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  1. The Kuhn Rikon one is the one I have in my cart after reading a recent thread.
  2. I wonder if a chiro or osteopath could help w/ this? I had a bad cold and had just started to feel human again, but my ears were full of fluid. I woke up in the wee hours of the night w/ ear pain. A few hours later my eardrum ruptured. I was deaf in that ear for nearly a month. When I had another bad cold a few months later, I went to a chiro. He used his activator on my face and adjusted me and my ears started draining on the ride home. I wonder if a similar manipulation/adjustment would help you?
  3. I have only used cheap, rough paper towels at work. I will designate a few washcloths for the cause. Better for the planet anyway.
  4. Please tell me how to use them without getting the stuff ALL OVER my hands? I feel so dumb. I bought a set of Vis-a-Vis wet erase markers and used them on laminated papers and just made a huge mess each time I cleaned them off. Hints? Talk to me like I'm 4. That way I *might* get it. ITA. Batiste is great. Target (I think), Wally World, and Ulta which has sales/points. Love the color options.
  5. I confess I became obsessed with intrigued by the series "Surviving R. Kelly." I happened to see it on TV last month. Not sure when it aired. I couldn't stop watching, but I was so disgusted.
  6. We're back to using more cash to reign ourselves in and meet some financial goals. I always, no matter the reason for getting cash or how long or short a time I'll have it in my possession, straighten out bills, put them in numerical order, and make sure they're all facing the same way. I keep my receipts separate from the cash.
  7. A friend donated his treadmill to his dd's school and bought an elliptical b/c he said it's easier on his joints, namely his knees. Just throwing that out there.
  8. Use the audios only? In the car? During quiet time? Not the full effect, but doable.
  9. I voted semi-rinse. Dana K. White (aka Nony of A Slob Comes Clean) taught me to scrape any solids of and just put 'em in! I use Cascade Complete pods or Finish pods. Rarely does a dish or utensil come out not completely clean.
  10. Yeah, 9th grade might be a little early, but I believe that every experience (sample lesson, class observation, playing along w/ the orchestra or singing along w/ the choir, interactions with students and profs and conductors, etc.) is great exposure for the student. If an observation or sample lesson isn't possible, at least try to schedule an appointment w/ a prof. You could get great advice. ITA that while you're there, might as well. Yes, call or write first to arrange it. Sure, your child is in "only" 9th grade, but it's not unheard of to graduate a homeschooler early, kwim? Let us know how it goes!
  11. Every post has great points. Start looking at degree completion requirements, they'll differ for a BM (Bachelors of Music) a BA or a BS. Also, as stated, there are many varieties of music majors. Performance v. music education, for ex. My music major dc got a BM in mus ed. It was practically a double major, b/c of all the music classes and all the ed classes (and pre-reqs). Proud to say this kid got it all in and finished in 4 years (the scholarship wasn't going past 4 years!) - actually in 7 semesters b/c student teaching took up that last semester. This kid never carried less than 18 credits and that was including is not counting what was earned in high school w AP and CLEP and while knocking out classes over summer and winter breaks for the first 2.5 years. Hard work, but that kid is debt free! Yes to practice hours, probably 10 hours/week minimum and that doesn't even count rehearsals for concerts, concerts or special music events like holiday shows, baccalaureate, and graduation. Really. Oh, and don't forget all the concerts/recitals music majors have to attend too. Get those required swipes but you get zero credit hours for it. It's fine. They're all going to their friends' recitals anyway. Yes to ear training, absolutely, and singing. Sounds like you have piano covered, but keep that up. Depending on the major, several levels of piano skills are required. Also, piano helps w/ music theory. We lucked out w/ theory. I threw an AP book at my child junior year of high school, got that kid signed up for an AP music theory class at homeschool coop, and that was the intro to theory. (Passed the AP, btw.) Glad we didn't wait. And while Violin Teacher can not fathom that one of her students loves theory, my child is now looking at post grad studies in music theory. Go figure. I know it's early, but start looking at schools (and conservatories? Not for our clan or even for Violin Teacher) now for sample lessons, sitting in on classes and orchestra/choir rehearsals. Fine arts students often choose the school based on ONE PROFESSOR. That prof will shape that student and forever be part of that musician's bio. It's not the end of the world if it doesn't work out. Ask me how I know! My child had worked w/ one prof for ~2 yrs while in high school. Got in the school, in the music school*, in the honors college, even got a small scholarship only to have the prof leave the school - and teaching at that level. Oy! *Did you catch my comment about getting in both schools? Not an issue for my child, but we knew of 2 kids at one school who didn't get into both. One got into the uni, but didn't cut it for the SoM. The other got accepted in the School of Music, but didn't meet the uni's requirements. Lastly, and none of this is to discourage you, but we learned it all the hard way: Sometimes, some professors treat non-performance majors like second class citizens. Do non-performance majors pay less tuition? No, no they do not. Do they still put in a ton of hours of work for their major? Why, yes. Yes they do. But a friend of ours (who had that prof my child worked w/ who left while he was there) was "just" a music major and not a performance major (he could have been - he's top notch! He just double majored in computer science and couldn't do CS and performance). The replacement for the wonderful prof was in a great professional orchestra and treated him and all non-perf majors like crap. Inexcusable, but it happened and can happen. Also, look into different careers in music. We know a gal who entered as a performance major and changed to music therapy. I reserve the right to add more later.
  12. Was that the one w/ Neicy Nash? (Sp?) That team was funny. I'm glad I didn't see the episode w/ the roll top desk! Wrong! One episode that I saw and happened to see a follow up show on was a man who collected those little teddy bears that were so popular. Ty or something? They got it down to a small collection. They decluttered lots more than that too. Here is why I recall that family all these years: not only had they kept their house clutter-free, but the couple had lost weight. That was the first time I realized there could be a connection. FlyLady calls it body clutter and I think Peter Walsh made that connection too. Fascinates me, since I have some work to do the on the house and lots of work to do on my body.
  13. I watch to make myself go declutter. I'm always horrified and sad after watching an episode. The sympathy I feel for the hoarder is because I want them to want to let go of the stuff, like this couple who appeared on Oprah. She was ready. Even her DH held on to bank statements for 30 years. But on a follow up show they had kept the house clutter-free. Some serious discussions occurred (she filled the void of her empty nest w/ STUFF), but I don't know if there was professional counseling. I still have problems letting go of some things, but I'm better than I was. I know there is a thread on the Netflix show on KonMari, and I like the carrot of it and the stick of Hoarders to motivate me.
  14. We like sports movies, but we're a sports family. No idea what is on those channels now, but some faves include: Miracle (about the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team) Invincible (true story) The Rookie (true story and the one w/ Dennis Quaid, not the western w/ Clint E) We Are Marshall (true and sad story) Not sports related: What We Did on Our Holiday (GEM! I love this so much. We hear "new" lines every time we watch it.) A Man Called Ove (sad content, some language IIRC?) Beautiful Boy (we just saw this on Prime for free. I boohooed even though I have no experience w/ drug abuse in my life) Not movies, but TV shows that may or may not still be on Amazon Prime for free: Psych, Monk, That Girl (Yes, that old one. Boy was it before MeToo!) Also, great documentaries are on Prime for free.
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