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  1. I'm enjoying it. I have thing for falcon. Something is definitely up with Sharon!! The new cap is exactly what Dr. erksine didn't want to create.
  2. Lots but that's what we wanted lots of time to explore and create. So we concentrate on english and math. They have gone through times of having less free time because of their choice of time heavy activities but I basically only take up their mornings with school and chores
  3. My best friend lives right in the path so we will likely go for a visit.
  4. No I don't think so though my area is so generally anti vax it would hard for the homeschoolers to be proportionally more. It definitely seems to lineup more politically than anything here
  5. No despite some quirks, I am not able to make pictures in my head, I hate phone calls, and am a pretty picky eater. I am a social butterfly and only scored a 5 on the AQ. I'm gifted and likely have ADD.
  6. We can and have but it's a real pain. DH has to find a vanpool or carpool for work. Which is fine until overtime causes problems. Than we are stuck without a car on sometimes short notice. He can't uber, be dropped off due to security. No buses run out there. He has ridden a bike a few times but it's a pretty miserable ride. Right now we have 4 vehicles my car, his truck used for hauling camper and boat. The old suburban that runs fine but it's completely worthless so we are holding on to it for the teens. Plus DH's motorcycle that he uses to commute whenever it's nice.
  7. If you like wine you could try simply 35 wines. They are a little sweet for me but are good with some seltzer water in summer.
  8. Nope a few recent ones show up in my health portal. But nothing including my Covid shows up in the states record search for me and I don't have any paper records from being a kid. All of the kids show up.
  9. I was on WW before I got pregnant and lost 35lbs. Now I use a free app itrackbites that is the same basic idea.
  10. PCR. No one doubts he is positive. Some doubt that it is a new/current infection. He has a couple of times when we thought he was exposed but the contact tracers said no it didn't count for one reason or another. It doesn't really matter we are all quarantined together. He was isolating in the second master but than they told us we would still be considered in contact since it's the same HVAC system. So he is free on Friday and than the rest of us will quarantine for another week to 10 days.
  11. He tested positive about two weeks after getting his shot. No idea of when he picked it up. He is completely asymptomatic. We only got tested to rule it out because we were sure MDD was having a strep flair - she is a carrier. The rest of us tested negative.
  12. Maybe, MDd had a slightly elevated temp and sore throat. I have a slightly scratchy throat and some mild congestion. We both tested negative but DH tested positive with no symptoms. I am severally obese, DH is obese with asthma. We both have had our first shot but not our second.
  13. This the training wheels should be slightly high. When you don't hear them anymore they can ride
  14. Well idk we were going to keep it simple with my parents. My mom just had a lot of dental work so ham, macaroni &cheese, asparagus, watermelon. Plus whatever oldest DD wanted to bake for dessert. Now we are quarantined so no parents. Not sure if we will save the ham for when they can come or just do it anyway.
  15. Well we just shipped in both areas. The more rural area with lots and a commute to everything and the neighborhood we could walk to everything etc. We just kept looking until we found the best fit. We probably drove our realtor nuts. Our list was like well if it's in x area we want, a shop an acre etc. If it's in y area we want at least this much room and walk/bike able to this and that. We found one in the rural that was perfect but couldn't get a good appraisal for va loan so no go. The next perfect house we found was in town.
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