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  1. We also have 2 + 2 agreement in our state, but some of the agreements are only with private universities, not with the state schools. Some of the privates give really good aid to students who come in that way, and some don't. It is definitely worth checking to those agreements as early as possible. One our older kiddos floundered in a 4 year and finish up with the AS in a higher demand field at the CC that does have some transfer agreements. He went to work for 3 years (doing some credentialing tests during that time so he could move up), and his employer is paying for him to finish up hi
  2. So if the chart for the home equity says "100%", they look at the equity as if it were sitting in a bank account, correct? Sorry I'm dense here, lol. Our older kids had a handful of private scholarships, but they are all almost 30 year old. A lot of things have changed.
  3. I don't know what this means, lol. Does it mean the equity of our home is considered income? ETA- our older kids all went to state schools, so we basically paid sticker price except for the year where there were 3 kids + me in the state system.
  4. Fill out the FAFSA! It is required at some schools for the "automatic" merit aid to be automatic.
  5. Is this typical of CSS profile schools? Dd has three reach schools on her list that are do-able using those school's online estimates, but if those are not correct, I'm reluctant to let her apply. Those three all use CSS profile. She has two safeties and three target schools that are all in-state and/ or fasfa.
  6. Like this maybe? https://colinpurrington.com/2012/02/example-of-bad-scientific-poster/
  7. I accidently had a cozy coup for a grandbaby sent to my house instead of adult kiddo's house. In the middle of the stay-at-home- order so I couldn't drop it at Khol's... so it was taking up a lot floor space in DH's home office for a while.
  8. Have you looked at Thinkwell? ETA- Even if you continue with Saxon, a spin through Thinkwell's Geometry Review might tie together loose ends: https://www.thinkwellhomeschool.com/collections/essential-review-courses
  9. Can he drop it? I don't think many colleges take it as a credit, anyway. Surely there are fun ways to cover stats.
  10. That used to annoy me on some boards, as well. Around here it's the ones who answer everything with "unschooling" and "Khan Academy". That's not to say that Khan Academy is bad, it's just that there are other options. We're very student driven around our house, but some of these families around us are bordering on "unparenting."
  11. We haven't used the eimacs AP class, but I do know it goes well-beyond the basic syllabus for AP Computer Science (it's $985 for a 40 week course), so still spendy unless you need a JAVA course. They also have a $24 stand alone "be prepared" book they suggest that has a companion website here: http://www.skylit.com/beprepared/ Terry Kaufman is very responsive to questions about eimacs: tkaufman at imacs.org
  12. I just reread my post and it is confusing. I think regentrude know what I'm saying, but it might be confusing for others. Dd will take both a regular high school, algebra-based calculus course (the 7th grade one, also known as college physics) and University Physics 1 & 2, probably next year. We have a good local option for that and she's looking forward to it. One of the schools she wants to apply to won't count a DE class if it was taken to fulfill a high school requirement. In that case I will just leave the high school level stuff that she did in middle school on her transcript.
  13. Since I posted up thread, I came across another situation where it would be worth carrying forward high school credits from middle school. My dd wants to apply to a reach school that only will allow college classes completed in high school to count towards college if they weren't used towards high school graduation. In that case, the 7th grade algebra-based physics class really does need to count. It would be dumb to need to retake University Physics if she went to that school.
  14. That looks perfect, except we can't do Monday evenings right now. Darn.
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