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  1. I think a day into symptoms is probably quick for it to be super accurate.
  2. Now our hospital is full and several branches of the sheriff's office are closed due to Covid outbreaks. So maybe we will just go full on bunker at this rate.
  3. Which test? How many days into symptoms? Vaxxed or un vaxxed? Vaccinated people with delta are actually having different symptoms. Headache and sneezing being most common.
  4. Same here almost eAugust. Our ICU is at capacity to The state is requiring schools to mask at least and we don't start until the end of August. Locally no one cares.
  5. Put it off for 10yrs by having a caboose baby. I was just starting to look at what I might want to do after when we found out about youngest. It also is looking more and more like we will have one more major move before Empty nest that will effect some of the possibilities.
  6. Goodness I haven't heard this one yet but I'm sure I will soon.
  7. Well our ICU is officially full and starting to move people to other hospitals. 17 out of 20 icu beds are Covid. Mostly people in there 40's and 50's all ICU patients are unvaxxed.
  8. I am so happy our governor announced the mask mandate will stay for school for everyone. DH work is going back to masks for all to.
  9. I am so sorry. I know from past posts your house is tight. A hotel seems best if you can swing it.
  10. So the only part of the trip that needs to be inside with other people is the plane? If that was the case and your all vaxxed I would probably go for it. Buy good masks for the plane ride.
  11. Ugh My dad was contacted today apparently someone he worked with Thursday is positive. My dad is vaxxed but is planning to get tested tomorrow morning. I was at his house Thursday evening with the toddler and than the whole family was there on Sunday for a short time to help with a sprinkler problem. We are all vaxxed except the little one so hopefully nothing comes of it.
  12. We bought a used truck partially because the price was surprisingly good. The trade in value for our sedan was super high, maybe some types are vehicles are more in demand idk I haven't really paid attention.
  13. I wouldn't seek out relationships or marriage but if it happens I'd be open to it. Interesting that so few here say they would not remarry. All but one person I know irl has remarried some quite quickly. Divorced or widowed young to old they have all probably none have remained single more than 5 yrs.
  14. Neither of mine have dated yet but some of their friends have. It mostly seems like exactly how they hangout with a good friend, lots of texting, but with romantic intentions.
  15. It's an amazing dress she is from a neighboring town so their has been a lot of attention about it.
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