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  1. Idk about all the other stuff but we have a few girls at our gym who compete wearing shorts I believe for religious reasons. The down side is that their are deductions for tugging or adjusting the uniform during competition so they are stuck with wedgies or whatever. This is true for hair, strapes, braces etc so that is why less is more. Yes they could wear biketards but they seem to be universally hated from a comfort standpoint.
  2. We regularly host 50ish people for our community group. That is mostly kids and gets loud but is fine otherwise we have 3 living areas and open the garage when its to yuck for outside play. If it was all adults we could do 75+ I think.
  3. rebcoola

    Clothes shopping for tweens

    Justice I was not exactly thrilled with the idea but it really is a great store for this problem. My oldest wears an adult medium often and justice’s 18’ fit her. Also the prices seem expensive but everything goes on sale often and their clearance gets quite cheap.
  4. rebcoola

    PNW peeps...snow?

    Finally got some totals 10.5 inches so far with 8-12 more expected. A friends brother and several other people were stuck on one of the roads overnight waiting to be rescued by snowmobile. Everything thing is closed including most of the freeways leading in or out of town.
  5. rebcoola

    PNW peeps...snow?

    Its crazy over here on the eastside of the mountains blizzard conditions they have stopped plowing because of low visibility. DD is heartbroken she was supposed to go to lacey for a gym meet but its just not safe.
  6. rebcoola

    Guitar for 7yo son recommendations plz

    Luna guitars have really nice smaller guitars. I wouldn't worry too much about out growing a 3/4 guitar my DD is the size of adult and still plays her 3/4 because it is comfortable and easier to travel with.
  7. rebcoola

    Baby pic

    Its from "The Song of the Sea" an Irish folk tale about Selkies
  8. rebcoola

    How often do your kids bathe?

    Weekly and when filthy. They did swim almost daily back than. Now both bathe most days but that’s cause they are sweaty/ stinky from sports and puberty.
  9. rebcoola

    Baby pic

    Is an Irish word meaning Freedom.
  10. rebcoola

    Baby pic

    Saoirse (sar-sha). Born Tuesday!
  11. rebcoola

    Baby pic

    Saoirse (sar-sha). Born Tuesday!
  12. rebcoola

    A slightly different "would you eat this?"

    I would it seems fun.
  13. rebcoola

    Kids movies I hate

    PeeWee Herman is banned here he has always given me the heebie jeebies. Little Mermaid just ugh no catchy music can save that. Frozen is not a favorite here by anyone. Megamind, Strange Magic, Planet 51 and anything Studio G are always welcome here
  14. We always do it ourselves truly the hardest part is how heavy it is. If there is enough there is enough room for two people to work together to lift it its not bad at all.
  15. rebcoola

    What's in your nightstand drawer?

    Lotion, book, chargers random junk and a TEA brewer😉
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