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  1. Will your realtor offer you up as a backup in case the first one falls through?
  2. This is the palette I use: https://tartecosmetics.com/shop/tartelette-amazonian-clay-matte-palette-607.html?dwvar_607_color=multi&cgid=makeup-eyes-eyeshadow-palettes#start=1
  3. Didn’t happen unless there’s a picture for proof!
  4. A friend of ours went to marriage counseling and the main thing that stuck out to him was the therapist’s recommendation to read “The Five Love Languages” and to learn your spouses love language. He had all of us take the quiz so we’d know our spouses language. He wished he had known about that book years ago.
  5. Dh and I have met with our pastor every once in awhile. I’d expect your therapist will ask why you are there and will go from there.
  6. If there is communication issues in a marriage, I think most people can benefit from having a neutral 3rd party person help them communicate better.
  7. Op, this post was opened in my browser. I have been thinking of you and your’s mom’s bday party. What did you end up doing?
  8. The union for one the counties in a neighboring state to me is saying their members aren’t going back until 2023. Not sure if vaccinations will change that or not.
  9. Thank goodness for sure! For new construction, I don’t know what the benefit would be to use an agent unless they would be with you during the whole process and helping you make selections.
  10. Did you sign a buyers agency contract when you put your offer in? If so, you will need to get out of that before another agent will with you.
  11. I use a flat one and a glove one - both have silicone on the outside.
  12. My Christmas gifts came yesterday. And then I find out I need to order for supplies (over $250) to use my kit (a rug hooking kit). Dh ordered from the mobile site which did not say that the wool would not be cut (due to overwhelming amount of orders and time it takes to cut). If you ordered from the full site page and read the intro page about the kits, it was mentioned there, but not at all in the mobile site. Plus, dh would not have known what all that meant. So, I’m ordering a cutting system unexpectedly. Can’t use the kit until I have it.
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