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  1. Here's what someone I know who is into astronomy has to say:
  2. You probably have too much inflammation, not a dreadful disease. My point about Longo is that his research is showing that autoimmune conditions can be improved. These are human studies. ETA: And you are also not a big fat slob! Your weight lifting routine sounds intense.
  3. If you do turn out to have an autoimmune problem, check out researcher Valter Longo. His work is pretty incredible.
  4. Hmm. I don’t know what sort of machine your chiro used — some kind of a TENS maybe? but with pemf devices you would only eventually feel heat from the copper coil that heats up. That’s a bummer that you’re sensitive but serrapeptase and maybe Graston will help.
  5. That is a nice chicken coop! Is it for chicks only? Eta: glad you got out, too.
  6. Pemfs are extremely low to very low frequency. The magnetic pulse is created with electrical current. Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) is being used for depression, anxiety, etc. It is a type of pemf. The Neurostar is one such machine. Harvard is doing a lot of research in this area as well as photobiomodulation, which is also pretty cool and can help with inflammation. I also take Serrapeptase every now and then but not for inflammation. Doctor’s Best, 40,000 SPU per day.
  7. Try a pemf device. Pemf therapy is pulsed electromagnetic frequency therapy. It’s not TENS; instead it’s a magnetic field that moves through tissue. I bought my first device, an Almag, years ago for chronic, lower back pain. Just placed it over the painful area, turned it on, and within a few weeks pain began to subside. By 6-8 weeks it was gone. Wore it for a minimum of 20” per day, but sometimes hours, like while I was watching tv. The SOTA is a better-built device that has a deeper setting. That would be a good one to own. About $400. To learn more, Dr. Pawluk is an MD in the US who has researched pemf extensively. You can find articles that explain how it works at his website. He’s also made some short YouTube videos. I prefer to only buy devices that he recommends. NASA has also researched pemf therapy as well for astronauts while they’re in space. Pro athletes and race horses use it, too. Contraindications are listed at Pawluk’s site — pregnant, implanted devices, etc. I own four devices. Saving up for a full-body mat. They are just fantastic for many conditions but especially pain and inflammation.
  8. Besides all the advice already mentioned, some women have been helped by taking serrapeptase, an enzyme produced by silkworms that can dissolve scar tissue. You’d likely find more info on an endometriosis/fibroid forum than from your MD. It’s not used much in the US but is used in Japan and Europe. You’d also want to inquire about breastfeeding and taking it. I take it for chunks of time (not for fibroids or endometriosis). It’s also good to take with antibiotics because it helps dissolve the biofilm where bacteria hang out. I take Doctor’s Best brand 40,000 SPU on an empty stomach with no eating for 1-2 hours after. Christiane Northrup probably has good information about endometriosis but she can be a bit new agey. Science Daily would also be a good source to follow.
  9. What about Hawaii? Maybe Big Island. Stay around Kona at a Hale Kona Kai condo, right on the ocean next to a safe lagoon between Hale Kona Kai and the Royal Kona Resort. You’d be able to get a good price, I’d think. You could do some snorkeling right there in the lagoon. Other snorkeling spots aren’t too far away where you can find sea creatures that are only found around Hawaii. The nighttime manta ray dive isn’t far either (scuba). From your lanai you might see spinner dolphins. Most people stock up on groceries from Costco, Safeway and other grocery stores. There are also 2 farmers markets around Kona. A lot of restaurants are decently priced, too. The ABC stores sell reasonably priced snack foods, booze and kitschy stuff. If you want, you can listen to the local musicians, often for free or the price of a drink, at bars or malls. Hula shows sometimes, too.
  10. She should be okay with the Metformin. To be on the safe side, she could check her blood glucose herself if she isn't already and be aware of signs of hypoglycemia. 🙂
  11. Her doctor will probably know very little about Dr. Fung's work so there likely won't be much to discuss. Fasting is not at all the same as starvation. They affect the body differently. My A1C is very good (in the 4s) but I still fast usually 4 days per month (2 days every 2 weeks) for the benefit of autophagy, which is the way our bodies clear out or reuse pro-inflammatory cellular debris. Most people in the US have way too much of this in their bodies wreaking havoc on their health. Some of the first bits to get cleared out are skin, so people who fast can sometimes not have the saggy skin problem that others get with doing just calorie reduction. I used to belong to one of Fung's fasting groups and a number of people did experience this even after very large losses. More importantly, a 5-day fast eliminates about 40% immune cells, many of which are damaged and pro-inflammatory. Upon refeeding, new stem cells will sprout which can be used throughout the body to rebuild. So fasting is a way to rebuild the immune system. Valter Longo at USC is doing a lot of research using fasting or the fast-mimicking diet to treat both cancer and autoimmune conditions. (It is also important long-term to keep protein intake to just what your body needs, probably on the low end. Longo's also done work on this.) Longo has a book that explains all this. Fasting also improves the microbiome. I use the Glucose Ketone Index to monitor how a fast is going. It's just blood glucose divided by blood ketones. I aim to get that ratio close to 1.0 and am often below 1.0 around day 2 in the afternoon. I use the True Metrix blood meter for measuring glucose and the Precision Xtra for ketones. Ketones are often higher in late afternoon/evening and that's when I measure those along with glucose when I'm fasting. It's a little finger prick of blood. When I eat, I avoid sugar and simple carbs (avoid, not eliminate) and eat until I'm full. I also eat a wide variety of veggies and fruit, probably 15-20 different things, just a bit of some and more of others. I make almond/coconut flour/low-sugar cookies and cakes and eat those. They're tasty. William Li has a good book that explains the benefits of certain foods. When a person eats is just as important as what a person eats. This is Satchin Panda's work on circadian biology. Stop eating as close to 5 pm as possible and inflammation will be reduced. Work to improve sleep because not being rested leads to insulin problems. This is what Panda's research is showing. His book is worth reading, too. If you want to get into the nitty-gritty, check out Rhonda Patrick's videos on her YouTube account, FoundMyFitness, where she's interviewed Valter Longo twice and Satchin twice. She is pretty darned expert in the area of micronutrients herself (a PhD). Your cousin will eventually want to pay more attention to that but she'll probably learn more as she goes along. Good luck to your cousin!
  12. In the elderly, especially elderly women, silent UTIs can cause dementia-like symptoms which might be the only symptom. @Selkiebesides the Sherzai's, Dr. Dale Bredesen is another source of good advice. Also, the recent studies using photobiomodulation, light therapy, which are showing very promising results. Here are two small studies but there are some larger, ongoing clinical trials going on right now. Vielight devices are used in some of these treatments. Here's some more info about one of the clinical trials.
  13. Even though it's far away, if you've never been to any of the Hawaiian islands, that's where I'd suggest. It's super chill and relaxing but plenty of activities as well. The snorkeling is unbelievable. In some spots you can sit in the water and see fish all around you. Hawaii is not simply beaches, waterfalls and lush jungles. The islands have many climate zones from tropical to arid. You can walk through lush bamboo forests, old craters and volcano areas, and even drive up the mountains where it can be very cold and even snowy at times. Many of the hotels, shopping areas and community centers have free concerts mostly of musicians playing Hawaiian music. You can also watch free hula shows which will often include keiki (kids). The Big Island and Oahu often have direct flights from Chicago which take about 7-8 hours or so direct. Direct returns often leave in the evening and arrive around 6 am CST. Flights have been on the cheap side this summer. This place is right on the ocean on the Big Island with a natural lagoon for swimming. These are right on the water. This place is on Oahu and is right on the ocean. There are some tent cities about a mile away or so but you wouldn't likely walk around there anyway. I've never felt unsafe in the area. It's a fairly easy drive down to the resort areas, Disney Aulani, and lagoons at Ko'Olina but driving to other areas of Oahu would take some time. A place on the north shore, like a little beach shack, might be an idea, too.
  14. Creepy! Definitely get the license plate and a description of the vehicle and make sure your house is locked up.
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