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  1. Me to and I'm only 36 and my oldest is 13!
  2. We got tickets for all of us except baby to see a big famous comedian. It will be a total shock Dd13 was begging for a ticket for her birthday. Tickets were announced a week before her day we said no and we had already bought your gifts. Than she wanted too use her birthday money to by one but it was sold out. So it will be a complete surprise that we got tickets as our big family gift.
  3. Just saw that and we usually get things super quick. I almost always choose no rush shipping so I get the credits.
  4. Following along our caboose baby is still a baby. I might not even home school her their were a lot of factors that made it the right choice and I'm not sure it still will be.
  5. I'm another doing atomic habits. It has been so helpful to focus on small things. Having a baby again and ADHD I really am loving making changes tiny bits at a time. Check the garbage and recycling on the way out of the house and have a kids grab it. Empty the dishwasher while my kuerig warms up. Go to the gym after dropping kids off at school the time o have is shorter but it gets done a a 20 min workout 4 days a week is better than a 60min once or twice.
  6. Aww artic I've definitely had days like that. Glad your bigs are being helpful at least and you have some yummy treats. We would be getting take out for dinner.
  7. Lots of good advice we have a larger house than we need 3600sq ft. It was a fantastic steal in the neighborhood we wanted. We have an Alexa in almost every room so we can use it as intercoms and monitors. Roomba is a fantastic help. Could you put up some sort of temporary fencing for the 3 yr old. We love that everyone can find a space to do projects, play music etc without bothering other people.
  8. My dh has issues with his fingers being especially cold he finally got these heated gloves
  9. I don't get why Santa can't give tickets etc? I wish probably do some single use type crafts. Some edibles also.
  10. I think she absolutely deserves to be cut off. But understand wanting to keep some relationship. I would call her once a month and end the call if it goes to anything nasty. You can visit her alone if it becomes necessary. You can support her care by researching and making phone calls etc.
  11. Yes. x harry potter collection
  12. I think it's just about getting personal and it can be so hard to get the mark right. We do the big expensive gifts at birthdays so Dd13 got a brand-new kitchen aid stand mixer last month. Her Christmas gifts are smaller but I think will get a big reaction partially because they are true surprises. A pair of Harry Potter sneakers, a nailed it bakers cap, and tickets to a comedy show that is coming to town. Plus books, candy and our traditional munchkin expansion pack.
  13. This relative crossed the line. My parents gave me sips of the good stuff as a kid and eventually served me at holidays. It did definitely keep from binge drinking. because cheap beer, wine, etc is nasty. I enjoy good drinks and will not drink any old thing to swill typically Rainier beer🤮. I have taken the same path for my kids.
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