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  1. Thanks so much for posting this. I have to check but I'm guessing ours are in this group. And I was so happy when we finally installed functional detectors everywhere!
  2. Dd18 is a first year student at Bowdoin, and we visited the Schiller Center when I dropped her off this fall. It's so gorgeous! Miles of wooded trails and beaches to explore, in addition to those brand new research facilities. If it's not raining I imagine they'll all be drawn outdoors for lunch breaks. I'm guessing the ventilation in those buildings is state-of-the-art as well. I don't have a link for a KN95 but I'd trust a US manufacturer or something NIOSH approved. After the variants started circulating KN95s became my go-to mask and although they feel like much better protection than
  3. I haven't read the other thread, but will she be vaccinated by then? For vaccinated family members we're going with Happy Masks or some kind of triple-layer cloth equivalent when indoors in public. Unvaccinated family members are wearing KN95 masks when indoors in public. They're much more comfortable than N95s for wearing all day, but the fit and seal are better than any of the cloth masks we have, including our Happy Masks.
  4. That's a great way to put it, that old Covid is gone and prior disease is not protecting people as it did before.
  5. This hurts my heart 😞 I hope word gets out that younger people are at much greater risk from variants and that vaccines are protective.
  6. Variants hitting Maine--and vaccines are effective. Average age in ICU has plummeted to 45. https://www.pressherald.com/2021/05/06/maine-hospitals-see-surge-of-unvaccinated-covid-19-patients-requiring-intensive-care/?fbclid=IwAR16upyR7TB_-RMEFi6aNPvCrFN4pDH_g3kTY6wVPVE-zzHk0DaHhS7TXRQ
  7. A friend who works in a Covid care unit in Maine says their census has never been so high. Average age of patient in ICUs is 45. https://www.pressherald.com/2021/05/06/maine-hospitals-see-surge-of-unvaccinated-covid-19-patients-requiring-intensive-care/?fbclid=IwAR16upyR7TB_-RMEFi6aNPvCrFN4pDH_g3kTY6wVPVE-zzHk0DaHhS7TXRQ Dr. Joan Boomsma, chief medical officer for MaineHealth, the state’s largest hospital network and parent of Maine Medical Center in Portland, said that during the winter surge about 3 in 10 of its patients hospitalized with COVID-19 required intensive care, but that
  8. Sending prayers and all good energy for your nephew's recovery, @FuzzyCatz
  9. I'm curious about this--what does your meter measure, exactly? And what happens if you turn off the exhaust fan?
  10. I really love cooking on my gas cooktop but it's on its last leg, and we're planning to replace it with electric for exactly this reason. We have people with asthma and environmental illness in the family and it's thus a big priority for us to have a healthy house. But there's no doubt I'll miss cooking with gas. Our ridiculous gas oven, on other hand, has never heated well from the top and I can't wait to be able to make properly browned baked goods and roasts without resorting to heroic measures like pan-searing or broiling after baking.
  11. I don't think it's illogical to do a separate risk-benefit calculation for our kids--they have their whole lives and reproductive years ahead of them. A friend of mine who is a doc and heads the Covid unit in her hospital told me last summer that personally she would get any vaccine as soon as it was available because of her Covid exposure at work, but for her teens she wanted to wait and see on the new mRNA technology, and might prefer an older vaccine technology for them. This winter, dd18 had the chance to get a Pfizer vaccine because she works at a school, and I checked back in with
  12. Agreeing that feeling some internal sensation can be completely normal. Dd18 said she felt a sensation of something washing or flowing inside her arm after both doses. She had no issues with the vaccine, other than the typical day of flu-like symptoms after her 2nd dose. So relieved all the adults in the house are now vaccinated! Thank you for sharing your concerns, OP, and I hope some of these responses are helpful to you. I think the discussion will help other people as well.
  13. I definitely had the fuzzy brain, in addition to flu-like symptoms. Huge relief to wake up on day 4 post-vaccine thinking and feeling clearly again. Hope you're feeling much better soon.
  14. Super simple but weirdly delicious: Spread sour cream on cod (or other whitefish) and sprinkle generously with parmesan cheese. Pepper & salt. Bake as usual and serve with lemon wedges. I can't explain why this is so magically delicious, except to say that each of the few ingredients is essential.
  15. I'm not one for commenting on women's appearances, normally, and I don't know a whole lot about makeup, but I totally agree that heavy black eye liner on lower lids draws the eye downward and exaggerates the appearance of aging. There are lots of makeup techniques for upper lids that visually lift the eye. If a makeup artist was involved, it's as if they were trying to maximize the mature look.
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