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  1. I will put carpet on the stairs. There is a vinyl option for stairs now, but it costs double not including labor as it does for nice carpeting. This is one of the carpets I’m leaning towards for the stairs, hallway, and bedrooms.
  2. I usually serve chicken/veggie fajitas because it pretty much covers all diets and serves a lot of people.
  3. I tried to make a poll, but can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Anyway, our upstairs carpet is past it’s life and dh is finally ready to replace it. I have about a week to decide. We are considering Lifeproof carpet with highest rated padding, Lifeproof laminate or vinyl. Advantage of the carpet is everything is done for us at no additional charge. For unstated reasons at this time, we need the floors replaced ASAP (and no, we are not covering anything up!) eta: looks like the poll worked after all
  4. I had the opportunity to have a lazy morning until 9:30, probably the first week day other than vacation since last year. Of course I was awake anyway, but I was relaxing in bed watching the weather about Dorian. I decided since I was awake anyway, I should go downstairs to make sure dd got off to the bus ok. We (she) got all her stuff ready last night so I could stay upstairs. But, I came down anyway. So, we got to talking, which I cherish, and I thought I heard the bus driving by. The bus left when it’s supposed to get there and I don’t think it’s been right on time this year yet. So, she missed it and I to throw on clothes and drive her to school. So much for my lazy morning and a lot of good it did that I came downstairs to make sure she didn’t miss the bus!
  5. Surely the former homeowner left some kind of ornament around that you can use in the front!
  6. I’m so sorry for your family’s loss.
  7. All four of my kids have been/are on travel clubs. Only one soccer club charged travel fees for the coach each tournament. We didn’t know ahead of time when joining the club that this would be the case, so I was annoyed by it and it was the most expensive club that any of our children have been in, so that made my annoyance even greater. Plus, every time there was additional fee - sometimes for a change of venue for practice, the coach would say, “The cost is ONLY blah blah blah.” All those ONLY additional costs added up fast! eta: most of the clubs were coached by someone without a player on the team. I’m assuming that the fees we paid covered their costs. Not sure why the costs were not built in to the fees of the one club already.
  8. I understand! I just didn’t want to take the chance that the salesman didn’t read it that way. Thanks again for the wording!
  9. So cool! eta: maybe you can get a hold of the scavenger game from her later and post it so we can throw an awesome party like that too!
  10. @SereneHome I agree and used her wording, minus sorry.
  11. I responded to his email from yesterday with EmseB’s wording, except I took out “sorry”. He didn’t respond, at least not yet. I may have dh check out a dealership that he can stop by on his way home from work that covers the first year of oil changes. That would pay the difference it would cost us to buy the car out of state.
  12. I do understand that could be a possibility, but he could have explained that’s why he didn’t respond in a timely manner.
  13. Bigger, competitive pricing, and they had the model and color I wanted in stock. I’d go to the other one if they had had what I wanted in stock and could match the price I was willing to pay. Dh’s current car came from there.
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