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  1. I finally sat down with all our books, my calendar, and, keeping RootAnn’s and 8’s advice in mind, got a rough plan together for the year. I also gave up on the idea that getting school done in 31 weeks was realistic. I worked backwards from when I want to be done and figured out when we need to start each subject. We’ll be starting a couple of subjects on Monday and then gradually adding in more each week. We should be able to get everything done in a couple of hours and still have time to enjoy the last weeks of summer. We won’t have to add everything in until we get home from vacation in October. I’m cautiously optimistic that my plan is going to work out well. It’ll take hard work but I think it’s doable.
  2. We started out with everyone combined but as they’ve gotten older we’ve needed to split up a bit. I try to keep them combined wherever possible though so I’m teaching fewer “groups” and I try to keep the topics similar. For example, all of my kids are doing US History this year with Notgrass. My oldest will be doing the high school course and my younger three will be doing the middle school course. My youngest will be a young 4th grader (8 until November) but I’m just going to have him tag along with his older sisters rather than do a third history program. I’ll just try to add in some related picture books and do some of the literature as read alouds (he’s a struggling reader). I’ll still have two histories going but at least it’s all the same topic.
  3. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    I'm feeling a bit ..... trapped. (JAWM)

    Unless the “regular shift” is midnight - 8am - a likely possibility for a young cop on the rookie end of a career. Cleaning services don’t work those hours.
  4. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    I'm feeling a bit ..... trapped. (JAWM)

    LOL No. My DH routinely arrives at work expecting to work 8 hours and then at 5pm is told “BTW, you’re staying til 7am.” He’s also called and told to come in early or on days off. It’s not optional. We’ve had to cancel plans and/or reschedule parties the day off before. Now, he just takes a vacation day when we want to be sure to be able to do something. (There’s also a whole “game” involved. Once you know how the system works there’s things you can do to mitigate some of the surprises. But it takes a while to learn it and it’s changed periodically. Every department is different too. It took my DH a couple of years to figure out how to avoid being ordered in - and it still happens occasionally.) And I do not expect him to just sleep through our normal daytime noise. We’re as quiet as possible or leave the house. He uses fans, etc to block any noise he can. He sometimes only gets 6 hours at home to sleep before heading back. It’s far too difficult of a job to do it without sleep.
  5. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    La Clase Divertida - approx how long are the video lessons?

    They’re around 20-30 minutes. Sometimes we’d split them up and only watch 10-15 minutes.
  6. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    What will future generations find weird or bad about us?

    Snapchat style face filters.
  7. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    After Singapore 6 (I know, I know!)

    We tried MM7 which went terribly. So we went back to what worked - SM Dimensions. Much better and familiar.
  8. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    9th Grade Plans

    I like it. It looks very interesting and the projects seem very practical. I’m excited to go through it with her. It’s scheduled for three days a week. They recommend doing it with Biology. My DD doesn’t like science so we’re taking a year off from the more traditional science courses to do a History of Science course.
  9. For what it’s worth, his next book, Boy Meets Girl, was significantly better. He wrote that one as a newly married man and had a different/ better perspective. He and his wife were in their 20’s living and working far from their parents’ homes. His wife wasn’t a virgin when they met. He’d had friends who had “courted” and then didn’t end up married. I didn’t agree with everything in that book either but it was much better and more realistic. I grew up in the “courtship” culture and think there are some good points (i.e. get to know each other in group settings, ask people close to you - like parents - if they see any red flags, waiting until you’re older to pursue a serious relationship), but there’s plenty I have no interest in (the poor guy having to practically date the girl’s dad first, chaperones, treating young adults like children). Eat the chicken, throw away the bones as they say...
  10. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    9th Grade Plans

    My oldest will be in 9th this year too. I have all my materials purchased and now just have to do some planning. Math - Singapore Dimensions (supposed to cover Algebra 1 and some Geometry) History - Notgrass Exploring America Science - We’re doing an easier Science year and doing a History of Science using Joy Hakim’s Story of Science English - Analytical Grammar, WWS, and the literature from Notgrass. I might do lit guides for some of them instead of the assignments in the book. I haven’t decided yet. We also need to work on spelling still. World Language - ASL class Electives - Apologia Health and Nutrition, Art class Extras: Bible - Apologia Who Is God series #4, some of the Notgrass Bible maybe Piano Karate Violin (maybe)
  11. This is a good idea. Thank you! We usually do a bit of school in the summer anyway. Not as much this year since we moved this summer but it wouldn’t be foreign to the kids to pull out some “real” school work in August. Some of our subjects are pre-scheduled for 28 and 30 weeks so I’m not too worried about those but there a couple of others that I could get an early start on and see how they go. We have enough new stuff this year that starting it all at once probably wouldn’t be a good idea anyway.
  12. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    physician's assistant

    I’d see a PA. We have a friend who is a neuro PA. He’s supervised by a Dr. but performs surgery on his own. It sounds like their training is pretty close to a doctor.
  13. This is my first year with a high schooler. I’ll also have 7th, 6th, and 4th grades. I’ve been homeschooling from the beginning but this year seems bigger and more overwhelming. My kids aren’t little anymore and we can’t “play around” at school anymore. I’ve done all my research and ordered all my materials. I feel great about what I picked and I’m excited about all of it. We have some new things I can’t wait to try. But x4?!...oi....Nothing is outsourced; I’m teaching it all. How is that supposed to happen?! I need to pull it all out and start getting plans together but I don’t know where to start. Does that osmosis thing work? Maybe I’ll go with that. Part of the problem is figuring out when we’re starting. I don’t usually like to start school until the 2nd full week of September. (I like having one week after all the other kids go back to school to enjoy tourist type stuff.) This year, though my dad has rented a beach house for the whole family right on the beach for the last week of September. It’s a few states away and my DH’s days off don’t line up with it well so we’re going to do a little extra traveling before we get to the beach. All of that’s awesome but that means we’d get one week of school in before vacation. I can’t just wait til October to start. Our summers are so short here that I like to wrap up school by the end of May so that we can enjoy every minute of warmth and sunshine. I don’t think I can fit in everything between October and May. If the kids were younger I’d do it without a second thought. Big kids are complicated!
  14. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    Book of Centuries help

    I printed off the free one on We haven’t put tons in them yet but I’m sure they’ll fill up through high school. This reminds me that I need to print out another one for my upcoming 5th grader.
  15. 2ndGenHomeschooler

    American history vacation

    The Mashantucket Pequot Museum in Ledyard, CT is wonderful and so is Mystic Seaport. We’ve been to both several times. My list for this year includes: Plymouth Plantation Philadelphia Washington, D.C. Jamestown, VA If I can squeeze them in I’d also like to do Old Sturbridge Village, the Boston Freedom Trail, Gettysburg, Valley Forge, Yorktown Battlefield and Williamsburg Virginia, Monticello, Mount Vernon, and the Pequot and Seaport Museums. But that’s a lot for one year... Homeschool Days in VA are coming up in September for Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown. They’re all very close to each other too.
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