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  1. It works really well because you can create specific calendars (Mom, Dad, Chemistry, Dance or whatever) and toggle them on and off as you need to see things. You can set it up with some LMS systems (canvas, google classroom, etc) so that your deadlines feed directly into your calendar. I have "menu" and "chore" calendars that I can toggle on to see and then off so it isn't so busy.
  2. I've used and liked this. However, I've had resources like this disappear or get put behind a password protected wall when they get posted here and a thousand people go look at it at once. ETA: the content here is similar (newer edition of same book) and there are notetaking guides and teacher helps:
  3. Our district does DE for all of their upper level classes, as well. The classes that are at the school for juniors and seniors are mostly remedial. There are 3-4 "dual credit" classes at the school and everything else is online through one of the virtual school providers (Edmentum?) or the CC. Very little transfers as specific credits because many colleges in our region don't want to take the credits from online courses or those taught at the high school unless it was specifically their course. The larger neighboring district does have enough advanced courses to keep kids busy until they are Seniors, but they play gate keeper, too. They state right in their course descriptions that Precalculus is only open to Juniors and Seniors.
  4. Yep. Dd is signed up for two this fall that won't transfer, and we don't plan on them transferring. They are simply the best, most cost effective way to accomplish what she needs to for high school. Sometimes the benefit is in the classroom experience, or gaining a potential letter of recommendation. Sometimes the benefit of taking a class is to, um, learn something. Our best DE option for us likely won't transfer most credits to dd's top choice colleges, and I guess that's fine. Several schools will let kids with previous exposure take the second course in a sequence and grant credit for both the first and second course at the successful completion of the second course.
  5. What did you use for Algebra 1 and what are you using for Algebra 2? You could work back through the Algebra tests and review what he missed. Some standard Algebra 2 textbooks also have 3-4 chapters of Algebra 1 review at the beginning of the book that the Algebra 2 class just skims. Also, Mr D has "6 week summer review" courses and 11 week full courses:
  6. Trig isn't on our state's standards for Algebra 2 at all. I think it was bumped in favor of statistics. There isn't a standard scope and sequence for Algebra 2 to Precalculus. We're using Derek Owens next year and there are some topics in his Algebra 2 that weren't in the the Algebra 2 we just finished. I had dd take his Algebra 2 midterm, do the 2-3 topics she didn't know for the first semester, and now is working through a couple of chapters in the second semester. I second the ALEKS suggestion if your Dd doesn't mind the format. I think it's probably the closest thing to "standard". I too have heard of families using TT through Precalculus and then going into another Precalculus (or College Algebra) course.
  7. Are you using TT for Precalculus? Chapters 4 and 5 stand out to me as topics we're doing in Algebra 2 this year. Chapters 1-3 are often in both Algebra 2 and Precalc.
  8. Okay. That makes sense. Does your library offer database access? There are usually medical journals and such available that way. Public libraries in the US often have at least a small selection available online. Medline is one. I suspect there may a psychology specific one.
  9. Thank-you! This is super helpful. She's doing health this fall, including systems. We'll have a 2-3 weeks between the final and the last SAT subject test date to fill any gaps, so this could work.
  10. There is actually another, lighter "biology appreciation" course than the non major one. It is super-light. I'm not sure who would even take it? For the non major class, the book isn't listed, but in previous semesters it has been some edition of this one.
  11. I wouldn't begin with scholarly articles. Maybe a course?
  12. It does look like the class for majors is a two sequence course, making the non major class a better fit for the SAT subject test.
  13. I can't make the WTMA class time work, and dd doesn't care for the book. It's so busy. That was my first choice when I started looking at online bio classes. Good point about the "trends" in the ratings. There are not a lot of ratings and it seems mostly geared towards a higher level class. It's a younger professor, so dd might track her down to see if being successful in the class is possible. At this point we've decided to roll forward with an Plans A, B, & C. (I feel like the military, but this is what Dd wants to do). Plan A is the CC class. Dd is going to front-load her year and try for the Biology for majors class in the Spring if the non majors class doesn't look workable. The majors class has 3-5 sections with all different professors and a lab teacher with 5 stars. Plan B is the high school class, and we went ahead and started the process for that. If neither looks good, she'll start BYU Online AP Biology (self-paced) or begin a homegrown course using Holt in mid-October when we know the outcomes of plan A & B. We won't try to sign up for an AP test because it would be too late at that point. We will aim for the last SAT 2 test date in June.
  14. I don't know the answer to this, but instead of a letter of the day on Sesame Street, I think today's WTM subject is.... biology, lol. We need a clover biology.
  15. The course description for the honors class at the high school looks like environmental science with a section on animal and plant systems. The honors class gets better and more labs. Katilac- your comment about Campbell made me laugh- so true! That is a seriously dense book. LisaK- thanks for the ClutchPrep link. I'll take a look.
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