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  1. I don't have a series to recommend but Where the Crawdads Sing and Before We Were Yours are both good audiobooks. If I recall correctly, the narrators for both books were easy to listen to and the listening was enjoyable. I believe I 'found' chores to do so I could listen.
  2. Just joining in the conversation - I apologize if you feel this is extraneous or a hijack - I understand the need to be alone; it's why I have gone camping, biking, hiking, kayaking, playing tennis, etc on my own. Now that we have an empty nest, coupled with my DH's work schedule, I find I get quite a bit of that alone time. I wish I had a female friend who could take trips with me but I don't know anyone else free from responsibility with similar interests. Regarding your situation - maybe involving your DH in the preparation and planning phase will ease some of his anxiety. Could you
  3. I haven't seen it yet but the director is an alum from my alma mater, Mount Holyoke. https://www.mtholyoke.edu/media/2021-mar/mount-holyoke-alums-win-golden-globes
  4. FYI - you could always invite one of your WTM friends to go with you. Just saying. (Have backpacking tent; will travel)
  5. I've done both and encourage you to do it if you feel your skill level and comfort level allow you to do so. I've taken our popup to campgrounds and stayed for multiple days and nights. I've taken my backpacking tent to backcountry sites for overnights. I've hiked by myself for just a few miles or for long day hikes (20 miles). I've hiked in low country and I've hiked in bear country. As long as you have done your homework and know where you're going, have planned and prepared for the area, and have comfort in your abilities then go do it. You have some history hiking and camping and
  6. I will be happy to answer other questions (either her or privately). What an exciting time for you and your DS. I hope he enjoys playing tennis for years to come.
  7. The tennis recruiting sites can be a mixed blessing. I used them regularly to find players and to begin initial contact. What I (and other coaches) found to be problematic was that players would create dedicated email addresses for recruiting purposes but then never check those email accounts. This topic came up at every showcase I attended. Coaches from every level (DI, II, and III) expressed frustration with unanswered emails and outdated contact information. Another big issue was the athlete using a parent's email address for recruiting purposes. Make certain the athlete uses an email addre
  8. Regarding ranking on the high school tennis team - that all depends on what level of college tennis you want to play. Being the #1 player on a weak team won't get that player noticed by D1s, D2s, or top D3s. Now being ranked #1 and making it past the first round at State, that will attract a bit more attention but still not enough for the top schools. Those schools really are looking at USTA tournament play and UTR rating. Being the last player on a strong team, one that posts multiple wins and has multiple players going to State, those players will get more notice. But, more than likely
  9. If your DS has an idea of what college or university he wants to attend and you've done your research into the Power 6 or UTR levels of the current players and it looks like your DS's ability might be a fit, contact the coach (the college athletic website will have a Recruit Me link as well as the coach's contact information) and express interest. The level and type of contact each coach can have with potential recruits is determined by Division (I, II, and III). There are college showcases throughout the summer and early fall where players can sign up(and pay a fee) in order to play in fr
  10. After looking through some of the other replies, I can say that you might not want to rely on the knowledge of a high school coach unless that coach has a history of sending tennis players to play collegiate tennis. Many coaches believe that unless their players are winning at State, there is no chance to play collegiate tennis. That is simply not true. Many D3s are looking for players who love tennis, are willing to work diligently on the court and in the classroom, are coachable, can be good teammates, and who are good people. I honestly believe that every tennis player who wants to p
  11. As a recent D3 tennis coach with a few years of recruiting experience, I can discuss this topic for hours. Is playing college tennis a reality? Yes!! He may not be able to play D1 tennis or earn an athletic scholarship but he will be able to play college tennis if he so chooses. There are many schools with strong academic programs who struggle to fill teams; mainly because of the "D1 or bust" attitude. How important is the high school team in regards to recruitment? For D1 - very important. A top player for a team that isn't winning matches or placing well at state competition,
  12. I've finished Guernsey Literary and the first Nancy Drew book, The Secret of the Old Clock. I am on to Isaac's Storm by Erik Larson. This was found in a Free Little Library and satisfies one of my non-fiction TBR boxes. It's a bout the 1900 hurricane which destroyed much of Galveston, TX. I'm on page 28 and I've already been down multiple Google trips looking up cloud formations and pictures of Galveston. Still reading The Count of Monte Cristo. Haven't listened to my audiobook in a few days.
  13. Yes, it's just for me. I am putting in requests for future gifts. There are some non-book items I would love. Star Trek mints, soap, and a book mark for example.
  14. As a follow up to my Wodehouse & coincidence post from last week... I play Words with Friends and Edmond Dantes was one of the characters in last week's Solo Challenge puzzle. Before reading CMC, I would not have known who that was or why he would be included in a list of Romance characters. Also, I selected another book from my sister's book box, The Guernsey and Potato Peel Pie Literary Society (loving it BTW), and there was this tidbit... "Have you ever noticed that when your mind is awakened or drawn to someone new, that person's name suddenly pops up everywhere you go? My f
  15. I'll have to give these a look. Thanks for the recommendation.
  16. Good morning~ I hope you are all having a good week. We finally are above 32 degrees! Let the sun shine! One of my goals for the year is to work on my penmanship (it's actually been a goal for a number of years) and I went on a shopping trip to find a book on lettering. After visiting the local dollar and craft stores, I gave in and decided to head to Walmart. On my way there, I remembered the small, family owned bookstore that opened during the pandemic. I immediately turned around and went to that store. Praises, she had the exact book I was looking for. It was actually the only l
  17. Good morning from what feels like the Arctic! We have only had one day with a Feels like above 0. The forecast is for a warming trend and we should be in the 20s by the weekend. I hope so as I would like to take my dog for a walk and feel some sunshine. I finished The Screwtape Letters. This read through was much different from when I read it 15 years ago. I found it be much less humorous and much more prophetic; especially the included Screwtape's Toast written in 1961 for The Saturday Evening Post. I found myself writing copious marginalia and highlighting passages throughout (good thing
  18. I'm finally home after caring for my DD and her family for 5 weeks. She had surgery and was on physical restrictions. While I enjoyed being the primary caregiver for the baby, I am happy to be in my own bed and on my own schedule. I am once again able to read at will. DGD and I tried to get in 20 mins reading time every night before bed. We also listened to a Dork Diaries audiobook together. (I chose not to count Dork as one of my 52 books.) The weather was excruciatingly cold the entire time I was with DD's family and, along with not being able to get much reading in, I found it difficult
  19. I happened across a bookshelf with Wodehouse this week and wondered if I should add one or two to my TBR. Since I am doing a no spend reading challenge again this year, I'll have to see what my library has. Does anyone else see a book or find an author and then visits this thread and finds someone has mentioned that book or author? Is that serendipity, fate, or coincidence? Or some other word I cannot pull from the recesses of my fatigued brain?
  20. I finished the first three chapter of CMC. Dumas didn't hesitate to set the conflict, did he? I already have a wonderful 'feel' for the characters. It was a cozy read as DH had lit a fire in the fireplace for me and the wind was howling through the trees and blowing snow. I finished two books this week - Unplugged by Gordon Kormon and Ziggy, Stardust, and Me by James Brandon. Unplugged was a good Young Adult book but not my favorite Gordon Kormon story. The humor I remember in his other books wasn't present and the book ended so soon after the climax/resolution, I was left wondering if
  21. Thank you, Robin, for posting the Count schedule. I'm excited to begin. I have been able to listen to audiobooks while helping my daughter and caring for the baby. I listened to Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid and The Giver by Lois Lowry. I am currently reading Ghost Night by Cornelia Funke as DGD wants to read it and we are unfamiliar with this particular Funke book. I am also trying to read Screwtape Letters. I knew I would have to adjust my reading wishes with available time (I forgot how much work a young infant is) and responsibilities. I am quite proud of myself for maintaining a
  22. I have tried two ways to journal my reading. For two years, I created a list in a blank lined journal.. I wrote the title, the author and a quick rating. Then I got all fancy and purchased a legit book journal that requires quite a bit of info: author, title, publisher, # of pages, genre, why I read it, who will I recommend it to, quotes, start and end dates, etc and etc. It's too much for me and it's only partially filled in. It holds info for 100 books (I'm on 96); as soon as it's filled, I'm going back to the standard blank journal I do track on Goodreads so I can see my progress for the
  23. There were two proposed schedules in a previous thread. I believe we aren't beginning until Feb.; hence my distress upon the early arrival of my book. When I put a hold on it, it wasn't available until the end of Jan so the previous reader must have returned it early or a second copy became available. I'm using the current edition as a way to browse the book and see if I like it while looking for something I can have on hand for the duration of the read.
  24. Thank you. I know I'm headed for a few rough days as the baby is resistant to a bottle. DD, DSIL, and I have all tried. I will need lots of grace and caffeine.
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