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  1. xahm

    Teaching reluctant teen to drive

    Can you have him walk to karate instead of driving him? Tell him that he has x months to learn to drive, and then rides stop unless you were going that way anyway? If that would motivate him or at least not make your life harder, then you could implement a rule like "the lesson ends when you snap at me three times." Good luck, though. I remember learning to drive being so stressful and my mom trying to have a relaxing tone, but I could hear the stress in her voice, which felt like judgement to my stressed-out self. We were both trying to be cool, calm, and kind, but neither one of us was fully successful. I'm sure I did my own share of hissing.
  2. I think the cub scout popcorn mom said that she uses the "show and sell" days popcorn to make sure that every kid who puts in some effort gets at least to the first prize level. She mentioned she took some from her kid specifically since he has to go with her to every show and sell and so racks up a lot that way. I think that's okay, especially when the benefiting scout is young, but I'd be upset for this to be taken from my kid without a "thank you" being given to my child.
  3. xahm

    New Years food

    Is hedgehog a typo or a tradition I don't know about?
  4. Above someone mentioned Eureka. I agree that would be one to look at. There is a weird sexual story line in the first episode that gets dropped immediately, so if you find that off-putting you could skip that episode. The idea is that everyone in the town is super-smart, though the main character feels dumb in comparison. This means that there are some who act nerdy or weird, and that are jerks, and at least one person who is autistic, but there are many who are well-adjusted, successful in many areas, etc. There are a lot of strong female roles but also good male ones.
  5. xahm

    Sad this Christmas

    In some ways this is a great Christmas, but dh is leaving for nine months a few days after, plus I'm flooded with post partum hormones, so I keep breaking down in tears. It's hard to try to enjoy things and push stress to the side.
  6. xahm

    Chicken people! Coccidosis help! Urgent

    Just wanted to say I'm sorry. We're new to chickens this year and have already had to deal with sickly chick and some loss due to critters. It's tough.
  7. xahm

    People who don't watch their kids.

    I always get nervous opening this kind of thread because I actively try to not helicopter, and I know it makes people nervous. I've seen people try to save my two year old who was walking on a four inch high "balance beam" on a rubberized floor, so I've been the mom saying "he's okay" while other moms gasped. I've rarely seen what you've described, though, mostly because situations like that are too dangerous for me to give my kids freedom in. Someone else's kid could knock that vending machine down on top of my kids! When I have seen isolated incidents that I feel are dangerous, I talk to kids and tell them we need to find their mom or dad, but I wouldn't return to an event like you were describing, and I'd vent about it, too.
  8. That is is cute! This one was born at home, as planned, so we'd have to take him out in a stocking instead.
  9. Thank you all. I may briefly put up a picture later. We typically don't share kid pics on social media, but I would like to show of the cuteness.
  10. Update in op to say that our baby is here. Getting lots of love and attention, though at the moment lots of sleep.
  11. None yet. I'm hoping it's today, too, but I'm also trying to get fun stuff set up for next week so that I'm not just waiting all the time of the baby is over due. My first two were on time, but number three was really, really late.
  12. No baby yet, nor any definite signs, though some of these contractions could be the beginnings of the real thing, or just major Braxton-Hicks. We're doing a home birth, largely due to how hard to predict my labors are. My midwife isn't a fan of stopping membranes, but I could beg on Tuesday. Tomorrow I may try the manual pump. That seems more socially appropriate than offering to try to nurse my baby nephew.
  13. I've consumed castor oil with the others and concluded that it isn't a terrible way to relieve constipation, but I don't think it did anything else. I wasn't able to get up the nerve to drink a lot, though, and I don't really want to, at least at this point. Besides, my digestion is moving asking well at this point, which I'm choosing to believe is a good sign.
  14. Yeah, but dh is on military orders nearly five hours away, so that could get tricky.
  15. The weather is a bit cold and rainy, so walking outside is kind of out, but I have some outgrown clothes to take to the basement. Maybe lots of small trips up and down two flights of stairs and then cleaning the kitchen floor would do it... First I have to drink this raspberry leaf tea and take some evening primrose oil.
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