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  1. We're at the end of Week 6. Our numbers are still around 1%. However, we have 3 Greek houses on full quarantine, so I suspect they are not testing everyone in the houses- just telling them to stay put. Our college only tests athletes and symptomatic people, but that isn't a bad strategy because almost 1/3 of our on-campus population of around 1200 are athletes. Our school has around 4000, but almost half of those are online graduate and professional studies and another significant portion are in existing online-only or health sciences sciences programs based on a hospital campus 40 minutes awa
  2. Thanks all. As far as I know, I am the only professor teaching this class as fully in-person this semester. For various reasons my classroom is a large computer lab, and we can spread out. I did have students transfer into my sections because it is all live, so I might have a concentration of a certain kind of learner. I also don't use the English department's assignment bank. I'm pretty sure my student's work is all their own. 😉 There is a considerable reliance on computers in all classes, though. Administration is requesting we hand out/ hand in as little paper as possible. I did make t
  3. Verbal planet or italki? If she has to talk to someone online, it might as well be a native speaker. Maybe she could double up between semesters and you could make it a "conversation short course" on her transcript.
  4. Good idea! We are very tentatively planning to schedule a visit to UAH in early January. We may put out a call for Hive kids then. The uni I work at is open and giving tours. No group tours, just one family with one guide. All masks and social distancing.
  5. I think programmers have been known to talk to a "rubber duck" on their desk this way if they get stuck. If my dd gets stuck on a math problem that is beyond me, I have her "rubber duck" it to me. Sometimes I can see someplace where she went wrong by having her explain it to me, but often it's just like regentrude says, she sees where she went wrong while explaining it. I could see how this might work in a study group. I also agree with the previous advice to go up the chain and to also connect with another professor. If there is an "academic success" office on campus, see if they can fac
  6. As a supplement, maybe Khan Academy or Thinkwell? At least for Algebra 1 review, you could look at the review course? https://www.thinkwellhomeschool.com/collections/essential-review-courses/products/algebra-1-essentials There also might be some ideas in this thread: I know they gave some suggestions beyond just algebra (the NY Regents one, for example).
  7. We undid a grade skip for dd when she was in 8th/9th grade because of chronic illness. The year she was 9th by age grade she really caught her stride and we let her start dual enrollment. Her friends are also all going to be graduated and gone at least a year before she will. She really wants to graduate at just-turned-17, as well. What we did was set some benchmarks for what early graduation could look like: SAT/ PSAT score, specific classes that are non-negotiable, and a specific GPA. We went this route because of the field she wants to go into and the merit aid she would need. We've le
  8. This company doesn't work with homeschoolers any longer. Can we remove this from the pinned science threads, please?
  9. Yes. They told me this a year ago, as well. We ended up doing biology piece-meal. Quality Science Labs doesn't have an advanced kit, but maybe you could adapt it? https://www.qualitysciencelabs.com/ QSL and Home Scientist (who doesn't do physics kits), seem to be the only ones who will work with homeschoolers for kits right now. Otherwise it's pieces and parts from Home Science Tools, but they don't have much in the way of lab manual, even for their one-off kits. It's really a missed opportunity.
  10. How would you compare your student's work from previous years? My mostly sophomore-level writing classes are making grade-school punctuation and capitalization errors. I'm trying to decide if it is just the year, or they really do need the middle-school level worksheets that I'm using in an attempt to remediate. I think they are getting sentence structure help from Yoda. It is really bad.
  11. I agree with the above and will add one more thing. Make sure you dd has a good head shot uploaded to whatever online platforms she's using and turn the video on during Zoom sessions.
  12. The Brother printers that use toner are a good deal. I’ve had two and found the ink inexpensively on Amazon. I found ways to override so it continues to print and also to keep it from going into deep sleep.
  13. Dd is doing probably 7-8 hours a day right now with another 3 on the weekends. I feel like she could be a tad more efficient, but she’s on campus with me all day 3-4 days a week because she has DE Chem with a friend, and that’s her primary social outlet at the moment. Her evenings are already full. She wants to graduate after 11th grade, and we have agreed to tie that to a specific SAT score. She’s spending an additional 30-40 minutes a day preparing for PSAT/SAT right now. ETA- We're doing the "how much is too much" in the evening debate right now, too. Swimming is at least startin
  14. If he takes it this year and might take it again next year, he should sign up as a sophomore this year. If I understand correctly, having two junior years could disqualify him.
  15. So... being fairly far removed from early elementary, I told a classroom teacher, "sure no problem", when she was looking for OER (open copyright) resources for elementary history. I'm teaching faculty/ library director at a small university, and am working with the education department on updating some resources. When I went back and looked at my old links, most of them were gone. Vintage texts are a no-go here. They are trying to get away from the big expensive spiral bound TEs, and realize most everything is going online to some extent. I do have some things I've pulled from the f
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