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  1. Just getting back to this although it was resurrected last week. I went back to see my OP and in it I mentioned Henry Kissinger. He is still alive! He's 97. Incredible.
  2. I voted in person. With that done, this is my feeling on the results: https://youtu.be/SsYXnH9lzCY
  3. Katy, as always, your posts are so helpful. I need to follow this thread, because, for different reasons, I just started making green smoothies yesterday. I made one based on someone who said it was Reese Witherspoon's recipe: 1 green apple, 1 pear, 1 lemon, 2 hands full of spinach (I freeze fresh bagged spinach), coconut water, collagen, but I added a little water and an avocado plus a tiny bit of coconut oil. I see the rules I've broken but just saw this thread. Where do you buy flax seeds in person? I can only find flax meal, but wanted to try making my own hair gel using f
  4. Make sure you've swept and/or vacuumed enough. Then invest in the O'Cedar spin mop. I like having an extra head because: bathroom floors. Next, look up the Go Clean Co. She sells a $14 (Candadian, so less in the US) ebook, but you can get tons of free tips from her IG account. I now mop my tile floors w/ 1 teaspoon powdered Tide and piping hot water using the mop above and my floors are so clean! No streaks. Watch her stories and highlights if you can about what solution to use on wood, laminate flooring, etc. The Go Clean Co lady says to spin the mop it 8-10 times (pumps).
  5. When we had one it just meant more street side yard to clean up the neighbors' dogs' poop from. 😡
  6. Wait. Is the Redskins flag gone? Sorry this thread is old, but I'm behind on things. That's not true. I just have zero concept of time passage anymore!
  7. Wonder if I could get Google alerts for threads and posts about this monolith???
  8. I love this - and The IT Crowd. I think I'll go re-watch my favorite episodes: Italian for Beginners and Bad Boys.
  9. Today's Google logo (doodle?) is good! Not funny, but good. Thank you, Ignaz Semmelweis! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8OX0FNWANM&feature=youtu.be
  10. I think you should watch Nate Bargatze's The Tennessee Kid on Netflix and pay attention to his name issues when he flies Delta. That will keep you in good humor when you go to battle getting this fixed. God love you, Ellie, and I do too!
  11. There's more than one version of this, but I like this one.
  12. "How do you know when fish has gone bad? What? Does it start smelling good?"
  13. My first thought was "passive aggressive" but then Corraleno rocked my world! Also, the truth Beth S shared is spot on. 👏
  14. Surprised but not mad it was that many years. Yes, Texan, I believe he has at least one trial in CA to face next.
  15. Govt - very similar if not identical to BookWormTo2 Math -Much like cbollin: After doing Saxon math (my dc hated it but it sure was good to them!) mine passed a few math CLEPs. Yeah, some was overkill, but we used it to fortify mommy grades and to go towards whatever college reqs might be needed.
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