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  1. I would look into doing Analytical Grammar in high school and not worry about “catching up”. My high schoolers are doing it now with next to no grammar background and it’s been fine. Or, are you planning to send him to school for 9th? You could try to squeeze in Analytical Grammar beforehand or maybe Jr. Analytical Grammar. If he’s going to school I’d doubt that he’d be much behind his peers in grammar regardless of what you do. From what I understand, grammar isn’t covered in school much these days.
  2. My week got turned upside down and I’m finally getting back to this. Thanks for the suggestions. The answers are in the back of the textbook but not solutions. Solutions are helpful sometimes. I’m homeschooling Geometry, Algebra 1 x2, and SM 6A. Sometimes my brain just can’t keep up with that much math every day! We came back to the practice problems after the weekend and they all made much more sense to me. It was surprising how much easier they were. I think I was just too tired at the end of the week. If I get stuck again I’ll probably just ask here.
  3. Hmmmm....thanks for all the info. Gives us something to think about. As sought after as the 5s are right now, I’m guessing we could either return or resell it fairly easily. We went with the 5 based on the recommendation of a friend. They have ALL the gaming systems (new and old) and thought we’d get the most use out of the 5. They are quite conservative in all respects, but especially in the type of media their children consume, so we never thought to consider which system might have the most family friendly games. (We were quite surprised to find that they allow gaming at all, in fact.) We a
  4. DH and I decided to venture into new territory and got our kids a PS5 for Christmas. We know next to nothing about this strange, new gaming system works. Video games weren’t allowed when I was growing up and DH hasn’t played anything in years. Our DC have an ancient Wii that they’ve occasionally played Mario Kart and Just Dance on.....when it works. We’re all set with the system itself, controllers, headphones, etc, but now we need to figure out games. Our DC are G16, G14, G13, and B11. The girls are into art, fashion design, legos and other building toys, books, writing, and music.
  5. In my state the travel quarantine is for 14 days OR for the duration of the visit. So if someone was only planning to be here 7 days, they would quarantine for those 7 days and then go home. Maybe CA is the same? Also, I would expect states with a 14 day travel quarantine to be updating that guidance to match the new CDC quarantine guidelines which is down to 10 days or 7 with a test on day 6 or 7.
  6. My 6th grader has just started Dimensions 6A. I have the Teacher Guide which has answers and/or solutions to everything in the Textbook EXCEPT to the Problem Solving Practice Problems at the end of each chapter. We’re getting stumped on a few of these and would love some solutions! The Textbook has the answers in the back but full solutions with the bar models would be helpful. Does anyone know where I could find them?
  7. Thanks so much for the information. I think I’ve pretty much decided to go with Dimensions. I’d like to continue it for 7 and 8 so it makes sense to switch now. I should have ordered earlier though. I forgot about the Covid shortages. Usually I just order from CBD, Rainbow, or Amazon and have what I need in a couple of days. We can just do some review and maybe start the Textbook until my order arrives.
  8. I’ve been looking through what I have. My girls did US edition so I’m familiar with it. I bought dimensions but never used it. It seems to cover more new material than US edition, which I like. Also, my DS has some ADHD tendencies (we’ve never had him tested) so good to know that the layout works for that. I have the Textbook. So I’ll need the workbook and teacher’s guide. Does the teacher guide have full solutions? I’m ok usually but every once in a while my brain needs a break and it helps to have it all written out.
  9. I just realized that my son (10yo/6th grade) has less than two weeks left of SM 5B. I need to order the next workbook ASAP. I have the textbooks for Dimensions and US Edition but can’t decide which I want to go with. Actually I have the textbook for MUS pre-algebra too. Anyone have any experience/preferences/information that might help me decide which way to go?
  10. I would choose different curricula for them. Especially in the subjects they struggle in. I don’t have twins but I have close in age kids and in some cases a younger who is ahead in some subjects than an older sibling. The frustration is less now that they’re older but when they were younger I had to have them doing different curriculum in some subjects. So, for example, a more challenging math program for one (Singapore, Beast Academy) something simpler (Master Books, Math U See, CLE) for the other. Or choose things that come in levels rather than grades. IEW has levels A, B, and C. Learning
  11. If I see one more post saying that all you need to homeschool is a Brain Quest workbook and field trips I might just lose my mind.
  12. Absolutely this! I see this every day on our local groups. “What’s the best curriculum?” And then a whole bunch of people jump in with T4L, MB, TGATB...No one asks how old the kids are, if there are any learning challenges, if they’re planning to put the kids back in school next year, secular or religious preferences, parents’ strengths/weaknesses/needs, or anything else that one would need to know before offering a helpful suggestion. If I can make it to one of those posts before they have 50 replies I try to jump in with some of those basic questions. If there’s already dozens of replies I j
  13. I’d bet it’s a direct quote, unfortunately. We have someone who posts like this constantly and answers almost every question. Sometimes the answer is just, “Search my name on this page for more info”. They’re also putting together a series of “Homeschool 101” workshops they plan to offer around the state. Oldest child is 6 and they’ve been “homeschooling” for 2 years.
  14. “The best is...” ”If your kids aren’t asking to do school you’re doing it wrong.” ”Curriculum doesn’t work.” ”Kids will learn what they need to learn through living life.” ”Homeschooling shouldn’t take more than 2 hours a day.” (Regardless of age) “I’ve been homeschooling for a year now. If you want to talk to an experienced homeschooled, PM me.” ”I’ve been homeschooling my Ker and 2nd grader from the beginning. I’m happy to answer any questions you have about homeschooling.” There is sooooooo much misinformation out there. And so many people with very l
  15. I’d agree with CLE. I’ve also had success with Math U See.
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