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  1. We like ear cuffs here. I don’t find that they hurt if I adjust the tightness to fit my ear. All of my daughters and I wear them for an “edgy” look but without the commitment of a cartilage piercing. One of DDs has one that connects to a matching earring with a chain that she wears if she wants something a little more bold.
  2. And I have no intention of giving up raw cookie dough! Ha!
  3. MAYBE the people who responded saying that they would no longer require their under 12s to mask come from states that already don’t have a mask mandate for anyone regardless of vaccination status (there are quite a few from my understanding). Perhaps they had decided as a family to mask anyway, per CDC guidelines, regardless of what their state was or was not mandating. But now that the CDC guidelines have changed again, and a large majority in their state will no longer be masking, maybe they’ve just decided to let their unvaccinated children go maskless as well. No longer following CDC guidance, but also not breaking any of their state’s rules. I don’t live in a state without a mask mandate so none of this applies to me, just thinking we could give people the benefit of the doubt rather than assuming they plan to lie.
  4. This happens to kids with other viruses too though. I’m not saying that it doesn’t happen more often with covid (I haven’t looked in to it so I don’t know what the incidence rate is), but it’s also not unique to covid. The daughter of a friend of mine experienced this after getting a common cold several years ago. She was treated and eventually regained her ability to walk but will regress sometimes when she catches other minor childhood illnesses.
  5. I completely agree. Wealthy nations like ours hoarding vaccine to vaccinate low risk populations while impoverished nations have people dying in the streets due to lack of vaccine is immoral and unethical. I’m all for vaccinating high risk people of all ages in wealthier nations. I also support continuing our research on lower age groups so that the at risk in those groups can receive a vaccine as soon as it’s proven safe. But I don’t agree with vaccinating younger people with no risk factors while poor countries have nothing. 97% of deaths in this country are in ages 45+ (according to our governor yesterday). We could end this pandemic worldwide so much faster if we sent vaccine to places like India rather than vaccinating those under 30 or 40 in our country (those younger and at high risk excepted of course, and maybe even those who share a household with them). We should be be sending vaccine to hard hit and poor countries where the healthcare systems are crumbling instead of vaccinating our healthy teenagers and young adults.
  6. There are a lot of free foods on purple. All fruit and vegetables (including potatoes), eggs, chicken, fish, non fat dairy, beans, brown rice, oatmeal...It’s definitely possible to eat well with the free foods but it’s not always easy. I think the green plan only has fruit and vegetables (not including potatoes) free. You get more points, but not enough in my opinion. I think I would be hungry all the time if I was doing green. Blue is somewhere in the middle. I tried it for a while but it just wasn’t a good combination of free foods/points for me.
  7. I only get 16 points a day, and 28 weekly, on Purple. There’s enough free foods that it’s doable without leaving me hungry. It takes a lot of work though to put together meals that are low in points but also fill me up.
  8. I have tried to think this way too. I don’t want to destroy my metabolism or mess up my hormones in an attempt to lose weight, so slow is probably better. Losing a little, then maintaining that, then losing a little more will hopefully give my body time to adjust to a new, lower weight and keep my metabolism running. I’m not willing to severely cut calories to lose weight. I don’t think it’s healthy and it certainly doesn’t fit my lifestyle. So I’m trying to be content and happy with a slow loss and gradually changing over my lifestyle to be healthier.
  9. I’m forever “up and down”. I’ll have a good week where I stay on track, cook all the healthy, filling, low point foods, walk every day, and lose a pound or two, then I’ll have an off week where I gain a pound back. Ugh. Usually it’s just because it takes so much thought and effort to really do it right. Right now, at the end of the school year, I’m running short on the energy to put that kind of thought and effort in. I keep reminding myself though that I AM down a consistent 15 pounds from when I started 9 months ago. It’s not huge progress but it IS progress. Last week was a “down” week so I’m expecting a gain when I get on the scale this morning. I’m going to try to turn that around this week.
  10. What plan are you on? Are eggs free? Non-fat Greek yogurt? We have our main meal at lunch because my DH works second shift so a common dinner for me is something like 3 “fried” eggs over sautéed vegetables with fruit mixed into plain Greek yogurt makes a filling zero point meal. Or 2 points if I cook the eggs in butter. I also don’t have a problem using my weekly points to make my meals work for me. I’m going for a lifestyle change and that doesn’t include being hungry all the time. So I’m fine using weekly or fit points for a meal with a friend, a small piece of a treat one of my kids made, or just being satisfied with my meals on a daily basis. And as I go I’m learning how to make my meals healthier overall and support my health, fitness, and weight loss goals. I’m trying to stay in a “marathon” mindset rather than a “sprint” one. It’s a work in progress. I had a smoothie for breakfast. Whole milk, nonfat yogurt, spinach, banana, berries. 4 points Lunch was whole wheat spaghetti with turkey meatballs and sauce and salad with yogurt dressing. Total of 8 points. I think dinner will be eggs, with whatever veg and fruit I have in the fridge. Zucchini and sweet potato maybe. I have 4 points left for the day so I have room to play around a little. A few months ago there was a thread here about eating a certain number of varieties of produce a week. I don’t remember what the goal number was but I’ve tried to up my produce intake ever since by just counting how many I eat. And it works great for filling out WW meals with zero point, healthy foods that help fill me up. So far this week I’ve had: Fruit: Apple, green grapes, blueberries, strawberries, cherries, banana, pineapple, and lemon. Veg: White potato, sweet potato, red, yellow, and green onion, garlic, broccoli, spinach, radishes, green beans, red and yellow bell pepper, tomato, cucumber, peas, purple cabbage, carrot, zucchini, and a salad mix with 10 or so varieties of greens.
  11. After two weeks of not tracking anything and eating dessert almost every day, I’m up a pound and a half. Not as bad is it could be I guess. Back at it this morning with a healthy breakfast. I need to stay focused on actually nourishing my body rather than just eating foods with low points. It’s easy to slip into just eating low points foods and not thinking through what I’m eating to make sure it’s balanced. I think that might have contributed to some major cravings and feeling very hungry a couple of weeks ago. So this morning’s breakfast is eggs and zucchini sautéed in some butter with fruit. Fat, carbs, protein, fruit and vegetable. My goal this week is making sure each meal contains all macros and vegetables and/or fruit.
  12. I have 4, ages 17(in a few weeks), 15, 13, and 11. But I’ve been in the homeschooling world basically forever. I was homeschooled myself from 2nd grade through high school and DH was homeschooled from 5th through high school. As far as being “in the thick of it”, I consider the upcoming year to be my “thickest” of all. My three oldest will all be in high school and my youngest will be in 7th. I still feel like I have a long way to go but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am very much ready to be DONE and have the time to pursue my own things. I’m hoping that after my oldest graduates next year that some of that time will start to be available.
  13. I haven’t tracked my points at all this week. I basically have wanted to just eat what I wanted, when I wanted it, without having to look at what those numbers are. Ugh. I haven’t done well with exercise either. I need to get back on track. I was only a pound and a half from my next mini-goal last week and now I’ve probably set myself back a week. :(
  14. Of all the possible replacements that I’ve seen proposed, LeVar Burton is the best pick IMHO. Actually, I wasn’t sure there ever could be a good replacement for Alex Trabec - until I saw Burton mentioned. I love the idea of him as host.
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