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  1. I ran my half yesterday 2:30:13. I am super pleased. I pushed myself by running with the 2:30 pacer and cut 7 minutes off my fastest training run on a course that is more difficult than where I train. I am sore today. Hopefully I can get to yoga tomorrow and Wednesday and back to easy running Thursday.
  2. I have my half marathon this Sunday. I feel ready. This is my taper week so it much going on. A few runs earlier this week. Now resting, drinking plenty of water and eating good food. I haven’t figured out my next race goal. My husband mentioned going away and doing a half marathon in March. That would be my first choice but he’d have to commit and right now that’s the hold up. If we did that I may try a trail half in February. The other choice is a local full marathon in March. That would be cool too but there’s a 6 1/2 hour cut off. I’m not confident I can make the cut off but I won’t know until I’m well into training and doing the 20 mile long runs.
  3. I ran my 15k last weekend. It was sooooo hot (90’s) and humid. I averaged a 11:44 pace and ran the whole way so I was pleased (I’m a sloooow runner). I’ve been sticking to my workout schedule. I have my long run today 13-14 miles. The heat has finally broke so I don’t need to be out there by 5:00. This week 5, 3, 7, 3, and 13 miles for runs, 2 sessions of weight training, and probably no yoga. I’m volunteering at my daughter’s school book sale which conflicts with the classes I usually take. I joined a local running club. I’ve just got to get up the courage to post on the Facebook page to see if any other slow runners going to the group runs.
  4. I got in all of my workouts the past 2 weeks 5 runs, strength training and yoga. I’m struggling getting my long run over 13 miles. I want to get to 14 but have had terrible cramping in my legs miles 12-13. The first week I thought I wasn’t hydrated enough. I’d had a busy afternoon the day before so this week I was super conscious of drinking water Friday. No luck there. This week I ‘m going to concentrate on consuming more foods with potassium and magnesium. We’ll see how that goes. This week I want to get in 3 runs 5, 3, and 7, 1 session of strength training, 1 elliptical and yoga. I have a 15k race next Sunday.
  5. Assuming they are catholic, they committed to raising their children catholic when they got married in the church. Therefore they are obligated to model a catholic life. Mass attendance is required.
  6. We’d trade off one goes early one goes late siblings pick who they want to go with. As a catholic it’s a clear cut obligation. If I was the one who felt strongly about trading off i’d let dh choose his mass and I’d pick the inconvenient one.
  7. Can I ask how old is your oldest? Is this the type of relationship you have with your parents?
  8. Hal Higdon has half and full marathon training plans. I’m using one of the half marathon plans now.
  9. Here’s where it mentions adding the other sister
  10. It’s in the original post. I can’t double quote. I’ll quote it below.
  11. I have adult children in their 20’s and younger children still at home. If the older kids want to take a younger sibling on a trip they do. They make all the arrangements. My oldest 2 dd took my youngest dd to Disney this summer. They made all the arrangements. We had nothing to do with the trip at all. I would suggest that you put this behind you. In the future if your son wants to take a trip with some of his siblings let him invite the siblings he wants to come along and make the arrangements on his own. He doesn’t have to take all of his siblings with him if he doesn’t want too. I think that forcing the younger sister to be included on the trip was the first mistake and probably why the trip fell apart.
  12. I agree what’s wrong with doing something nice for your spouse if it’s important to them. I don’t understand the point the spouse is trying to make by not doing something small for the celebrating spouse when they know it’s important to them. In some ways it seems the spouse is going out of their way to be hurtful.
  13. I agree. I’ve had multiple kids run xc. One high school allowed boys and girls to run shirtless if desired. One allowed no one to run shirtless. 1 dd ran with a local home school club in middle school where we got constant emails about the girls not being allowed to wear running tank tops to practice. Boys on the team were allowed to wear tanks or run shirtless 🙄. It’s not protecting girls it’s harassing them. Take away from their achievements and make them responsible for the behavior of others when they are doing nothing wrong.
  14. The clubs here generally only hire post college age people for coaches. I think that helps with coaches not seeing themselves as one of the “kids”. But if this is the case with your club your board needs to a talk to her about the rule violation and see it corrected or b fire her. Your club parents can complain as well and they can take their money and kid different club. (Though having my kids play club sports there are plenty of parent who could care less if she’s getting results. ) A coach is an employee and is different from a team member wearing a team issued suit.
  15. What classes are they taking? My kids didn’t need complex calculators for there classes. One was a math and comp sci major and still didn’t need a ti-84. I think they are mainly used in high schools.
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