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  1. We had a similar experience. $500 was a cheap mutt. Most rescues won't adopt to us because we have the little one. The humane society only has a handful of dogs at $350 they go fast. We finally found our dog which is a pit mix but their were others on a Facebook page for selling and rehoming.
  3. We haven't done any of the free meals just because of location etc. But we have happily taken the bags of free potatoes, onions and apples that are being given out.
  4. I will go sit in the hot-tub once the baby is in bed.
  5. Yeah it's sucks and really don't think I'm being over cautious. Our area has ~100 new cases a day. A 20% test rate an almost full ICU. I also know that people attending haven't been quarantining all that much. Several have traveled out of town recently, or had gatherings on the 4th.
  6. A bunch.of my friends are at a bachelorette party tonight which is a really dumb idea. But I do wish I could be there. They will be at the wedding tomorrow that we are also not going to. On top of that I'm having the worst period pains I've had in years. Plus our internet went out and I am missing the Sounders game the first one in months.
  7. No sympathy for mask tantrumers and we have lots here. One group is keeping a list of the businesses that will let you in mask less if you say you have a health problem. Seriously when MDD had pneomonia she had to wear her mask until she was admitted to a private room it was like 16 hours. She was fine. They can wear the mask!!
  8. My DH uses the ones made for sports like the under armour one. He has asthma and his work is incredibly hot.
  9. We have just let our oldest decide for herself. She is saving for a car but spends some on junk food, makeup, Starbucks. She is naturally generous and gives tons.
  10. I haven't seen anything that suggests surface spread. When their have been outbreaks in a workplace they have all been direct contact.
  11. I don't wash my hands after touching any one thing. But after going to the store or unloading all the groceries seems like enough possible contamination to wash hands.
  12. Same thing happens here all the time. Big sisters are just much more awesome than mom.
  13. Any special flours like semolina. No sanitizing wipes, rubbing alcohol, or any N or K 95masks. Bikes, rafts, intertubes, or life jackets.
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