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  1. For exercising or casual wearing?
  2. My last homeschooler is headed to high school this September so I’m looking to the future. I haven’t worked for pay since my 24 yo was born so my engineering degree is pretty useless. I have a dd in elementary school so I still need to be around to pick up from school in the afternoon plus summers etc. Which has led me to think of starting a craft business. I’m leaning towards baby items quilts, knit or crochet blankets sweaters etc. some pre made as well as custom work. I was thinking of selling on Etsy, local craft fairs and approaching a couple of local baby/children boutiques in the area. Has anyone else ever gone this route? Any tips for getting started regrets etc? thanks
  3. It is 100% temperament. As far as puppy vs adult dog if you’re adopting from a shelter an adult dog may come with behavioral problems which are what landed him in the shelter to begin with. A puppy would be more of a clean slate. If you’re adopting from a shelter spend some time with the dog play first. Hopefully the shelter workers will be up front about behavior issues.
  4. Greek yogurt with fruit and granola overnight oats made with milk and Greek yogurt I know you said no peanut butter but plain oatmeal with a tablespoon of peanut butter mixed in after cooking and sliced bananas is good and filling
  5. I think as a parent you have to remember that regardless of what we think they are an adult period. They can make good or bad choices and it’s all on them. They could up and decide to pack up their belongings and move halfway across the country with no plan and it’s all on them. Etc I feel as a parent of young adults that it’s my responsibility to give them the best start possible. For us that’s paying for 4 years of college. If sometime during those 4 years they decide to do something else that’s up to them. We don’t control their choices once they are legally an adult just because we offer to pay tuition room and board.
  6. Have you discussed this with him? Maybe it’s time for him to move out. He could find roommates at his college to share an apartment. He could pickup more work hours to pay for rent etc since his dad picks up tuition. In my experience you have to keep in mind your long term relationship with your adult children. I try to always ask myself is this something that will help or harm my relationship and act appropriately. If him living at home is building up resentment in you then maybe it’s time for a change.
  7. If you feel your adult child living at home is mooching off of you then you are better off kicking them out and trying to rebuild a relationship where you both respect each other as people. Going out to a late movie with your stepbrother is not being out all hours being dumb. To be honest I’d be happy that my step kids got along so well. I have adult children. Two done with college and off on their own working one in college home for summer and breaks. We don’t have curfews for adults.
  8. Someone mentioned the Book Whisper earlier in the thread. That’s a great book on how to encourage a reluctant reader to pleasure read. I have a 13 yo ds who will be heading to ps this fall as well. For school reading I like to move towards short more mature classics - Of Mice and Men, Lord of the Flies, To Kill a Mockingbird etc. Also don’t neglect short stories there are a lot of great ones for this age group The Most Dangerous Game, The Monkey’s Paw etc For pleasure reading I think boys need to move to the adult section at this point. There’s not a lot of ya novels for boys. My son enjoys anything by Timothy Zahn, Brandon Sanderson, Naomi Novak etc. You may want to try John Grisham or even well written non fiction like Unbroken, Nickled and Dimed, The Omnivores Dilemma etc
  9. I pack all lunches as well. It’s just more efficient to have one person make all work and school lunches as opposed to every man for themselves.
  10. Yeah this. They’re probably charging the dinner out and don’t have actual cash to pay you.
  11. That’s the part that gets me. That amount of money for those schools. They are fine school but still.
  12. The amount of money paid by some of these parents is insane.
  13. My council has a part time person who helps you get your troop up and running. They also have an experienced troop leader as a mentor for each level of scouts daisies brownies etc. there’s also monthly service unit meetings where you can get more help.
  14. My son’s troop is similar to what Margaret describes. SM asking questions to help move things along in the right direction etc. My son is pl and just cooked for his patrol at their last camp out. My only involvement was taking him grocery shopping before the trip. He worked out the budget and menu before hand. My only input was occasionally while shopping- do you think that’s enough spaghetti think about how much you eat and how many boys you’re cooking for etc. and to be honest if they’re short food or whatever that’s a one time life lesson. Can your husband camp with the troop instead of you? Sometimes as the mom I think it’s best not to know the nitty gritty of what goes on with a group of middle school boys 😂.
  15. I’m a Girl Scout leader and my son is in Boy Scouts. We pay $130 in dues for my son’s troop. The troop does some fundraising. We pay $15-$150 for their monthly camping trips depending on the nature of the trips. Most trips are in the $25 range. We pay for summer camp outright. There is an option to sell camp cards to offset some of the summer camp fee. My Girl Scout troop opted not to sell cookies this year. We had no parent step up to be cookie parent and my co leader and I decided we were not going to be cookie parent and leader as well. Our dues are $20 per girl in addition to $25 to register with our council. Costs for our weekly activities are minimal. Each girl pays her own way for camping but even that’s not much we camp at state parks ($20 per night for sites) and council camp outs $20/weekend for the girls. Fundraising takes too much time and to our troop not worth it at this point. Only 60% of Girl Scouts sell cookies.
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