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  1. In my area, I don't know of any agents who strictly are buying or listing agents - they do both. Depending on the state, you probably need to sign some sort of contract so that the real estate agent is representing you, as the buyer. For example, in Maryland when there is no signed Buyer Agency Contract, the real estate agent automatically represents the seller. Once you have signed a contract though, the agent represents the buyer. You can also decline to participate in a dual agent scenario - when the listing agent is also the buying agent, to make sure that your interests are fully pres
  2. I have a friend who sends her kids to K at the local b&m school so she doesn't have to teach reading! She enjoys teaching her kids the rest of the way after someone else has taught them how to read.
  3. I’m just reading your other post!
  4. Congrats to you! What backpack do you have? I want to get an Osprey water bladder one. Homemade Wonderlust videos on YouTube answer a lot of hiking questions, including the poo one.
  5. I used my first batch of tomatoes and jalapeños in chicken enchiladas.
  6. This is the one I’m buying myself: https://www.nutrimill.com/nutrimill-artiste/ It’s like a smaller version of the Bosch. I loved my Kitchen Aid, but I gave it to my dd because it was getting heavy for me.
  7. We have been considering buying kayaks for over a year now. Dh’s car was bought in mind to transport them and bikes. This is the one that I’m eyeing: https://www.wildernesssystems.com/us/kayaks/pungo-125 We have a kayak club an hour away. It’s an annual fee for a lesson and then you have access to kayaks and supplies at 10 different docks for the season. I told dh we should do this for one year to make sure we enjoy it enough to make the investment in kayaks and all the equipment that goes with them.
  8. I just went through this with my annual mammogram. For some reason, the insurance company didn’t consider the whole bill as preventative and only covered 3/4 of it, and said the rest was up to me to pay for. They agreed to review it again and paid the 1/4 too ($90). I said I though you (the ins co) wanted me to get annual mammograms, but if they aren’t fully covered, then it’s going to discourage me and probably others to get too. The lady at first said before they reviewed it, “but they are paying 3/4 of it”.
  9. http://mindsinfocus.net Her link is above incase anyone else needs it
  10. @Rivka Tagging her name so I can find her profile. Can’t figure out how to get to it otherwise.
  11. Great job! Very inspiring.
  12. Anyone remember one of our own members who is now an educational consultant in the Baltimore area?
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