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  1. Ah gardens, I love seeing all the pictures. I currently have: two bleeding hearts that have sprouted from last year's planting - can't wait to see how they grow no hostas sprouting in the front yard yet - north facing, so I guess there is still hope? three of the backyard hostas have sprouted! strawberries in the raised bed appear to be over achieving and already have flowers - we may get strawberries this year! none of the strawberries in the ground have sprouted yet the raspberry canes are still wrapped in the evergreen bushes - maybe I'll get those evergreens out this year. Eagerly anticipating raspberries, since they did berry last year.
  2. You have the right to a copy of your prescription. Link to FTC regarding rights to your prescription.
  3. I see many writing specific programs that start at what appears to be upper elementary with paragraph writing. Where are the programs I am missing that would come before these, teaching how to write sentences? What teaches sentence structure, building stamina for the writing process, other early writing instruction that leads to paragraph writing?
  4. Didn't mean to leak disability discussion onto this board.
  5. Is Right Start still worth it if it takes us twice as long to get through the lessons and material? I am considering Right Start Math and understand it can be time consuming and parent intensive. I think the manipulative options with Right Start would help make the math more understandable. My concern is being able to put in the time the program needs. I am expecting it to take more than a year per level.
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