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  1. Dd12 is making meringue cookies for one event and fruit tart for another.
  2. Wow I had no idea some of the homes we looked at had HOA but it was just covenants for the neighborhood their were no fees. You could get fined for non-compliance. We didn't look anywhere gated or anything though. We have a pool and tennis courts you can buy a membership for but at 500 joining fee plus monthly fees and volunteer hours we just decided to join the big Gym with indoor pool and outdoor water park since its only a mile a way.
  3. I voted other- currently we have a two Master house which is perfect for us. We currently use the master that is by itself in the up 1/2 story because DH works nights 1/2 the time. When we are older we will move to the main floor.
  4. use a lycra cap under the nylon for waterproof and no tug.
  5. No I've never had a compelling reason to. I know 1 person who did the capsules. I know many who plant the placenta. My best friend had her baby born in caul and the midwife had it dried or something and they kept it.
  6. Its my favorite plus size store. The quality is a little hit or miss but I like the clothes better than lane bryant or torrid.
  7. In my house it would be under the 10yr olds bed and would magically appear someplace when I asked :)
  8. Yes we have uber. Lyft either just got here or will be soon. We have curbside, and grocery delivery. Also door dash and uber eats. Total metro population is 250k
  9. Summer volleyball and Summer swim team. Than in August we'll be going on a month long road trip to the midwest to visit friends and family.
  10. I have come to really respect nature as a huge part of each child. I remember 1 day at gymnastics practice a new mom lamenting her daughters behavior. She commented on how well behaved oldest was and asked my secret. I said no secret just luck that one sitting out for breaking the safety rules and hanging from the pit bar is her sister. Same mom different kids that's who they have always been.
  11. Hard Boiled eggs (though both my girls can cook eggs) Frozen waffles (we get the kodiak whole grain protein ones) Oatmeal packets/ Cup Peanut Butter sandwiches Yogurt Heat and serve sausage
  12. The clean cut thing is weird to me it seems like it basically means good conservative kid. No boys here but it would be a none issue I won't fight any kid over their look. Exception being tattoos before 18 but that's what henna is for.
  13. I expect them to have a realistic plan to be a functioning adult. I was pushed very hard to achieve academically and go to a 4yr college at least because it would be waste of my brains to do anything else. I dropped out I would have be much better served entering the military or taking a gap year. My girls are young right now but I'm not sure either will do a 4yr degree I expect both to do running start in high school. 1 will probably enter the military the other hasn't shown much interest in anything yet.
  14. Our home is semi open and I love it. The living room, dining room and kitchen make a circle around a partial wall (almost just a big pillar) and the stairs down. So the kitchen is obscured from the entry and most of the living room. Than their is a pony wall between that and the sunken rec/family room. My BF has a completely open down stairs with cathederal ceilings its gorgeous to look at but cold and loud its a home they built to sell after a couple of years she won't be doing that floor plan in their forever home.
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