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  1. This is local for me. I’m officially panicking. 🤬🥺🤬🥺😭😭😭
  2. This is my big concern too. Dd is coming home for spring break, but I know that one of her professors and several students in her research lab are flying to Washington (state) for a research project for break. And who knows where her dorm mates are going for break? Airplanes and dormitories = big ol' Petri dishes! Ick! Ick! Ick! (Could someone turn down the volume on my anxiety, please? I am finding it difficult to hear myself think!)
  3. War Games Tron The Last Starfighter Close Encounters of the Third Kind Young Sherlock Holmes
  4. I suppose I should have added that the song will be appreciated most by Roman history fans. Please tell me I’m not so nerdy that I’m the only one here who found this song to be comical! 😅
  5. ...and I couldn’t resist sharing with the hive! The other songs on the album are pretty clever too, but this was the one dd discovered while “studying” for Roman Civ.
  6. I really enjoyed that show, but golly! The writers did make very liberal use of f-bombs! 😳 Dd watched a couple of episodes with me, and enjoyed picking apart the science in the show! Note to self: Never watch hospital dramas with a nurse, or ReGenesis with a biology student. 😆Another note on the cast- quite a few of them were also in Orphan Black.
  7. My little alarm clock is canine, not feline, but ohhhhh, I hear you! It’s lovely when they understand sleeping until the sun comes up! My happy news is that my dd called me all excited because she got into a Roman Civ. course this semester taught by her favorite prof in the classics dept.! She had this prof for her first semester of Latin and loved his teaching style, but hasn’t been able to get into any of his other classes. Also: THE SUN IS SHINING! People, this is big, I mean huge! The forecast says we are looking at seven straight days of not having to pretty much bathe three very muddy dogs every time they have to potty! 🎉
  8. Terry Jones passed away on Tuesday! 😢 Was there a thread and I missed it? Dh and I are Monty Python fans, but we also loved his documentaries! I suddenly feel like binge-watching Medieval Lives!
  9. My dd has expressed this very sentiment on numerous occasions. Not so much panic about the doomsday clock, but rather a general feeling of despair that many of the beautiful and wonderful things she wants to study will be gone by the time she is “qualified” (gets the alphabet soup behind her name) to study them. 😔
  10. Awwwww, she’s adorable! Welcome to the WTM family, Ellie!
  11. Set and PDQ are both portable, and can be played by one or many players.
  12. “One and done” worked for my dd, but she applied early decision, and had a backup plan ready to go if that had fallen through. If both early and regular decision had fallen through, there was always the option of admission through the college's guaranteed admission agreement with the state community colleges. My advice regarding grad school and grad school funding is to cross that bridge when you get there! It sounds like your dd has several different fields of interest, so wait until her undergrad major has been decided upon firmly before even beginning to think about that. There are many, many graduate assistantships available to help cover those costs, and as a pp mentioned, many students don’t stay at one school for undergrad and grad degrees, so don’t let the lack of available graduate student funding influence her undergraduate school decision. Good luck to your dd whatever path she chooses!
  13. THAT'S IT! 🎉 Thank you! You have no idea how many songs we have listened to trying to find this!
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