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  1. The book Buzzed (Amazon link) does a good job explaining what alcohol is and what it does. A lot of sites online also have good info about what exactly it does. They are worth checking out because they are often discovering new things. I recently stopped drinking alcohol altogether myself. I'm a social drinker and only drink at night and when I go out. I was drinking about 2-3 margaritas per week, but alcohol -- even light drinking, IMO -- just has way too many drawbacks for my liking. Now I order non-alcohol drinks when I go out, usally tea, coconut water, etc. I don't feel as festive but my health is ultimately better, IMO, as a result.
  2. I went to a religious school and one day a fellow student asked me to read a Bible verse because she didn’t want me to go to hell. It was just so weird. Maybe I gave off some sort of vibe. A heathen vibe. Or maybe I should go read that verse. I am in my 50s now. 😄
  3. Lush makes some wonderful round bar shampoos. My favorite is lemony Montalbano. They’re supposed to last a long time but I blow through probably two per month. It gives me an excuse to go in and check out everything else.
  4. From the article Arcadia linked (thanks, Arcadia!): "To protect themselves, Kellermann said consumers should keep antivirus software on all their devices (mobile phones, tablets, computers and laptops), and should change their passwords (or, preferably, passphrases) every several months. And everyone who isn't about to move or buy a car should freeze their credit, he added. A credit freeze would prevent most unauthorized activity and is a straightforward process. "All you have to do is call a credit bureau and put in your Social Security number over the phone," he said. "And I would recommend doing it over the phone." Here's more from the May 2019 issue of Kiplinger's. The article is about ID theft of all sorts. It is so good, you might want to buy the issue or print it out. For more about freezing credit, scroll down to where it says "The power of putting your credit on ice."
  5. Chris Masterjohn has some good info about genes and B vitamins. Here’s a video he made but he has more on his site. Besides weighing yourself, you might want to look into getting a DEXA scan once or twice a year to see how your body composition has changed. Universities have sometimes done these for about $100 but I’ve read about centers popping up dedicated to the DEXA scan. It’s still probably a good idea to try to find someone who can help you figure out if something is going on with your heart. It’s a drag but one of those better safe than sorry situations. I had to do that myself for a heart murmur. More to ease my doc than myself! But all was good. And most likely, that will be your case, too. 🙂
  6. Did they test you for H. pylori? Breath and stool tests are more accurate than blood. It sounds like they need to get to the root cause of your digestive issues. That is probably causing or contributing to your other problems. In Israel at Tel Aviv University, they are using hyperbaric oxygen therapy (hbot) to treat fibromyalgia. The researcher’s name is Prof. Shai Efrati. He has done a number of studies using hbot. Spain and I think Italy have also begun similar studies, IIRC. Pages 39-40 of the 1st link have a quick summary and the rest has more details. The second link is a shorter abstract of the same study that you could print out and discuss with your doctor if you wanted to do so.
  7. Lands End full price tees are 40 or 50% off (can’t remember which) today, Friday, if you use the promo code LOTUS. I might have to order some myself.
  8. Coach might have something. I have an old Coach bag that checks all your boxes. Poshmark or eBay might have some.
  9. Do you have any good running stores? Maybe you could go in and talk to someone and ask if they know any MDs in your area who will help you get a more definitive answer.
  10. Purple potatoes would be festive. They also kill cancer stem cells. Doesn’t matter how you prepare them.
  11. Serrapeptase is very good for breaking down scar tissue. In your case if you were to take it, you probably would not want to take it during cold and flu seasons because it has caused pneumonia in some rare cases. It can also cause spider veins. And don’t do mega doses. Maybe 20,000 IU for 4-5 days and then none for 2-3 days. Any weird symptoms, then you stop. Ray Sahelian’s site might also be worth reading.
  12. Just got back from DC. Rakuya was pretty good. It’s sushi and Japanese. We went there for happy hour/dinner and everything was excellent. The cocktail I had was probably the best I’ve ever had (winter pear or something like that). The waiter was very attentive and the place was eventually bustling and fun. We also went to Barcelona Wine Bar for tapas and sangria. It was such a disappointment. Watered down, overpriced sangria, okay but not great tapas, really bad service. I would have liked to try Zataynia which is Turkish/Lebanese I think. It gets a lot of good reviews. DC is so pretty right now. The crabapples and all the spring flowers are probably blooming. We were there at the height of the cherry blossoms. Gorgeous.
  13. Lands End relaxed fit t-shirt fan here, too. To help determine what size you’ll like, you can measure a favorite tee at home and compare it to the Lands End tee’s measurement. They have a little button near the image that gives you the garment’s measurement. It’s super helpful especially for online orders.
  14. Back in the 1970s, my MIL developed prosopagnosia from what we believe was a small stroke that was not diagnosed until much later. In her case, she could still see parts of faces but not the whole face. My husband, who may have some small degree of autism, has trouble recognizing actors who look similar. I’ve read that could be prosopagnosia as well, just a mild form. Not sure though. Richard Davidson’s lab in Wisconsin might have done some studies on it. He did do brain imaging studies on autistic adolescents and saw that the fusiform gyrus was involved. I don’t have the book with me but what he has to say about gaze aversion, anxiety and the fusiform gyrus are interesting. The book is a few years old by now so more recent research might have changed it.
  15. An area of the brain called the fusiform gyrus appears to be affected in autistic people. It’s involved with facial recognition. I read about the fusiform gyrus and autism in The Emotional Life of Your Brain which was written a few years ago. Researchers might have discovered something new or different in the meantime.
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