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  1. In the past few weeks we have done all the paper piles, including cleaning out the filing cabinet. Also, my girls cleaned out a large trash bag of shoes, my son cleaned out some clothes that were too small and we cleaned out some books. Those things were donated. My girls also sorted through clothes and gave a couple of bags to younger cousins. Still tons of work to do.
  2. This year we have actually done this exactly. I had everything planned and weekly schedules written up for the entire year before we ever started. We are on week 22 and still on track. We’ve had to do most of the extra practice lessons in math plus some so we’ll be doing math through the summer but overall everything is going really well. It’s the most structured our school year has ever been and *I* really needed that this year.
  3. Another question....does MUS in the upper grades eventually cover everything a more traditional program would cover? Maybe just at a different time? I’m glad I found it and that it’s working for my girls right now. It’s not too easy for them, they’re learning new things, feeling successful, math isn’t torture for any of us anymore...but I want them to be well prepared for the future too. I think it’s important for kids to be solid in the math they know, even if they can’t get as far as other kids do, but I also want to make sure I’m doing what I need to do for them and not settling for something too light.
  4. Thank you. This helps. I had heard that MUS was “weak” but I didn’t know why. My older two struggle with math and they are finding some success with MUS. So we’ll probably just stick with it. My third DD is good at math but I wanted something easier for her this year. She is dyslexic and I wanted her to have more time for reading/English this year. She’s doing MUS pre-algebra this year as a 7th grader and I’ll probably have her keep going with Algebra 1 next year. I have considered switching her to something else for high school. I’ll keep this information in mind.
  5. It was my understanding that MUS had a non-traditional sequence in the lower grades but was traditional in the upper grades. I was homeschooled myself as a kid so admit that I might be misunderstanding this. I have heard that it isn’t as rigorous as other programs but after trying other options, this is what is working for us right now. I’m using MUS with my older girls (7th, 8th, and 10th grades). We started with pre-algebra, then the sequence is Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Calculus. Is this not the traditional sequence?
  6. Yes to this. Our core classes are long because they include sparring. But we also have a weapons class, black belt class, tournament prep classes, and demo team practices. Those are all optional and usually have minimum rank requirement. Right now I go to Monday classes and teach in one and jump in line in the other, we all do a family class on Tuesdays, A couple of kids have started going with me to Saturday family class, and in the next month or so the kids will start going to weapons class and I’ll start going to Black Belt class. If also gone to tournament prep classes when I first started competing. We skipped demo team most of last year and I’m not sure if any of will do it this year.
  7. It’s flexible at our school. No contracts, just month to month dues. There are different membership levels depending on many classes a week we go to. Classes are an hour and a half for ages 12 and up and an hour for children’s class. We also have all ages family classes. One is an hour, the homeschool one is an hour and a half. Practicing at home is strongly encouraged. We all started five years ago with one class a week. Mostly, my DH and DC continue to just go to one class a week. I started going twice a week several years ago and as many as four times now. I have, obviously progressed much faster than they have. I’d go every day if I had the time and if our school wasn’t almost 30 miles away (we live rurally). A couple of my kids have started joining me for a second class each week and as they progress they’ll need to go at least twice a week and put in some practice time at home. Or not, if they don’t mind not getting their black belts. I leave that up to them.
  8. My youngest will be in 6th next year. He’s young for his grade (November birthday) and dyslexic so his school plan will end up looking like somewhere between 4th and 6th. We call him 6th for now because he fits better socially with older kids. He’s used to hanging out with older kids and is very tall and physically strong/coordinated for his age. We may end up adding a year for him before 9th grade but that’s too far out to decide. For now we just keep moving ahead from where he’s at. Math: Keep going with SM. I’m guessing he’ll be in 5B by next fall. I have 6 in both the US edition and Dimensions so we’ll continue with one of those when he’s done with 5B. History: Diana Waring History Revealed Ancients with DD3 (8th). I’ll read a lot aloud, we’ll listen to the CD’s, try to find some books at his reading level, watch videos, and he’ll do the projects. I think he’ll enjoy the options for projects. I just have to figure out how to schedule it. Science: I’ll use something I have. Probably Science in the Beginning. He was very little wen we last did this. I also have all of the Apologia Young Explorers books as an option. English: This year we’ve been using LLATL Yellow. It’s only the third grade level but that’s where he’s at. It’s been a good fit and is getting done. He’s made a lot of progress in reading and writing this year (spelling not so much) so we may be able to skip a level if we stay with this. I’m also considering a switch to IEW. I’ve used some of their stuff before with my girls and like it. And I like the looks of the new student intensives that are out. I’d pair that with Fix-it Grammar and Spelling Power. Or I might wait one more year and have all four kids do it. My oldest two already have a plan for something else for writing for next year but I’m thinking of having them do IEW in 2022. I might just wait til then and have all four kids do it (at their own level of course) that year. Extras: karate, piano lessons, art class. He wants cello lessons too but I don’t know if we’ll be able to fit that in or not.
  9. This will be third 8th grader and my third unique 8th grade plan. She’s one of my my most diligent with her school work, bright, good at math, and dyslexic. Spelling, reading, and writing can be definite struggles for her but she’s making progress. I just need to keep those challenges in mind as I plan. She also has the benefit of a mom who’s done this grade twice before. (I always feel bad for DD1 being my experiment child. I might have school figured out by the time she graduates.) Math: MUS Algebra 1. I switched all of my girls to MUS this year and it’s working well for us. DD who will be in 9th will be doing this too. It’s easier for DD3 than DD2. History: Diana Waring History Revealed Ancients. I have this already and tried it when my kids were much younger. It was too much for them then. (I think oldest DD was only in 5th/6th grade.) We did US history last year and this year we’re doing MFW ECC so it’ll be time to jump back in to a history cycle. I think DD3 will like the variety of projects and the accompanying CDs. She’ll be doing this with DS who will be in 6th. They’re both dyslexic so having other options for learning than just reading and writing about it will be good for them. Science: Apologia Physical Science with the notebooks. We’re doing General this year and it’s going well so we’ll just keep going. Plus, I already have it. She be doing this with DD2 as well. English: I haven’t decided yet. This year we’re doing LLATL Tan. It’s the 6th grade level but meeting her where she’s at and has been a good fit for her. It’s getting done, she’s learning, it’s covering everything in one open and go book. I might just keep going with the next level. The other option I’m considering is IEW. I have the TWSS already and have used it to make up my own lessons in the past. We’ve also used some theme books. The problem was we never finished anything. The method worked well for my kids, I just wasn’t consistent with it. This past summer I pre-planned the whole year and gave each DC a weekly schedule of assignments for the whole school year. Those schedules have been keeping us on track amazingly well. If I do that again this summer it will probably solve our consistency problem. If I switched back I’d get the new student intensive and fix-it grammar. Then use Spelling Power for spelling. I’m not sure yet which way I want to go. Extras: karate, piano lessons, art
  10. Some work was done in our sunroom/office today. Most of the work was done by DH. I only helped a little. Scary really but he didn’t go crazy. I’ll have to get back in there and go through things again but some things were cleared out. The horticulture science experiments that my DD has left to die were cleared out, only things with a hint of promise were kept. Some papers were tossed but I’ll need to go through the whole filing cabinet and thin things out. The coat closet was cleaned out and some coats pulled out to toss or donate. It looks much better. I still haven’t made it back into the kitchen, which was my original goal. I’m happy that some purging is getting done though.
  11. Thanks for the tips! We’re assuming the walking will be fine for us by this fall. We have one DD who’s two month out from a knee injury (fractured and dislocated patella, torn ligament) but she’s doing well in PT and we’ll be pushing physical fitness on everyone up til we leave so that we’re fit enough to really enjoy all this trip has to offer. DS said he wants to go into a cave and wants to see all the bats leave so this sounds perfect. Right now we have Carlsbad Caverns as a stop on our list.
  12. I grew up in VA and my parents took us to Luray Caverns once. It was so much fun. I’d love to take my kids there at some point.
  13. Thanks for all the suggestions! I’ll be looking these up. That kayak tour looks amazing but two of our kids might be too young. We’d love to do something like that on this trip though.
  14. This is on our list too! I hope it makes the cut. There’s way too much to see.
  15. Thanks for all the replies! We’ve been looking and looking and coming up with nothing. Now we’re sitting here with my in-laws talking about our planning. They didn’t know either. Finally I said, “I’m going to ask the homeschool moms, they’ll know.” Sure enough.... I’ll be back for packing tips once I get the itinerary nailed down. We’re planning to KOA cabin camp as we travel. Six adult sized people and all the gear for six weeks of camping in our minivan. I feel confident that it can be done but It’ll take some planning. Now that my DH officially has the time off work, all of my free time is taken up trying to sort out the logistics of this trip!
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