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  1. I ordered a device from Sweden that took awhile to arrive. It fell out of the poorly-taped package somewhere in the US and so all I received was an empty box. Of course, the company didn’t believe the box was empty but after a few calls, they were miraculously able to locate it. On a related note, IKEA’s delivery service — XPO — has got to be the worst! Ikea is so good at everything else. (Well, except it will take 100s of calls just to get through to their customer service.) Just wish they could improve the delivery.
  2. After thinking about this a bit more, would you consider leading a class? Seriously, you’d be a plus to the gym. You’re willing to arrive early and you’ve lost a lot of weight. I would think many people would prefer someone like you. Plus, you could set your workout days, probably not have to pay dues and maybe even get some travel money. Just planting a seed for you to consider!
  3. Will do. It’s arriving tomorrow along with the Joovv light. Excited to try them both.
  4. Yes, either a capsule or powder. The glycine we take is made by NOW and is a powder. It's 100% glycine and nothing else. If you prefer capsules, you can find those, too. A dose of 3-5 grams about an hour or two before bedtime should work. One-quarter teaspoon of the powder equalsa one gram, so you'd take 3/4 to 1-1/4 teaspoons mixed in with water. Glycine is an amino acid and will taste slightly sweet. Most people tolerate it well, even very high doses. However, if you're taking Clozaril (Clozapine) or have had a stroke, you'd want to be supervised by a doctor. It's always good to do a quick search for contraindications just to be safe.
  5. Have you tried taking your morning temperature immediately upon waking? Is that still used by people to gauge their thyroid? You might be running a slightly higher temp and that could be causing problems. For example, people who are depressed are often two degrees warmer than normal. Being slightly warmer at night can cause sleep distrubances, too. Have you tried taking glycine at night? It works by lowering core body temp which in turn helps people fall asleep and stay asleep. My husband and one son both have trouble staying asleep and waking too early. Glycine has worked incredibly well for them, so we bit the bullet and bought two programmable cooling mattress pads, Oolers, this weekend which control the matress temperature by using circulating water. We'll be giving them a try soon.
  6. If you want to learn more about gut health, especially the microbiome, check out Justin and Erica Sonnenburg's book The Good Gut. They are husband and wife researchers who run a lab at Stanford where they study the microbiome. There are many things you could try: 1. Fasting. A one-day mouse fast is the equivalent of about 3 days for a human but even one human day would likely have a good effect. As a bonus, you go quickly into ketosis with a fast. 2. Tracking inulin -- prebiotic fiber that probiotics eat in your intestine -- and adding more if necessary. Start with small amounts, though. 3. Eating only the egg yolks at breakfast. 4. Coffee helps some people but in others, such as those with IBS, it can wreak havoc.
  7. I bought an Ooler, which is a programmable cooling mattress pad that circulates water to control core body temp. After trying glycine before bed, which also lowers core body temperature, and finding it does help me sleep very well, I bit the bullet and bought the Ooler. We'll see how it works. Also bought a Joovv solo red light and near-infrared light. I've been eyeing these for over a year. Want to try it for a variety of reasons. Bought some other things, too, but those were the big ticket items.
  8. I use this exercise bike for aerobics and intervals. It’s about $130, doesn’t run on electricity, and is almost silent when in use. It’s very quiet. I’ve had mine for over 5 years. Great bike. You can probably even find it for less.
  9. I had no idea what those charger things are called. Thank you! Btw, if you are ever in a small airport with only one working outlet, you’ll be able to charge your device and other passengers’, restoring peace to the world! We usually pack a small power strip as well in our carryon. When we fly into Kona, it comes in handy because there is only one working outlet in the main waiting area. We have the Bose headphones, too. They’re great on planes.
  10. I follow the advice of Satchin Panda, Valter Longo and Jason Fung regarding fasting and time-restricted eating. So, most days I try to stop eating all food by 5 pm except water because eating afterward leads to increases in inflammatory markers. Then I eat breakfast around 10 am, so a 16-17 hour fast. Our bodies are also more insulin sensitive earlier in the day and more insulin resistant later in the day. Two days per week, though, I will eat later when we go out. Normally I have two meals per day, sometimes three, but usually within about an 8-10 hour window. No snacking.
  11. We are going out to eat but then after seeing this thread, it occurred to me that I won’t have any turkey for sandwiches. So now I have some turkey thighs that I’m going to brine tomorrow and cook up on Turkey Day. So then I thought I better get the fixings and desserts and I got those, too, but they’re all premade. That counts in my book, though! Can’t wait to eat. I’m doing a pre-Turkey Day fast and everything is looking ridiculously good!
  12. When my kids were young (they’re all adults now), I sometimes decorated Scandinavian style — iow, very simply. Just a plain tree with only garland. Presents went into bags from the dollar store or they were gift cards. A lot of the food was premade or easy to make. Buy yourself some bath bombs and keep the rest simple. Tis the season to enjoy!
  13. It’s a good idea to learn how to exercise the soleus muscles in your calves to help keep blood pumping back up to your heart. They’re sometimes called the second hearts. Look up exercises online and consider fitting them in.
  14. Others have given you some great tips, but for a multi-legged trip of about 24 hours, I’d add: Metamucil/psyllium capsules. They will make you happier later. 😄 Costco sells them for not too much. Personally, I’d start with 4 and then 12 hours later, take 4 more. Drink lots of water. Melatonin and glycine to help reset yourself to your new time zone. Packs of travel Kleenex. A toothbrush. Just brush in plane’s bathroom and rinse with your own water. Or at airport. Earplugs if the sound might bother you. At least one large, empty water bottle per person. Planes almost always will have beverages but weird things can happen. You want your water for sure which, like Curious Mom said, you can fill after security. I also bring an empty cardboard coffee cup with lid because nothing is worse than trying to take in your morning coffee while hitting turbulence. I’d bring a salad and healthy-ish snacks to eat on the plane. Plus a few not-so-healthy snacks like peanut M&Ms. King size. 🙂 A travel size pack of Lysol wipes to wipe down tray, screen buttons and arm rests. For long trips I like having a big memory foam or good-quality micro bead neck pillow. They’re great for twisting into odd shapes that you can lie down on. I also cover my under seat bag with a plastic bag so I can eventually put my feet on it, especially when I’m trying to sleep. Disposable plastic bags are good for trash. A very large light scarf that you can use as a light blanket. Noise-reducing headphones are not necessary but make it easier to hear your entertainment. A multi USB charger so you can charge multiple devices at once in the airport and on plane. Sometimes airports don’t have many working outlets. Remember the cables. Wear comfy clothes and shoes, get up and walk about often when you can and if you have roomier areas to stretch, do so. ETA: I think Google Translate allows you to take a photo with your camera of foreign words and then it translates. I don’t use it often so I’m not 100% sure but you might want to check it out if you’ll be dealing with a foreign language you don’t know.
  15. Just finished decorating the tree. I am definitely more is more when it comes to Christmas decorations. LOL. I’ve been working on it for about 2 weeks. It’s fake. In the process of putting together the annual Christmas song playlist. Tomorrow is garland-going-up day. Amaryllis and paper whites are looking good. Wednesday I’m going to start shopping and putting together a few cookie boxes for friends and kids.
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