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  1. So last night, I was scrolling through the Bernie Sanders memes on twitter to prevent myself from doomscrolling. If you haven’t seen this yet, and are looking for a good laugh, check it out. People are photoshopping Bernie into famous photos and paintings. I think my favorite so far is Botticelli's The Birth of Venus. I don't care what your political leaning is, you have to hand it to Bernie's PR people. They took the meme and ran with it. They are selling (well, not any more, it has already sold out) a sweatshirt with the photo of Bernie in his mittens with all proceeds going to Vermont Meal
  2. Hey, Ravelers, somebody has already put up a pattern for Bernie's mittens! 😁
  3. I believe she meant to say poetry slam. At least that’s the way I understood it.
  4. Dude, harsh! Miss Gorman is only what? 22? I thought she spoke with grace and confidence and did a lovely job! I’d have probably fainted and had to be carried away by stretcher if I had had to speak at such an event at 22. I thought Lady Gaga's dress was beautiful. Definitely not what I expected from Lady Gaga! When they cut to Bernie Sanders, I said, “Awww...did your wife knit you some mittens?” Dd said I was being sexist, and that it’s perfectly possible that Bernie is a knitter and knits his own mittens! Alas! A quick internet search reveals that the senator is not one
  5. Wait, what? Prince Charles is a vampire? No, wait...an alien lizard? Sheesh, people, get your Doctor Who episodes straight! Prince Charles is a werewolf!* All of the alien lizards except one ** have now gone into hibernation. And the vampires were destroyed in a fire in 1580.*** Works cited *Tooth and Claw, season 2 **Cold Blood, season 5. The lone “awake” Silurian is Madame Vastra, first seen in A Good Man Goes to War, season 6. ***Vampires of Venice, season 5 Y'all can carry on with the conversation now. Just wanted to point out that we Whovians kn
  6. I never get tired of this one of Toddler twins arguing or this one of my What I really want to say every night for dinner eta: If she is a dog lover, you could introduce her to Mishka the talking husky. Sadly, Mishka passed some time ago, but her YouTube videos live on. One of my favorites was Mishka are you stupid?
  7. Um, off-topic, but if anyone gets a notification that I laughed at their post, please disregard. Either my internet connection is wonky, or my iPad is pitching a tantrum, because everything has been moving s.l.o.w.l.y all afternoon. When I tap on the reaction bar, I think I have hit the wrong icon several times now, and I really don’t want to send the wrong message to anyone in this thread. So, sorry!
  8. I have three dogs, so my head goes somewhere totally different when the words “yellow” and “ice” (or snow) are combined. 😳 But whatever it is, it looks an awful lot like a onion to me.
  9. Ok, we must have a lot of crafters on here, because I saw “quilting” too! Maybe you just do sloppy needlework, use your yuckiest, scratchiest fabrics, and give the quilt to someone you don’t like? OP- sorry you’re feeling so fed up with everything! You aren’t alone!
  10. Are we talking scratch cards or powerball, here? If it’s scratch cards, then new vehicles. If it’s powerball, I’d buy a large plot of land, build a small but comfortable house with built in dog crates and an easy to clean mud room/ grooming area, fence in several acres and build an agility course, and foster more dogs! Ok, and probably adopt more dogs too, if I’m honest. 😉
  11. We had a downpour for most of the day yesterday, but during one of the brief breaks, a brave (and, I assume, hungry) little yellow-bellied sapsucker came out and hammered on one of the trees in our backyard. So 2021 shall be the year of the yellow-bellied sapsucker! Not sure whether that’s a good or bad thing. They're cute little stinkers, but can do a lot of damage to trees!
  12. I think this is too cute! NORAD's Santa tracker clearly shows that Santa is following masking requirements! https://www.noradsanta.org/
  13. Oh, I am so sorry! I hope you can get it taken care of soon!
  14. Oh, my goodness! One of my cousins named her daughter Emma-leigh, and I always feel a bit sorry for the kid. My first and last names are both names that have multiple spellings, so I often have to spell both to people, who somehow manage to get at least one of them wrong anyway, so I know how irritating that can be.
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