers, and it’s intended for those who don’t have access to any priority screening options, like TSA Pre-Check and CLEAR. We also have TSA Pre-check and Global Entry. They are both worth the hassle but it was a pain getting everything in order and it took time. No doubt Covid times are making the process much worse.
  11. @bibiche Do you have any favorite brands? I've read that the kitchen designer Mick De Giulio recommends induction ovens, too. And steamer ovens. Have you used a steamer oven?
  12. I'm considering buying a Bertazzoni gas range. My kitchen is small so smaller appliances fit much better. Anyhoo, any thoughts on Bertazzoni? Bertazzoni 24" Master Series Stainless Steel Gas Range - MAST244GASXE Abt link We live within 30" of the Abt store.
  13. 54% fully vaxed Cook County, Illinois 51% fully vaxed Chicago, which is in Cook County I live just north of Chicago, also in Cook County, and most people have been vaxed. Ages 12+ 83% one dose Ages 12+ 77% fully vaxed Ages 65+ 100% one dose Ages 65+ 94% fully vaxed
  14. No, I do insufflation which can be done in ears, vagina or rectally. It's a small amount of gas. Dave Asprey is a big fan of insufflation and has written about it. https://daveasprey.com/ozone-therapy-at-home It is also used in a special sauna that you sit in. One of them is called the HOCATT. Some doctors have them in their office. Your head sticks out and you don't breathe the ozone/oxygen in. They are legally allowed to provide it as long as they don't say it's a cure for Covid. Cure is not the right way to describe it anyway. It's a treatment that is seeing good results when it's used. Not 100% but good enough to warrant more studies. An MD in California in the Palo Alto area is setting up what is necessary for FDA approval. He uses ozone therapy for quite a few conditions. Ozone therapy was used in the US and other countries before antibiotics were discovered. Around the 1900s. It's an old treatment. Other countries continued to use it because either the drugs were too expensive or they thought the ozone therapy was worth keeping around. Yes, ozone breathed in is not safe. When doing the treatment, ozone is not breathed in and is captured in a totally enclosed, ozone-safe container where it cannot escape until it's needed. Ozone is unstable and breaks down quickly into oxygen but a device called a deconstructor can break down the ozone even faster. If doing this at home, a person should only use medical grade equipment and pure oxygen. Asprey has those details in the link above. The cheap devices should never be used. Ozone in small amounts is fine to breathe in. That fresh, sweet smell after a thunderstorm is ozone. Here is a YouTube video explaining the history of ozone therapy, how it works and showing a 10 pass treatment. A 10 pass is what many athletes use. After it's done, people usually have a lot of energy. The procedure: an MD removes up to 200 ml of blood into a glass vessel that has a tube connected to it. The ozone is generated in a medical grade ozone generator using oxygen. A tube from the ozone generator is connected to the vessel. A valve is switched and the ozone flows into the vessel, swished into the blood and then the ozonated blood is reinfused back into the patient. That is one pass. For Covid in Italy, they are only doing 1-3 passes per day for 5-10 days so not even a 10 pass. In the US, MDs that I follow and who use ozone are giving Covid patients a full 10 pass and then waiting a day to see how they feel. Many of their patients begin to stop coughing during the treatment and their headaches and pains also start to subside.
  15. Insurance won't pay for it in the US. Few doctors offer it in the US as well and those who do are brave individuals. For example, they are not allowed to say they are treating a Covid patient with ozone. They may sat they are treating someone with all the symptoms of Covid who happened to test positive for Covid but that is about as far as they can go. Other countries have more freedom.
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