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  1. Now that you mention it we do have a more typical harness we could sew something to. She usually wears a tactical vest so we could maybe attach to the molle straps somehow to. Right now since it's the night that's the biggest problem we sewed a tube to a diaper. It's not strong enough to protect it but it kept.her from taking the wrap off and licking it all night.
  2. Should have said the products we could get locally/immediately. My dh made a diy version for now. She has an appointment later this week. If it looks like her tail will be staying we will get the one Bill linked.
  3. Yeah we keep re wrapping which works ok during the day. She gets it off at night and I don't know how much damage she is doing then. We've looked at some of the products but they don't have very good reviews. I wouldn't mind if she lost the tail and since it can quite lethal. I assume it's not fun for the dog as an adult.
  4. Any of the amazing dog people here have a fool proof way to wrap protect a dog tail. We tried to wrap it ourselves and with varying success none lasted more than 3 hours. The vets lasted better and included a syringe over as a protector but she has figured out how to wack it to get it off. We really don't want her to lose the tail!
  5. An aunt called my kids "Two farts in a skillet" to describe them when they were little and bouncing off the walls.
  6. We did it on youngest when she was a couple of months old. The clip with a laser took about a minute. It cost like $600 if insurance didn't cover it. The exercises are by far the worst part. We didn't do the exercise at night.
  7. Both lake or ocean and mountains.
  8. I wouldn't because it doesn't sound fun. I've done winter camping but its been for a reason. Not just to do a day hike and than camp just to camp.
  9. Yes all of a sudden going a bit crazy. Since YDD birthday is so close to Christmas we had planned to spend her birthday weekend every year at our favorite resort rather than do presents/party but that's not happening. DH has had a couple of unofficial exposures so we are self quarantining. Just to be safe. The weather is simply cold, gray and windy. I am ready for a change any change.
  10. Yes, any protest can and has turned ugly or violent. It did definitely happen in many places this summer. If you show up with bombs, zip tie handcuffs and nooses it's clear your intentions are not for peaceful protest.
  11. I'm not sure. Our school is offering MAP testing by appointment but that's different. I hope it's cancelled.
  12. The girls and I are going to Indiana to stay with BFF family. Depending on what the school does we may go out either in May or June. DH will be doing a refueling outage working 4 on nights on 1 night off and will be a zombie from April through the end of June so it will be nice. We will also being doing some camping in our trailer
  13. I don't know how many of you I would recognize. I've never caught any of the others. A few of you have such particular stories or interests it seems like it would be come apparent eventually. I'm sure I would be outed by my terrible writing.
  14. Friends NYE party seems to possibly be turning super spreader. No one who was there has come out and said they are positive but the dots are connecting. A woman was there and seems to have been the one to infect her (unofficial) step kids. Bio mom didn't name names but vented about her people in their life attending large events without a mask. Than we got a notice at the church that a family that was there Sunday tested positive Tuesday. The announcement also asked people to please take the week off if they attend high risk event. Poor Bio mom above now has to take two weeks of wor
  15. We have a split king (two twins) Tempurpedic. It's wonderful best purchase ever we each got to choose our own firmness. It's $$$$. We haven't had any trouble brewing tea or flipping over.
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