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  1. Queen of katwe is another chess movie about a poor girl from Uganda that becomes a chess master. It's been a long time since I've seen Contact but it is realistic in style won't swear how good the science is.
  2. Another space one a little older is Contact. Geeky in another way like Bobbie Fischer or queen of katwe?
  3. Well we had an unplanned pregnancy last year I'm not quite as old. But I am way overweight. I have arthritis in my hips. The pregnancy was fine I did have Gestational diabetes this time but we kept it very well controlled. I had a single high blood pressure reading and they had me checking it home daily after that. So they were definitely more vigilant. I had weekly nst and ultrasounds from 36 weeks on. The current recommendations are for high risk pregnancies to be induced at 39 weeks.
  4. Ok so this is my 7th graders basic schedule she is gifted in math but struggles in LA. She does 3 topics a day in Aleks math which ends up being 3 hours a week. We do history read alouds with outlining. It's about 3hrs a week. She reads a novel a week. Not classics like hunger games. Cover story writing and grammar is probably 3 hrs a week. STEM is a lot probably 10+ hrs a week 6hrs in class and 4hrs homework. I count her time swimming and weight training at the gym as PE but not her horseback riding or archery. Probably 3hrs Guitar I don't monitor it she is supposed to practice 2hrs a week. Sometimes it's more sometimes less.
  5. I've had vanquishers and fancy goggles but my favorites are actually these cheapies from amazon. Both my ODD and I really like them.
  6. It looks great. I love old boats. I agree with seasiders list. So much fun. If you have a local shop they usually know all the clubs and groups around.
  7. Totally jealous. Dh and I lived on a sailboat when we were first married. We would love to get back into but since it's all rivers here sailing is a little different and not popular. Is it a wood boat or fiberglass?
  8. Hip doesn't work for me either. I do wear it up on my shoulder but it's still awkward and obvious that the only reason I wear it that high is my "L" bOOks
  9. We don't fight over food or typically force our kids to do anything. But our housing when my MDD was young was often temperorary and not really safe for highly gifted fearless small person with ADHD. She could not toddle off and amuse herself safely while we ate. Strapping her in something was a requirement for my sanity. I believe OP has several hard children a house that is not baby proofed and not the world's most helpful spouse. If securing her 3 yr old for a few minutes during meals makes her life easier than I don't think anyone should begrudge her that.
  10. My natural reaction to requirements is to not do them. In theory I don't mind name tags but stick/pin on ones are so awkward with the size of my bOOks. The last time we visited a church that had them I wrote my name Susie's bff visiting so I didn't have to answer 50 times. Every one in my family added something to their badge besides their name. My DH labeled the baby The Boss.
  11. I did date someone who was 22 when I was 17. I also met DH who is 8yrs older than me when I was 19. But I still think having an age limit on prom is fine. It is a high school event. Our Home school prom is not just for seniors. Has an age range 13 & 8th grade to 19 and no more than 1 year since graduation.
  12. We spend a lot one does gymnastics and the other does horseback riding. ODD had a couple of years where she didn't have a big thing and just did little things like rec swim, rec volleyball, rockhounds club it was still probably $500 that's like $125 a season.
  13. My DH figured out you could reroute ours so he flipped so it actually buckled underneath the seat.
  14. DH is driving MDD to a gymnastics meet. Knowing him he will leave some treat for me to find when I get up in the morning.
  15. It would depend right now we have no debt and and a good amount of savings. The kids are in activities if they weren't I would do that if it helped me. So right now I would probably spend it on tattoos for me.
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