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  1. Not splitting hairs, but your title said catch, so I thought you might want a no kill method. Since you're talking traps, I'll go ahead and post this: I bought a rat zapper for my friend who's a widow and whose ds is away at college - b/c she's squeamish, NOT b/c women need men to kill mice! Her ds saw it when he was home over Christmas break and thought it was gimmicky and wouldn't work. She's had 5 kills since Christmas. Even her ds was impressed. She tosses in a cracker for bait. She likes not having to touch it or even see it when she disposes of it.
  2. Well, since they're my feelings, I'm going to count them as both fair and reasonable, thank you very much. I didn't complain about - or even mention - my disappointment to that child or to anyone else. (Just here. A safe place?) Since I'm in the "dead mother club" and one child had just graduated Saturday w/ a masters, w/ high distinctions, and received a prestigious award given by the faculty, I felt a little down after the big high and more than a little self pity b/c my mother was not alive to see all that. That colored my mood for the day. Had I acted on my feelings and complained to my child, I might agree w/ you. But since I said nothing to that child, it's OK for me to feel that way. 😉 Thanks. I have a mini concert coming in a few days, so I'm good. 🎻
  3. Clearly I need to read her books. Which one should I start with? Angie, who broke her coccyx many moons ago only to have it re-dislocate 1.5 yrs ago and start hurting again. Weird! Soft chairs are the worst.
  4. I got a text wishing me HMD from one child. Granted, I saw this dc in person Friday and Saturday, but I wanted a video chat or phone call. I got a text. Now I did get a hug and HMD wishes Saturday night, but I still wanted to hear this child's voice yesterday. Didn't happen. The other child and I did FaceTime yesterday, and I did get HMD wishes. All I *ever* want is for my kids to play a song on the violin for me. Didn't happen, but one kid comes home from college this week, so I live in hope! Also, I lost my mom several years ago, and while I was feeling a little sorry for myself about not talking to one child, I allowed myself to wallow a little longer and deeper b/c I missed my mother. I've kept busy today and am over it now....I think.
  5. I know someone who had triplets (among other dc) and one triplet wrote the name of his sister on the wall and tried to blame her. His mother recognized his handwriting!
  6. Name? I can't play the video right now. I'll search for it. Looking forward to hearing his name(s).
  7. Yep, this. And if you're not opposed to having liquor boxes, they're the best for books. They have to be sturdy to hold those glass bottles, so they're perfect for books. Call ahead to the ABC store to ask them to hold them for you. The one nearest me gets shipments daily. If you call in time, they'll hold them for you. I pop in the front to tell them I'm there for the boxes and drive around back to load them in my car. It's a win-win. They don't have to break them down and I get free boxes to move books in.
  8. Angie in VA


    NM Found the answered I needed
  9. First of all, welcome back to VIRGINIA!!!! :) ❤️ Secondly, praying for you all! Yes, so many changes and waiting on job news and then house offers can be maddening. Any move - much less an international move is huge and then your own job search? Wow. Just WOW! Again, I'm praying. And for those who don't know this about "my" state: "To Be A Virginian either by Birth, Marriage, Adoption, or even on one's Mother's side, is an Introduction to any State in the Union, a Passport to any Foreign Country, and a Benediction from Above." -Anonymous
  10. I'm so sorry for all of it. I wish I could come help you with your littles whiles you got to lie down and cry. The not knowing part is hard enough without all that you're dealing with. Praying for you at this stressful time! Hugs!
  11. I know of one but it was about 8-9 years ago. A friend's son was accepted into a Virginia uni that requires 3 SAT II tests for homeschoolers. He went in Army ROTC and he never took those SAT subject tests. My friend thinks they really wanted the ROTC money however that works. I have no clue!
  12. Probably not what you're looking for, but I'd go see my osteopath. He's got magical hands.
  13. I haven't read all the responses but I think your dryer is taking Ambien.
  14. This. We built and had a smaller fridge to go in but put in cabinets for a larger fridge. When ours died in the fall, we were glad we had space for it.
  15. And while I agree w/ taking her out now, I will also mention the lesson (she may or may not learn now) of knowing "This isn't working for me and it's actually harming me." That lesson is priceless.
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