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  1. Amika! They also have a hair perfume (that I want!).
  2. Thanks for keeping us updated! I’m glad he’s finally in his own room. Now he has a story to tell for a long time.
  3. I remember reading one of those back when it happened. I was thinking about that when I couldn’t get it out. I still don’t understand how you’d get more than one stuck.
  4. That would have been a good idea, but I don’t even have saline.
  5. I’m trying a daily contact per the eye dr and I can’t get it off my eye. My monthly contact has what I call a ridge, but the daily one doesn’t have one. My eyeball is red from trying it get it out. Suggestions?
  6. I use Amika. Amika products smell really good! I got the styling brush gift set which comes with several products including the texture spray.
  7. I don’t recall this happening to me
  8. So exciting! Enjoy your climb. Can’t wait to see pictures!
  9. She really should go to her dr and get bloodwork done.
  10. That stinks! Hope this is the worst of your week.
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