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  1. This study supposedly has some serious flaws. It was discussed on a forum where I lurk. Regardless, it’d be good to know more about the reinfections.
  2. I have this book on my reading list. It discusses our individual microbiota and how that affects our mental state. The brain, central nervous system and gut microbes communicate with one another which influences how we feel. The Psychobiotic Revolution: Mood, Food and the New Science of the Gut-Brain Connection (link to Amazon) Additionally, low daily protein intake can cause low-grade inflammation. Because your son is a young teen who also works out, he needs a bit more protein. No need to go overboard but it might be worthwhile to track his protein intake for a few days. Ma
  3. Active infections in the areas where trials are being conducted are also necessary to determine how well vaccines work. We have a lot so that will speed trials up as well.
  4. Almost all adverse effects appear within days to weeks after getting vaccinated. They’re still monitoring Phases 1 and 2 participants and will not apply for an EUA until 40 days (I’ll have to check this) past the last participant’s last shot in Phase 3. Then, they will continue monitoring all participants long after Phase 3 ends.
  5. Some short articles about 22 individuals involved with creating and approving vaccines and therapies. https://www.fiercepharma.com/special-report/most-influential-people-fight-against-covid-19 An article about Pfizer’s plan to deliver their vaccine at a cold enough temperature: https://www.fiercepharma.com/manufacturing/pfizer-designed-new-container-and-plans-to-tap-shipping-companies-for-covid-19 An ad for a container that can be used to transport pharmaceuticals at very low temps, such as some of the vaccines. I thought this was interesting. https://www.fiercepharma.
  6. Multiple vaccines will be used in the US. The first might be available by end of December or more likely January to health care workers and the elderly. They might not get the same vaccine; HCWs could get Pfizer’s or Moderna’s while elderly get AstraZeneca. Who gets which depends on the immune response. The elderly are producing a good immune response with the AZ vaccine. After that phase, vaccines will become available to the general public. More details from this article: https://www.fiercepharma.com/special-report/most-influential-people-fight-against-covid-19-moncef-slaoui Moncef
  7. In the US, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson have resumed. AZ’s delay was supposedly caused by the FDA wanting all of the Oxford patient data reformatted into a particular format. J&J paused after a participant had a stroke but that was determined to be caused by something else.
  8. Yes, we all get flu shots here to prevent getting flu or to mitigate symptoms. If we can prevent getting infected, then we will not be exposing vulnerable people to the flu as well who might not survive it. A number of promising universal flu vaccines are in the works. If approved, I plan to get one at some point. https://medicalxpress.com/news/2020-03-universal-flu-vaccine-horizon.html https://asm.org/Articles/2019/August/A-Universal-Influenza-Vaccine-How-Close-Are-We
  9. Maybe not for weddings but after serious job interviews, they are probably a good idea. Something short is fine.
  10. Sleep is as important as a healthy diet and exercise. This is when the brain literally swooshes toxins and other stuff out. Your whole body does a lot of work during sleep so it’s worthwhile to improve. Your son might be slightly too warm internally. Glycine could help because it lowers core body temp. Saunas can reset this in people, too. Matthew Walker’s sleep book would be a good resource to investigate what you could try. You could work on optimism by assessing situations together with him as they naturally arise in his and your daily lives and then removing the 3 Ps when you can: per
  11. This thread is giving me some good Christmas ideas. I might have to gift myself something too. If not this time, maybe later she might like a Travel Berkey, 1.5 gallons and takes both the carbon and fluoride filters. It’s smaller than the Big Berkey but big enough for 1-4 people provided it’s refilled as needed. We keep two glass IKEA pitchers on the counter so that there’s always extra. All my kids have a Berkey, too. Considering your daughter’s health issues, this could be a good present at some point. Does she like sprouts? They’re incredibly high in sulforaphane which is good for
  12. Two little cutie pies! Although they arrived early they appear very healthy and happy — and now they’re on to learn about science! The handholding and their facial expressions are so sweet. 😊 @Arcadia My sister is totally agreeing with Amber’s title. 😁
  13. A few thoughts: Emotions affect actions. Children often have trouble articulating their emotions which is key to developing emotional regulation. Identifying the best term for the many subtle nuances of emotions—emotional granulation—as opposed to using very general terms such as mad, sad, glad, can help individuals regulate themselves and then devise plans and remedies to solve the hurdles they’ll face in life. Yale has been studying this for years, particularly in children. They developed an app called Mood Meter that anyone can download and use. App and more info here: https:
  14. The FDA is discussing the vaccines generally (not individually) right now and you may listen to the meeting if you’d like. Search for “fda October 22”. AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson are expected to resume within a week or so.
  15. Well, I can’t comment because I don’t know what you saw! LOL Anyway, here’s a short article that explains what efficacy the FDA wants to see in vaccine candidates: https://www.fiercepharma.com/vaccines/fda-to-require-at-least-50-efficacy-for-covid-19-vaccines-wsj
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