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  1. If you figure this out, let me know. Especially when it's last kid at home.
  2. Ha. True. Biology is a hard subject for high school. I didn't think she was ready to tackle a college class (I think she would have been fine). AP Bio was overkill for what my kiddo needs. I honestly never found anything better than "fine" for biology and I looked at every.thing. available. Holt was the one we liked best. We did "baby" Campbell in late middle school with Hoagland's Exploring the Way Life Works. My dd did actually like the Modern States videos. I think it's a Purdue professor. I think there is a pretty large gap in the level of rigor between Friendly Biology and Holt
  3. It’s fine. We had already done a lot of biology, so we ended up not using MPs materials. We did not care for the test Holt has with the TE stuff (I found a TE disk). If you want to use Holt Modern, check out MPs materials. It’s really way more in the textbook than anyone can cover in a year otherwise. We didn’t care for the MP videos we previewed, but we are picky. Holt has another version of Biology that looks more do-able in a year. We honestly mostly used Modern States CLEP prep and mostly anatomy labs, but it was kind of a second pass through biology for Dd.
  4. I hear you on the AP... It would be nice if they made it more available. We have a test site for this year (and fingers crossed). This is the first time this school has ever had an outside student take AP exams through them, or to even ask! I don't see Dd doing any more APs after this, though. It's just that the English Comp and Calc at our only DE option either won't transfer or she couldn't get into the class. So for us, not having SAT 2 is just one less thing and actually adds two schools to our list that we would not seriously consider before (unless they add some other ridiculous homescho
  5. We had two schools we took off of our list b/c they required SAT subject tests for homeschoolers. Hopefully AP is more available.
  6. Products – Ellen McHenry's Basement Workshop (ellenjmchenry.com) She has it offered a few different ways. We've done quite a bit of her stuff. Her free downloads are fun: Free Downloads – Ellen McHenry's Basement Workshop (ellenjmchenry.com) ETA- it's a book (.pdf or hard copy) with instruction videos.
  7. If you are thinking for running through Algebra 1 this summer, that might be a good way to try out Mr. D math. He has 6 and 11 week summer classes for Algebra 1/ Algebra 2 readiness: Summer Programs – Mr. D Live (mrdmath.com) It looks like he hasn't put the 2021 dates up yet.
  8. We finished Algebra 2 with another curriculum you are not considering, and then did Algebra 2 again with DO. Dd took DO's semester 1 exam and did fine after finishing curriculum #1, but hadn't done any of the topics in his second semester Algebra 2. Some of it was repeated in his PreCalculus, but at a deeper level. We had done some DO before (prealgebra and physical science), so I was pretty sure that was where we needed to go for PreCalculus. Dd basically did 3 semesters of Algebra 2 as a result (actually it worked out to a full calendar year). It was fine and she was well-prepared
  9. I think WTM Academy has a music theory class. We used Alfred's Essentials Complete and dd would just ask her music teacher at her regular lesson if she got stuck. She has lots of music theory through her extracurriculars, though. Doing a for-credit class was just kind of tying up loose ends.
  10. Thanks for all of your feedback so far. We’re kind of lonely academic homeschoolers where we are, and this has been one of the few safe places I can ask questions about how to direct my accelerated dc without dealing with the posturing that happens on “gifted” lists, especially on FB.
  11. Not at a desk most of the time. She’s said engineering previously, because she is pretty good with hands-on stuff, but engineering can be very desk-based. While she doesn’t like competition math, she does like the hard math in EMF/ eimacs, which is heavily proof-based. She shadowed some engineers at a well-known place, and they told her she should consider being an analyst... but that seems to be a fuzzy job title at best.
  12. I do think we need to look at some larger schools. We've got two that we can take a look at when covid lets up. Right now, her top choice is Rose Hulman, though, and that's very small. She's been on a lot of college campuses between her brothers, camps, classes, and various other things we've done while travelling- I think we counted 14 or 15 different ones she's seen- but this is the first time time she's done a tour where she's talked to faculty and such. The engineering advisor didn't try to sell the program at all, he just went through what classes first year students take. She was on
  13. I’ve been on there a couple of times, but didn’t find it useful for us.
  14. We do DE at a local 4-year university. They are mostly 1 semester for us, although physics will be 2.
  15. Reporting back... dd says UAH is roughly a 3.5/ 5. I haven’t interrogated her too much yet- she’s catching up her AP classes. I was really surprised she wasn’t more excited by the aerospace companies in the area, etc. Nice campus, friendly faculty (met by Zoom), but something just didn’t click for her. I think it’s still on her (too short) list, just lower down. Admissions did a pretty good job given the restrictions.
  16. So my want-to-be-engineering student is still thinking engineering... but also global studies... and also math as majors. Even with a robust selection of DE and AP credits, I’m not sure how all this would fall out. Probably 2 of 3 in a double major. Given her age, it’s not pressing, although she might apply to different universities if engineering isn’t her major. She’s not a brilliant math student, but an intuitive and hard-working one. I have done internet searches for math major, and I come up with stuff I don’t see her being interested in doing- like economics or actuary (although she
  17. All of the engineering schools dd has looked at requires a year if chemistry in high school. Admittedly, it hasn’t been a lot if schools.
  18. Can she start DE classes? That way she is working towards a diploma and degree at the same time, even if it is one or two classes at a time.
  19. Yes- look! Some of those sites have some seriously graphic content. But also fan fiction is a great way for reluctant writers to get started. just be aware.
  20. We did physics first with dd. She didn’t care for Novare, so we did the GPB Physics with a textbook. (YMMV- many families really like Novare, it just wasn’t her cuppa). She was in Geometry at the time. It has served her well- she’ll do AP or DE calc-based physics in 11th. Having done some physics has helped her visualize calculus.
  21. My dd did Derek Owens for Algebra 2 and Precalc and is doing Blue Tent Calc this year. We are very happy with the class, but the teacher we have only does calclulus AFAIK. Hopefully someone can weigh in on Algebra 1 for you.
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