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  1. Paddle to the Sea!!! *Warm, fuzzy memories of reading HCH books w/ my littles* Sniff, sniff.
  2. Aren't there studies that show it's bad for our health? All I know is I have what almost feels as bad as jet lag at both time changes for about 2 weeks. I should do what mothers do the week or two before and change bed time to help littles adjust.
  3. Loved "the boys" (as Davey calls them - DH and I joke that it would make a good drinking game to take a drink every time Davey says "the boys" in a press conference, lol), Zim's getting emotional, the Parra/Sanchez/Strasberg/Scherzer hugging, and no F bombs (I'm looking at you, Alex Ovechkin). Great sign and great photo of you, Farrar! So nice to see you. 🙂 Any idea how many people were there? It looked like a good crowd, and that's what I hoped for on a Saturday. Still pinching myself and so happy!
  4. Watching now on the MLB Network (not Channel) and despite its being a glorious day there in DC and here where I live, it is not coming in clearly! ACK! It's a long shot, but anyone find a source to stream it? No clue why the picture is pixelated, but I'm not happy! Update: Found this link. YAY! Also, MASN is showing it and that channel is crystal clear!
  5. I just set the DVR to record the parade on the MLB channel. Have fun, Farrar, and please tell us all about it!
  6. I could do w/o seeing Soto's saliva going down his chin here, but LOL at Turner and how sweet - and fitting - an ending w/ Parra.
  7. The hubs is a definite NO on the parade, but I haven't ruled it out. I will PM you if it looks like I'll go. My boss is probably going to take his 9 yos, but I wouldn't dream of asking if I could tag along. Regardless if I attend or not, please come back here and tell us all about the parade, OK? I would have responded earlier, but we went to bed super early last night! This World Series wore us out! I slept very little after they won.
  8. Farrar, will you attend the parade? The hubs won't go, but I'm thinking about it.
  9. Thanks for the congrats. It's insane. Winning every away game hasn't happened in any sport that has such a championship (hockey, basketball, baseball). Insane, right? I just realized that today is Halloween, lol.
  10. What are some good sites to order from? Ds will NEED a shirt at least!
  11. His slow burn style slays me! The Stand Ups is still on Netflix too. One episode from S01 featured Nate. Part of his routine in The Tennessee Kid contains follow ups to a few bits he did on The Stand Ups, but we watched TTK first and both are stand alone. I couldn't breathe when he talked about ordering Starbucks! As always, preview it yourself before showing it to your kids. Our family quotes him often now.
  12. Parade Saturday! I want to go! (Right now. Sitting in traffic would probably change my mind.) Scott Van Pelt was so happy too. He told Rendon that he must have a resting heart rate of 4 and it goes up to 12 when he's excited, lol.
  13. This is exactly what ds texted DH and me!!!
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