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  1. Consider this very carefully. We live in an area where many of the homeschoolers are very conservative and we are "liberal Christian fine with a gay female pastor" people, and it is sometimes very lonely for my Dd. She's learned to tread carefully to keep friends, but there is no way she would feel welcome at the Southern Baptist college.
  2. For a review, these are free right now:
  3. You could line topics up with this review course: You could do an every-other-day kind of thing with Crash Course. We'll probably do the review course, some readings and some sort of mock-government. Dd is kind of government buff, anyhow. ETA- I have an AP government textbook on my shelf already, but I'm sure there are lots of options.
  4. Our state cc has a solid CS program (and other programs) that have transfer as a junior agreements with (5) four year Unis, plus similar agreements in Computer Information Systems, Cyber Security and CIS technology. The students are often eligible for scholarships at the 4 years because they completed the AS. It would still require checking some boxes and executive function skills- but when we decided one of our older boys needed a "do over" two years into to college, we had him transfer to the CC to graduate, just so he would have something. He's been able to go forward with the rest of his undergraduate on his own. I'm sure states vary, but I would have started our one guy there if knew then what I know now. He had an awesome guidance counselor and really liked his classes.
  5. We talked about adding a women's self-defense short course, but they kept filling up.
  6. We did the Human Anatomy chapters in Holt Biology, a research paper on vaccines and when we are able, a CPR refresher. However, a couple of providers use the Holt Biology anatomy chapters as... anatomy. I may change my transcript if dd doesn't do a different anatomy course. Some of my IRL friends used the new Exploring Creation Health text. I look through it and like it, even though I would generally not use a Christian science text.
  7. As a supplement, it would be fine for any age. As a spine, I'd say middle school?
  8. There is an Ultimate Review Packet for Government from the well-reviewed ACDC Econ platform. Different instructor. My dd who has done a lot of her own studying in government topics wants to achieve some sort of mastery. She may or may not attempt the AP exam (she's already taking some AP courses, so we're already going down that rabbit hole for next year). She had done some of the Khan Academy course, but turns out she wasn't logged in... so she's something like 3% done with it. Also, the format for the Ultimate Review Packets is very similar to Derek Owens + some online quizzes, which would be a good format for her.
  9. We mostly used Lightning Literature, but subbed To Kill Mockingbird in for Uncle Tom's Cabin. We also like the Glencoe Guides as a springboard:
  10. Look at Rhetoric Alive instead of W&R and Workbook for Arguments. It kind of covers what you would need from both. It's more fun with a couple of kids if you can round up someone else.
  11. I held mine back- just a little. I was waiting for something, even though I knew she could do the math. We did algebra and algebra 2 more or less twice (with lots of other problems solving and fun math along side). I made her do Precalculus, even though when she did an assessment with a math teacher last summer, he suggested moving in to Calculus this year. She moved through DO's course in 8 months along side some EMF and AoPS courses. BUT I finally saw real maturity from her in the last few months. She'll do Calc BC next year, and I won't hold her back at all on any classes she wants to tackle from here on. It's really about knowing your kid.
  12. ChemAdvantage through PA homeschoolers if they still have openings. Stanford PreCollege Math and Physics: Our experience with Blue Tent has been good so far:
  13. Buying outright is probably your best option. It isn't available through OverDrive for libraries to even purchase. They seem to keep that one pretty tight on availability.
  14. Has anyone done this course? Anatomy is our back up plan for a DE lab science that might go away/ go online. We already had one DE course cancel on us this year. I had also looked at Oak Meadow's (on sale right now) Anatomy course, and it's what we ended up doing "home brewed" for most of Health (The Anatomy chapters from Holt Biology). I don't feel like that's enough for a full-fledged Anatomy course, though. We did some labs from anatomy this year, too, because we had already done a lot of regular bio labs. Dd is considering Biomedical Engineering, so I would a solid intro to anatomy if we do it as a formal course.
  15. We never really planned to take any AP classes, but went with 2 online this fall, even though DE is free for us. Dd is signed up for DE chemistry, but if it goes online, we're going to switch to anatomy at home for fall. She's done some of labs already and we could easily do a few more. She has no interest in doing more microchem.
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