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  1. I know your DS is terrified of leaving home early, but maybe have him help you choose an “early launch” school. It might not be the best school he could get into at 18, but something that is maybe close enough he could come home in weekends? Small enough to be nurturing? We have that school picked out for dd. It would be more expensive than our big state school, but if we were at the end if our rope here, we would pull the trigger.
  2. Our closest real city is an hour away (or was until we moved closer to the interstate, now it’s more like 45 minutes to the suburbs. But the suburbs also moved our way.) We go once a week right now for music and CAP. I used to teach 3 days a week there and DC27 commuted there 2 semesters, but was set up for Tuesday/ Thursday one of them and MWF the other. That school actually publishes a list of classes listed by number of days students need to come to campus.
  3. That would not surprise me! It does seem pretty arbitrary. I’ve taught CC and college classes for over 10 years and think the evals are of limited usefulness. I’ve managed to avoid being on RMP so far. I’m the OP for this thread and am trying to make a mostly impossible long-distance evaluation. For DE I just walk around the corner and as Accessibility Services what they think of a given professor. 😁
  4. I think you are taking my comment too personally, lol. RootAnn did a good job describing it above.
  5. This is basically us, but dd just doesn’t like online classes well enough for it to have worked for her. We are lucky that our DE option is a private school that has run some level of face to face classes all year, and will be pretty close to normal this fall. ETA- the community thing has been a huge problem. Dd is applying for jobs right now, so hopefully that will help.
  6. We've gotten lots of mail from them, but never pursued it. The year dd could have qualified for the big scholarship (7th grade by age), was around the time her health problems started that we didn't get untangled until half way through 8th grade. We probably wouldn't have gone for it. Our state's gifted boarding school costs less per semester than one class costs at SOHS. I know what you mean about application process, though. Dd applied to early college boarding high school and I was like, "Okay, why don't you just go to college now because that's basically the paperwork we just di
  7. I've seen professors inconsistent from assignment to assignment.
  8. Our other option is to keep homeschooling (which is looking more attractive atm depending on next year's DE options). When dd visited this school they pretty much only showed her humanities classes (which seem to have really great instructors). Since she's kind of a STEM kid though, I thought we should dig a little deeper.
  9. Hmmm. Both teachers would be unavoidable. The one 2/5 review for one of the teachers looks like it's from when he was a teaching grad student (Calc 2, though). Dd would have to have him for 3 classes and he is the head of couple of extra-curricular things. I'll have her reach out to some current students. The other one just has terrible reviews all around, 1.5/2 consistently, and it kind of looks like he's teaching high school because he washed out in universities. Dd would need to have him for calc-based physics, so a full year probably.
  10. This is pretty trustworthy, right? If a professor is 1.8/ 5 or 2/5 they really should be avoided? Especially if the reviews are about quality of the teaching? It's a weird situation as they are actually teaching advanced classes at a "high school", but I thought I should look them up, you know, just in case.
  11. ...and we only have 1 language available in 2 levels to us for DE. Definitely a variety for experiences for language DE!
  12. Dd started with a government class, but withdrew because it was a 3-test and a paper for a grade (and we didn't have any reviews for this subject on Rate My Professors). The next semester she went with a Business Applications class (Excel, Access, Word, etc). That was a good choice, and she's done well in DE since then.
  13. Depending on what colleges/ programs he is looking at, it might make sense to use whatever Calc class works best for him, and then try to CLEP it. One of the things with the BT class is that I think the tests are timed with a count-down timer. If he as test-taking issues, that is something to consider. With CLEP he can go into it with a, "If I don't do well I can take it again" attitude. That might take some pressure off and give you more courses to choose from.
  14. Shin Yen is just an excellent teacher who knows how to teach both deep and fast. Where I work, I have college sophomore engineering /math students who would be challenged by this course. To be fair, my uni doesn't have a super strong math program, but still, these are kids who like math. You really can't go wrong with Blue Tent classes. Trust the stated age ranges on the classes, though. If it says 15 +, don't think that a gifted 12-year can do it. I'm sure there are some in the program that run a little young, but like Lukeion, most kids who are in the classes are both good students and
  15. Lol. Yes, I’ve witnessed the yelling-at-an-AoPS-class. I deleted some of my original post- your brain is not tricking you. There are some students who created more of a competitive environment that happened when participation became mandatory. BT is an awesome course, and I’m glad we are having this conversation to help families decide if they should choose it. It’s not for a weak student, and honestly not for a student who doesn’t like math, even if they are good at it. It is the goldilocks course for a kid who needs more than regular DE Calc and isn’t interested in AoPS.
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