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  1. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    After Singapore 6 (I know, I know!)

    The wording was different than what we were used to in SM so it was a little more difficult to figure out what was being explained. I guess we would have gotten used to it but we found the layout difficult too - too much on a page, black and white, the font was small, there weren’t clearly defined lessons and it was hard to figure out how much to do each day. For a student who already didn’t want to do math, these things just combined to make it more difficult each day than I was willing to deal with.
  2. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    The Story of Science teacher guides

    I have the TG and don’t find that I use it much. I have pulled a couple of ideas from it though and I like that it has the answers. I’d rather read along and discuss but I have four to teach so sometimes just having answers is helpful. I bought mine used off of Amazon or Homeschool Classifieds. I wouldn’t consider it worth spending the money to buy new.
  3. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    Hulu troubles

    We are having trouble with Hulu on one of our TVs. Only intermittently though. The other TV and the phones seem fine. It’s weird.
  4. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    WWS1: start in 5th or 6th?

    LOL I guess it depends on the kid. My 7th and 9th grade DDs are doing WWS1 this year. I added the Wolves of Willoughby Chase to our library list the week after they read that passage. Usually, what I pick from the library has to be assigned or it’s not read but that book disappeared as soon as we got home and I caught a glimpse of both girls reading it. (Typically they’ll tried to hide the fact that they like one of my selections. 🙄) I guess I was right in my guess that it would be weird/intense/different enough that they’d like it.
  5. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    Help! Project Passport or Notgrass history?

    Thank you for posting this. We are starting Notgrass today - Exploring America and America the Beautiful. I almost didn’t go with it because I was concerned that it might have these issues. We are conservative Christians but I feel like most conservative Christian history curricula handle some of the messier bits of history somewhat dishonestly. I wanted that Christian perspective though and couldn’t find anything else I liked so I decided to go with Notgrass and then fill in the other details myself. It’s nice to know that I may not have to do that too much - especially since history is one of my weaker subjects.
  6. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    How to "sell" and "buy" a home!

    We are in New England. About 75 miles from us in any direction the market is hot and houses are selling for above asking price in a matter of days. We’re in this weird, semi-rural little pocket that can’t figure out what it wants to do.
  7. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    How to "sell" and "buy" a home!

    No, our other friend didn’t buy our house. She couldn’t swing two mortgages either. I felt bad but her house still hasn’t sold after 10 months on the market. She understands and we explained our situation to her at the beginning of April and gave her a month to sell before we listed ours. Our friends that we bought from were super gracious and let us move in to their house two weeks before we actually closed on it. They didn’t charge us rent either. They still had some stuff in the garage for a couple weeks after closing so I guess we helped each other out. Buying from friends definitely helped smooth out some of the logistics of buying and selling but boy was it a complicated process! The market in our area is hard to figure out. Some things go fairly quickly. I think the average time on the market is something like 60 days here. But then there’s other properties that are available for months, like our friend’s. It’s very unpredictable.
  8. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    How to "sell" and "buy" a home!

    No, we didn’t need two mortgages simultaneously. We wouldn’t have been able to afford it. We told our friends that we would like to buy their house last October/November. Their new house wasn’t ready yet and they really didn’t want to move in the winter but said they could be out whenever our house sold. We started prepping the house to list but then another friend said she’d like to buy our house. Her house was already listed so we thought things would go fast. Fast forward to April and interest rates are rising and quickly approaching a level that prices us out. Our friend still hasn’t sold her house and has had very little interest. Our other friends tell us they’ll need to put their house on the market by the end of summer because they can’t do another winter heating two houses. It was starting to look like the whole thing was going to fall apart. We listed our house the last week of April and had a contract the first week of May. We closed on our old house the last week of June. Our friends moved out early so we could move in before our closing. We closed on the new house the beginning of July. Unfortunately, our other friend still hasn’t been able to sell her house. Probably way more detail than you’re interested in. Our buyers didn’t have two mortgages either. They sold their house and closed on it a couple of weeks after making the offer on ours. They moved in with family while waiting to close on ours. Sometimes people rent in between, either another house or apartment or the house they just sold. It’s all in what you put in the contract for contingencies. A good Realtor should be able to walk you through your options.
  9. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    How to "sell" and "buy" a home!

    We did it the other way around. First we found the house we wanted to buy, then we put ours on the market and sold it. I’m not sure that was better. It helped that we were buying from friends and they hadn’t listed their house. They also had already bought their other home so we had a little time. We thought we had a buyer lined up for ours (another friend) but she couldn’t sell hers. We ended up listing it with two months to sell before we’d have to back out due to rising interest rates. It sold in two weeks. A pleasant surprise as the market has been slow to pick up around here and we didn’t have much wiggle room in our price. The whole process, from deciding to buy our friends’ house to closing on both houses took about 9 months. I’m so glad it’s over!
  10. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    Life in Canada's Capital: Bear scare

    We have black bears, foxes, coyotes, wolves, bobcats...also the usual deer, skunk, rabbit, raccoon, opossum. We’ve seen all but black bear in our yard but other people in town have seen them. We’re somewhat rural but only miles from the city and a couple of major tourist attractions.
  11. Yes, me too. I comment often but I usually prefer to be one of the first. When there’s already 15-20 comments suggesting Easy Peasy I just move on. To be fair, I’ve never really looked at Easy Peasy or Khan myself. I just assumed it’s a you get what you pay for sort of thing. Maybe I should at least look at them before I dismiss them entirely.
  12. Thank you! This is very helpful!
  13. Thanks! This is helpful. Yes, we’d be counting driver’s ed as part of the life skills credit. Our state requires 40 hours behind the wheel and an 8 hour drug and alcohol class. My DH also plans to teach them basic car maintenance before they get their license (changing the oil or a tire, checking fluids, etc). Other items on our list for the life skills credit include a CPR/first aid course, personal finance, basic cooking course, writing a resume, things like that.
  14. And another one asking for free online courses for middle school. 🙄 I see the “just watch labs online” thing too. I’m just starting 9th with my oldest but I thought half the point of labs was the process of actually doing them. I say that as a homeschool graduate whose only lab was dissecting a frog.
  15. I didn’t even bother responding. Too many other responses already suggesting Easy Peasy and Khan academy. I’m in a no regulation state so unschooling and extremely relaxed homeschooling are very popular. Most people who comment on these things push the quick/easy/cheap/free viewpoint, regardless of the age of the child.
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