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  1. We use Chewy for food, treats, toys, and otc meds. They have excellent customer service. I really like the cutesy notes and emails they send! But I'm one of those people who proudly wears her “Crazy Dog Lady” title, so that could have something to do with it.
  2. Aveda's Rosemary-Mint shampoo is my favorite. I like their Shampure fragrance too, but that one seems to get mixed reviews about the fragrance. You either love it or hate it.
  3. Morse (because of his dots and dashes.) Although as tiny as the little guy is in that photo, he looks more like a Morsel than a Morse!
  4. Yes, always. When I forget, he says, “Oh, that’s ok” and gets fast food. 🙄 So I'm not only saving money by packing his lunch, but saving his health as well!
  5. That is a very good idea. I think someone in my knitting circle does sell stuff in eBay, so I will ask her when I see her!
  6. Oh, hey, Junie, I can read, and do know your name, but autocorrect switched it to Julie. Sorry I didn’t catch that last night! No insult was intended! 🙂
  7. I have checked the prices on eBay, and have priced the items on Craigslist accordingly. But thanks for the offer of assistance, Julie! Sadly, the only offers I have had are things like “Hey, will you take $10 for the doll?” And if dd had been rough on her dolls, I might consider it. But her idea of playing with the dolls was dressing them up, setting them up in elaborate scenes, and taking little 30 second videos of them. They are all in close to new condition, and we still have all the original boxes for the dolls and the accessories! eBay is probably the best option, but I honestly don’t want to deal with setting up a Paypal account, and a new bank account to deal with the PayPal account, because I have heard so many nightmare stories about PayPal, and setting up an eBay seller account, and then having to safely pack and ship the items... I guess I'm just lazy! Lol!
  8. The time has come. When we moved into a much smaller home in August, we knew the American Girl dolls and their accompanying trunks full of stuff would need to go. I have posted them on Craigslist with only a nibble ( one dress sold.) They are taking up a much needed closet - yes, a whole closet- and unless they start paying rent, they need to go. Soon. Very soon. Like, yesterday. Dd is hoping to make enough to cover some college costs for next semester, so we need to sell them for what they are actually worth, and not garage sale prices. Has anyone had any luck selling a large American Girl collection? What’s the best way to do this? Can it be done without e-bay? Ideas?
  9. Ok, this thread is cracking me up! Mind if I join the party? Well that didn’t work! Guess I’m doomed to be normal! Ummm...not sure what just happened. I think the emoji fairy must have sprinkled some giant dust on my emojis!
  10. Looks like a quick way to win a Darwin Award, if you ask me!
  11. I am so, so sorry! We said goodbye to the sweet boy in my avatar in April. A chunk of my heart died with that dog. I still have the occasional "ugly cry." I know how it hurts! Sending lots of virtual hugs your way!
  12. My mother does this just about every time we are out together. It almost always starts with "I know I'm not skinny-mini, but..." (She has been overweight/ mildly obese her whole life,) and ends with some criticism of someone she can point to who is larger than she is. But I have learned to ignore and/or redirect the conversation over the years.🙄
  13. Please forgive this Grinch for her opinion, but I hate Christmas letters, and generally don't bother reading those I do receive. Here's the thing that bothers me: All of the Christmas letters that I have ever received are from so-called family and friends that don't bother to contact us at any other time of the year. Yet at Christmas, they feel the overwhelming need to send the annual, gag-worthy humble brag that isn't even really humble at all. (Our lives are so wonderful. Too bad you're not us!) So I would very much like to see the tradition of Christmas letters disappear from the face of the earth, right along with the playing of that atrocious Christmas shoes song!
  14. Funny! My dh calls Rosemary and Thyme "the lighter side of murder!" I actually really like the show, but I have a difficult time seeing Felicity Kendal as anything but Barbara Good. (Good Neighbors)
  15. I just finished watching Humans. It was pretty good. If you like murder mysteries, Gil Mayo is witty and very enjoyable. But my favorite show in recent years has been Orphan Black. In fact, I really want to watch that one again!
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