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  1. Ugh, we're not in NY, but my neighborhood has very close ties with Orthodox communities in Brooklyn, and I'm very concerned about what I see here regarding distancing. Many neighbors are hosting large group sleepovers for their children indoors....
  2. Not cheap but it's durable and adjustable, and I didn't see any other sets with this number of obstacles for the price. It gets tons of use and we're very happy with it! Shipped faster than expected. https://www.etsy.com/listing/763204445/better-sporting-dogs-original-agility?ref=related-3&frs=1
  3. My dd14 loves the dog agility set we got her recently--great pandemic purchase for fun with the pup in the yard or basement. For Christmas I'm thinking cross country skis, nice snow pants and pjs for my teen girls. And for all of us a rack of hand weights and a new rug to make the basement more appealing for yoga and home workouts. Basically I'm focused on making winter more bearable by increasing our options for exercise outdoors and in.
  4. More details on dogs in Helsinki airport sniffing out Covid with nearly 100% accuracy. Such amazing doggies! Could save testing resources, too. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/sep/24/close-to-100-accuracy-airport-enlists-sniffer-dogs-to-test-for-covid-19
  5. It's well established in medical literature that vitamin D status has a major impact on immunity. Years before Covid, we learned my youngest had a genetic tendency to low D--and her levels were indeed quite low--so began supplementing. Before that she seemed to get every bug that came down the pike, and that stopped when she started the supplements. So wait for RCTs on Covid + D if you like, but to me it's a no-brainer general immune support. Anyone in the northern half of the US probably needs to supplement, certainly in winter, and even more so if you're a person of color. From wh
  6. Just finished Unorthodox, a four-part series based on Deborah Feldman's memoir about leaving her Hasidic community. I can't stop thinking about it--Shira Haas, who plays the 19 year-old protagonist Esty, is absolutely amazing.
  7. British Medical Journal editorial on a group of small studies that found pre-existing cellular immunity to Covid in 20-50% of people, probably due to previous exposure to other coronaviruses: https://www.bmj.com/content/370/bmj.m3563.full?ijkey=fb7IwiBWN21zMIF&keytype=ref And WaPo summary of the BMJ editorial below. Now all we need is cheap and easy testing for T-cell reactivity to Covid, and research on what degree of immunity it confers. At least six studies, Doshi writes, have reported T-cell reactivity against the virus in 20 to 50 percent of people with no known expo
  8. I hang them in the basement to dry (worst funk develops when they're wet and balled up), wash on hot, and occasionally add ammonia to the wash to kill germs. Same treatment for stinky workout clothes.
  9. Dd14 just started high school, in an alternative school we're all excited about. It's based on a mastery model with no grading, very similar to how we homeschooled our girls, and the math/physics teacher's focus on problem solving and quantitative reasoning are exactly where I'd like her to be spending most of her time. My older daughter had this teacher at his previous school and came away super excited about QR, something that hadn't quite happened in our homeschool. So I trust his teaching in most ways. But this is the inaugural year for the new school, and I'm not convinced quantitat
  10. I don't think it's terrible or unreasonable or anything else. There are things you and dh need to do together, like spend some time as a couple, and perhaps there are things ds will need to do at his place before the holidays. Even if it's somewhat contrived, I'd probably mull over what he might need or want to do in his area, and talk over the possibility of short interval where he goes back to take care of things, check on the apartment, pick something up, see a friend or whatever, and what timing makes sense with everyone's schedule. Even just a week or two might make a difference.
  11. Do you think you still need both the muscle relaxant and the pain pill? I was prescribed a muscle relaxant after an accident and used it just for a few days. Talk with your doctor about whether you can stop one of the meds (I'd stop the muscle relaxant first, myself) as an experiment, to see if that helps with your sleep. If the first attempt doesn't work, you could try going off the other med. I had a neck injury, so different from yours, but my PT said what my gut had told me--if you're stabilized to the point where you've controlled swelling and aren't in pain all the time, goin
  12. These tend to be girl-centric, and you'll need to figure out what age limitations work for your family, but there are soooooo many fabulous movies on this list: https://www.amightygirl.com/movies-tv I also really like https://www.commonsensemedia.org for family movie reviews. Sometimes a parent review flags something that the site's review does not, so I think it's worth reading parent reviews when they're available. If you start with the Mighty Girl list and check reviews on Common Sense Media I think you'll find tons of great family movies--many titles mentioned above are on the li
  13. Thanks for coming back to post, and I'm so glad Trello seems like a good fit for your projects!
  14. Thank you! It doesn't even need to be super fitted, long as I don't look like my refrigerator 🙂
  15. Good question. I think since I'll be outdoors more this winter due to Covid, I'm willing to spend more than usual. Let's say under $300, preferably less.
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