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  1. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    Someone please stop me (elderly relative)

    I have a friend like this. Generally speaking, I agree with his political opinions, but the way he presents them and the things he shares about them on Facebook tends to be unkind. He gets most of these “shares” from pages he follows. I click the options on the posts and block the sites he shares from. This definitely limits the amount of junk I see from him while not having to unfollow him. The little that slips through is easier to scroll past.
  2. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    TKD moms, question about sparring gear

    I’m not sure what gear is required for TKD but we do Tang So Do Which is similar. We are required to use hand, foot, head, and mouth guards. Chest and shin gear are optional. I ordered our gear off EBay. It was pretty easy to find low cost gear for the kids, especially that was still in great shape. Adult sizes were harder to find. Kids outgrow it or quit the sport before the gear gets worn out. Also, young kids don’t tend to spar all that hard so it doesn’t get much wear and tear. I’d ask the Master what brand he sells and then comparison shop yourself. Our school sells gear too but they sell it for cost - around $60 a set I think. I averaged $15-$20 a set buying used off EBay. It’s lasted about 3 years. Some of my kids need pieces replaced now and I’m planning to go back to EBay for that.
  3. You’d be surprised what people call the cops over. “My kid won’t clean his room.” My 7yo won’t go to bed.” “My 9yo’s friend borrowed their bike and hasn’t returned it.” “My kid’s having a tantrum, won’t do their homework, hit his sister...” Drives my DH nuts. It’s such a huge waste of time for a department that’s already stretched so thin.
  4. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    Shipping snafus so far

    I ordered from Amazon on Monday. Item in stock, we have Prime, guaranteed 2 day delivery, will be delivered by December 19th. does that math work? On a happy note, the couple who rents our basement apartment is having their baby today (homebirth). The midwives are here, then the UPS guys pulls up and puts a car seat box on their doorstep. Excellent timing! 🙂
  5. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    At what age did your child begin first grade?

    I go by the cutoff in my state. That meant that my older two were 6 (June and March birthdays) and my younger two were 5 (late September and November birthdays). Like others have said, we use the grades for social/ outside class purposes and I teach at whatever level they’re at in each subject. This year they are in 4th, 6th, 7th, and 9th grades. The materials I’m using are for grades 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10 (not sure how I missed 8 LOL). In some cases I have a younger ahead of an older too. For example DD 6th is ahead of DD 7th in math and DD 7th is ahead of DD 9th in pretty much all Language Arts subjects.
  6. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    How does COBRA work?

    My DH switched jobs in 2009. We were covered by his insurance until the end of the month he left - October 31st - and insurance at the new job kicked in on January 1st. DS decided to make his arrival on November 5. I applied for COBRA a couple weeks after DS was born but it was retroactive to November 1st so it covered all the birth expenses. It was surprising how expensive is was ($600-800 a month I think) but definitely cheaper than paying out of pocket for childbirth. We only kept it the month of November and went without insurance that December because it was cheaper to pay the one or two Doctor visits out of pocket than pay the insurance.
  7. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    Do you bring your own Bible to church?

    At our church most people bring their own Bible. Most people seem to prefer paper but a few use apps and some do both paper and an app (so they can read other versions to compare). We have pew Bibles also. Many people use the pew Bible for the responsive reading so that we’re all reading the same translation. We don’t have screens.
  8. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    Need math help

    Thank you for all the suggestions! Today was better. It helped that she could tell I was super frustrated last night and that dad called her out on being difficult this morning. She was more teachable and listened to what I was saying and asked questions if she didn’t understand. A pleasant switch from insisting that the book was wrong and she was right. Listening instead of arguing seemed to help her grasp the material more easily. (Shocking!) I don’t know how long that will last but I’ll take it while I can get it. I sat with her and reviewed previous lessons asking her to explain things to me and then solve a couple of problems with me watching. I showed her how I expect her to show her work and told her that I will be handing work back to be redone if steps were missing or it’s too tiny or messy to read (she likes to fill every line end to end making it next to impossible to find answers.) We started the chapter over and I had her do all of the problems in the first lesson instead of every other one. She only missed a couple and I sent her back to correct them on her own. I think that might be a big issue. I help her with corrections so she relies on me to give her hints and next steps instead of actually thinking about it and figuring it out herself. Then she pretends to understand it so we can keep going. I’m also considering a switch to MUS. I could let the video teach and then I’d just have to help if she got stuck. I already have most of the manipulatives if she wanted to use them. I haven’t decided yet though. I want to try some other things and see how they work. Next projects: teaching her how to take notes as she reads and how to study for tests. Homeschooling teenagers is no joke! She needs way more of time than any of my younger three!
  9. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    Need math help

    I don’t even know what she’s missing at this point. I think she’s ok with fractions and decimals. She might be fuzzy on converting between fractions, decimals, and percents? It *shouldn’t take long to teach her to multiply correctly or show her work but she is incredibly stubborn. Once she makes up her mind how she thinks something should be she refuses to change it - even if proven wrong and I can tell she understands the correct way. (Oh the fights we’ve had over what 0 times anything equals!) I’m looking at MUS or Saxon. Maybe CLE. I don’t want to have to figure out a new math program but what we’re doing isn’t working. I’ll print off some placement tests and see where she’s at and then go from there I guess. I’m just so exhausted! She hates all of school and it’s a fight to get her to do any of it correctly. Math is just the biggest fight. I’ve tried tailoring to her interests and learning style but she hates reading/art/projects if it’s part of school. I’d love to just let her do her own thing or put her in school but my DH won’t go along with either of those options. I’m not sure she’d be successful in school anyway. She has absolutely no internal motivation to do any of it. Ugh...I was hoping I’d wake up this morning with fresh motivation and energy to get her through this but I’m just dreading four more years of the same and want to give up.
  10. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    Need math help

    My DD is 14 and in 9th grade. We are attempting Algebra this year with SM Dimensions. We’ve used SM all along so we’re comfortable and familiar with the style and layout of the books. She did fine with it all the way through 6B US edition. Last year we tried MM7 but we both hated it so we decided to go back to SM and do Dimensions 6 as a review. We did math a few days a week through the summer to keep things fresh. We’re “behind” but I was ok with that as long as she was really understanding it. Except that now she’s not. Over the past few months math has become a horrible ordeal. We go over the explanations and example problems together. She gets them right, understands what to do, this is easy. Then she does the exercise on her own. Most of them are wrong. We go over them together. I re-teach and explain and she gets it. We move on and repeat the same process plus she’s forgotten everything from the previous week. She actually did great last week adding and subtracting negative numbers. This week she’s totally confused about it. She remembers nothing from the previous chapter so when she had to use those skills on a problem today she had no idea what to do. Every day is awful. I can’t handle another day of crying over math or another late night doing math with a crying teenager. Even if she *can do some of it she just whines and complains that it’s too hard so I have to sit right there with her asking her what she needs to do next or it won’t get done. Also, she refuses to show her work so she just tries to juggle all the numbers in her head, which of course just leads to more mistakes. And I found out tonight that when she multiplies large numbers she goes from the top down so she often forgets to add in the number she carries over. She did that years ago but I thought we fixed it. Apparently not. I think I need to back up and just give up on the idea of Algebra 1 and 2 and Geometry by the end of high school. How far should I back up? I’m thinking maybe as far as her 12 year old sister who is, herself, already 1.5 years behind in math (CLE 5). That would put DD3 ahead of both older sisters in math. That’ll go over like a ton of bricks but I don’t know what else to do. Or maybe that’s just the frustration talking and it’s not that bad. Any curriculum ideas? MUS, CLE, Saxon (which would kill me. I hate the looks of Saxon) I really can’t spend much right now but I need to do something different. I’m so frustrated right now. I love math and am a good teacher generally but something is just not working with this kid.
  11. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    After Singapore 6 (I know, I know!)

    The wording was different than what we were used to in SM so it was a little more difficult to figure out what was being explained. I guess we would have gotten used to it but we found the layout difficult too - too much on a page, black and white, the font was small, there weren’t clearly defined lessons and it was hard to figure out how much to do each day. For a student who already didn’t want to do math, these things just combined to make it more difficult each day than I was willing to deal with.
  12. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    The Story of Science teacher guides

    I have the TG and don’t find that I use it much. I have pulled a couple of ideas from it though and I like that it has the answers. I’d rather read along and discuss but I have four to teach so sometimes just having answers is helpful. I bought mine used off of Amazon or Homeschool Classifieds. I wouldn’t consider it worth spending the money to buy new.
  13. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    Hulu troubles

    We are having trouble with Hulu on one of our TVs. Only intermittently though. The other TV and the phones seem fine. It’s weird.
  14. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    WWS1: start in 5th or 6th?

    LOL I guess it depends on the kid. My 7th and 9th grade DDs are doing WWS1 this year. I added the Wolves of Willoughby Chase to our library list the week after they read that passage. Usually, what I pick from the library has to be assigned or it’s not read but that book disappeared as soon as we got home and I caught a glimpse of both girls reading it. (Typically they’ll tried to hide the fact that they like one of my selections. ?) I guess I was right in my guess that it would be weird/intense/different enough that they’d like it.
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