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  1. So glad you have found any relief at all! Here is where I first I heard about Charlotte's Web.
  2. I keep hearing good things about Virgin River on Netflix. Rabbit trail: I just watched the 1937 version of A Star is Born on the TVTime Romance Classics channel on Roku - free w/ ads. Friends who love old movies taught me about all the TVTime channels available (Noir, Comedy, Classic SitCom, Romance, Horror, Drama, Family, etc.) Your neighbor might enjoy some of those. I love Fred Gwynn and watch Car 54, Where Are You? on the Roku Channel. (Don't know if it's still on there.)
  3. I don't know who I want him with. Why didn't he check his pulse w/ Carly? Or was there no need. He already knew it didn't accelerate? I had to watch that woman's surgery through two open hands. This season has been the funniest one so far, but the last few w/ Sean's father and now the Carly/Leah thing, I'm not enjoying it as much.
  4. Echoing many answers here, but Stasher bags (sandwiches, snacks) Stainless steel straws at home Set of S/S utensils (3 main ones + chop sticks & straw) to use in public Cloth bags Mesh bags for produce Dropps DW and laundry pods HumanKind deodorant and mouthwash Stainless (or glass) water bottles Yeti knock off travel mugs Microfiber makeup remover cloths I've seen a woman (online not IRL) take glass containers to the grocery store to get meat from the butcher. The butcher zeroes out the scale and puts the price tag right on the glass container. Love this idea, but I've never done it. One day. Glass containers for leftovers Canning jars for storage (and drinking glasses)
  5. Clirty = between clean and dirty. We recently put an over-the-door rack w/ 12 pegs (6 above 6) on the bathroom door. "Clirty" clothes go there. We have something like what's pictured here.
  6. DH does after walking barefoot no more than 2' to get a pair of scissors and breaking his toe. ACK! But I hear ya on the bra thing. Best part of being an empty nester!!!
  7. I had a 70s station on yesterday and heard "Hey, Deanie." I loved Shaun (and his brother! Shhh!) I had no idea he now has a hand in New Amsterdam. That is on my list to binge watch some day. I am watching enough dramas lately, so I wait. This reminds me of what Garry Marshall did on the set of Happy Days. When the actors had down time, Garry would say, "Hey, come over here and watch this." or "Learn how to do this." And how many of them went on to have long careers in the industry, even if not in front of the camera? And I think that Ron Howard is doing ok for himself too. 😉 I loved that about Garry Marshall (loved Penny too!). Look here: As for Williams, 70, he was grateful for Marshall’s encouragement to explore other opportunities in Hollywood. He went on to become an episodic director. “Marshall said ‘you may not be actors all your life, especially you Anson,” said Williams. “He actually said that ….he gave us an amazing break. He gave us a life.” /rabbit trail
  8. I spent no less than 90 minutes last night pouring over old threads here about good planners and then watching reviews on YT. Following!
  9. Clothesline and drying racks? Maybe even a clothesline in your basement and/or attic? Word has it that even Martha Stewart doesn't use a dryer for clothes. Not sure about towels and sheets. I helped a friend w/ laundry who has top of the line front loading washer and dryer. (My Fisher-Paykel dryer is a top loader! I know!!!), and all I know is that both lied. The washer promised a time for that cycle, but always took longer by 2-3 minutes. And the dryer? I would set it for a time but it always stopped well before then, and the clothes were never all the way dried. So frustrating!
  10. Congratulations! What a way to end this year and start the new one! 👏 Now, when is his Eagle Scout ceremony? (Or would you like 15 minutes to just enjoy this?)
  11. I don't read much fiction anymore but my BFF gave My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry. I read it in 2 days (and I'm a slow reader). I laughed out and cried - both wiping a lone tear and ugly crying, b/c that's how it's written and b/c of personal things that only mean something to me. This is by the same author who wrote A Man Called Ove, which I didn't read, but saw the movie (w/ subtitles.) I heard Tom Hanks will star in an American version of Ove. No thank you. And I am not anti-Hanks.
  12. Back in the BC days (before children) DH and I would watch a trilogy over NYE and NYD. We have done it a few times w/ the kids too. Fun.
  13. Just said a prayer that things go well! I am sure they will. 👍
  14. I had to do this w/ someone who was verbally abusive. Being on the phone alone counts too. Use the phone's speaker and have a witness, or don't talk on the phone w/ the offender.
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