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  1. I want to take my teens to the Smoky Mountains. Do some zip lining, rafting, kayaking, hiking etc. and have a nice cabin with a hot tub 🙂. We have more fun when we stay active.
  2. So a few posts now have suggested wider shoes or men’s shoes. I’m going to try that route. Hopefully Brooks will let me order again! 🙂 thanks!
  3. For mostly a beach and hanging out, I’d go with a shorter drive. What’s closest? Least expensive? You live in VA so tons of history stuff to do all the time anyway. we did take a family vacation to Chincoteague when the kids were around 5. Awesome trip. Boat ride to see the wild horses, beach days, a class run by the rangers at the national park, a rainy day at the nasa museum place nearby. Plans to go horseback riding didn’t work out, but that was an option too.
  4. What muscle knots did you have to work out? Just started walking in my keens and now having it band issues
  5. What muscles did you find bothered you when you switched from supportive to less supportive shoes? I just started walking in my keens which are fine for my feet, but my it band in my left leg is acting up, plus some other aches/pains.
  6. In our state, they have different rated levels of AL care. We moved my mom to a level 5, the highest. You paid by which level you were (how much help you needed). We didn’t want to have to move her again, and this one could continue into memory care or hospice. At the end, she didn’t meet even the level 5 requirements to be there, but since she was on hospice they let her stay and the staff took extra care of her. So if you are looking at other places, you may see what level care they can provide should he deteriorate over the next years, and can they/will they handle it.
  7. No, I haven’t tried Altra- I’ll look into them. I do have keens ( a pair that my son outgrew before wearing them), but the footbed doesn’t seem to fit my foot well.
  8. Are they supportive? Or is it pretty much just a thin barrier and like going barefoot? I do need support.
  9. I returned another pair of good supportive running shoes today. These gave me a bunion type thing on the outside of one foot. So, instead of sneakers or confined shoes, what else can I wear for walking and maybe some easy running. Walking is maybe 3-4 miles a day, on pavement/streets. I have sandals that I could wear casually walking for a day shopping or touring or such, but don’t think they’d work for a fast paced walk with some running. so options? I live in Florida so spend a good amount of time barefoot or in crocs or such. maybe my feet don’t take to confined spaces as much any
  10. We asked around at church, other people with older folks etc. maybe his AL place may have some suggestions of local agencies? Or does he have a favorite aide at AL that may want to moonlight as a companion?
  11. Is he not allowed back at his AL yet due to his condition? He could have PT done there, either by their in house folks or another agency that would come in.
  12. I lived close by which I realize you don’t, so I was there a lot. I also hired her a companion for a couple hours a day that was supposed to look out for her, so it can be done. And maybe you can find an encouraging aide that will keep the place on its toes with your dad. We went with a basic cna, but a higher qualified aide or nursing student may have provided better results in our case. Only because it tends to be their calling, rather than just a job. my experience: 1) my mom didn’t exactly like people hovering and was super fussy, and the one she settled for wasn’t very ambitiou
  13. They may release him from the hospital with a bunch. Ask them for some extras. It’s standard hospital footwear. And if he likes slippers, he may not need them. My mom wasn’t a fan of shoes and the socks were more comfortable
  14. Button downs may be easier if he has trouble pulling stuff over his head.
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