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  1. I'm just popping in to say my husband and I finally got appointments this Thursday for our first doses of Pfizer. 40,000 people were already in the virtual waiting room when appointments opened at 3:00 pm. The location is about 1.5 hours away but -- I don't care. Hooray! 😄 Now I am going to clean all the things and prepare good food ahead of time in case we have a robust immune response.
  2. Chicago and surrounding suburbs have absolutely no vaccine appointments available BUT later today, at 3:00 pm, appointments for 1st doses will become available again. Dh and I hope to get an appointment anywhere we can. I welcome any telepathic powers sent our way to get a coveted 1st dose appointment! 👍 🤞
  3. I've read that the FDA and CDC paused the J&J so that they can educate HCWs about symptoms and how to treat precisely.
  4. Well, since you asked... 😄 If you are going to work with paint stripper, apply it with disposable brushes such as those cheap coarse bristled ones big boxes sell for a buck or so. Get many if your project is large, possibly in different sizes. You'll also need a paint scraper. And green Scotch-Brite sponges to remove the last bits of remaining and embedded paint after using the paint scraper. The green color from the sponge can transfer to light wood so find lighter gritty sponges if needed. Many thin latex gloves, too, to protect your hands. Cardboard is great for catching the paint
  5. Not sure if you are familiar with these, but I have found the Reddit Covid19 and Medicine boards to be helpful. You can't ask for medical advice on either but they will discuss among themselves issues such as bleeding after the vaccine and possible causes or remedies they're using. Covid19 discusses related studies but allows readers to ask questions in a weekly thread and they do answer many of them. Just thought I'd throw that out there if anyone is interested.
  6. I design my meals to meet potassium and even then, it's difficult to get 4700 mg because I eat low carb and low sat fat. So no potatoes for me which are very high in potassium. 😞 Using that nutrition data website, I typed up a list of foods we eat and then entered serving size, net carbs, protein, potassium and magnesium. Potassium and net carbs are the two I pay the most attention to because the others are easier to supplement. I get recipes from Diet Doctor Plus, Jason Fung's site. They are tasty! I don't take potassium supplements because I have heard too many scary stories of people c
  7. Well, darn. I just finished ALL of my interior dry wood rot projects using Bondo. Everything turned out great but that stuff is a ***** to work with. Thank you for the recommendations because I will be buying the PC Woody products in the future to use in my 1940s mid-century modern mess of a home (way more beautiful now though). Okay, now I must let y'all in on a really great paint remover if you should ever need one. Maybe you've heard of it. Anyway, I love this stuff and used it all over our current home. It is called Smart Strip and is made by Dumond. No VOCs, smells like t
  8. Have you ever tracked your daily diet? It is very hard to get the minimum RDAs for potassium and magnesium. For example, fewer than 2% meet the RDA for potassium (RDA changed from 3500 to 4700 mg). Magnesium deficiency is also bad. Tracking for just a short period can be very eye opening. If you are interested, I like https://nutritiondata.self.com. It's a PITA but does show the weak areas. I know you're not asking, but you might want to look into some of the more cutting-edge treatments that a few MDs are using. The MD I really like is Matt Cook, an MD anesthesiologist who works in regen
  9. It does sound like anxiety. After having been in two homes, maybe he is scared to discuss food preferences openly. Add to that all the strange new surroundings and ways of living and being away from the familiarity of home -- well, that would make me anxious even as an adult. I am glad he is with a kinder family like yours.
  10. You can have normal A1Cs, normal glucose but high insulin. This is my husband -- thin build and normal A1C but -- high insulin. Once we worked on getting his insulin in a better range, his high blood pressure went back to a healthy range. So, the fasting insulin might be worth checking out. People can have hyperinsulinemia for many years, even decades and that can cause a lot of problems. Just tossing that our as something to consider. Bikman does a great job explaining it. Anyway, I hope you find something the helps you!
  11. I'm glad you posted about your experience using hbot. It'd be great if we studied hbot more in the US and if we had more hbot centers that didn't charge too much. Gotta figure out how to get rid of those headaches so you can go cruising soon and get your Vitamin Sea. I hope you feel better soon!
  12. Kassia, have you had any testing done to measure insulin or long-term blood glucose levels? Feeling thirsty is one of the first signs of an insulin/glucose problem. If your state allows it, you can go online and order a fasting insulin ($25-48) and/or an A1C ($28-30) test yourself. I use WalkIn Labs. If you sign up to receive their emails, they will send coupons to get a discount. Often these are around 15% off. Here is how you sign up for WalkIn Labs: create an account (sign up to receive promo emails for discounts) order tests online pay online print out a
  13. There are so many misconceptions about the vaccines and Covid, even in MSM. The best thing to do is to seek out the individuals, such as virologists, who are able to accurately assess and comment. Lo and behold, here is a Reddit AMA with Vincent Racaniello, the host of This Week in Virology (TWiV) and also professor at Columbia as well as author of a virology textbook. The link to the full Q&A is here.
  14. My husband and I were finally eligible to sign up for the vaccine as of today at noon. We went to the site 30" before the appointments were released and when that moment happened, 45,000 others were also waiting vying for a vaccine at the same site! They had 15,000 slots available and all were gone within an hour. This is only one of the sites around Chicagoland now open to Group 2. Alas, we did not get an appointment. It's okay because it would have been at least 1.5 hours for us to drive to the location during non-rush hour traffic. We'll get vaxed eventually. This Monday appointments w
  15. I treated myself. No diagnosis by a physician because I knew what it was and knew about pemf/tinnitis studies. I had been using pemf for eight years or so before tinnitis and felt very comfortable administering it myself. Many doctors In the US don't know about pemf anyway. It's used more in Europe -- Germany and Austria -- and Russia. Unfortunately, there is a lot of woo that has latched onto it as well. However, I think it's nuts that we are not using it for pain, tissue regeneration and things like tinnitis. The reason I use the Sota is because it's one of the cheaper devices, about $5
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