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  1. Shhhhh....don’t tell her, but I have really enjoyed helping dd study for biochemistry and organic chemistry since she has been stuck at home doing classes, and I’m kind of going to miss having someone around to ‘splain sciency things to me when she goes back! 😁
  2. Bio major dd says to tell you you got it right! 👍🏻
  3. Oh, my! The bolded is a perfect description of where I am right now, and it is so very, very difficult. My parents are aging, and I realized after a particularly nasty episode a few weeks ago that it is never going to get better, and will probably only get worse as they get older and more childish. Boy, do I wish I had a sibling I could talk to right now. Gardenmom, I am glad to hear that you have been able to lift your burden through forgiveness! Indigo and Cincinative- hugs and empathy! I hope we all find the peace we long for!
  4. I probably wouldn’t even attend the event unless everyone was vaccinated already and wearing masks. But I fall into the very cautious/ still shielding category because of my and especially my DD’s risk factors.
  5. I got my first Moderna shot today. My arm is a bit sore, but nothing else. Dh has an appointment Wednesday for his first shot, also Moderna.
  6. I’m a hand-spinner and knitter. Most of the time, I spin the “typical” fibers: sheep, angora, alpaca...basically the fibers you’d find in your local yarn shop. But occasionally, I get the opportunity to spin someone’s chiengora- dog combings. I don’t have an actual business. It’s more of a word of mouth thing. People will call and say, “You made Mrs. Smith some mittens from Fluffy, and I wondered if you could do the same for my Fido.” Back to the “normal” side of spinning: This green and gold Leicester Longwool fiber was purchased from none other than our own Hive Queen Empress Susan
  7. How true! I just had an appointment with my therapist because for the past week, I have been the “bad kid.” because I didn’t make dd reply to one of my mother's voice mails within 24 hours. (This on top of all the illegal airbnb next door and the “Omg! My in-laws are nudists!” garbage .) I’m an only, so give it another week or two and my mother will be back to being so proud of me and dd. For now, all messages are being given to me through my father via phone calls where I can hear her telling him what to say in the background. 🙄
  8. I was thinking about this thread, and thought if Dr Who is the world I’d like to live in, which show wouldn’t I want to live in? I came up with Doc Martin. I mean, has anyone calculated the life-threatening injury per capita rating of Portwenn? It must be insanely high! 😂
  9. Doctor Who, but only if I get to be a companion and do cool stuff. 😁
  10. Dd and I toasted the success of the Perseverance team with hot cocoa. You could tell they really wanted to jump up and down and hug each other. Fist bumps just didn’t seem sufficient!
  11. From friends who do feline rescue: The best way to keep a cat off the counters is to build a catwalk around the top of the room. Unlike dogs, who look up to us, cats know the proper order of things, and will literally jump at the chance to look down on their humans! 😉
  12. So I did address the topic with dh, and it turns out that he has been aware of his parents' behavior “for a few years” though he couldn’t or wouldn’t identify how long “a few years” is. He doesn’t recall ever being subjected to the same activities as a boy, and was completely unaware that his parents involved his sister when she was young. He did seem to have a bit of an “aha!” moment when he said that he has always known that his sister “absolutely despised” their father. I am more than a little concerned that he has had this knowledge for some time, and would not answer my question about whe
  13. No, the zoning department is separate from social services, but I assume that they will at least make an effort to speak to the actual owner as a part of the investigation. I also made it clear that I would be willing to talk to social services if I needed to. This poor, sweet woman (who once called me the best neighbor she had ever had just because I mowed her lawn a couple of times 😢) probably has no idea about any of this!
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