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  1. After striking up a conversation with a physical therapist, I ordered a pair of Xeros. We’ll see how I like them. If they work, they also have sandals, hikers and boots, so I’m very excited. I love the look of Ecco, but like my Clark’s they have “just enough” heel to flare up the arthritis in my hip if I’m walking around at work a lot. I might try some Lem’s, too, but since the PTs kids had Xeros on, I kind of know what I’m getting.
  2. We only stay with super hosts- but also always need a kitchen. Definitely will check out VRBO.
  3. I don’t understand why women’s shoemakers think we don’t need black shoes! I see a lot of Men’s styles that would work if they came in smaller sizes.
  4. Retro-style sneakers are fine, but I need a shoe that doesn't make my heel higher than the rest of my foot. I have Birkenstock sandals and pair of clogs (I look like a duck in the current slim-legged trend), a pair of Taos- nice, but their black is actually charcoal gray and looks weird with my dress slacks. I also have Altra's, but they look too much like the running shoes that they are. Thoughts? I have a derelict pair of Dr. Shoals with purchased good insoles that is going to pieces.
  5. If she's still dating the boy, she should probably let the relationship go for now. She needs to be independent, first.
  6. I've been pondering this, too. I don't like the straight up literature approach to OWC, but I'm considering adding the "Reading Like a Historian" units and some map work with a historical atlas. I'll probably steal the essay assignments from an MIT OCW class. We'd pick and choose units from OWC- we don't have 2 years for Ancients.
  7. Has anyone incorporated these into biology? Dd has done a lot of standard biology experiments and the genetics aspect of this looks interesting.
  8. Classical writing typically begins at the beginning. There is a little review at the beginning of the books, so it isn't really a grade-level thing. I hadn't heard of starting at a higher level, except maybe Narrative 1, and Fable is a fun level. The rest of it is a learn-this-skill-then-the next thing. The grade levels are just suggestions. If you start in the middle, I think it would be confusing. The books can be used into and through high school. We left it after book 5 because I was teaching at a co-op and new students wanted to join our class. I couldn't dump them into the middle of the series, and the books are set up weirdly for a class setting, anyhow. The TEs are like most CAP TEs- a copy of the student book with suggested answers overprinted and a few notes. It's nice because you don't have to share a book for discussion.
  9. Look at Writing and Rhetoric levels 1-3. I've used it with all ages because they can kind of meet the curriculum where they are. A third grader can be successful, but an eighth grader can really have fun with the first couple levels and come up with some interesting writing.
  10. Dd did them as an elective the school year she did Algebra 2. She went through the first classes in weeks, but after that she slowed down. She had taken the placement exam 2-3 years before and had been ready then, but the program was new and she was young. The first 4-5 classes don't really fit into any progression, it's mostly a maturity thing.
  11. What small inexpensive thing did you buy this year and made your life better/ easier? We are having a combined Christmas/ Thanksgiving this year and want to have a token-but-useful gift for our married-and-living-in-small houses adult kids. Last year was easy, I just picked out some things we had bought/ liked over the year. This year, we're kind of struggling for ideas. We've done games in the past, last year was erasable pens, fun sticky notes and couple of useful household tools/ gadgets. I kind of like to find things people didn't know they needed and give it to them for the holidays. Thoughts?
  12. Yes. That’s why we went Derek Owens for Precalculus instead of doing the whole EMF series. It would be worth doing the first few classes as a supplement, though. They are unique and interesting.
  13. Thanks, Kathy! This is very helpful. I think it’s safe to say she would need an earlier NT class. I’ll see if I can get a hold of copies of the AoPS books.
  14. We've got a bit of this going on at our house, too, and dd should be solidly moving out of tween category. Fortunately she's respectful in public.
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