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  1. Nope. So many movies that would make good remakes because they will benefit the new technology/graphics. This one should not be touched!!!
  2. The issue with VA loans is really only the appraisals are much stricter. If you have an unusual house it’s rough to find comps they will take. Nothing else should be harder for the seller.
  3. Is it a nonprofit business owners will buy them and write them off. Every fundraising dinner we have been to it’s because our friends business bought a table and than gave us seats.
  4. I hate this its not the girls fault if they are wearing the team swimsuit. We only do summer swim which doesn't have a required swim suit. Older DD chooses a rashguard and shorts so she doesn't burn Younger DD chose a biketard/tech suit rip off. We have this issue at the gym the coaches choose the suit and the fit and the gymnast lives with the consequences. Than their is always the stuff about cracking down on it which means what staring at little girls to see who has the most revealing leo? When the girls are training they almost all choose to wear shorts so why not in comp.
  5. I would do 215 +176 +331 ———- 6 + 11 + 12 ———- 722
  6. Happy Birthday!! Your feelings are not wrong and sharing them is not a bad thing to do. It is kind to be clear.
  7. I also grill in summer and do roasts the rest of the year. They really are super simple you can roast potatoes or veggies right alongside. Very little prep very little mess.
  8. I don’t know about magical. We made one for our middle ADHD sensory seeker last Christmas. Of course everyone wanted to try it 6/7 of us loved it. We made several more for kids and I want one for myself. The one person who did not like it really hated it!!! So you might want to try one or make sure they are returnable.
  9. We have done sling in the past but now we use YOUTUBE TV is works well. I have it pretty much just to watch soccer.
  10. Maybe my oldest is a few weeks from 13 and I am pretty liberal about her staying alone. But haven’t done super late at night or us being out of town. We have neighbors, she can walk, bike, bus places, grandparents are in town etc. I think she would rather have a sleepover somewhere. It is not a big deal in our circle to ask for this favor in fact someone usually offers to take your kid as soon as they hear your anniversary is coming up.
  11. We Not rude as long as the person dropping by can handle being told it’s a bad time. They also have to be good with mess and chaos!!! The family we know that is most open to pop ins also has the most chaotic messy house. Piles of laundry, spilled pasta, couch forts, people in pjs all the time. It is the best house to go visit because it is real and warm and fun
  12. Do you have private social agencies in your area? They often are able provide extra support and may have their own training.
  13. No unread emails. I have 2 emails one for signing up for things and one for real stuff. I skim subject and sender and delete in mass actually in my my ad/junk e-mail my default is to delete all. For real email I read it and send to a folder to save, delete or keep in my inbox until I complete the action like fill out form for school then delete.
  14. We don’t have chick fil a or Popeyes. My oldest always gets a chicken sandwich and her favorite is Wendy’s.
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