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  1. We're having trouble finding replacement plumbing parts. Every supply house is out of the same things. Going forward we'll order parts as soon as we have the earliest inkling the work will need to be done.
  2. I'd probably pack face shields in case mask + face shield seemed more comfortable or preferable for any reason. And straws, to drink without unmasking, and guided meditations to get into a relaxed zone. Have everyone get good sleep for a few days before travel, take vitamin C and zinc, feast beforehand so you're not really hungry on the flight. At the moment I'm in Swiss cheese mode, looking for ways to layer protection while still doing what we really want or need to do. Agreeing with previous posters on travel insurance and considering what might happen if you're delayed coming home.
  3. My super curly girl got the best haircut of her life at a Black-owned salon a couple years ago, and hasn't gone anywhere else since. I think it's in the $60 + tip range for shoulder length hair. No idea if her stylist uses the curl-by-curly technique but dd's hair looks great, the cost is super reasonable and supports a Black-owned business. She's gotten product recs and styling ideas from her stylist and from friends.
  4. I had a similar experience with a concrete contractor steering us away from stamped concrete. He said it cracks eventually, like any concrete, and there's no way to repair a small area and have it look decent. He also said if it's not maintained with a sealant regularly you can't get the finish or color back, once it begins to deteriorate. Even as a professional, he didn't keep up with the maintenance on his stamped concrete pool deck and now regrets installing it. I really appreciated his honesty, since it cost him the job! But I think contractors are so busy he'll be fine 🙂 Pavers, on the other hand, can be replaced in small sections if needed, and there are new styles made up of larger blocks that look more contemporary than the older, small block styles. We're still waiting on installation (probably September) but I'm excited for our new patio. Our contractor uses Unilock paver blocks. I'm not sure if it's a regional company, but here it is if you want to check out some potential colors and design ideas: https://unilock.com ETA: We chose grey Beacon Hill Flagstone. I wonder, after looking at Arcadia's links, if the larger pavers might be any less likely to sink like that. Site prep is obviously really important but I imagine there's always a bit of settling, heaving or sinking. In my area frost heaves and cold winters might be more likely to cause issues than heat waves.
  5. Last I saw the Cleveland Clinic said 20% of tests they conducted were Delta variant. To me that suggests it won't be long until Delta is the majority of cases in this area.
  6. Today in the NYT--https://www.nytimes.com/2021/07/14/travel/passport-renewal-time-delay-delivery-wait.html?action=click&module=Editors Picks&pgtype=Homepage Routine passport service by mail, according to the State Department, can now take up to 18 weeks, compared to six to eight weeks before the pandemic, while expedited service, which costs an additional $60 and took anywhere from a few days to three weeks before Covid-19, can now take up to 12 weeks. “What is going on now is something like I’ve never seen in my life,” said David Alwadish, the founder of ItsEasy Passport & Visa, an expediting service. Mr. Alwadish said that while an estimated 100,000 Americans abroad were facing passport problems earlier this year because of consular closures across the globe, the number of Americans at home who are unable to travel because they can’t get documents is likely much higher. (The State Department in May shifted its policy on Americans abroad, allowing them to return to the United States on expired documents because of that backlog.) “It’s heartbreaking in cases when somebody is dying or very ill,” Mr. Alwadish said. Americans who require passports more quickly than the current processing times allow must show proof of imminent travel within 72 hours of their appointment.
  7. My mom has environmental illness and has to be very careful about even household substances, never mind meds. Her doctors both said, based on their experience with other patients, that they thought an mRNA vaccine would likely be safer for her than ivermectin. When people say ivermectin has such a great safety record I think that's a talking point, not based on actual data or patient experience.
  8. Perfect pandemic viewing, imo, because it's so big-hearted.
  9. I'm so sorry for your friend and family, and hope none of them are terribly ill. I'd be curious what state, if you're comfortable sharing.
  10. With the sprinkler question, could you bring a few washable cloth masks to the playground, switch them out as they get wet, and wash the whole batch when you get home? My 20 yo vaccinated niece (J&J) is really sick right now. Fever, severe sore throat, can't eat or drink without numbing throat spray, starting oral steroids because her tonsils were so swollen they almost touch. Rapid and long strep tests negative, and she's being tested for Covid and mono at her primary care doc today. Of course symptoms began over the weekend. Don't get me started that neither of two CVS Minute Clinics nor urgent care tested her for Covid before--she passed out in the aisle of one CVS and they gave her juice and had her call a friend for a ride home. She's in MA, and I wonder if some clinicians in high vax/low case states are getting complacent, or just haven't seen Delta yet. It may not be Covid, but she did have exposure to a family whose teens had breakthrough cases (also J&J) and she should have been tested and treated as a potential Covid patient the first time she sought care. I'm shifting toward taking more precautions, while still doing things that we want to do.
  11. ETA: I did separate the Agarikon and the probiotics, since Agarikon has some antibacterial effects.
  12. It may depend how people define lockdown. We had stay-at-home orders in my state but I never considered it a real lockdown because we could get out and hike, go to the store with masks, etc. For me lockdown will always remind me of the high-rises in Wuhan where people were literally locked inside and could only get deliveries on certain days. I'm freely enjoying all our outdoor options this summer and feel comfortable getting together with others who are vaccinated indoors, but still mask in public indoor spaces despite being fully vaxed. I guess I've varied what I'm doing at different phases of the pandemic less than most. My kids are teens but if I had littles and playgrounds were crowded, I'd probably have them mask on the playground soon. Delta is so transmissible and kids are kids.
  13. Dd had a stomach thing for a couple weeks, then felt better the day after we started two types of probiotics and 1 Agarikon mushroom capsule daily. Kept up the Agarikon for 10 days, and her symptoms never recurred. It was one of those things where she was not hungry, occasional nausea, just didn't feel good. The timing could have been a coincidence, but I'd go straight for Agarikon and probiotics next time. The probiotics we used were Align and D-Lactate Free Probiotic Powder (just because we had it in the fridge). A month or so out I'm still alternating the probiotics daily because they have so many health benefits.
  14. Yikes for Louisiana especially. Mind sharing where you found this? I've wondered about a post-4th spike as well.
  15. Reading: Lincoln in the Bardo with dh (actually, we're listening on Audible and following the text in our own copies. It's phenomenal as an audio performance, with tons of actors and celebrities reading different characters. And the book is brilliant, but halfway through doesn't pass the Bechdel test. Female characters are accessories to the development of male characters.) Watching: Atypical, Summer of Soul and documentaries on ancient Sumer. Listening: Florence and the Machine. Fun thread!
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