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  1. What about jr achievement? In particular, this program:
  2. Reese had to go to an emergency vet tonight to continue his IV thru hopefully just tomorrow. They said he would have died if she didn’t bring him in. It’s so hard to believe because he seems so happy and healthy. Nobody has mentioned special food to my mom so she doesn’t think it’s necessary. From what I’ve read, that’s basically the only thing an owner can do.
  3. My mom found out this morning her mini-poodle, the brother to our mini-poodle, is in renal failure. He is spending the night at the vet’s for an iv and testing, He had an episode where he was ultimately diagnosed with something to do with his parathyroid. He is only 3 years old. (He is JoJo’s “brother”. My mom rescued the cat from Creekland.) If your dog has renal failure, any advice?
  4. That’s it! Was just wondering how things were going from then to now.
  5. If she texted or emailed, some of the wording could be autocorrect. I can’t even type a sentence without autocorrect changing something, sometimes I catch it, but other times, autocorrect says what it wants. As far as the money, sounds like she was typing her stream of thought at the moment, and is truly content with what you paid back. I’d take her at her word and not repay anymore.
  6. I don’t remember the poster who hired a mother’s helper this school year, but I was wondering how it was going? To help jog your memory, the mother’s helper was to entertain the preschoolers in the morning while mom did school with the older kids and then the mh was to make lunch for all the kids.
  7. My middle daughter was able to get on my phone with face recognition. None of my other kids were, even my daughter that looks most like me. However, my facial recognition stopped recognizing my face, so I had to reset it and it doesn’t work for middle daughter anymore.
  8. I can’t believe you split your incisions when picking up a paintbrush! I’m picturing a dumbbell size paintbrush. Hope it heals without any further issues. Thanks for sharing how you are doing. I will absolutely keep you and your dh in prayer for wisdom about a decision. I appreciate you sharing your blog about Grant with us.
  9. How are you doing? Physically and emotionally. I’ve been lifting you and your family up in prayer.
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