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  1. I'm hoping to see more mental health awareness for athletes (and everyone in general). Both Naomi Osaka and Simone Biles would be wonderful spokespersons on the importance of mental health, reducing the stigma of mental health issues, and advocating for acceptance for persons with mental health issues.
  2. I anticipate adventuring more after two things happen: 1 - my 14y 5m old dog passes away. He needs daily meds, cannot be boarded, and is attached to me. I don't feel like I can leave him for more than a few hours. I can't afford to adventure and pay for a dog sitter so, for now, I stay close to home. 2- I need to get a different vehicle for my kayak, bike, and camping gear. My VW Beetle convertible just won't cut it. Addendum: I did get a puppy to help keep me active while remaining at home. I am one step closer to becoming that crazy old dog lady. I would love to begin AKC classes with him but it requires a bit of travel; nothing nearby for agility or scent work.
  3. I am so sorry. It is frightening. I hope he begins to recover and regain some of that lost weight. ((Lisa))
  4. You have some great advice so I'll not offer anything new. I hope he recovers quickly. ((Katie))
  5. I would. DH and I are unequally yoked and the older we get the more pronounced our differences. Lots of baggage here. If I were to find myself divorced or widowed, I would want to find a husband (or at least a partner) with similar education/interests to share life. I often daydream of what it would be like to live with someone more compatible. Unfortunately, my current marriage and life choices have left me financially dependent on my DH. I will not have any social security or retirement of my own if we divorce. I also have no wealthy relations who will bequeath an inheritance. I really doubt there will be anyone willing to enter into a relationship with someone without any financial resources of her own. I would want DH to remarry. He deserves to have a partner who would show him love, affection, and care. He would flourish with someone who shared his interests. I would hope he would choose someone who would love our children and grandchildren. My mother never remarried after my father passed away 20 years ago. She has lived a lonely life with few financial resources. My siblings and I encouraged her to date and find someone. She would rather go to garage sales/resale shops and read books. I don't want to become my mom: wandering around a too big house with no one to talk to and filling the rooms with stuff that means nothing. (Not saying this happens to everyone.)
  6. Good morning, everyone! My Reading Challenge for July was 15 min a day on The Count of Monte Cristo. Well, I became so intrigued with the storyline, I had to finish it. I was going to stop when I was caught up with the read-a-long, but then I thought "Just a couple of more chapters. Well, that lead to about 100 more pages and by that time I had to know how it ended so I just kept going. I spent all day Saturday in jammies, moving from the shade covered deck with ambient garden sounds to the air conditioned couch with Olympics on low volume. I think I dressed about 7pm so I could finally take the dogs on their walk. They were so well behaved and let me read all day; which is good because with humidity the temp was 100 degrees. It was an intense month of reading for me so I gave myself permission to take a few days off from reading. I have a stack of TBRs and have pulled a couple from there. Soldiers of Peace will be my next non-fiction and Snakehead by Anthony Horowitz will be my guilty pleasure. A Pocket Full of Rye by Agatha Christie will be my next audiobook for driving. I have been released for activity and began easing myself back in to tennis on Sunday. In my usual style, 'easing' meant 2.5 hours but I did take a couple of breaks and did mostly forehands and cardio drills. It felt wonderful to be physically active. It was the first time in months (even pre-accident) that I felt like myself. Robin - When my DS finished the Wheel of Time series, he said he needed a break from reading. He said he struggled with a couple of books but really enjoyed the series. He took a solo road trip earlier this month and scratched something off his bucket list. He drove to the redwood forest in CA, took a book from his TBR, and sat under the redwoods reading. He was there for 5 hours. This is my kid who (pre-e reader) would stick books in plastic bags and take them into the shower with his so he wouldn't lose reading time. I must say, even though I pop in and out and struggle to comment (I do read your posts, really I do), this thread has been a godsend for many years. Knowing you are all out there is a simple comfort and joy.
  7. My 30 day Challenge of reading The Count of Monte Cristo has been productive. I have read 720 pages and finished through chapter 67. I should be caught up with Robin's schedule either today or tomorrow. I have 9 days left in my 30 day challenge so I just might keep reading it. I must admit the middle portion has dragged at times but, now that I am in the final 1/3 I can see it all coming together. I have never read it before nor have I seen any of the movies so I am completely naive as to the conclusion. I hope the Count doesn't do anything foolish and put himself in peril. *I spent pages wondering which M. de Villefort could have been killed as both Villefort and M. Noirtier are living. The dinner party explained a bit but I am eagerly anticipating the full disclosure.
  8. Thank you for making my day (days). Keep sharing pics if you want to
  9. Bumping because I know there are some great pets out there.
  10. @DeainUSA - your pic made me smile. Love it @Jean in Newcastle - agility raining? How is he doing?
  11. Come on in and post pics of your cats, reptiles, horses, cows, pigs, birds, rodents...whatever you've got, we want to see 'em!!
  12. Add all the pics of fin/feather/fur babies you want to. All are welcome! Starting another thread
  13. We need the caring emoji. He's adorable. I'm sure he appreciates everything you have done for him and the wonderful life he has had.
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