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  1. Any info you ladies could provide on traps that work is needed and would be appreciated. Our solar thingies work so-so but we need to take it up a notch.
  2. I don't like fiction. There. I said it. If I am allowed to stay here, I will share mine. I see Monica in Switzerland mentioned the one book I have bought and given to many people for its message, and that is: Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain by John Ratey It's 10+ yrs old, but the first two chapters alone made me get off my boohiney and exercise. Amazing. Schools could change. Societies. The world? Really. When I went to Amazon to link it, that page said, "Purchased 3 times" LOL. That doesn't count other places I've bought used versions.
  3. Link, please, bc we need a good one. Well, DH does. I am not as brave as you. You're a rock star!
  4. Oh, I see the problem. They're Redskins fans, so they are obviously insane. Sorry solving the mystery as to *why* doesn't solve the problem. Full disclosure: we are Redskins fans too. We show our crazy in other ways, namely, publicly admitting we are Redskins fans. Same wrt the Baltimore Orioles.
  5. Thank you, Pam in CT. I was about to post "Anyone else picturing Caddy Shack right now?" 😂 We have used those solar powered noise makers and had success with them. Only thing is, they last about a season. We added a few new ones this summer and Dh saw a ton of tracks out in the woods. Apparently, they hate noise. I will look for the castor oil based repellant, but I welcome all links! In the interest of full disclosure: I have a mole on my face and haven't ever entertained the idea of removing it. I'm ugly w/ or w/o out, so I leave it.
  6. Thanks. I also suggest when you pay $20 cash for gasoline, you should go ahead and pump the gas before driving off. No reason I'm posting that. Just thought someone needed to hear that. 😂
  7. I've made an oil using these flakes and distilled water: equal parts, heat the water so the flakes absorb, store in a glass spray bottle. It can itch, but doesn't always. It has stopped leg cramps in the middle of the night. I make sure to keep it where Dh can find it easily if I have an attack. (Learned that lesson from experience!) I've even used it as a deodorant with good results. A friend taught me that tip, but she buys her oil. I love epsom salt baths too, but rarely have time to soak.
  8. Elderberry syrup. Nearly our entire debate club got a flu bug a couple of years ago and ds moved through it faster than anyone else. He was the only one who took elderberry. I've since read about this symptom, but that flu was the first I'd ever had a loved one experience sensitivity to light. It was so odd. That kid was really sick. They all were.
  9. I was just going to ask for links to brands, strengths, sources. I think it was Corraleno (I'm not a reliable source. I mean, I don't lie, but I do get confused!) who recommended this brand and I got it from Amazon. (Not an affiliate link!) I have never used it topically, only a little internally. Can't recall now how it worked, but I also use elderberry for colds and flus.
  10. IIRC I've heard/read that their cyber security program is good.
  11. She's gorgeous from everything I've seen both inside and out. Love watching her FLY!
  12. Yeah, and they make babies fast. Years ago somewhere in my state a farmer died and he had what? Four pigs - maybe a few more - and his family didn't deal w/ them and they went wild and multiplied and destroyed farms in that county and in neighboring counties. Nothing to mess around with! I haven't seen the meme tweet. I'll look for it.
  13. I know this is a slightly older thread, but I opened it when it was new and am just getting back to it. Don't judge me! I've used our French press and a good ole Mason jar to make cold brew coffee and get good results from both. I wish I were not swayed by the cool factor of this. because despite the negative reviews and, you know, the price, I still want it. Check out their website for different combo deals, but I linked Amazon (*not* an affiliate link) I drink coffee hot and cold (diluting the cold brew concentrate for both), but, I must confess: I don't drink coffee as much as I drink coffee-flavored liquid candy. 😂 Lastly, I must plug having coffee ice cubes on hand if you have the freezer space because it's nice to have cold brew coffee poured over coffee ice cubes.
  14. I know a mom of 3 teens who saved and saved and then got on sale a Pottery Barn Build Your Own Sectional that is holding up well. I can't shake my fascination with Love Sac, but it's so darned expensive, and I might lose my religion while putting on all those covers.
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