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  1. I would assume they would take binax tests. Our schools have them on-site and offer them to close contacts or the occasional coughing kid.
  2. Lunch with friends. My MDD and I had a fun afternoon shopping.
  3. Local response from the schools requiring test or Vax to go to homecoming. Is to throw a second homecoming. Special appeal to athletes to skip the real homecoming because if they test positive they risk being quarantined and messing up the whole season for their teams. 😒
  4. I have lost a lot of weight but still have a lot of weight to lose. I did super well for 6 months than went on an extended trip and haven't been able to quite get back in the groove. Accountability seems to be the main thing that helps. I know what to to do etc. It's just consistently doing it. I recently joined TOPS which is kind of like weight watchers but Like $30 for a year they basically just do calories counting basic healthy eating but they have weekly in person or online support groups. I am trying this because things like a personal trainer are just so expensive and I really don't need their expertise just that accountability.
  5. Yay congrats hope the rest of the process goes smoothly.
  6. We don't have strong Vax rates and our numbers are not great overall but school isn't making it worse because masking is required. Tied to funding level required.
  7. We haven't had an increase with schools opening. It's been holding steady. Almost like masks actually work really well.
  8. I am curious those of you who say you shop local. You mean actually local stores. I could buy 90% of what I buy online at Amazon locally but it would be from large national companies target/ Walmart. True local stores are small and niche they are a lot of fun but I'm not buying what we really need there usually.
  9. Lol has your DH actually spent anytime with middle school boys where they are being themselves? Gaming all night if not stopped is very common with middle schoolers.
  10. No I don't regret it. I know I am lucky though. I have a large social circle. When my kids were young all my best friends homeschooled to. I have regular time away from my kids to do things I enjoy. I was never really driven to have a career. The whole sum of my ambition is to become a tasting room attendant.
  11. Totally worth it. Besides the free shipping. We use the TV and take advantage of the many free trials of premium channels to binge things. We use the unlimited photo storage and prime reading.
  12. Him being missing now definitely seems to mean he murdered her.
  13. I'm leaning towards not trying it at this point. I don't have a diagnosis for the pain and this feels like a very dangerous band aid solution.
  14. Thoughts, ideas, stories? I have chronic pain and my doctor suggested trying Cymbalta.
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