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  1. I think lying to jump tier is wrong. I do happily drive over to our mass vaccination site when I can and sit in the overflow line as anyone can do in hopes of getting my shot early. I don't feel bad about that because they only give them if it's your arm or the garbage. They do all appointments first, than eligible non - appointments than first come first serve.
  2. I asked my 14 & 12 yr old and they both know it and can sing quite a bit. It is not a song on any of the adults playlists. They say it's in quite a few movies.
  3. No way, I am all for home births, water births, etc. Things just go wrong sometimes and you can't always tell or feel. I thought I was having back labor and it was really a kidney problem.
  4. They reshuffled some of our tiers and DH went from 1b to like 4A. I'm even lower on the phases. We really want to get vaxxed before DH's refueling outage because their are just so many hundreds maybe even thousands of contractors brought in. So we are planning to go to our mass vaccination site at the end of the day and hope to get a leftover shot. They say they have about 10% no shows each day. They do phase eligible people first and than anyone so they don't waste the shots.
  5. I had to know more because it was just so odd. So I looked up some of those I tried it stories. Oh my the worst wasa kiddie chair with a hole cut in the bottom and a giant poncho to cover you up as you sit on in the middle of a strip mall day spa no private room. Just heck no! The poor woman was desperate one of the claims is that it will help you conceive.
  6. Pretty much everything has been said. Trafficking is a real and terrible issue but it looks nothing like those videos they just sell fear.
  7. Me to!! Altered carbon-the world is messed up but a new body whenever you need it sounds awesome.
  8. I agree Ralph is possibly Mephisto and really behind it. Though Agnes has actually mainly been on the fantastic 4/avengers side in the comic books. Like she is a little naughty but push come to shove she is on the good guys side. The twins are interesting they have been made up but they have also been real made from parts of mephostos soul. So many easter eggs and hints from the comics but nothing actually ever lines up fully so always on our toes.
  9. Ahh the new episode has so much. Has anyone watched yet???
  10. The castle grade which is ugly as sin under a cute cloth mask.
  11. Kids are going to one class a week each with about 12 kids for school. It makes me nervous our numbers aren't quite what I would like. They double mask and the school is very strict. DH works in person. That is our entire covid budget. When the kids went back to school we cut back to no contact shopping/takeaway etc Cases are dropping so hopefully we can do more soon. I'm shooting for case rate of 250 and positivity of 5%. I know some of you have been much lower but that number would be basically miraculous here.
  12. Of course this happened to you. Your threads are the best!!
  13. Idk I have only recently heard of it but it would be their 15, 19th and 20th which is so close to other big birthdays it seems kind of superfluous.
  14. Yes DH's plant is running at 98%. They've been ordered to not touch anything that might trip it and lower power. He has been incredibly bored the last few nights
  15. I see, none of the churches I have attended have had a strong message about nakedness or skin showing being sinful. But I think a lot of people attend church they don't 100% agree with. So maybe they simply talked with their kid about the churches stance versus their own conscience.
  16. I guess they may be those kind of southern Baptist but the churches have actually a pretty wide range on this being a loose network rather than being a true denomination. I attend a southern baptist church and am quite free wheeling about nudity. Though going camping nude doesn't sound appealing.
  17. I don't see what being southern baptist has to do with anything. Their is nothing sinful about being nude.
  18. No way, its been 40 &50's and sunny most of the winter here. We are getting all our winter in 1 weekend makes it easier to enjoy.
  19. We have enough now the toddler can't walk outside. She had a blast yesterday. The big kids are happy because we have the only snow blower in the neighborhood so they are making tons of money.
  20. I mean it does seem dumb but honestly, we used to use glue in our hair. It was regular Elmers not super glue. It's what "everyone" did before spiking gel. I think suing is stupid obviously if you use a product off lab that's not the manufacturers fault.
  21. I agree with you. I thinks it odd to draw a line like that. None of my older cousins came to my wedding we lived quite far away from most of the family. My uncles came without wives kids and we're quite entertaining. We split the difference for the little people. They came to the wedding and than had sleepover at my parents house with a sitter. My mom talked this over with the various parents and it worked for everyone.
  22. That sucks!! HBO max has all the studio ghibli movies. It could be worth a months subscription if your into those.
  23. Video tutorials are horrible. Give me some text or pictures. Wiki how is much more my style than YouTube.
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