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  1. Is your finger swollen, or is that just the angle of the photo? The other two don't look swollen to me in the photos, at least.
  2. The one on your toe reminds me a little of Covid toes, but I don't think it was painful when my daughters had it. And they never had bruises anywhere else. I know you're looking for ideas but I would get this checked out sooner rather than later, like call today and see what the doc says. ETA: One thing I notice is all 3 are in your extremities. The theory with Covid toes is that micro clots form and drain down to the toes, which is where you can see the bruising. I'm not suggesting this is Covid toes but just spitballing and wondering if there could be a similar mechanism of draining toward your extremities. They seem like odd places to develop a bruise if you don't remember any trauma.
  3. My Costco has been out of Kirkland TP for weeks, and it's been hit-or-miss with Charmin.
  4. This may not be exactly what you mean but we ordered a couch in March that was scheduled to arrive Oct 1, and just received a letter saying it will be mid-December. Between empty shelves, long shipping times and high prices it's definitely time to start Christmas shopping! I just took dd16 to DSW to find heels and most of them were in the $70-$120 range. Couldn't believe it.
  5. This is fabulous! So happy for you!!! And that with this seller a family of humans who love the house won out over corporate cash.
  6. Going off the vitamins could have three potential benefits--reducing stress post-concussion, testing the hypothesis that the vitamins are related to the nosebleeds and letting your kid know you're listening and trying to work with them. At one point in grad school, when there was construction right outside my window early every morning, I developed severe heartburn and bloating, and got all kinds of testing done which came up negative. My doctor chalked it up to academic and environmental stress so I worked really hard to reduce stress! Then I ran out of my multivitamin, didn't have time to replace for a while, and my symptoms all resolved. It was really eye-opening to me that symptoms severe enough to compromise my health and quality of life could be caused by a multivitamin from the health food store that was supposed to be good for me! I can't really picture a mechanism by which a multivitamin would cause nosebleeds, but what would be the harm in dropping the multi for a while, and if the nosebleeds stop, resume and see what happens then?
  7. I'm not sure how dh's asthma would be classified, but he has both rescue and steroid inhalers. He might not need either one for months, but with URIs, allergies, or cold weather he may need to resume for a few weeks at a time. Before we got a handle on his allergens, he was using inhalers (not sure which one(s) daily. For those who don't have steroid inhalers, could it be worth checking with your pulmonologist to see if a prescription for use as needed might have a place in your treatment plan, in the age of Covid? ETA: I was especially worried about dh early in the pandemic, and had him get refills for both inhalers, before the news that people with asthma were generally not considered higher risk. Then when there were supply issues with steroid inhalers I was really glad to have them in the house.
  8. I'm so sorry that happened, Scarlett. Emergency vet bad, I'm afraid. ETA: I really don't know but I'd call immediately in case there's something they can do if glass may be in upper GI tract, and before it moves lower.
  9. That's a great outfit! I think those shoes will look fabulous and also like the ones in the photo of the ankle pants.
  10. What really bothers me about this possibility is that it's likely to be similar to the first wave of vaccination in the US. People with economic and educational privilege, connections, fabulous internet access, and free time to search for loopholes will get boosted. Everyone else will be plodding off to work public-facing jobs with inadequate protection--which is to say many of the people who need it most in this country, based on health status, economic privilege, exposure at work, race and ethnicity--will not have access, at least not in time to save their lives.
  11. Pediatric Diabetes Surge in Mississippi: Doctors Concerned Covid-19 Is To Blame https://www.mississippifreepress.org/15930/pediatric-diabetes-surge-in-mississippi-doctors-concerned-covid-19-is-to-blame/
  12. I had no idea I was living on the edge! 😂 The serving size on the bag is 3 tablespoons--they should add a warning or something.
  13. When we put dd on a lower oxalate diet her serial issues with burning on urination/minor UTIs stopped completely. I don't think this is a solution for everyone, and suspect that when her labs came up low-positive for e coli it could have been contamination, rather than an actual infection. But I do know it just kept recurring until she went lower oxalate, then magically resolved. No issues in about 10 years.
  14. Ugh, DAYS!! Given my recent experience this sounds like an absolute nightmare!
  15. That's an interesting idea. I just may need to measure with a teaspoon, not a tablespoon!
  16. Interesting--we're all so different!
  17. This morning for the first time I added a tablespoon of raw chia seeds to my green smoothie which tasted good, but I didn't notice the burst of energy I usually feel after drinking it. Strange. I try to drink green smoothies on mornings I plan to write because they give me great energy and focus. Today was quite the opposite, actually--it wasn't long before I started to feel brain foggy and bloated. Attempted to proceed with my writing but kept having to get up from my desk to go to the bathroom...SIX TIMES!!! I'm so grateful that I wasn't scheduled to be anywhere else this morning, and that everyone else was out of the house, lol. When I googled I discovered I'm not the only person who has a gastrointestinal system-clearing response to eating raw chia seeds. But apparently I tolerate less than some people--I saw some advice to limit servings to 2-3 tablespoons and shudder to think what might've happened if I'd eaten 2-3 times the amount! BTW, the Reddit threads on chia seeds and GI issues are freaking hilarious. If the pandemic ever gets to be too much, or pictures of cake fails aren't doing it, there's some outrageously funny potty talk just a Google search away. I'm not posting links because I seriously need to step away from bathroom concerns this morning, but just wanted to share the chia PSA as well as my relief at finally feeling better, with (weirdly) lots of laughs along the way. Lmk if anyone would like a nearly-full bag of chia seeds from Costco 🙂
  18. Love this! Happy, happy birthday, @fairfarmhand!!!
  19. Not at all back to normal, here. When I see people unmasked in indoor public spaces I think one of two things must be true: 1) there's a small chance they need to be unmasked for some reason, or are VERY recently recovered from Covid (Delta-recently) 2) or--more likely--they don't understand what's happening, either because public health messaging has been crap or they're in the thrall of something that doesn't have their best interest, nor the greater good, at heart.
  20. I'm so sorry, Laura. It's tough to be a human being who cares emotionally and/or professionally for other people right now, tough to be in a public-facing job, tough to witness the state of the world, and tough to make decisions about our own health and that of our families and communities. It all adds up and it's no wonder you're stressed and at the end of your tether (a phrase I love that you've introduced me to--I say the end of my rope!) I'm guessing we'll all take turns reaching our limits in the next several months. Take whatever break you can to take care of yourself, allow others to spell you, and may the courage and strength you bring to the Hive come back to you whenever you need it 💜
  21. Thank you! Library holds placed, and I see a purchase or two in my future...
  22. 1. No, dh and I are 5 months out from our second shots, and I'll feel more confident when we've had boosters. Basically we're doing what's necessary indoors in masked environments (school, work) but being very choosy about optional indoor things. Outdoor or online Mass for now. For dd15, I've said she could go masked with friends to the art museum which is huge, well-ventilated and not crowded, but not to the movie theater, which has been divided into small rooms. 2. No, just patio dining and takeout. Had a fabulous patio dinner in view of a lake the other night and there was a guy having a coughing fit at the other end of the patio, which confirmed for me that I wouldn't be comfortable inside. 3. Still masking in all public indoor settings for our and others' health.
  23. I'm working on a novel set partly in the Temple of the Moon God at Ur and need to understand the cycles of the sun, moon and Venus more deeply, and in relation to each other. For some reason my brain kind of scrambles when I attempt this, so I'm not looking for super complex material. Sources that relate what's happening in the sky to what we see on earth with the naked eye would be ideal. Please do not hesitate to suggest materials that increased your kids' comprehension, since I'm very much approaching this with beginner's mind 🙂 I'm open to anything--books, videos, websites, suggestions on sky watching, etc. I do live in a fairly cloudy place at the moment, so even a link to an observatory with lessons on what's visible in the night sky would be helpful. I have my eye on a couple writing retreats where I might be able to sky watch nightly, once the pandemic subsides. Learning about megalithic sites in Ireland is helping a little, mostly because a diagram of standing stones or passage tombs helps me orient myself spatially. Bonus for anything specific to the skies of Iraq/Mesopotamia or ancient Near Eastern astronomy, but I realize that's a pretty big ask! I have found some research articles on ancient Near Eastern astronomy but need a better foundation to really understand them.
  24. Thanks so much for sharing the depth of your reading and understanding with the Hive, @Corraleno! With uncanny frequency your posts answer questions that have crossed my mind when I just haven't had the bandwidth to suss it out myself. Just wanted to express my gratitude for the way your posts so often help me understand what's happening with the pandemic and make better decisions for my family.
  25. So without restrictions in place do you think the UK is going to look like Israel and Qatar, in terms of breakthrough Delta infections?
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