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  1. I would say no, I don’t regret it. I really enjoyed learning with my kids and allowing them a childhood with a lot of free time, nature exploration, reading, field trips (a ton!) and time with each other. I had way more mom friends and families getting together when homeschooling than now. It was fun. BUT- we didn’t homeschool all the way. They went to private high schools and I am very glad not to be homeschooling these years. But they talk to me constantly and keep me filled in with their school and classes and what’s going on. And I can still help out. Also, I was a late mom, almost 40yo. So I had a career and lots of travelling and me time before getting married and starting a family. I think that greatly influences my perspective. If homeschooling had been my entire adult life, then I don’t know if I would have had regrets. It’s hard to compare when we all come from different places.
  2. My mom wanted a better cell phone when she moved. She kept that and a magnifying glass with her. If she’s going to be immobile and in a bed/chair a lot, maybe a large iPad, some magazines, favorite DVDs or shows to watch.. some familiar food so she doesn’t always have to wait for a tray if she wants to eat. my mom wanted lots of pink and feminine colors. Bedding, paint, towels. She never had that before. So maybe if there’s some decor your mom always wanted… I certainly never knew and it surprised me. But she enjoyed it. Is your mom chatty? I loved the idea of the jungle ohoto, so to extend on that, a little ‘get to know me’ type thing for the staff to know her beyond an elderly bedridden woman. Family information, her jobs, travels, hobbies…. It gives a conversation starter for her and the staff, and helps them see her in a different light. Eta- maybe one of those grabber things so she can pick things up if she drops them
  3. No, day of exposure is day zero. you could test on Friday.
  4. I thought I’d like the VenuSq; I really wanted to like it. But one corner of the square kept bumping my wrist bone and it was too annoying. I ended up with the Vivoactive 4S and love it. I charge it every 3-4 days I think; the clock face I use consumes more power than others. I appreciate the sleep tracking and it’s made me more aware of getting better sleep. I do see incoming calls and texts and found out it’s really handy! I like the alerts. Syncing is fine and easy. the only initial issue was the watch band was too small (smaller because of being a 4s). Garmin sent me another which was nice customer service, and I also bought a pack of various colored ones from Amazon. I love switching them up.
  5. I used to send my teens to bed/room by 9pm at that age, at least for downtime, but they did tell me they couldn’t fall asleep, even if lights were out. I recently gave melatonin to my 16yos for a different reason, and my one son was ‘wow! I fell asleep quickly last night!’ The other two notice a big difference too. So it could really be her teen brain
  6. I can’t find it again either! I could have sworn I was reading something tonight that listed that study as July 2020. 🤦‍♀️
  7. Ah, thanks. For some reason I read they gave it to 15 people and 14 had a quick around. Off to re-read! 🙂 okay. I re-read. The 13 out of 1500 study was different from the one where they deliberately gave the med to covid patients and saw a huge benefit. So I still don’t get, why even if it’s just a small study/sample, that they don’t try more of it if people are getting so sick and dying and they had such good results? 🤷‍♀️
  8. So wondering. While I’m glad they have studies going, if it worked that well on hospitalized patients a year ago, wouldn’t it have been worth using for people that were dying or for dire situations like India had? How do you not try something just because you’re waiting for a study? Do patients or families get an option to try off-label FDA approved medicines before they need a ventilator?
  9. What’s anyone in the Health Care field hearing about this medicine being used for Covid? It was first studied and written about over a year ago, when they saw phenomenal results, but I never heard of it before. It’s a common medicine that’s been around since 1975 that they say looks promising to treat Covid inflammation. https://jewishjournal.com/news/339948/common-drug-a-silver-bullet-for-severe-covid-19-patients-israeli-scientists-find/ https://www.openaccessgovernment.org/fenofibrate-could-reduce-covid-19-infection-by-70/116973/
  10. My mom’s best gifts were 1) meals from somewhere other than her Alf! 2) DVDs of her favorite tv series (from the 1970s). They were watched and rewatched hundreds of times.
  11. I heard something like that a week or two ago around here too, but I think it’s because they had just re-opened testing sites, and did so on a Saturday. There was likely a huge surge due to everyone coming back from summer vacations and starting school and wanting to be tested at the same time. So maybe they were not out of tests, but that they had reached the maximum amount of folks in line they could test before they closed. The three county sites are open 9-5, 7 days a week.
  12. Tampa area. It was a county site we went to.
  13. Testing seems easy in my part of Florida. There were maybe 5 people in front of me today, and I spent about 3 minutes in line. Same with my son a few days ago. No appointment needed, just walk in.
  14. I mailed mine for renewal at the end of April and just got it back a few days ago (in August).
  15. Hoping he’s okay. I would also start thinking about how to wrap his legs so he can’t scratch the bites and risk infection.
  16. There is a popular app called YNAB. You Need A Budget. Many many people have found it so helpful. The basic idea is that you spend the money available in your budget. So you get a paycheck (to be budgeted), then assign those dollars to categories you have set up- your needs get budgeted first- rent, utilities, gas, car insurance etc. Then allot some dollars to repairs/new tires/emergencies. Then allot dollars to clothes, dining out, vacations etc. when you go to spend, check your category, make sure the money is there, spend it and then write the transaction in. it gives an awesome and easy to use visual of your needs and wants and spending. Well worth the annual fee. There’s a Facebook page of ynab users you can ask questions to.
  17. Decks of cards and very small games
  18. I mailed mine at the end of April. They received it very beginning of May according to tracking. They finally acknowledged receiving it at the end of May (4 weeks later), so that is when their clock began. July 5 and still waiting. it doesn’t expire until December, and I’m in no rush thankfully.
  19. We used this for our kids and it was terrific. Loved the inset mattress with the sides so they couldn’t roll out. We brought them everywhere with us. We had Aerobed Kids but not sure they still make it. Lasted years and years!
  20. Close! Ex-sper-a-mint On the border of west Philly. 🙂
  21. Yes, I would give them dates to come visit. They said yes. Maybe the rent is a way of passing money on without estate/inheritance taxes later?
  22. This is the recipe we used. I thought it was very good. We heated up Naan bread as our pita. https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/ground-beef-gyros/
  23. We made a version of Greek gyros with ground beef - shaped into rectangular patties and cooked on grill. Easy and didn’t heat up kitchen.
  24. You would think that would be part of the product information, but I haven’t found handle length mentioned. Or overall height when extended.
  25. Thank you for that! I added it to my cart. We’ll give it a try and see what they think.
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