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  1. More than I would like. At least most can go in the compost. Part of it is just some weeks we just eat less than I expect for whatever reason.
  2. I always sing in the car!! Unless I'm for some reason with people I don't know that we'll.
  3. Never unless we are moving/getting rid of it. We will take out a shelf, drawer, cubby and clean it thoroughly probably each one gets a real clean 2/3 times a year.
  4. We don't password protect things but we do have it setup so the router turns off at a certain time. Our kids are good kids but the one with ADHD often has trouble sleeping and it's pretty tempting to get up and watch tv. Which obviously won't help her sleep. It's not a punishment just makes it easier for her to make good choices.
  5. I've been using the Castle grade. I usually wear another make over it because it's ugly.
  6. Have you tried echoing his feelings. Like when he didn't like that the sun went down. Your mad the sun went down it makes me mad some days to.
  7. Anyone else have trouble getting signed up for the app?
  8. Yeah zero but not helpful at all. I would fly for something necessary but not anything recreational. I feel no need to eat indoors at a restaurant. I have done a patio twice but am pretty content getting takeout. I love movies and saw at least one a week before COVID but it's not worth it now ours are just opening. They are serving snacks so masks are not staying on. I did just learn that they are doing private showings for a pretty reasonable fee so I could see doing that for a special occasion.
  9. Not me by my half sisters had an father one was no contact and one was low contact. They we're not his emergency contact or anything so I don't know if that makes a difference. They were not contacted until he passed to claim the body. Oldest simply declined. The other decided to claim the body rather than him have a paupers funeral.
  10. Not alone! Went to outdoor church a couple of times and it was ok. Then they moved inside. Which I was not comfortable with or happy about. The Pastor swore people were following the rules etc. So I agreed to try. We wore our good masks. It was so bad. Yes all the seats in service were in family groups at least 6 feet apart. But everyone was crowded in the small lobby talking and hugging. They had a table with like 4 people handing out operation Christmas boxes making it even more crowded and interactive. We have a mask mandate they aren't supposed to allow entry period acc
  11. Yep I expect to get worse. Here locally it was already bad until the mask mandate. We've been trending down since July until recently. For the last 4 weeks we have stayed relatively flat but not low enough to meet any of the targets. Positivity is ~7% and cases are 120/100k. Not terrible but not great. We have been allowed to move up a phase and open a bunch of indoor dining and restaurants. Also both school districts are going ahead and starting hybrid elementary school even though they had originally said we need to be at 75/100k for two weeks. Everyone is definitely acting like
  12. I would fly it's so much safer than driving alone and exhausted. Get a good mask if he doesn't already have one. Can he separate from you all when he gets home? Or at least the son?
  13. I think we would have to loosen up some. I don't think it would change much for me and the toddler. I have 2 middle schoolers that plan to go to public high school. We have kn95's for anything riskier now but would invest in some high quality reusable n95 like the castle grade. I would hope that we would have more access to rapid testing. Also that contact tracing would be better. Closures more pinpointed.
  14. Their is so much that goes into success. Talent, opportunity, hard work and luck for sure. The only one we can control is hard work. We also have to think about what success is. Are you only successful if you reach the very top. I spent my whole childhood and early adulthood obsessed with soccer. I did camps, multiple teams, private lessons etc. I had talent, supportive family, money, opportunities and connections. I made it to a very high level national team tryouts, all american. I did not ever make the national team. Thanks to timing their was no pro league in America when I
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