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  1. Been there done that. With a toddler in the back seat, lol. DH had to to dc3. I was just. Done. Somehow I’m riding mostly with dc4.... I think you are in my state. Did you see that they pushed back the driving age by 3 months last year?
  2. I done some web design/ webpage building and I like doing it. I have two sites I maintain, but they are pretty easy. I do listen to audiobooks/ great courses when I'm doing what I call advanced clerical work. I like the volunteering / citizen science ideas. I had no idea those things existed!
  3. Okay, that is much better than the free worksheets I printed out.
  4. Well, because I'm one of the bosses, lol. Because of covid and longer shut-downs I have already done all the projects that need done this year. I was adjuncting English, but they went and hired a full-time professor. I have maybe ten hours a week of things to do during the summer. There are classes going on, but they are 95% online. We might have ten students a day through our department. And I have two full-time staff people who work for me, too. I'm fine with the front desk person reading- she needs to do reader advisory and such- but I have the other full-timer doing archiving and sca
  5. I could take my spinning wheel in, lol. I was thinking of something maybe not quite so obvious to my boss... However if I'm up in my office with a spinning wheel/ paint set/ knitting needles, they might let me start negotiating time off in lieu of a raise next year. hmmm...
  6. I work at a university and I won't have enough on it to keep me busy 40 hours a week over the summer, but I'm required to be there. It's a stupid rule. We have some people who finish their projects by 4th of July and play a lot of computer chess until early August. I'd work on French or Russian, but it's hard to do the talking part of a language. I'm debating working on my Comptia certifications, but is there something else I should consider? I like computers/ IT, but prepping for CompTia is super boring, lol. Thoughts?
  7. I have a similar family dynamic. I would often set my visits up on a lunch hour or at another time with a hard end time. We would go through photos, play dominoes or scrabble, and /or talk about their childhood. My parents are still in their home. I also visit them with a specific end time, but usually end up doing small tasks for them, so less of a burden to make conversation.
  8. It does look like the Russian 2 class is real possibility for her between what she already knows and the review Mrs. Turscak has planned. They are switching from the Russian Face to Face book to the Beginner's Russian, so there will be a natural amount of filling in the gaps. Dd is excited and I am pleased with our interactions with CLRC so far.
  9. Eating with masks off (and talking at the same time), would likely be a larger risk than touching shared utensils, although that is not risk-free. What about doing a "to-go" treat bag of some sort? Beverages could still be a problem, though.
  10. I emailed Inga, and she just got back to me a little bit ago. She will do a small group if I put it together. I might have dd reach out to her NSLI-Y friends to see if anyone wants to join her.
  11. Thanks- it's nice of you to ask! Dd had a really great experience with a group of students through the NSLI-Y program and wants to continue to learn with a group. We're just having a hard time finding a class that fits her schedule. I might try to put her into a second year class, though now that I looked at what CLRC's first year class covers. I ordered the book that they use for both years 1 & 2 and might have her fill the gaps between finishing French this summer and starting class in the fall. With Covid vaccinations becoming more common, I might approach a local Russian gran
  12. I'm helping my friend transition her almost 3rd grader to Singapore. To me, it looks like the main difference between the two is bar graphs and the introduction to multiplication. Is there an inexpensive way to cover those topics without buying the whole 2nd grade level of Singapore? Thanks!
  13. We got one from UAH... Dd wears it a lot. They also gave us sanitizer and a sting backpack that she uses for music lessons.
  14. Okay... talking to myself here. It does look like Tu-Th might work for Potter's school Russian. Can anyone share a review? PM is fine. I've heard really mixed reviews on TPS in general, but only one good review for the Russian class. @BookwormTo2? Thanks! ETA... now I'm wondering if she should maybe take CLRC's second level course.
  15. We did Rhetoric Alive! "at home" with a couple of friends that we met with once a week. It's user friendly. It is nice to have someone to work with on the speaking assignments.
  16. Dd is signed up for CLRC, Russian 1, but a conflict has popped into the schedule. Are there any other options? We know about Julia Denne and Inga Gurevich. Are there other class options? She doesn't want to 1 on 1 instruction. I saw the University of Toronto continuing ed course, but we cannot do Monday nights. ETA- The Potter's School course overlaps one of the her DE courses on one day by 5-10 minutes, so I don't think that would work either. Who starts a class at 9:45am? Thanks!
  17. Avoid Sharon Watson if you are not very Christian (at least the products I've used- her high school writing and her punctuation book). There is no theology in it, but it has a definite worldview. It would probably be 90% okay, but it was curriculum that was the last straw for us as secular homeschoolers using Christian materials (and we're not even truly secular). It makes me sad because her curriculum is well done. Wordsmith could be a good option. Can you buy their products as a download? Since you are in Canada, maybe downloadable study guides?. I also agree with the others that j
  18. Probably the closest thing to what you are looking for that is on your list is the Lightning Lit. The 8th grade program is a full-year. I used the American level (both semesters) for a co-op class twice. I liked it well enough, but didn't assign all of the comprehension questions and did some picking and choosing on the assignments. We also had group discussions, which makes literature more fun. The year dd and I didn't do co-op we did British Literature with an old anthology (American Reads) and a couple of separate books. I really made a point to read along and discuss with her. Oa
  19. I like the Armstrong version (but I definitely wasn't reading out loud). She also has a good Great Courses series on Arthur. I like her Black Death one, too. The Greene versions are good, but probably not meaty enough for what you are doing.
  20. Very check-the-box option is SVHS: Online High School Courses - Course Catalog - Silicon Valley High School (svhs.co) ETA- I have a friend who use this for a "get er done" option. It was fine, but in more of a "Khan Academy with a teacher grading things" kind of way. Khan Academy would be an option, too, depending on the goals.
  21. I had it last summer, too. I wondered if it was stress or my body fighting off a covid exposure. I thought I had poison ivy at first (and luckily also a cold sore). I have prescription for cold sores which apparently is the same stuff as what is prescribed for shingles. I'll make sure I refill my script b/f my second shot, just in case.
  22. Not judgey at all. It's a good question. Yes, basically it is the equivalent of a full college load. She will be 16 for most of the year, so probably an 11th grader. I would not have given her this load in 9th/10th grade. I also would not have given her this load if it wasn't classes she was really looking forward to taking. We've balanced high output classes with ones that can flex or are lower output. It works okay because first semester Russian is a review, government is completely self-paced (and is the end of an ongoing government at home course with lots of parts, the work text is n
  23. Okay. I feel like I've been holding my breath since March 1st when university schedules came out. DE kids register last. My schedule was like a house of cards. If we hadn't gotten the sections we wanted, things were going to fall apart quickly. We got one of the last 3 spots in two of her classes. I'm posting here because we're not sure what grade next year will be yet. By age, 11th grader. No early college boarding school. She declined their offer of admission. May/ Summer: Finishing Core's Economy, Society & Public Policy, an eimacs class and taking CLEP exams for French
  24. In the Academic Success department at the Uni where I work, "learning styles" is one of the biggest battles they fight. Students get into the mind set that they can't learn any other way. They tell students to stop thinking of them as learning styles and to start thinking of them as "study styles".
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