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  1. I understand your situation. I’m in a low vaccination area as well and it’s not going to change. Fortunately for now we have a mask mandate in our county due to the delta surge. Assuming your teens are on the older side I’d explain the risks and let them decide for themselves. It’s not ideal but if you’re in a stubbornly low vaccination area it’s not going to change in the next few year. Being the only 16/17 year old masking in social situations for potential years may be asking too much.
  2. What I find interesting is of the women I know in mlm some of them are so hard working, so creative, they would be successful in any income generating pursuits they got involved in. I don’t understand why they get sucked into the mlm system.
  3. I think for most of us these are actual people we know not random Facebook replies. People who up until the pandemic we were friends with but now there’s no going back to the way it was before.
  4. This is exactly what I was trying to say
  5. The pediatric practice I take my children to refuses to treat patients who are not vaccinated against childhood diseases (yes there are exceptions for the extremely rare cases where children can’t be vaccinated). This policy was put in place about 5 years ago with the explanation that if you are not going to take the doctors’ medical advice you should not be a patient. This has become common practice for the majority of pediatric practices in my area. Why are the people who refuse to take the covid vaccination entitled to special treatment? (With the obvious exception of the less than 1% who have medical reasons not to be vaccinated) If a doctor doesn’t want to treat patients who ignore medical advice that’s their choice. Does there need to be a special exemption for those who refuse the covid vaccine? Hospitals are stuck treating the unvaccinated but a doctor in private practice is not.
  6. I took that to mean that these people had waited too long to get the treatment for it to help. You need to be treated within a few days of being exposed and tested.
  7. Apparently it’s been confirmed by the city of Jacksonville. They were overwhelmed and did not have enough wheelchairs. They’re looking to fix that problem and reiterated that this treatment is for the relatively healthy by the time you’re that sick it’s not going to do much. this is a report at the local abc affiliate she’s got more info on her Twitter feed
  8. I agree I just would like to wait a few more months until the under 12 crowd can be vaccinated. Where I am the unvaccinated want to let it rip now and really don’t give 2 figs about the under 12’s. Yes the risk to under 12’s is low, but after the vaccine is available to them it’s significantly lower.
  9. Honestly I like that response. In my opinion once there are effective vaccines for the under 12 crowd and ample time for them to be vaccinated we will have to let it run its course. I have unvaccinated relatives. There is nothing you can do to change their minds (they are over 75yo so by definition high risk). I live in an area with a low vaccination rate where currently over 90+% of covid cases are the unvaccinated nearly all covid deaths and hospitalizations are unvaccinated and still the unvaccinated are not changing their minds or masking up. The vast majority of the unvaccinated are too deep into their conspiracy theories to be helped.
  10. I would not assume that a majority of the seniors on the team were under 18. If she’s playing varsity she’s probably one of a couple freshman and sophomores. At least half the seniors are probably 18 and most likely most of the varsity team are seniors. I think this is the disadvantage of playing varsity as a freshman you are much younger than the rest of the team 14 vs 18. It’s a huge difference. My dd would not be thrilled with this event, but if this is the team mentality your dd needs to decide if these are the type of people she wants to hang out with. My dd played varsity soccer freshman and sophomore year and then quit. They were just not girls that she shared a lot in common. She made close friends on the xc team and ran all 4 years.
  11. The same for me. I think most women our age underestimate the amount of heavy exercise we need. I run 30+ sweat dripping miles a week, weight lift, yoga and do some heavy yard work. It really helps. I was visiting family recently and only ran 18 miles that week my anxiety was noticeably worse as was my sleep patterns. Also sometimes I think we need to embrace the “suck” - sleep issues, anxiety etc. I try to remember that these times will pass and grant myself the grace to not always be at my best. Try adding some extra heavy work and see if it helps ie push mow the yard, long runs if that’s your thing, bike your errands etc.
  12. Here all county employees have to be vaccinated or tested weekly. I’d imagine teachers would fall under that jurisdiction.
  13. Meriwether was asking about the rates people pay for medical care
  14. Some health insurance is already that way. You get a healthy “discount” for having your BMI in a certain range not smoking etc.
  15. Ds is fully vaccinated so that makes a huge difference. We don’t see our elderly relatives often since they are out of state. The only unvaccinated person in our family is our 9yo. I’d like to keep her covid free until there’s a vaccine for her age group but I need to balance that with what’s best for everyone in the family.
  16. Same thing is happening in my state. Schools with no mask mandate have 100+ students/teachers in quarantine by the end of the first week. We have no online option so those in quarantine are not able to keep up with the class. There is so much community spread there is really no way to keep covid out of the classroom. On the plus side some of those districts that do not have a mask mandate are changing their tune and instituting one immediately. It’s really the only way to have in person classes with no social distancing. One district has chosen just to eliminate quarantine requirements and contact tracing. 🙄
  17. That’s what I see here as well. I live in the south and people will post on Facebook pray for my husband/parent/friend because they are hospitalized with COVID and you can’t go more than five posts before it starts- are they overweight? do they have high blood pressure? etc. It’s from the anti vaxx covid is a hoax crowd. The part of the south I live in people post prayer request all the time and you never see this push back but soon as someone mentions covid it becomes a series of justification as to why it’s the hospitalized person’s fault.
  18. I am shocked at how many middle age white women are letting conspiracy theories consume their lives, both famous women and women I know in real life.
  19. I’d like to join back in. I used to posted about a year and a half ago then fell off the posting wagon but kept running and strength training. I’ve joined a running group that meets 2 a week doing track/hills/tempo workouts. That’s been tremendously helpful. Those are the workouts that I tend to skip and just replace with more miles. I generally run about 30-35 miles a week and strength train twice a week. With gyms opening back up I’d like to do some more yoga. I am not consistent when I am just using a video. I have 3 half marathons coming up 1 in August 1 in October and 1 in November. I’m toying with running a marathon in February and trying a sprint triathlon next year. Today is my rest day.
  20. I’m looking to purchase a road bike. I will purchase from a local bike store. What should I look for? I’ve never had anything beyond a Walmart bike. I’m planning on using it to participate in a sprint triathlon (I don’t ever anticipate going beyond Olympic distance). Any tips? Thanks
  21. If you go to a store like Costco which currently has the policy that if you are vaccinated you do not need to mask and you are not vaccinated and do not mask to me that qualifies as lying. Granted no one is at door asking but you know the policy.
  22. I do wonder if feeling the number of unvaccinated planning ditching masks or people claiming vaccinating children under 12 is a waste of time is just a function of who frequent the board. I think it’s a greater quantity of homeschoolers and evangelicals that hold that view point than the general public. I was at Costco yesterday the only family I saw with kids under 12 unmasked was a fellow homeschooler. The vast majority of families I’ve seen out since lifting the mandate have been masked. Honestly it restores my hope in society 😁.
  23. It’s nice that your state is following cdc guidelines. Not all of us are that fortunate.
  24. This after the CDC announcement there has been immense pressure to drop the mask mandate in schools. There’s only 2 weeks left hopefully they can remain strong and keep the mandate since the vast majority of students can’t get vaccinated or are not fully vaccinated but my hopes are not high. There’s no chance there will be a mask mandate for k-6 in the fall.
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