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  1. I agree HSLDA should keep their mouth shut about these groups that don't fit them. I am amazed at what CA charters get to spend their money on in WA it is much more limited. It was freer but as longs as we have been using our ALE their are no private field trips, no classes outside of what the school provides, no school supplies that are usually supplied by students. So their are private music lessons at the school if they can contract a teacher, lots of field trips but set up by the school. The district skims off the top, when the occasional huff is thrown about those homeschoolers they pay for the district is very clear that the program makes them money.
  2. Our dentist does all of us at once 2 x 2 they have toys and things to keep the kids busy in the lobby or let them sit and watch. It sounds weird but it’s what they plan for with families and obviously it doesn’t cause problems or they wouldn’t keep doing it. I know several large families who go there to not just my little family. We do have an exam every time we go in. What you described with the dentist himself would bother me.
  3. Thanks for the heads up my church doesn't do vbs and I don't love VBS. But I have let my kids go some times for fun since its free and their friends often invite them. It seems every church in town is using this curriculum based on the signs.
  4. I don't what the key is we have a great group of friends here like good enough we turned down the chance of a better job to stay here. The only thing I can say about it really is it has a core of people who want to build a a community. We moved here 9 yrs ago and knew no one!! I signed up for a service that matches players with area soccer teams and was contacted by a guy starting a new co-ed team. This guy and his wife had started the team as a community building effort so they put on a lot of events, practices, bbq's, viewing parties etc. I will be honest and say that we didn't really click they were nice but we didn't have much in common except soccer, age and race. But just through proximity we grew closer. We eventually tried their church during our church shopping. Their small group invited us to lunch and we went. Again everyone was nice, but it wasn't love at first sight. We liked the church and started going to their small group who happened to be working on loving one another and doing life. So we were pushed out of our comfort zone a bit and asked to do things like have some one over without doing any extra cleaning. It was uncomfortable at first to really be real with people but it did bond us. Than we had a big project drop in our laps and had to plan a big event in just a couple days, food decorations, music and that really cemented the bond. Several people in that group have moved away but they are still dear friends. We are planning to spend a week with one of them this summer for our vacation. The original group are still friends but we have managed to incorporate new families over and over again. Time, being real, and projects/community service. We rarely do anything without someone from the group anymore. That original couple we didn't really hit it off with are dear friends and they were the first people to meet our new baby. Anyone the thing I think i've learned is you really don't have to have tons of chemistry or in common. You just need people who want relationships. We chose to act like a loving community and now we truly are. Sorry for rambling on
  5. Another thing to think of that here an above ground pool adds nothing to your property value no matter how its installed or how nice it is but an inground pool does.
  6. Math -Review with Khan Academy and than Jousting Armadillos ELA-Cover Story & Mosdos Press History Odyssey - Modern PE- Gymnastics Music- Ukulele Art-Beginning Painting Science- Robotics
  7. A little up in the air if we are waiting to hear if she got into the STEAM program at our ALE. If so than we will only be doing a little at home. Algebra 1 ALEKS (already did a year of AOPS) So she can have HS credit for it and the review will be good for her. Cover Story Writing History Odyssey Modern
  8. We fed each other and did the dabbing thing. The only way I can see smashing being a predictor is if the one spouse did it against the others wishes. I also don't see how these pros know if the couple eventually divorced I worked 50+ weddings and know nothing about what happened to the couples except the handful I knew personally.
  9. When we go in a group we will all just get on the website at the same time and message each other it works well. Otherwise we CASH or Paypal the person buying the tickets.
  10. Most everything has been covered in our state its generally better for the relative to take the child and go through the steps to become a foster parent because they will be eligible for more support and aid.
  11. We have a lot of bonus rooms now that work well for our stage of life. A movie room, game room, and a school room/library. But what I want a Winebrary a library - slash wine cellar!
  12. Came back to say we only have it because the house we bought was a steal in the right location but actually much bigger than we need day to day at 6 bedrooms and 3600sq ft. We wouldn't have one other wise probably we also have a school room, game room, living room and office/guest room.
  13. We have a movie room but it is set up to be a bit multipurpose. 10ft screen, projector, and sound system it is used for video games and movies. It has a mix of couches and recliners and is quite often used for silent reading since its comfy. The sofas are hide a beds and it gets used for guests and sleepovers. It got more used more when we first moved in but still gets pretty regular use.
  14. I love the pre-select thing for big movies we do it at home scan the app at the ticket taker. We still do $5 Tuesdays and that is a regular theater with general admission but we usually go during the day and its empty usually.
  15. Mobymax is online free and cover most subjects. Its certainly not ideal but things in life rarely are.
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