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  1. I do think I am over complicating it. Maybe there’s no premade history only study of this because most people do what you do! My problem is that I work from home. While it’s extremely flexible, it’s still a responsibility and very hard to make a consistent routine like you mentioned. So I spend all this time planning and may actually have very little time to execute it week to week. But I am praying to be able to quit.
  2. So many awesome suggestions, thanks! The enrichment program is an art school that studies one time period a year, and learns of it through art. They encourage families to follow along their SOTW schedule, but it’s totally optional. So, I was thinking of using SOTW as my spine and adding in lots of books and activities to go with it. I usually have lots of ideas, but then get overwhelmed at all the books/fun things to do, that I have a hard time doing any of it. I think I could really benefit from laying the year out this summer as you suggested.
  3. My kids attend an enrichment program one day a week. Next year they’ll be studying medieval history. We don’t always follow along with what the program does, but medieval history sounds super fun, so we’re going to focus on that next year. Im kind of maxed out in all areas of life right now, so I’m hoping to find something spelled out for me (I know I can just read SOTW and choose activities out of it, but I want something more structured). All the medieval studies I’ve found are part of an all in one program. MFW, wayfarer’s, etc. I don’t need science or Bible, since I have that covered alrea
  4. I do own the first volume already, so this is definitely an option.
  5. These are all great ideas, and I now have lots to think about. Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond, I’ve been quietly reading along.
  6. FIAR was my original plan, so that’s also a possibility. I think both my girls would enjoy it, if I go that route.
  7. Your list is exactly what I’m looking for, but I want someone else to do it for me, ha! I’ve just found that when I do it myself, I let it Peter out. I’m finally admitting to myself that we all do better when I have a curriculum I can loosely follow. I’ll have a third and fourth grader to work with, plus I work for an online charter school, so it’ll alleviate a lot if I can have it laid out for me. Thank you for your input!!
  8. My third and last child will be in Kindergarten next year. I already have her phonics and math picked out (I think), but I am looking for something fun to go along with it. I created my own thing for my oldest and my second did barely any kindergarten due to low interest, so I feel like I’m starting over. I’d like something that has topics that change throughout the year (like, no US History for the whole year) that covers fun little kid topics of interest, like pumpkins, weather, holidays, etc. Because I’m homeschooling two others and do have to work a little throughout the week, I’d li
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