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  1. I have tried two ways to journal my reading. For two years, I created a list in a blank lined journal.. I wrote the title, the author and a quick rating. Then I got all fancy and purchased a legit book journal that requires quite a bit of info: author, title, publisher, # of pages, genre, why I read it, who will I recommend it to, quotes, start and end dates, etc and etc. It's too much for me and it's only partially filled in. It holds info for 100 books (I'm on 96); as soon as it's filled, I'm going back to the standard blank journal I do track on Goodreads so I can see my progress for the
  2. There were two proposed schedules in a previous thread. I believe we aren't beginning until Feb.; hence my distress upon the early arrival of my book. When I put a hold on it, it wasn't available until the end of Jan so the previous reader must have returned it early or a second copy became available. I'm using the current edition as a way to browse the book and see if I like it while looking for something I can have on hand for the duration of the read.
  3. Thank you. I know I'm headed for a few rough days as the baby is resistant to a bottle. DD, DSIL, and I have all tried. I will need lots of grace and caffeine.
  4. Good afternoon, fellow readers~ I am quarantining in preparation for my daughter's surgery next week and moving in with her and her family to help her recover so I've been playing in my bullet journal and drawing bookshelves, reading lists, bingo cards, and generally having a good time of it. I took the dog for a three mile walk to the public library to pick up a book. I had put a hold on The Count of Monte Cristo and it's in already. I can only check it out three times and, after looking through the proposed schedules, I may just have to break with the no spend reading challenge and buy
  5. I bought a resistance bike (non-Peloton) and the program that comes with it doesn't work with Kindle and I can't afford to go buy a new tablet. I have been looking on You Tube for videos to follow and have discovered Kaleigh Cohen Fitness. She is so good; the best out of the ones I have tried to date. She explains how to use the bike, how to change resistance, and offers classes of every type and length you could imagine. She has a dynamite personality and is engaging. All of her rides are in the studio and she chooses some good music. I highly recommend her. I would like to do some scenic
  6. I think I'll have to make a new page for my bullet journal for this challenge. Thanks for the invite and the information. I'll attempt both challenges. My outdoor tennis hours should help. I'll also count hiking, biking, walking, kayaking, etc. I agree that spending nights in a tent should count and I'll count mine. Unfortunately, our area as been hit with ice/rain/snow/fog the last three days and I haven't been able to get outside for recreation. My outdoor hours have been all scraping ice and shoveling snow. Hmmmm...I might be able to count those. LOL
  7. Happy New Year, BAWrs! My TBR list grew by 6 books after reading this thread. I need to stop listening to you all ( just kidding) because my reading plans never come to fruition - I always read something other than what I have planned and then give up on the plans altogether and just read whatever happens to catch my eye. My plans for 2021 are -to read a Haruki Murakami in the first quarter. I never would have read HM without this group. -read one Charles Dickens book -make headway on reading my two volume Charles Dickens biography. I made a wonderful reading plan for 2019 in
  8. Pop in, please. I don't post every week or every month. I follow some BAWs on Goodreads and hope they keep posting there.
  9. If I can figure out how to post pics, I will. I'm making the card tree, too. The card from Jenny in FL is perfect for the trunk. I have been delighted with all of the cards.
  10. Joining today because I need to feel social (even if it's cyber social). I've done: One load of laundry Made my mother's Christmas jello recipe. Third and final gluten free chocolate cake is in the oven. I'm attempting a three tier chocolate Christmas cake. It's the biggest cake I have ever made. Made cranberry sauce - used a new recipe since I forgot the orange juice. A quick taste was absolutely delicious. Listened to David Bowie while baking and cooking; threw in a bit of Depeche Mode as well (Bonus!!) To do: Make the sugared cranberries and frosting for cake. Make cr
  11. The first time I used a little ball peen hammer and was more methodical and neat. Tap tap - clean away the mess. Tap tap - clean away the mess. Then it was hit hit - clean away the mess. Then it was just throw the stinking thing into the box. As a homeschooler who loves science experiments, I did have a pair of safety glasses to protect from shards. Safety and cleanliness are why I used a big cardboard box; I didn't want pieces going everywhere. Tilted on it side, the box provides protection from all but the forward facing entry point.
  12. If you want to try something cathartic, this might work. It was suggested to me by a therapist a few years back. I go to the local Salvation Army or Goodwill and spend about $5 buying the .25 cups and saucers or miscellaneous trinkets that no one wants (chipped, paint peeling off, etc); you know the kind of stuff I'm talking about. Then I take my new purchases and a big card board box out into the backyard. And I break them. Smash 'em to bits. Each piece is named with something I am angry about or frustrated with before it is smashed. The broken pieces are gathered and disposed of in the
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