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  1. Maybe we could have a welltrained mind forum card exchange! I enjoy receiving cards too, but only still get a handful, if that, anymore.
  2. I have only seen lots with attendants parked like that. A couple of years ago we went to Philly for the day. The lot we found, the cars were so close together, every one had to get out before dh parked and he had to climb out the trunk. I was worried the whole day because I could not see how we would have enough room to back out of the spot when we got back. Dh wasn’t worried about and managed to get out. I was a nervous wreck. I would not have been able to it by myself.
  3. Get ds 3 a toy lawn mower for Christmas from dh!
  4. Very stressful! I hope everything works in your favor.
  5. Good luck at your interview on Tuesday and i hope you get the job!
  6. You are doing what you have to do. I am assuming if you are looking for a new position at this point in the year, that you are interested in leaving your current position. If the follow-up interview is for the job close to your house so you won’t have a commute, I understand that!
  7. That happened to me last year. I had an interview scheduled where I was given the date and time. Snow was expected that day. I was nervous about accepting that date, but she said it wouldn’t be a problem to reschedule if the weather was actually bad. The weather was bad, multiple accidents, highway eventually closed down when I would have been out and about for the interview. So I canceled and then was told it wouldn’t be rescheduled because they went ahead and hired the person they first interviewed.
  8. I don’t know! I’ll ask though. I think she puts it in the oven around midnight.
  9. My mil cooks the turkey every year. She gets the biggest one she can find, plus a turkey breast. She cooks it overnight and then debones it in the morning. The meat stays warm in it’s juices in the electric roaster.
  10. As I was walking into church this morning, an older woman was walking out and smiled as she said something I didn’t understand. When dh came in, he asked if I had seen the older lady. Apparently she came up to him and said he must be a Trump supporter because she could tell by his gut and that’s the way she greeted Trump supporters. She said this to another guy in the parking lot too, who has a flat stomach. No idea what that was all about.
  11. We are expecting heavy rain, wind, and thunder during ToT. The local Facebook pages are full of threads with parents with young children hoping ToT will be postponed and older people saying there’s no such thing as a rain date for ToT since they had to ToT in all sorts of weather and they turned out fine. Some municipalities are postponing while others are not. Will be interesting to see what actually happens!
  12. Praying for your sweet grandson and his parents.
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