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  1. My Vitamix is 12 years old and still works like day one. Maybe you just need a new container, but not a whole new machine. Customer service may be able to help you know if a new container is all you need.
  2. I don’t think she was going to wear a garter at the first wedding. She’ll only be in her wedding dress a few minutes- just at the altar. This wedding is just to get married with immediate family as witnesses. She wasn’t going to wear her actual wedding dress, but decided why not since it’s already paid for. However, to make sure it doesn’t get dirty, she’s only wearing it while at the altar. I don’t have a handkerchief or charm. Amazon orders are not reliable at the moment. I think I won’t be concerned about the something old, borrowed, and blue until the big wedding next year. The chemise I ordered for her surprise ding dong ditch bag came. I may add a deck of cards or something, even though they are not game people; suntan lotion since they are going to a beach.
  3. A lady brought two perfect box mix brownies to an event before quarantine and I asked her for tips. She said she pulls the pan out of the oven slightly under baked and covers with aluminum foil to finish off the cooking to get the flaky topping. I actually tried it last week, but I forgot to add eggs, so it was a flop.
  4. She’s already been in contact with the police. They recommend she file a pfa.
  5. For this wedding, we are grabbing a farmers market bouquet. I’d be so nervous to have the necklace in the bouquet that something would happen to it. If she was going to wear it, I was going to have the jewelry store change the hook. The chain is pretty fragile - it’s around 80 years old.
  6. No blankie in bad shape to cut - just knitted or quilted and would not want to cut. She got blue earrings for Xmas, but I think she got pearl earrings from her finance to wear.
  7. I’m pretty sure there’s a Costco there, otherwise, I would have said our area - no Costco in our county.
  8. My daughter is getting married three weeks from yesterday. I feel bad for her that she will miss the normal traditional things like a bridal shower (who knows when/if it will happen, Batchelorette party (would have been a low key at a winery type thing). Anyway, I have been getting surprise bags left at from front door from local spirit fairies, so I thought I’d put together a bag for her and ding dong ditch her. I ordered a chemise and I’ll add a bottle of champagne. Any other ideas? Also, I need something old, borrowed, and blue. For the old and blue, my mom gave me my grandmother’s necklace, but dd doesn’t want it. (Doesn’t think it matches her dress) Not looking to spend a lot as we now have two weddings - the one in three weeks for family only and then the “real” one next year that everyone is invited to. And we already bought them a wedding present.
  9. Someone I know thinks her phone and car are being tracked. How can she find out for sure? I’m pretty sure she has an iPhone because she has an iPad and Iwatch. The reason why she thinks she’s being tracked is because she made a phone call and the person she thinks is tracking her called right after she made a phone call and wanted to know why she was discussing such and such - so they were aware of the conversation she just had. She left her house soon after that without any devices and saw a car watching her sometime later that day, so they couldn’t have figured out where she was through her phone, that’s why she thinks her car has a tracking device too.
  10. That’s creepy! Reminds me of a Lifetime Movie were a young couple move to the suburbs and their creepy neighbor who acted like it was in the 1950s kidnapped the lady to be his wife/girlfriend in the basement with another lady he kidnapped. He made them wear 50s style dresses.
  11. We have been playing Code Names over zoom. At first, one house set up the board and texted a picture of it to everyone and texted the code card to the clue givers. Fil ended up making a bunch of boards and code cards in excel, so the clue giver picks a number and we use the board. Sometimes, someone will share the screen and mark the words we guess, other times we just have two screens up, one with excel and one with zoom. Has been working well, although I’m ready to play a different game!
  12. A family in our neighborhood all got the virus from an outdoor family function at the beginning of March. Back then, we were aware of it like now nor were was any quarantining going on. I’m guessing they had regular potluck food. So, if you are concerned about meeting inside, outside may not be any safer, maybe some what safer, but you are still susceptible.
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