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  1. You might as well move to Australia. Hope today is better for you and you find the planner when you aren’t looking for it.
  2. I have observed this too. I don’t understand it either.
  3. Interesting! When I’m at someone else’s house, I feel like I’m intruding if I open the screen door. Like Marbel, I would close it after I knocked if I had to knock.
  4. But no one knocks on the door after they ring the doorbell. They just open the screen door and wait for me to open the front door even though they can hear the dogs barking so no surprise that the dogs are on the other side of the door. I can’t see that the screen door is open before I open the door. The dogs are easy for me to grab once the door is open because they are excited to see who is at the door are preoccupied by that. They are tricky to grab before I open the door.
  5. Open my screen door when they ring the doorbell so when I open the door, the dogs run out instead of leaving it closed until I open it? There used to be one person the I knew would do this so I would purposely lock the screen door when I was expecting them (which is not practical on a regular basis - too many people coming and going) So, what do people do that baffles you?
  6. Thanks for all the responses on this thread. I had log on issues after I posted for a couple of days and then I forgot about it until the most recent post. You all have convinced me to bypass the CSA and stick with the farmers market.
  7. “Hey Teacher, I’m so happy for you that you are retiring. I wanted to let you know that you had an impact on ds by blah blah. I’d love to take you out for coffee to celebrate your retirement. If you are interested, let me know if you are available Tuesday morning to meet up at Panera. Pen”
  8. Hope you enjoy your new dishwasher when it comes! I thought you were referring to the Bosch Mixer from the title. I have been waiting to order one since right after Christmas when I decided to get it, but it was literally after the sale ended and it hasn’t been on sale since.
  9. Another update is the teacher stopped the 6th grade buddy and put her with a high schooler. I don’t think dd actually met with the high schooler too often because we had a lot of delays and snow days this year and then it was testing season.
  10. That’s a good suggestion for next year, if dd continues to struggle. It’s so frustrating that she does not connect/cooperate with me as I am quite capable of helping her.
  11. Update: Short story, we did end up asking for dd to be tested. We got the results this week and meet with the school next week. Her lack of recall of the multiplication facts hurt her in math all year. She was/is able to recall her facts quickly or home, but not at school. That actually is an example of a child with slow processing disorder. Her two main teachers noticed some other things and requested a conference with us this spring. Her math teacher admitted at first she felt dd was being obstinate, but she finally realized that dd was indeed struggling. She mentioned some observations that all of dd’s teachers have mentioned since K. The testing did not find any learning disabilities and it also found that dd is above average in processing speed. That one I do question as she definitely meets a lot of criteria for it. What the test did find is she struggles with inattentiveness and lack of motivation. If the testing could officially diagnose her, I do believe she would be considered adhd-inattentive, which is no surprise as other family members have been diagnosed with that. What the school suggests for her iep is what the teachers are already doing. At least she’ll start off with this next year and the teachers will know from the start that dd struggles a bit. One of the things that the testing suggests is that dd would learn best by one on one instruction, um homeschooling?! I do think dd would benefit greatly by being homeschooled, but she does not want anything to do with it and she would not listen to me. Thought I’d update incase this is beneficial to anyone else who may experience similar circumstances.
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