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  1. I've been thinking of using the Sonlight High School books we already have for my daughter's Modern History curriculum. Instead of using the spine I considered using Bauer's method outlined in the Well-Trained mind by using a history spine and for each book creating a context page, taking book notes, and writing a composition. Many of the Sonlight books are historical fiction and obviously much of it will not be as demanding a read as Bauer's suggestions. We just need something a little simpler. What are your thoughts? Could this work?
  2. @Linda in TX That's so good to know. Thank you!
  3. @BusyMom5 This is SO very helpful. Thank you.
  4. I'm looking for the confidence to purchase Saxon Algebra and use it without the DVDs. My oldest used VideoText Algebra and it was a wonderful fit but my son is having a difficult time with it. I would like to use Saxon as I think the Spiral method is a good fit for him, but many reviews seem to list the DVDs as if they are necessary. I would love to hear from someone (preferably with multiple children) who successfully taught their child with Saxon Math and did NOT use the DVDs or other Video teaching. Was it difficult and time consuming? How involved were you? Thanks in advance for answering my questions!
  5. Can you explain what a "poet tree" is? That sounds like fun!
  6. Hi, Does anyone have experience with the Junior Classical League? We are trying to start up a homeschool JCL in our area. I'm looking for ideas and inspiration! There doesn't seem to be much on their website about how to run a successful JCL. I thought it would be helpful to get some ideas on what others have done. Thanks in advance for your help!
  7. Thank you all so much! I think my problem is that my daughter is a wonderful writer and has done so well with the WWS books that I really compare everything to it! I probably need to just get over that. After all, if he could do that we would be doing it! I just need to remind myself that we're using something different because he learns differently. Momto5inIN it's encouraging to know that you're daughter's writing improved without worrying about the outlining. YodaGirl, I like how you're teaching it with other subjects. It's something for me to keep in mind for later. Thanks for your help and encouragement- we'll just keep pushing forward!
  8. My oldest daughter is currently using WWS2 and my youngest daughter uses WWS1; it's going great. I love SWB's style and really get it. My middle child, a son, is dyslexic and we did not even get through all of the WWE books. He could barely write a sentence when we started IEW. He can now summarize a paragraph. My problem is I really, really don't like IEW! I can't deny that it's working for him, perhaps not in the way I'd like, but at least he's writing something (and we're both not crying about it)! So the question: does IEW ever teach a true outline form. When he teaches them to outline it's just numbered like so: 1. 2. 3. etc. Does IEW continue on like this forever or will it change as we progress? Do we ever learn how to outline with main and supporting points? If so, when? Which level? I need some hope that this curriculum gets better! Rachel
  9. Anyone use the games on Lively Latin for multiple children? I need to know how to set up more than one child but can't get an answer directly from them. I would love some help from someone who's done this before. Thanks so much!
  10. Has anyone ever attempted to go throught CC Essentials program on your own (without committing to the group)? How did it work out for you?
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