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  1. Dd18 likes to get takeout and eat in cars with friends. It's warmest and easiest with just one other friend (or a few siblings in two families) because you can park side by side, open windows to eat and talk, and still stay warmish for a while. A larger group can park in an empty corner of a lot in a circle, with hatchbacks or doors open and blankets. Chillier, but they're still having fun. Hotdogs or s'mores over a fire-pit. Making microwave mug cakes over Zoom. Have they exhausted the Netflix party and online group gaming options? I know winter sports are out, but if walking
  2. I'm exploring ways to activate my vagus nerve to shift my neurological state. Here's a basic intro to polyvagal theory, and how we can move up the ladder between states: http://counsellinginhamilton.com/polyvagal-ladder/ And here's a list of ways to activate the vagus nerve, some of which you've mentioned as things that are helpful to you. Maybe there are some quick, low maintenance options here. I have a book by Dr. Habib on hold at my library, but this handout has been helpful to me in the meantime: http://drhabib.ca/2016/07/activate-vagus-nerve/ I also think anything that mak
  3. My dad in MA and dh's dad in IL were both able to access Covid vaccination through Veterans Administration hospitals, before it was otherwise available for their age groups in both states. I'm not sure how the VA is prioritizing availability, but my dad is in his 80s and FIL 70s. Just wanted to pass this along in case it helps anyone trying to help older relatives sign up.
  4. Thanks for asking, @AmandaVT! After chills and aches last night my dad woke up feeling better this morning, just some cold symptoms (runny nose and congestion).
  5. My 88 year-old dad had his first dose of the Moderna vaccine yesterday. At 8 pm tonight (about 30 hours after the shot) he got the chills and is going to bed, 3 hours earlier than his usual routine. Hoping he starts to feel better tomorrow, but it wouldn't surprise me if it's another day before he feels better.
  6. I wonder about a call or a card letting her know you'd like to help in whatever way would feel supportive to her, and suggest a few things...some interesting options in this thread and you may come up with some of your own.
  7. Night sweats can also be a Covid symptom, even in the absence of other symptoms.
  8. I'm in! Dh and I have been walking an hour a day since the pandemic started, so I can build on that. Yesterday I hit 3 hrs for my first day! Looking forward to getting creative about adding different outdoor activities. Highs for this week are in the 30s, so if we get some sun I might bundle up and read or do some work outside. Fire pit dinners, etc. I'll try to hit 1K, but if not I'll still be getting outside more, and the tracker is pretty 🙂
  9. I'm trying to figure out my deeper desires, and choose pandemic-friendly goals based on that. While a normal year's goal might be to save and plan for a vacation, this year I'm acknowledging that my wanderlust and drive for novelty are just as strong as ever (probably more so, actually!) but need different outlets. So I'm planning to do segment hikes of a long, looping trail that circles my state, explore different food vendors in the phenomenal indoor market in my city (which I used to go to before kids, but haven't been in years), etc. I'm also going to tie my need for novelty in with
  10. Dd18 homeschooled through 7th grade and never went through a serious phase of teenage rebellion through the first few years of high school. Things shifted somewhere in her junior year, and now she's home for the spring after one semester away at college and I feel like she's in the throes of an intense process of differentiation from us as parents, but especially me. I know this is a normal and healthy process and that it won't be exactly like this forever, but it's really tough. I also sense that how dh and I handle it matters a lot to her development and our adult relationships going f
  11. Fails--the Brie en croute appetizer took longer to cook than the main course, and I made too much food Christmas Eve. Why do I always do this, no matter what size crowd? Will simplify next year, I swear! Dh and I had a fight 2 days before Christmas that was still in the air Christmas Eve 😞 Wins--My dds were delighted with their gifts, purple shampoo which dd14 kissed upon opening, a Garmin for my xc runner, a hair straightener just for pandemic kicks, and dumbbells for all of us. It was a cozy day, 15 inches of snow falling and nowhere we needed to be except a couple extended family Zoom
  12. This sounds very powerful. But how do you break them? Throw them into the box, and they shatter against each other? It must reveal something about my personality that I want to know the safest procedure for dish-shattering before attempting myself....
  13. I'm not sure either, but I do think that oftentimes several things contribute to shifting emotions or processing grief. So if a Happy Light is one of the 3 or 4 things that make a little difference, that can add up. OP, grounding in my body with yoga, meditation, dancing or hard exercise often helps me. With a good guided meditation I can often feel a biochemical shift in my brain. That doesn't mean everything magically feels better, but it's not just a bubble bath, if you know what I mean. A meditation app can lower the bar to finding a guided meditation and make it easier to do it more
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