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  1. school17777

    Does this cake sound familiar to anyone?

    I baked mine for an hour. I couldn’t spread the ricotta layer all the way across either, but it didn’t matter - it still fully swapped layers and spread itself. If I bake this again, I would add coffee I guess in the cake layer because I sort of expect it for some reason and am disappointed each bite that it’s not there.
  2. school17777

    Meeting boardies IRL

    Then I remember her! I bought a Xmas gift she recommended- a scratch off poster. I don’t think my stepmother appreciated it.
  3. school17777

    Meeting boardies IRL

    Glad you had a nice lunch together! Did Penguin come to our last meet up in Littlestown?
  4. school17777

    Does this cake sound familiar to anyone?

    I’m making this cake right now. Waiting for it to cool so I can add the last layer. The kids thought it was cool the layers switched- “not magic, science!”
  5. school17777

    Appointment time

    My pt is very nice. My appointment was pretty gentle with heat and her gently moving my neck. But she thinks my concussion is worse than we thought and she may not recommend that I start my new job on Monday. My new job is a dream job for me. I’ll be an admin assistant to several real estate agents doing things for them to help them grow their business that they are too busy to do. I’ll work 5 hours, 4 days a week. If school is delayed or canceled, I adjust my hours for that day so I can stay at home with my daughter. So, now I have to tell them I may not be able to start next week. If that happens, I don’t know what they will do.
  6. school17777

    Appointment time

    I actually got a partial refund of my coinsurance payment because the dr ran late, the staff didn’t keep me informed, and I had an appointment at the same facility that they scheduled and thought there was enough time in between-there would have been if the first dr wasn’t running late.
  7. school17777

    Appointment time

    I start physical therapy today from my car accident. My appointment is at 1:30 so I got here at 1:15 to find out my actual time is 2! They tell you to come in half an hour early to fill out paperwork which they sent home with me and I brought back completed. The pt can’t see me much earlier than 2, so I’m sitting here for 45 minutes to wait. Frustrating because I had stuff to do that I planned to do after my appointment that I could have done on the way over and now I might not have time afterwards because I have to be home when the bus gets home.
  8. school17777

    Best item you bought and ♥♥♥ lately?

    This is the brush I’m saving up for. The products are free with the brush in this set. You can save 15% by signing up for their emails.
  9. school17777

    Weird friend requests lately

    Maybe you can change who can find and friend you so that’s not public. Yesterday, in a community page, a lady was warning of a scam call she got and the caller told her he was viewing her Facebook profile and describing her over the phone.
  10. I’m sorry your contractor is causing your house to be delayed going on the market. I was just thinking about you and the status of all this.
  11. school17777


    It’s a snow day here. I made potato soup for lunch and now I want cookies! Just not sure what kind. What’s your favorite?
  12. school17777

    Worst directions you were ever given (just for fun)

    Haha! Everyone refers to the place that is now a church as, you mean the old Kmart, which has been gone for almost 20 years and became a church shortly after.
  13. Doesn’t @heartlikealion enjoy making these kind of things? Maybe she has some ideas
  14. school17777

    New van because of accident

    I think it’s the newer transmissions that are the issue.
  15. school17777

    SCAM warning!

    If your account was suspended, how did the phone work for to get that call? The scammers don’t seem too bright.
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