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  1. We did WWS3 without the first two. It went fine. I did go through the teacher materials (actually the sample for the teacher materials) and make sure the notebook was set up correctly and made a sticky note for any unfamiliar terms as we went along. After that, pretty much everything was clear with a very occasional internet search. Dd had already done Lively Art of Writing (good instruction, very dated examples) and parts of Power in Your Hands until I chucked it (mostly good instruction, pervasive conservative worldview that was inappropriate for our family). I agree with Lori about both Jensen and Wordsmith.
  2. We have a few small privates locally who offer scholarships/ merit aid to students who have finished up the AS or AA at the community college. Sometimes it's program specific, and sometimes it's just another factor in the financial aid wizardry. In our area, we have list of what classes transfer to which schools. If transferring everything is the goal, find out if there is such an articulation agreement. Our graduated kids did not have everything transfer, and we were not surprised. They were simply the best classes available for their situation at the time.
  3. To add to the the confusion, our local dc option uses Biology in Focus, which is a trimmed-down (900 page) book for majors that de-emphasizes memorization. They have a non-major course, but I've never heard of the book. We used and really liked the Exploring Life (along with the similarly named Hoagland book Exploring the Way Life Works) for an advanced middle school course. ETA- I've done a side by side comparison for some of the regular Campbell editions, and there is almost no difference between the 8th and the 9th. We were looking at an online class that used the 9th, and the teacher said the 8th edition we owned was fine. The page numbers are different, and there's some difference in the end of section questions, but even those are very similar.
  4. I have found a few courses that look good at MIT OCW- an example: I like the writing assignments in the first one.
  5. We did the England in Literature book and dd really like it. I added in full Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. We did Heaney's Beowulf along with the audio. There's two versions of the England in Literature, one with Macbeth and on with Hamlet. We had already done Hamlet, so we choose the Macbeth version. We also have done "read a book and talk about it", occasional GC lectures and a unit of the Roman Roads OWC. Dd isn't a fan of literature lectures, though, so we're better off using the background info and discussion questions from Spark Notes or an anthology.
  6. I have, but it's a STEM/ engineering focused school.
  7. If you sign up for the free trial and cancel because of cost, they often send you a discount code. I pay 3 months at a time, so I'm was willing to risk $30.
  8. I'm about to sign DD up for an AoPS course with Eric Wofsey. I'm sure all the teachers at AoPS are top notch, but if there's anyone we should avoid, please pm me. I wish there were more women, for sure!
  9. I’ve never seen the LotR curriculum but the the other two + reading + writing for History might be plenty.
  10. I've never seen required geography. I have seen several colleges require "World History OR Geography PLUS US History AND Government". That's not to say somewhere doesn't, but I think it would be unusual.
  11. I've tried it on two different computers and it works. Make sure you are using Explorer and not Edge. It only opens a slim player window at the top, it doesn't open a new screen or window.
  12. We used these links a couple of years ago. They only worked in Internet explorer at that time.
  13. Most of the labs are video labs for GPB. There's some prep ("cut this out "or have a "clock on hand" type prep). ETA- Having a textbook of some sort on hand for more explanation is good. The answers are just answers, though, not step-by-step solutions if you need that.
  14. Actually a C would not be good- it would impact how much merit aid she would get when she applies to college. She's a pretty good SAT/ACT scorer right now and has some schools on her radar that spell out GPA + test score = x$ tuition reduction. I know, this is a weird grading arrangement for this class. It's pass/ fail whether it is for credit our not. My thought is that if it is for no credit, even if a school converts it to a C would still be.... nothing, right? GPA math is credits x grade value, and zero times anything is zero.
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