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  1. My Midwest/ Great Lakes small university is fully "business as usual" in the fall. They bought and rehabbed a couple of off-campus houses for quarantine, so no extreme additional cost for them to keep those available for that purpose. Regionally, I'm seeing rewards for vaccination proof for both students and staff rather than requirement to have it. Our sports conference hasn't weighed in on testing/ vaccination yet, and what they say will probably be reflected in our campus policies. Forty percent of our on-campus students participate in a D3 sport.
  2. We might be in the same state. High school credits are counted weirdly as a credit per semester. So for the studio audience, double everything you are used to counting (unless you're in California). IRL I have seen it done both 1 English DE = both 1.5 credits and 2.0 credits (a full year). For dd's transcript, mostly it is a 3 credit hour DE class is 1.5 high school credit, but a 4 credit hour DE is a full year (usually math and science). I found the DE equivalents for our local district and there isn't any straight up formula. Easy business apps DE class gets 1 semester of high scho
  3. What about AP HUG and AP Macro? Dd is wrapping up econ right now and has read a couple of human geography texts for fun. Target school takes these credits for the second major that she's interested in. I don't want to displace another course, though. Could a strong student who is familiar with the material (who has already done FRQs for another subject) prep and take these exams with say 20 hours prep each? ETA- Now that I read that, that sound crazy-town given how much time she spent prepping for Calc BC and AP Lang. I'll leave it though since this is material she's familiar with and tes
  4. Housing is also where a lot of private colleges break even. If they have to take a bunch of triple dorm rooms and convert them to singles for quarantine space, that's a lot of lost revenue.
  5. Thanks all! This has been helpful. I might look at other easier to self-prepare-for AP exams. However... I just suddenly realized that target school number 1 doesn't actually accept APUSH for anything other than elective credit. Target school #2 will take it for credit, but it will also take CLEP, so I can punt this to next spring. Dd will probably read the K12 book regardless (and it does line up pretty will the table of contents for one of the suggested AP texts). We do have an in-state university that requires 2 semesters of high school US History, but that might be enough to
  6. Michigan State? I know they have both nursing and a classics department. (ETA- It’s on our list of “worth a look”.)
  7. I'm sure this has been covered, but the search feature seems more quirky than usual today. Dd16 is my STEM and poli-sci nerd. Somehow we haven't actually covered US History since early middle school. Next year is probably her last year of high school. I'm wondering how hard it would be to self study for APUSH? I've considered CLEP, but I know one of dd's target colleges won't take it. I'm pretty sure she can get a seat in a local high school to take the APUSH exam since it's such a common test. She definitely doesn't want a year-long class. She's already taken AP Lang (with Blue Tent
  8. We skipped the comprehension questions and just did the writing assignments for Lightning Lit. ETA- I think I may have occasionally added a different essay here and there. We used it for early high school/ late middle school. We've been off track for Farrar's materials, but I like what I've seen.
  9. If those aren't to your dc's taste, Bozeman Science videos are another good option: bozemanscience
  10. We liked the videos. Dd didn't think they were boring. We used them to supplement World of Chemistry for chemistry and Glencoe Physics for Physics. The older series is better (or at least more user friendly) than the new ones and you can get the teacher materials for $20. It was nice to use the videos for some of the data labs, and we previewed a few of the labs as video labs and then ran them IRL. At least for physics, (as I recall) there was more math in the Georgia PBS series than the Paul Hewitt books (trig). I guess have your kiddo watch a few and see what they think. My math-an
  11. I sent myself a teacher recommendation request with my sandbox application for the two schools dd is interested in so I would have a sense of which teacher to ask, and I didn’t see this. Is it universal?
  12. None of my older kiddos used the CA either. It doesn't open until August 1 for next school year, so if you create an account now you can play around with it, but you would need to roll it over and update one later. I've been playing around with one that isn't even connected to the email address I will use later, but honestly it looks pretty straight-forward. I'm sure more experienced people will chime in. Dd is also applying to just 2 schools, but will use the Common App and add on 2 more that don't really have any additional output, just in case.
  13. We really liked this book. We did the whole thing. It has some full-length works in it, but I did add full-length Beowulf with the audio and maybe something else? The writing assignments are solid and I did have dd do some of the the questions at the end of the works. Not the most basic level, but some of the ones that required some synthesis.
  14. If it hasn’t been mentioned, there’s a useful book titled something like “What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew” or something like that. It does touch on some adult topics.
  15. We did the entire Holt Modern Biology book, but used the anatomy section for probably 2/3 of our 1 semester Health class.
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