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  1. They are allowing international students to remain in dorms. Hopefully that helps.
  2. That’s my state. I’m curious to see what our district plans to do with students who refuse to wear masks. Masks are required in public in North Carolina but in my area I’d say you see around 1/3 not masking at our local Walmart. I think school will be similar with parents who believe the virus is a hoax or that masks trap CO2 🙄. My district is planning 30% 1 week on 2 weeks off which I’m fine with for my high schooler. I think that will be hard with my 2nd grader. Masks are really the key in the classroom and society at large to keep schools open but unfortunately I live in a very c
  3. Do you know of any major corporation right now that would allow 12 employees to sit in a conference room together for 6 hours without masks? I don’t know of a single one. My adult children and siblings are all still working from home. My husband is back to work but there are no in person meetings. The conference rooms are being used to space out employees. My teen works at McDonald’s but that’s not comparable because no one is in contact in a confined space for 6 hours without masks. Customers come and go your looking at no more than 10 minutes of contact.
  4. I saw that Wake county announced they’re planning on breaking the classes up in to 3 groups and you would attend school 1 week in person and have 2 weeks remote. Right now I think one of the biggest issues with N.C.’s phase b is being at 50% capacity. There’s only 1 school in my large district that is not currently over capacity. I’m not particularly thrilled with either Wake or Durham’s plan but at least your districts have released a plan we’ve heard nothing from ours. I have a 2nd grader who needs the social interaction of school and an 11th grader. If my 2nd grader was up for it
  5. Do you have a link for waving all tests? I’m in NC as well. I would be surprised if we go back as well. As a side note I find it interesting that the first state to say they’re out for the year has a woman governor. I feel as a woman you know parents want to know and plan as soon as possible. I have a high school senior and a college senior. I don’t expect to see either of them have a graduation ceremony. My college senior is very worried about post graduation. She was having a good number of job interviews but as of the past week and a half everything has dried up. She was commenting a
  6. I get that. We’re a large family as well. Fortunately 2 are adults now and on there own. Are any of your kids on the older side so they can shop as well? It’s a way to get around limits ( not to horde) to get what you need.
  7. Is the airport closing international flights or all flights?
  8. I ran my 15k this morning and it was good. I ran the same course in September and beat my September time by 9 minutes. I came in second in my age group. This week I’ll take tomorrow as a rest day run Tuesday 5, Thursday 3, Friday 5, and a 12-13 mile trail run Saturday, yoga and strength Tuesday and Thursday, and barre on Wednesday. I’m tracking my food this month as part of a running group challenge. It’s always helpful to track every now and then. Makes me see where I am short. I’m realizing I need to add more protein.
  9. The group I ran with yesterday basically started that way. Four years ago the woman who founded the group started a Facebook page for runners in the area. Since then it’s grown to over 400 people
  10. I think it depends on what you want to track. I have a Garmin forerunner 35 that I love for walking running and aerobic activities. Pairing it with the app I can track a lot of information.
  11. I went to the group trail run yesterday and it was fun. It was also pouring so we only did 4 on the trail. The ladies were nice and welcoming and one ran my pace so we chatted some while running. One of my personal goals for the year is to make more irl friends. Since I didn’t get my long run in yesterday I’m going to try and get that in today. This week I’ll run 5 on Monday and 6 on Tuesday, strength train and yoga Tuesday, barre on Wednesday, yoga Thursday and then nothing until race day Sunday. Have a good week ladies
  12. If you have a local shop loose leaf chamomile blends that contain the whole dried flowers would be my choice followed by mint. My favorite bagged tea is Celestial Seasons Candy Cane Lane decaf green tea with peppermint and a hint of vanilla. I would prefer a ceramic mug for the cozy factor. I drink my hot beverages fast enough that cooling down isn’t a factor.
  13. I love board games ❤️❤️ I gave Settlers of Catan to my sister and brother’s families. As a family we received Sushi Go Party edition Kingdomino Azul I chose games that my 7yo could play since we were short on games for the younger crowd. We all enjoy the new games and they are short enough for my 7yo. Now that she’s ready to join the fold we can go back to a regular family game night.
  14. I haven’t posted in a while but I’ve kept up my exercise routine pretty well over the holidays. My yearly goals include running more races and joining a regular group run. To that end I have a 15k next Sunday and a half marathon in March. I’m still debating about adding a trail half marathon in Feb. I’ve been trying out a group run at a running store on Thursday evenings. The group is generally pretty fast. There’s one lady slower than myself other than that everyone is much faster. The group is nice. I may just use that as my speed day. Today I’m checking out another group f
  15. I ran my half yesterday 2:30:13. I am super pleased. I pushed myself by running with the 2:30 pacer and cut 7 minutes off my fastest training run on a course that is more difficult than where I train. I am sore today. Hopefully I can get to yoga tomorrow and Wednesday and back to easy running Thursday.
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