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  1. Wait. Is the Redskins flag gone? Sorry this thread is old, but I'm behind on things. That's not true. I just have zero concept of time passage anymore!
  2. Wonder if I could get Google alerts for threads and posts about this monolith???
  3. Yes, my favorite doctor. Family run practice. No one else closer than an hour's drive is anything like this practice. He took a job in another state. I am beyond devastated. He found an underlying condition and referred me for surgery that saved my life, or at the very least prolonged it. It sure gave me improved quality of life, and it's a condition that many docs dismiss if they even notice it. Two other wonderful medical professionals we went to left the area, years apart for different reasons. Both came back. I am holding out hope that once this doc's oldest is ready for college, they will move back and he'll hang his shingle back up. It is no exaggeration to say I am grieving over his leaving. I have no idea what student loans he may still have, or how hard it is to pay rent for his office, malpractice insurance, his billing company, etc., but he was always busy and I feel like if he could ride it out for just 2 more months, it would be worth it v. selling a home, moving out of state, etc. But I know nothing and it's really not my business.
  4. I love this - and The IT Crowd. I think I'll go re-watch my favorite episodes: Italian for Beginners and Bad Boys.
  5. Today's Google logo (doodle?) is good! Not funny, but good. Thank you, Ignaz Semmelweis!
  6. I think you should watch Nate Bargatze's The Tennessee Kid on Netflix and pay attention to his name issues when he flies Delta. That will keep you in good humor when you go to battle getting this fixed. God love you, Ellie, and I do too!
  7. There's more than one version of this, but I like this one.
  8. "How do you know when fish has gone bad? What? Does it start smelling good?"
  9. My first thought was "passive aggressive" but then Corraleno rocked my world! Also, the truth Beth S shared is spot on. 👏
  10. Surprised but not mad it was that many years. Yes, Texan, I believe he has at least one trial in CA to face next.
  11. Govt - very similar if not identical to BookWormTo2 Math -Much like cbollin: After doing Saxon math (my dc hated it but it sure was good to them!) mine passed a few math CLEPs. Yeah, some was overkill, but we used it to fortify mommy grades and to go towards whatever college reqs might be needed.
  12. Love seeing you, and GO, NATS!!! ⚾
  13. I like the looks of this set of 3.
  14. This reminds me of the bet between Phoebe and Joey on Friends. LOL. [Warning: This clip mentions Santa's existence, in case you're around little ears.]
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