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  1. You are on a classical homeschool forum. By nature there will be some fairly rigorous homeschoolers here. There are also lots of parents homeschooling gifted kids. But there’s plenty of us who are homeschooling average kids, in average ways. My kids have never done Latin and we probably won’t. We aren’t doing unit studies typically. This year we did MFW which is a little like a unit study but not really. My kids would much rather stare at a screen than do anything else. I’m constantly fighting against that. And we love read aloud like Charlotte’s Web. My 10yo will be in 6th next year (he has November birthday in a state with a Dec 31 cut off). We call him 6th because that’s what grade he would be in had we put him in school. The curricula we use is all over the map. He’ll be doing Singapore math next year starting in 5B, history with his 8th grade sister, Science in the Beginning, and Learning Language Arts Through Literature. Reading/writing/spelling has been a big struggle for him. We’re making progress but it hasn’t clicked yet. He did the 3rd grade LLATL last year and it was a good fit for him with just enough challenge, and it’s considered by many to be a bit “behind” already. I’m not too worried about it. My soon to be 8th grader didn’t finally click with reading until she was 11. We just work on it consistently and as long as he’s making progress I’m happy. The most important thing is to meet your daughter where she’s at and it sounds like you’re doing that. You know your child best. You sound like a wonderful, caring mother who is doing what’s best for your child. A little worry along with that is normal but try not to. Trust yourself. Your plan sounds great. Good luck to you!
  2. I’m still working on making healthier choices. Sometimes that means a smaller portion of something, sometimes skipping a high-carb side, sometimes adding a fruit or vegetable. I’ve also been trying to walk or get some other exercise several days a week.The past few days I’ve had a harder time staying on track, especially with the desserts that are around, but I haven’t eaten as much of them as I usually would have so I guess I’ll count that as a win. And now it’s all gone so that will help. I haven’t walked yet today either. Hoping to fit that in later this afternoon. I weigh myself a couple times a week to help me stay focused. My weight bounces up and down but I’m looking for new “low” bounces. The overall trend is about a 2.5 pound loss in the past 2-3 weeks (I think, I don’t remember exactly when I started). I didn’t weigh myself this morning so I don’t know what effect this weekend’s “cheating” has had. Hoping the effect is small.
  3. I didn’t acquire a food allergy after antibiotics but I did acquire horrendous, year round, seasonal type allergies, just without the “seasonal” part. About 10 years ago I got Lyme disease. The initial test was negative and it was a couple of months before I got a positive test and started antibiotics. I ended up being on the antibiotics for about 3 months. Then, the allergies started. After a couple years of misery I decided to try a Whole30 to reset my system and figure out if there was a food component. I also started taking probiotics. I did two rounds of Whole30 a couple of months apart and took probiotics faithfully. As part of Whole30 I ate probiotic foods like Kombucha and sauerkraut. When not on Whole30 I added yogurt and Kefir. The allergies improved a lot but would come back, just more mildly, if I ate too much dairy or sugar. I continued with the probiotics and that’s when I decided to do the second Whole30. The allergies have been gone ever since. Now I’m on antibiotics for a new lyme infection. This time I’m taking probiotics too and will be continuing after I’m done with the meds. Hopefully I can avoid a repeat of the allergy nightmare.
  4. My office has an app that I downloaded and they use zoom through the app. About 10-15 minutes before my appointment they would call me and walk me through the steps of logging on to the app and then joining the zoom call (very easy to do but I’m assuming they do that for everyone to avoid problems). Then they test the video and audio before transferring the call to the doctor. It was very easy. ETA: My last appointment was for a rash that I suspected was Lyme. The doctor was able to see it well enough to feel that Lyme was probable and prescribed antibiotics. The whole thing from the office calling to my prescription being called in took about 15 minutes. I wouldn’t mind keeping the tele-med appointment option when all this is over.
  5. We are finishing school this week and my 14 and 15 year olds (16 next week) are going to start looking for jobs next week. They want to work at a local farm as pickers because they can set their own hours but if that doesn’t work out I’d be fine with them applying other places. While I understand that young people MAY get quite ill from CV it is significantly more likely that they’d only have a mild case or no symptoms at all if the catch it. No one in our household has elevated risks and my DH has been working as a police officer this whole time. His close, and sometimes sustained contact with the public means he is more likely to bring it home than my kids would be. We are following mask and social distancing requirements while in public and otherwise taking what we consider to be reasonable precautions. Since it now seems this virus will be with us for the long haul, we are cautiously attempting to return to something resembling normal life.
  6. Congratulations to your DD! My oldest is turning 16 next week and was so excited to get her permit. But most of our state’s DMVs are closed and the few that are open are only open for limited services - not including permit tests. No word on when they’ll be reopening either. My DD is disappointed. It’s not the end of the world, of course, she knows there are bigger issues in the world. Still disappointing.
  7. My DH is a police officer in the US. In our area, intentionally coughing or spitting on someone when you know you are positive for CV is considered terrorism and charged as such. This situation is close enough that I imagine it would be the same. It’s a truly awful thing to do, even if you only have something as mild as the common cold.
  8. I’ve lost 1.2 pounds since I started tracking. I don’t remember when that was though. A week ago? Maybe a week and a half. I’ve been walking for about 30 minutes in the morning and sometimes doing the virtual karate classes our karate school offers. I’ve been trying to just make healthier choices with whatever food we’re having. Things like making my taco into a taco salad, only eating one pancake and adding eggs instead of three pancakes, having just the chili instead of the chili and hotdog. Also trying to drink more water. There’s still room for improvement but I’m feeling successful just being able to make healthier choices. I had a rough time with depression most of last year and survival was all I could manage. I’ve been coming out of it little by little through the beginning of this year and I’m glad to be able think past just surviving.
  9. I’ve managed a walk every day this week. I’m trying to go in the morning so the day doesn’t get away from me and I’m not too tired to fit it in. We’ve been having absolutely beautiful weather here so it’s been a great way to start my day. I hate a bit of a “cheat meal” last night but tried to keep it under control. We had homemade pizza and DD1 made it. Usually I would grind some fresh whole wheat flour to mix with the white and then make a small pizza for myself with a very thin crust and lots of veggies. She did all white flour, thick crust, no veggies. I was happy not to cook after a long day and just tried not to eat too much. Then DD2 made oatmeal no-bake cookies. Not a completely terrible dessert and I only ate one. I’ve been weighing myself most mornings and the scale is creeping down. It may just be water weight but it’s keeping me motivated that I’m doing the right thing and need to stick with it. I start three weeks of antibiotics for Lyme tonight and I’m hoping I don’t get too sick from it. So far I feel fine but we’ll see. The antibiotics make some people sick and if my rash really is from Lyme I might feel sick a few days from the die off. No blood test at this point. The rash looks close enough to a Lyme rash, even when viewed over a telemed appointment, that the Dr thought it’d be good to just treat it as such. Just hoping not to get too sick. I’ve had Lyme before and it was miserable.
  10. Good start to the week. Got in a walk this morning and ate three healthy meals. I’m not counting anything at this point but am trying to not eat too many carbs, mostly grains. I could eat bread all day. I did a little better drinking water but still pretty far from where I need to be with that. For now I think I will weigh myself every day or every few days. I don’t want to become obsessed with the scale but I think the daily reminder of what I’m working towards might be helpful.
  11. I’m not suggesting that people shouldn’t make every attempt to cover a cough. They should. For people who really shouldn’t wear masks, covering a cough or sneeze with their elbow is simply good manners. But I also recognize that for some people, especially the elderly who may be using scooters, mobility may not be what it once was and being able to cover a cough quickly may not be possible. I can keep a distance, wash my vegetables when I get home, and not worry about what I can’t control.
  12. There are medical conditions that cause a constant cough. These are fairly common in elderly people. COPD, chronic bronchitis, asthma, to name a few. People who cough frequently due to lung conditions would also be part of the group for whom wearing masks would be contraindicated as people who already struggle to get enough oxygen should avoid wearing masks if at all possible. The people in my life who deal with these kinds of health issues would appreciate people not making assumptions.
  13. I need to lose about 40 pounds. 50 would be nice but 40 is probably more realistic at this point in my life. The past year and a half have been pretty stressful and I was in survival mode. My physical health took a backseat to just keeping my head above water. The stress has taken quite a physical toll. I’ve gained about 20 pounds on top of the 20 extra I already had, I’m tired often, don’t usually sleep well or long enough, skin is in rough shape, and just generally feel run down a good amount of the time. I’m ready to start rebuilding my health, including dropping this weight. I need to go about it carefully though. I still get too tired easily. A few weeks ago I tried to jump back in to exercise and overhaul my diet but it was too much too soon and I ended up stressed out and exhausted. So now I’m ready to try again but slower. I’m thinking of starting with a 15 minute walk every day and drinking more water. Also, making healthier eating choices within the things I usually eat. I do karate too but since classes are canceled I’ve lost what stamina I had. I’d like to get back to practicing again but just keep the intensity lower for now. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to stick with some slow changes and that those changes will help me get back to both feeling healthy and a healthier weight.
  14. New England here and I found Lysol Disinfecting wipes at Walmart yesterday. Haven’t seen those in about three months here. Aldi was not well stocked at all. Low on bread, produce, cheese, next to no fresh meat, frozen vegetables. That’s the lowest I’ve seen it. They did have TP and PT though. Walmart across the street was very well stocked. They had TP, vitamin C (something else I haven’t been able to find in weeks), the Lysol wipes, plenty of cheese and frozen vegetables, a little flour, some fresh meat, not full cases but some. And that was at 4:00 in the afternoon. Mostly I was excited about the Lysol. We’ve had plenty of bleach available here for weeks but I hate using it. I don’t use Lysol much but I was happy to be able to pick up a package.
  15. Today my yellow help button has changed from a question mark to a phone. Weird. I’m going to try to make it go away with the theme magic.
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