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  1. Can I ask how old is your oldest? Is this the type of relationship you have with your parents?
  2. Hal Higdon has half and full marathon training plans. I’m using one of the half marathon plans now.
  3. Here’s where it mentions adding the other sister
  4. It’s in the original post. I can’t double quote. I’ll quote it below.
  5. I have adult children in their 20’s and younger children still at home. If the older kids want to take a younger sibling on a trip they do. They make all the arrangements. My oldest 2 dd took my youngest dd to Disney this summer. They made all the arrangements. We had nothing to do with the trip at all. I would suggest that you put this behind you. In the future if your son wants to take a trip with some of his siblings let him invite the siblings he wants to come along and make the arrangements on his own. He doesn’t have to take all of his siblings with him if he doesn’t want too. I think that forcing the younger sister to be included on the trip was the first mistake and probably why the trip fell apart.
  6. I agree what’s wrong with doing something nice for your spouse if it’s important to them. I don’t understand the point the spouse is trying to make by not doing something small for the celebrating spouse when they know it’s important to them. In some ways it seems the spouse is going out of their way to be hurtful.
  7. I agree. I’ve had multiple kids run xc. One high school allowed boys and girls to run shirtless if desired. One allowed no one to run shirtless. 1 dd ran with a local home school club in middle school where we got constant emails about the girls not being allowed to wear running tank tops to practice. Boys on the team were allowed to wear tanks or run shirtless 🙄. It’s not protecting girls it’s harassing them. Take away from their achievements and make them responsible for the behavior of others when they are doing nothing wrong.
  8. The clubs here generally only hire post college age people for coaches. I think that helps with coaches not seeing themselves as one of the “kids”. But if this is the case with your club your board needs to a talk to her about the rule violation and see it corrected or b fire her. Your club parents can complain as well and they can take their money and kid different club. (Though having my kids play club sports there are plenty of parent who could care less if she’s getting results. ) A coach is an employee and is different from a team member wearing a team issued suit.
  9. What classes are they taking? My kids didn’t need complex calculators for there classes. One was a math and comp sci major and still didn’t need a ti-84. I think they are mainly used in high schools.
  10. The reason is to shame girls and take away from their accomplishments. Let the girl swim, let the girls participate in sports, let girls go to class and excel without constantly having to harp on what they wear. Honestly as a mother of 5 girls dress code drive me crazy.
  11. In my state for high school athletics all team members have to wear the exact same uniforms so you can’t offer different cuts to choose from.
  12. That brand and style was approved by the state high school athletic association. She swam the race observed by one judge. That judge had to leave she was disqualified the judge who took over after the initial judge left. She and her sister (both swim) have had issues with the same judge at a different swim meet.
  13. I just have a mental schedule Monday run Tuesday run strength train etc. I have to run first thing in the morning because it’s so hot and humid here so that kind of takes care of itself.
  14. A lot depends on the storm what it looks like and how fast it’s moving. Generally our county emergency management sets a shelter in place time when you need to be wherever you are weathering out the storm. This time for us it was 8 pm Wednesday. They were expecting tropical storm force winds wednesday night it to Thursday. We had a spat of tornadoes Thursday morning then not much storm wise until later that afternoon. Generally we get tropical storm winds then a period of hurricane force winds then back to tropical storm winds. Rain depends on the system. This time we had 10 inches last year with Florence we had over 30 inches. For my area this storm was pretty mild stayed off shore and didn’t stall. Florence was a direct hit, a very wet storm and stalled. With Florence we were without power for 5 days and had to have our roof replaced. Our city was completely cut off due to flooding for about a week. Schools were closed for a month. The one advantage with hurricanes is that you know they’re coming so power companies from around the country send line trucks in advance to help with power lines. The power was restored in my neighborhood last year by workers who worked for a power company in Canada.
  15. This week went pretty well. I got in 4 runs 5, 3, 7, and 13 and one strength training session. Given that we were hunkered down for the hurricane Thursday and most of Friday I satisfied. My 13 mile run felt good and I’m much less sore after it than I’ve been in a while. I’m hoping to get to the gym today for 1/2 hour on the elliptical and strength training. This week run 5, 3, 7, 3, 14, strength training 3x and yoga 2x. Clean up my eating. That was rough this week with the hurricane snacks around.
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