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  1. We liked Vocabulit. The newer version had quizlet sets on the website.
  2. And those sets take up a lot of space if you the solutions, TE and student text!
  3. Maybe something different next year? Or a mistake on the website? From the webpage: " The recorded class will open up each Monday, and the live class will be held from 12-1 p.m. Eastern on Fridays."
  4. Next year it looks like there's are Monday videos and a Friday live class.
  5. We are working through an SAT subject test book for Bio along with living books and some interesting labs. I just couldn't bring myself to drag dd through an AP class since she's unlikely to ever need a bio credit and did a basic high school biology class in middle school (you could call it very advanced life science?). She might need a science subject test, though, so this seemed like the best of both worlds.
  6. Has anyone had any of Shin Yen's classes? We're considering Blue Tent for BC. What is the platform? Where do the videos come from? Is it a youtube, vimeo or something though Moodle? My dd has some DE Moodle classes and doesn't love it but knows her way around. I know they use Zoom for the Friday session. Are most of the assignments through the digital book, or do they do some out of the physical book? Thanks!
  7. I would talk to Derek Owens. My dd had completed an different Algebra 2 course, but she was young and the course she had completed didn't cover trig. DO's does. We signed up for self grading. I had her take the midterm, do the one or so section where she had missed a couple, and then begin testing through the second semester a chapter at a time. There was a lot in the second semester she hadn't seen so it was a good move. She did the second semester during the summer. She's solid this year in precalculus.
  8. We parts of these, but subbed the second edition. It was useful as a guide.
  9. It would be easy to do since we're using a subject transcript already.
  10. Does this look more on track? She would like to have the physics course to look forward to. The physics professor knows her, so I think we could get her into the class since she will have covered enough Calc by second semester. AP Lang (Blue Tent) or DE depending on what the reading list looks like. AP Calc BC Probably Blue Tent. Imacs CS University Computer Science 1 (self-paced with a teacher. Students have a full calendar year to do the course.) French 3 with Global Goose and SAT Subject Test DE Chemistry for Majors with a Lab (Fall) Good professor. DE University Physics 1 with a Lab (Spring) Another good professor. DE American History (Fall) DE Elective. (Spring) Probably engineering related. PSAT in the fall. Possibly the SAT in the spring if she wants to take it.
  11. I apologize. I went kind of rambly here, but this conversation has been very helpful. Thanks to everyone who has commented so far. She did a "physics first" algebra-based physics course in 7th grade and Derek Owens physical science on 5th. I feel like I was a terrible chemistry teacher, and while she did the work, I feel like I did her a disservice. My hope was that a good chemistry professor might encourage her a bit. I think she would be "all in" to do chemistry once and be done with it. The DE calc course available to us is an Essentials course, so we're avoiding that. It's not really intended for students who progress much past calculus. I assume she would do calc-based physics for her next physics course? I can't tell from either school's website. (Fundamentals of Physics Halliday for UAH) She would prefer physics next year, but I'm not sure she's had enough math. I've heard that the ChemAdvantage course can take up to 20 hours a week... and it's more microchem, so I haven't really investigated it too closely.
  12. All good discussion. The AP classes are a new thing for us, although she's done some DE. I'm not worried about her being able to handle the content, it's more that I've heard that AP courses take up a lot of hours in the week. The chemistry class would be her first in a "real" lab, and chemistry is her least favorite science. The good professor teaches both versions, though. I think she would be fine to take the version for majors, but wouldn't she need a Chemistry 2 if she took the Chemistry 1? She could do a Chem 2 instead of a non-lab elective science class in the spring, but non-lab science electives are more aerospace related like astronomy and weather and climate, etc. Honestly I doubt she'd learn much from either that she couldn't do with a GC series, it's just she likes to have deadlines and those courses are free for us other than books (most of our DE is right now). I did feel better after Lori pointed out that the schedule is actually lighter than a 12 credit hour college load. She could do that without a problem if it were a good mix of classes. ETA- I'm not in a rush to graduate her. We undid a grade skip that had happened in first grade at the end of "8th grade" because she had some health issues that year, and I knew she could graduate early if she got back up to speed, but taking a fifth high school year would be trickier. She's fine now. Her "second" 8th grade year was really a full-fledged 9th grade load. We just needed some space to breath coming into to high school, and she's on the young end of her age grade. Rather than tell her she must graduate at 18, we compromised by setting some benchmarks for what graduating at 17 needed to look like. She may study abroad her "senior" year in a program like NSLI-Y if she can earn a spot, though.
  13. You are right- it would be a bummer to think you could graduate and then be short something that would have been easily done over a summer or something.
  14. Calc BC is sort of 2 credits. It's the equivalent 2 semesters of college calculus. The chemistry is 4 college credits, which is 1.25 credits in our state... that puts her more at more like 7.25-8.25 advanced credits. She's becoming a better student, but I feel like that's a lot.
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