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  1. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    High school “in a box”

    I had forgotten about Time4Learning and SOS. I’ll check those out too. I think Sonlight and Veritas would be too much. A couple of friends use MFW (at my suggestion actually LOL). Maybe I can look at theirs. It’s true that if DH is going to be helping her, then we should pick something he’s comfortable with. I just need to make sure he realizes how much time it will involve and that he’s fully committed. I’ve always handled 99% of the homeschooling around here and I don’t think he knows how much work it is. One of my favorite parts of homeschooling has always been the researching and piecing together what I think will work best for each DC each year. I like sitting down with them and reading and discussing together. It takes a lot of time but I’ve enjoyed it. I’m having a hard time realizing that I just can’t do that right now. Hopefully this will just be a short season.
  2. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    High school “in a box”

    The closest high school co-op to us is over an hour away. All the local ones are more enrichment for little kids. Except CC which I can’t see us ever doing.
  3. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    High school “in a box”

    We’ve been doing Notgrass History, Apologia, and WWS. All have schedules but she has a hard time juggling between them. She’s been behind in math (SM Dimensions) for a while. She is a weak writer also. I’m mostly convinced that her struggles in school are are due to lack of interest. She skims when she reads so she can get done faster (she reads extremely quickly), she refuses to study, thinking she should remember everything after skimming through once, and rushes writing. She consistently finishes nearly every subject in much less time then the authors say to plan for - by as much as half. She told me yesterday that she can get a lesson of WWS done in 10-15 minutes. Explains why it’s not done well, I think. Executive functioning is an issue. She gets overwhelmed with the amount of work. She also has unrealistic expectations for how long her work should take. She expects to be done by lunch but not start til 9 or 10. She initially fell behind because she wanted to schedule her own time without my help. I showed her what I had planned, gave her some tips and then let her try it. I checked in several times a week and went over things with her. She got a little behind but not terribly. Then, just after Thanksgiving, I experienced a personal crisis that has had a huge effect on me mentally. I haven’t been able to check in with her and she let a lot of things slide. She was only doing one or two subjects a day and spreading lessons over two or more days. She said she didn’t want to do it so she just didn’t. She doesn’t know details of what I’m going through but it has caused stress for the whole family and I know that’s effecting her as well. My Dh thinks something more traditional like Abeka or BJU would be better for her. She is a lot like him and he said the structure made it easy for him to know exactly what was expected and what to do each day. He was doing Notgrass with her today and kept commenting on how different it was from the textbooks he used growing up. It was a lot harder to find the important facts for the tests. They weren’t in bold print or highlighted in anyway. He said what he did was “just the facts”. (I was homeschooled in a non-traditional way so am not at all familiar with things like Abeka or BJU.) One benefit to going with something more traditional school-at-home would be that it would be familiar to DH and he would be able mostly oversee DD. I don’t really care for either of those programs from an ideological or world view perspective but hopefully the need to go that route will be temporary and I’ll be able to take a more active role again. Just hoping for other options that might work.
  4. I have never been a fan of “in a box” curriculum. We’ve always been fairly eclectic and somewhat somewhat relaxed in the way we homeschool. I like having a lot of flexibility. I have gradually transitioned to a somewhat more traditional approach for high school but DD14 dislikes school and I’m needing to spend quite a bit of time getting her through her work. Unfortunately, “life” has gotten in the way and I have simply been unable mentally and emotionally to help her keep up with things. She is now several months behind. This is quite distressing to both of us. She is overwhelmed by all of it and I’m upset that I haven’t been able to help her as I would like too. My DH and I are working together to hopefully get her through the rest of what I’d planned for this year (although we will need to work through the summer most likely) but I’m looking into different options for next year. My DH did Abeka video school as a kid. While I’m really not thrilled with that idea, there is the appeal of someone else teaching, everything coming from one place, and a schedule for each day clearly laid out. I feel like something like that would take more of the burden off of me and allow her to be more independent. The biggest drawback I see is that we’ve been so much more laid back in our approach over the years that I think the adjustment of Abeka might be too overwhelming for her. I am considering it though. Are there other options? Something written to the student, the year fully planned with a schedule for her to follow, possibly video instruction, minimal parental involvement? We do not have a huge budget but it’s not non-existent either. This DD loves art, music, and crafting, and dislikes school so I’m not looking for rigorous, just adequate. Like I said, I really dislike the idea of not being more involved but I need something easy for a season while I figure other things out in my life.
  5. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    Appointment time

    I was supposed to start PT for my broken collarbone this past Saturday. When I was making the appointment they asked “Would you like office x or office y?” I said “y please, it’s closer to my house.” I showed up at office y a few minutes before my 8am appointment (after getting up early to get ready since it takes forever with only my left hand) only to find out that they made the appointment at office x instead. The reminder card they gave me didn’t say which office so I just assumed it was the one I asked for. 🙄 Silly me...
  6. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    Marie Kondo Series on Netflix??

    We moved this summer from a 1300 sq ft house with only three closets, very little storage, and no garage to a 2000+ sq ft house with 10 closets, a three car garage, dry basement storage, and a shed. We got rid of a bunch of stuff before we moved and yet we still have managed to fill this whole house. It doesn’t make sense. I’ve watched the first four episodes of Tidying Up and am thinking I should go through all of our stuff again. I love how her emphasis is keeping what you love and that can mean different amounts of stuff for different people. Some people keep a lot, others are more minimalist. I loved the family in the third episode. They were so sweet and caring towards each other. I loved how they made cleaning up and organizing a family activity and that dad and kids were so eager to lift the burden on mom. They seem like they really enjoy being together. 🙂
  7. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    Has anyone done a cross-country (US) road trip?

    We are planning on taking our current mini van. We’ll probably go with a roof carrier too. DH is researching small trailers too. We’ll take a couple of short camping trips as practice runs for the packing and camp setup too.
  8. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    Has anyone done a cross-country (US) road trip?

    I don’t think it is either! He wants to do a day at Magic Kingdom in FL and then when we get to CA do another Disney day. We’ve done Disney twice before when our older three were little so we don’t really want to make this a Disney trip. I’d rather just do the CA one. Fortunately, we have a year to argue about, er...I mean discuss the itinerary. And the budget. We won’t be working with an enormous budget so we’ll need to limit the expensive theme parks.
  9. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    Has anyone done a cross-country (US) road trip?

    We’ll most likely prioritize the western US. We’ve done a bit in the east (New England, NYC, OH, MN, TN, VA, KY, PA, Carolinas). My DH is thinking we should get as far southwest as TX in a few long days and then start taking our time a little more, driving no more than 4 or so hours a day. Then maybe one last big push to get home. We definitely have A LOT of planning and logistics to figure out. I’ll be pushing for 6 weeks so we have as much time as possible. That’s probably the most vacation time he’d be able to save up.
  10. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    Has anyone done a cross-country (US) road trip?

    I love planning! I’m excited to do the research and start planning this thing out. I’ll have to figure out the balance of planning that allows for flexibility. I know reservations will need to be made in advance but I don’t want us to be too strictly scheduled either.
  11. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    If you are in the US, what per-gallon fuel prices

    New England - $2.69 locally but I saw $2.57 a few towns over.
  12. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    Has anyone done a cross-country (US) road trip?

    We are already thinking about KOA’s. I’m trying to point out to my DH that breaks and longer stays will be necessary. He has us visiting family in VA (10 hours away) and Pensacola, a day in Disney, a day in Louisiana, and all the way to the Alamo in the first 6 days. I’m already tired. LOL We figure 2020 will be our last chance to do this as a family. Oldest DD will be turning 16 that summer so may still be 15 depending on when we go. After that she’ll probably start getting busy with other stuff. Right now all the kids are excited about the idea. Hopefully that sticks for the next 18 months or so!
  13. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    Has anyone done a cross-country (US) road trip?

    This looks fun! Thanks!
  14. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    Has anyone done a cross-country (US) road trip?

    We haven’t really talked about dates yet but I was thinking of starting south and leaving late April or early May. Get the hot parts of the country out of the way before they get too hot. Or start North in September and hit the Deep South closer to October. I’d rather go while school is still in session to avoid the summer crowds anyway.
  15. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    Has anyone done a cross-country (US) road trip?

    Good point. I hadn’t thought about that.