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  1. My dd bought him a crossword puzzle book (same brand and series we like). He’s always doing ones he find in the papers and we’ll be on a laid back vacation this summer (visiting relatives), so lots of downtime.
  2. Anyone have one? How tall are the handles and is a comfortable height for teenage males? I don’t want them to have to be bent over to roll it, so I want a good stable one with a long enough handle. This would be if I can convince them to use it for high school next year (just diagnosed with scoliosis). So willing to get a decent one. Any suggestions on features to look for that make it easier for classroom/campus use? Most of the campus has one story buildings, no steps. only one building has stairs but that one also has an elevator. Brands/models or links welcome! 🙂. Thanks.
  3. I’m hoping they could refer to a PT so the PT could show them how to strengthen and help their back, and what not to do that could make it worse.
  4. Interesting, I’ll add that to my notes to ask about. Thanks
  5. Good idea. I’m going to bring that up to the boys. It’s not a cool look perhaps, but maybe they’ll put their back first. yes, those braces look mighty uncomfortable.
  6. I think it had to be a contributing factor no matter what they said. It would be nice if they all agreed and maybe even pointed it out as part of physicals, especially entering puberty. my dd hasn’t had her annual appointment yet, so I’m wondering about her now too.
  7. Thats really helpful. Thanks. I will ask if they have this. our PCP said they don’t refer to an orthopedic for mild cases. I think she said under 30%. My thought is I’d rather see the orthopedic early and avoid getting to that point. I’m hoping they’ll refer to a PT if I ask.
  8. Thanks. I will run through those with them tomorrow. So far, nothing on there stuck out, but I’ll check the ones were able to anyway.
  9. Thanks for that note. I will ask the orthopedic if he would refer them to a PT that could teach them useful exercises for this.
  10. No he’s not hyper mobile. He and his identical twin both have their left shoulder higher than their right currently. It wasn’t always like that, so I asked the ped if their book bag this past year (their first full year at a school) could have contributed. They said no. But a heavy book bag all year slung over that shoulder, during the year they finally started growing- they grew about 4” which is a lot for them. 🤷‍♀️ But I appreciate you mentioning eds. It’s always good to think out loud and consider things. We have several friends that have it and one has a really bad case of it.
  11. Badger makes a clear zinc oxide face stick, spf 35.
  12. That’s wonderful!! Why/how did the surgery improve the scoliosis?
  13. I’m not a fan of wait and see, but it was encouraging to read stories from those whose curvature did not worsen. I would prefer for them to feel like they have a little control over long term results, and be informed about exercise and what helps and what doesn’t and why. So I will definitely ask the orthopedic about that. They have started enjoying working out, and we have an area in our garage for that. Does the spine curve due to lack of support? I’ll have to read up on why it curves and why it worsens, or doesn’t.
  14. The orthopedic is a a pediatric one associated with the children’s hospital, so I hope that is an option. I will be sure to ask. Thank you
  15. What can you tell me about your experience with its progression and treatments that worked? Two of my teens were just diagnosed with mild scoliosis. My primary care said the usual thing is to just wait and see for mild cases, but I plan to see an orthopedic to try and actively treat it. My sister has a pretty bad case of scoliosis now, in her 40s and it causes her problems. The doctor said she likely started when she was a teen. I don’t want my teens backs to worsen if there is something g to help prevent that. I’ve read of braces and of exercises. But this is all brand new to me.
  16. Not a parent to large age gaps, but a child of them. I was 10 and my brother 13.5 when my sister was born. We loved her and it was awesome having a little one. Christmas was more fun again too 🙂. And now we are both married, live in different pets of the world, but still chat regularly and try to meet up as often as travel permits. I’m glad to have her. Downsides- my parents were older and more exhausted to handle an active child with a will of her own. There were some difficult times but she stayed very close with both parents. Brother was off to college by the time she was 5, but he was still in the area and came back home for a bit. I was off to college when she was 8 and out of the house after that. But nearby. However, that meant she mainly lived as an only child. My folks often brought neighbor kids or friends on vacation with them so she’d have someone. So she has different vacation memories and experiences with my parents than my brother and I do.
  17. How old are the kids? From toddler to pre-teen years we bought the Lands End active water sandal. My kids lived in them! As they got older and needed closed toe sandals for camp, we bought Keens on sale or whatever Costco had on sale. I don’t pay a lot for shoes and clothes while feet and bodies are still growing so much.
  18. The way my kids sit in chairs? No way would I spend extra money 😂. They curl up, lay over it, hang off it, ... Unless they are sitting in it for 8+ hours a day, I’m not sure I’d invest money in one, unless money is not tight.
  19. I’ll have to mention this to my PCP. Not sure if I ever mentioned pre-eclampsia to her; many years and another state ago. But I typically have very low blood pressure. And my pre-e was due to a triplet pregnancy, and they caught it super fast since they monitored me so closely, so maybe not quite the same. But thank you because I will look into it, and have my doctor aware!
  20. I just requested to join. Thank you for the information m.
  21. I hope I remember this information when my daughter and future dils are pregnant. (Many many years from now.)
  22. Really? I never heard that. What kind of issues should I look out for?
  23. That’s a huge update!!! It sounds perfect. That’s amazing he could get a va placement. They were near impossible here. And I’m glad he gets to stay near his doctors and care centers- it sounds like he has had a great setup with that.
  24. They would pick her up at her assisted living. She would wait in her wheelchair (and later her motorized wheelchair) in the lobby for them. They would put her in the van, in the wheelchair, strap it down etc. Then wheel her to the doctor (sometimes to the lobby, sometimes to the office itself). But never just dropped on the curb. Depending on how long the appointment was, they would either wait or have the doctor call when she was done, and then they’d pick her up and take her back to her AL. Some of the smaller, private drivers went above and beyond. One took her to our house for my kids confirmation. We had a small step, so he took her out of the wheelchair, got her standing with a walker, out the wheelchair up the step and then got her back into in. Believe me, it was a process! He was young and sweet and patient. His prices were more like $25-35, depending on distance, waiting etc. The bigger services were at least double or triple that.
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