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  1. I like having a candle burning most of the day. I treated myself to Posh hand lotion and moisturizer after trying them out in the little packs. My youngest dd loves to come in my room use my hand lotion. I like pretty pens that flow smoothly on my planner. Mysteriously, my pens disappear so I don’t have a favorite to recommend. I like soft, fuzzy socks to wear around the house, and fun, colorful socks to wear out and about. I treat myself to Mrs. Meyers cleaner to inspire me to clean. I don’t think it cleans any better than dish soap or Mr Clean, but I enjoy the scents.
  2. Two of my dd’s cheer competitions turned virtual just today. They’ll record the competition a few days before and then have a live viewing a few days later.
  3. Here it is day 14 and I’ve only gotten one day in. Don’t think I’ll make the goal. The days are filled and go so fast. I thought I was only a day or two behind until I saw the title of this post. It really is the middle of November and not the beginning. Seems like Halloween was just yesterday.
  4. Are you guys up for deep cleaning before decorating for Christmas? Could you focus on one room a day? If you do that between now and Thanksgiving, your house will be all ready to deck out for the holidays, unless of course you already keep it like that anyway. I’m sure this plan won’t thrill your kids!
  5. I can relate to other people not seeing “the mess” in my house. This Sunday, we had our new neighbors over for a socially distanced outdoor cookout (their choice to be outdoors). I was relieved while getting ready because I was unexpectedly busy all week out of the house and so since we were outside, I didn’t stress about the inside although my kitchen and family room were clean. Dh was out front when they came over and they were talking for a bit, so I stayed out back to get the fire going. Next thing I know, everyone was tromping through the house! I was not happy. Dh knew it too.
  6. Maybe this haircut will grow out into one that you like. I got a haircut a few months before my wedding. The hairdresser had been to a hair show in NY and thought this new style would look great on me. It did not. However, it grew in perfect for my wedding day - I could not recreate the style that it grew into for anything, but it was a blessing after the butcher haircut that I had a few months before. Luckily, because I was too scared to get my haircut before my wedding.
  7. Nice to hear from you! How is your sister doing? Whatever happened with her custody case?
  8. I’m so sorry. Hope they recover quickly. Glad your sister can come help.
  9. No, thank goodness. Kitchen counter. If he forgets it, I’m going to leave it up to him to figure it out. I think you are charged a fee if you don’t have it filled out during the appointment, but I did what I could do to make sure it was remembered in the morning.
  10. Congratulations on the new addition to the family!
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