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  1. If you choose to not vaccinate then you have to accept the social consequences.
  2. I would not install cameras to spy on the neighbors. I find those ring and nest cameras very invasive and in my opinion easily abused. Our neighborhood online group probably has 2 or 3 videos a week posted of kids riding their bikes, people on the sidewalk etc with the owners of the cameras complaining about this behavior or that. I don’t doubt it’s probably legal- posting kids may not be- but I don’t think that’s the society we want. As far as the dog attack and animal control I’d call and find out what’s going on. What you described would definitely qualify as a dog attack in my town.
  3. Fried chicken not healthy but definitely comforting and something you normally eat with your hands. Sides of slaw and corn bread. Ribs would be along the same lines.
  4. Faithmanor is correct it’s around 2. I don’t understand your point anyway with your false statistic. Currently approximately 1800 people die a day from covid. If anything you’re proving SpyCar’s point mass vaccinations work.
  5. My experience is similar to Ordinary Shoes’. There’s a mix of private, public, and charter schools. There are state scholarships available for private schools regardless of religious affiliation. I’ve had kids in private and public schools as well as homeschool. In my experience and the experience of friends at different private schools they tend to be mediocre. They do have an advantage as far as not having to take students with behavioral issues or making the lives of the parents of the misbehaving students lives miserable do they pull their students out (I’m not talking about students with autism adhd etc. I’m talking about your run of the mill bully disruptive kid). They lack the deeper pockets of the public school system. They offer fewer class options that are mostly geared towards the average student. No top level math or English classes in middle school, which the public school is able to offer due to resources and a larger population of students. Generally speaking here charter schools seem to be plagued by management issues. We do not have teacher unions in our state so they are not a factor in school choice.
  6. Do you have a link for that? Thanks I can’t find an update
  7. I’ve had daughters in girl scouts and AHG. For scout only camps we’ve done group food with scouts planning the menu etc. For family camp we’ve had each family take care of their own meals. For whatever reason it’s always been too difficult to work around food restrictions/budgetary constraints to have large group meals. If a particular group of girls are working on a badge that requires camp cooking I’d have them prepare lunch to take care of the badge requirement. Older girls would need to take care of badge cooking on an age group exclusive trip.
  8. Pancakes from a just add water mix works well for breakfast. Scrambled eggs and bacon are another option. The eggs can be scrambled at home before hand and stored in a plastic bottle. Tacos are great for dinner and could be served as a diy nacho plate or salad. Any one pot meal you make on the stove makes a good camp meal. I strongly recommend a Coleman camp stove. It really speeds things up. If you want to cook over the fire for the experience I’d keep it simple - hotdogs, foil wrapped potatoes, foil wrapped corn, desserts etc. If you’re doing a large family camping trip for the whole troop you may want to have the pi/pa preprep some of the meals at home - vegetables can be chopped before hand and stored in ziplock bags, ground beef browned etc. That way you’re really only reheating at camp.
  9. I do think for some of the participants this has become a form of entertainment. Egging each other on in the outrageous behavior. Finding like minded individuals who approve of this behavior. If they were truly concerned about what was happening in the schools they would have run for school board. We just had elections last year. But that would require work. Attending a meeting and shouting out of turn until the room is cleared is a lot easier.
  10. Have you been to any of your local school board meetings recently? Ours here have become out of control with parents screaming nonstop and acting out to the point of the room being cleared by the sheriffs department several months in a row. Meetings have had to be stopped mid meeting because they could not insure the safety of the school board members and others attending the meetings. This is not normal behavior and it’s perpetrated by one side. It started with crt and has move to mask mandates.
  11. Same here. Health care systems with vaccine mandates have fired those who won’t vaccinate. They fired less than 1% of their workforce. There are not mass groups of HCW who are unvaccinated and are willing to quit over it. This supposed concern is nothing but pot stirring.
  12. I understand your situation. I’m in a low vaccination area as well and it’s not going to change. Fortunately for now we have a mask mandate in our county due to the delta surge. Assuming your teens are on the older side I’d explain the risks and let them decide for themselves. It’s not ideal but if you’re in a stubbornly low vaccination area it’s not going to change in the next few year. Being the only 16/17 year old masking in social situations for potential years may be asking too much.
  13. What I find interesting is of the women I know in mlm some of them are so hard working, so creative, they would be successful in any income generating pursuits they got involved in. I don’t understand why they get sucked into the mlm system.
  14. I think for most of us these are actual people we know not random Facebook replies. People who up until the pandemic we were friends with but now there’s no going back to the way it was before.
  15. This is exactly what I was trying to say
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