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  1. Do it! Where we live, our options (not that we got to actually choose but were amongst the ones to be purchased/gifted to the country) were AZ, Sputnik V, and the Sino one. We were very relieved when our turn came, that we got our #1 choice: AZ! (There are quality issues with Sputnik and the Sino one) 70% protection is GOOD. Near 100% prevention of severe illness and hospitalization? Woohoo! The UK, which has relied heavily on AZ, is greatly improving! The more people who take the vax, the less chance of anyone catching Covid, spreading it, and allowing for more variants.
  2. We've received our first dose and will get our second in another 3 weeks. At this point in time, we perceive Covid risks far outweigh vaccine risks. We also see it as a way to slow transmission for others which hopefully means fewer mutations which benefits everybody. We also believe a vaccine will be needed for international travel (without a lot of hoops and costs) and that is a huge need for us as we have close family and friends on three continents. I don't agree with the PP who said CA and FL have the same rate of infection as this snapshot from Worldmeter shows: Are the dif
  3. I wrote the above Friday morning, just a couple of hours after receiving the vaccine. By late Friday night, I noticed the muscle of the injection site feeling tender but I could sleep on it. Saturday I just felt "off" all day. Like, if I got a little chilled (we had a big drop in temps), it took forever to warm up. Instead of a short 20-min nap after lunch, it was a hard 2 hour nap. I was able to get my to-do list done but I had to do it at my own pace. Today, feeling great! Just a little tenderness at the injection site. No biggie. So, all in all, a good experience.
  4. Congratulations! After your initial DDPY post, I looked into it and others and while DDPY didn't match what I needed, I *did* find a series (HASfit) from that thread that did! So, I just wanted to say thanks and congrats again! You are an inspiration for all of us!
  5. When all the buzz re: fermented foods took off in my circles, I knew I would have to (mostly) do all the fermentation stuff myself. So, like a good WTM-er, I did a bunch of research. And one important point of info (IMO) is that while most "heritage" diets (ie. old-timey) used fermented foods, the people didn't eat ALL of them but just what made sense locally. So, it is possible to get tons of benefits with imbibing and ingesting a few different types of fermented foods and not feel you are missing out if you don't add dozens to your diet....
  6. My husband, MIL, and I just received our first dose of Astra Zeneca (SE Europe). So far, so good. Nothing but simple jab pain like any other time a needle gets pushed into me.
  7. We live in a foreign country (SE Europe) and food culture here is VASTLY different than the US. Along with all the other good advice you've received, I'll add the possibility that the "restaurant" setting itself may possibly be a significant contributor to food-ordering confusion/hesitancy, particularly in light of mentioning that he appears to do relatively OK at fast-food. In many places of the world, fast-food is one thing (a way to eat) but going to a sit-down restaurant is "an event" and by their very nature that can be fraught with extra tension. Where we are, people *rarely* g
  8. Please explain "Citizen Science"? That sounds... amazing. Currently one-armed so links appreciated....
  9. I'm in the steam 'em camp. I bring my eggs to room temp (if possible). Insert my cheapo steamer basket into pot, fill with water just til it is touching the bottom of the steamer. Eggs in. Lid on. Bring to boil at high heat (maybe 2-3 min?). Lower to med. heat. Steam 15 minutes (xtra large egg size--adjust if bigger or smaller). Cool in cold water (ours is very cold from the tap). Peel. Works every time.
  10. I've been married 38, oops 39! years and we still have tons of our wedding presents--not that we had a huge wedding, but as newlyweds we needed everything and as a family with fairly low income (pastor), we use things as long as possible. My air popcorn maker is still going strong which amazes me! We still have our "toasting" champagne flutes personalized with names and dates and pull them out each year. This, after 18+ moves (some navy chaplain tours) and overseas as well. 🙂 The linens have long been worn out, though.... I think because we have so many people over so often (part of
  11. I *love* my salad spinner. I rarely buy bagged greens, but even when I do, I usually want to rinse and spin them dry. I also find it a big help when processing herbs from the garden--a quick rinse and a spin dry--and they are ready to be used: for cooking, for freezing, for drying.
  12. I've been using her recipes (and Olive Tomatoes! She's Greek and makes a nice complement) for the past year plus. I'm now growing twice as much parsley, dill, cilantro, and basil in the garden...... 🙂 JUST YESTERDAY, I made for reals, from-scratch, falafels using Suzy's recipe-absolutely delish! It was far easier than I thought, so I encourage you to go for it. What made it doable, IMO, is that I can spread the work out--always a plus for me. So last Saturday I soaked the beans. I then put them in the frig . Monday, the day before cooking, I made the falafel "mash". I then st
  13. My 88-year old Mother-in-law lives with us; she routinely speaks in two languages (English and Serbian (her native language)--all in the same sentence. However, lately, the hardest part is that we have often have to repeat a sentence 2, 3, 4 times for her to make sense of it. When Covid is less a threat we will take her in to get her hearing checked--that might be it--but if so, her loss happened virtually overnight..... so confusing.
  14. We just enjoyed a homemade Pizza Pie and will have Mixed Berry Pie for dessert later tonight (with homemade ice cream!) Yay for Pi Day!
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