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    2020-2021 PreK

    My 4 year old loves doing school with me and trying to keep up with bigger siblings (6&8). He's been working through Progressive Phonics and the I See Sam stories. Math is MEP level 1, and handwriting is The Good and the Beautiful preK. He also tags along with the bigger kids' science, history, literature, etc. The only requirement he has is not to interrupt read alouds. Otherwise, he can choose whether to do any lessons on a given day. Generally, he's very keen, and I just have to try to find time. We've also got an almost 2 year old in the mix. Right now our evening read aloud includes n
  2. I saw this and was happy, though a large part of me wondered whether she'd been convinced by the science or by school districts cutting off the money flow.
  3. With a toddler whose nap is important but sometimes irregular and who loves finding scissors, markers, and paint, it's very hard to get in a solid groove. I try to view this as having a benefit in that I'm constantly evaluating what the most important goals are each day and working to meet those goals. I'm looking forward to a bit more stability in future years. I imagine I will do some minor tweaks on a weekly basis and larger ones monthly, at least in the elementary years. Kids learn in such unexpected fits and starts that I can't imagine being able to plan out further than that.
  4. I think I may have used parasite while I was pregnant, but never in isolation. More like, when a close friend asked how I was doing and the answer was "not great, but not terrible," I might say something like "looking forward to when this sweet little parasite is in my arms." I may have just thought that and not said it, but either way, it wouldn't have been broadcast far and wide. Something said to a close friend who knows you is very different to putting it out on Facebook or just chatting with aquaintences, in my mind. If certain people used "crotch goblin" directly to me when their kids we
  5. I do a variety. Some audio books in the car, some where I read in a desk chair while kids color (or not) at the coffee table, some in bedrooms rotating whose room. The child whose room it is gets to cuddle closest. If a specific child is the primary target, like when I bring a picture book in to make the lesson more accessable to the four year old, that child gets invited to cuddle close.
  6. I'm firmly in "either a rash guard or racer back top" for myself because my kids still climb all over me and I want to be able to enjoy that, not worry they are going to accidentally undress me. I did wear a bikini while pregnant with one and two because that let my belly fit.
  7. I'm so sorry. We are pretty moderate in our precautions, not worried for ourselves so much as older family members, but I would have been uncomfortable, too. Our church is having the first in person meeting since March, besides one drive up service, and we're planning on going on a couple hours. Our church takes things very seriously, so everyone will be in a mask, temperatures will be checked, seating will be controlled, and there will be no singing. I'm almost dreading it because of how very different it will be. The parts that will be left are the parts my family, especially my children and
  8. Was this a text message? Otherwise I can't imagine why they didn't use complete sentences. The amount of time saved by their brevity is going to be lost many times over in answering phone calls from confused patients. I have no good guess. My kids' pediatrician offers the flu shot to parents but only accepts cash with exact change for them.
  9. I'm guessing that the hostess and bridge know it would be hard to pay attention to the Zoom attendees if the times overlapped, so they made them separate. But a half an hour of Zoom small talk probably is the limit of what is fun. I agree that your plan sounds great and not in the least offensive.
  10. It sounds like he was switched from teaching at the maternelle, which is for kids from 2 or 3 up through 5 turning 6, to the elementary school where the six year olds would be the youngest kids he encountered. Frankly, I wouldn't want someone who seemed to be so unstable to be close to small children. There are too many decisions to be made about physical and emotional well being in those early years, even before kids have nightmares. At the elementary level, the problem would be when I told my kids that I believed their teacher to have poor judgement, at least in some areas. I don't believe f
  11. The two oldest are getting computers. Last year the oldest got a laptop and they spilt juice on it, so probably desktops. This will help them with some school stuff, but they also love to play games together. Right now that means one playing and the others watching, so being able to play simultaneously will make it easier to reduce overall screen time, strangle enough. Our four year old may end up with a tablet. The two year old??? Not tech, for sure, but it might be a bunch of balloons or something. We'll probably also get them PJs and things like that. Probably a joint board game or outdoor
  12. I haven't had terribly much experience with this as a parent yet, but I found diagramming interesting enough as a student to do the basics voluntarily. At some point, though, it became more about the intricacies of the diagram than of the language, so I lost interest. I think it's very valuable to be able to discuss the grammar of a sentence and to see the roles of each word and phrase. If diagramming is helping, that's great. If the time and energy it is taking could be better spent on something else, by all means move on. It is only a tool, not an end in itself.
  13. All this is interesting. My kids are little, eight and under, and are fantastic about playing. They play deep, immersive, complicated games, they mess with stuff, they invent things (that generally don't work very well, but that's part of it). I've been focusing on getting school done quickly and well to give them lots of time for this play. I feel like adding in "fun" elements that slow down the process would generally lead to less overall fun as well as less overall learning. It's been interesting to me that as we've gone through BFSU (Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding), almos
  14. Thank you for this. It is nice to know this is a real thing, at least to some people, and not something I'm totally being nit picky about.
  15. As I read various things, some here and some in Facebook, I'm starting to see that there are two different meanings when people say their children learn though playing. In practice, I'm sure there is some overlap, but it seems like some people use this the way I do, that as children are playing, using their imagination, manipulating the world around them, building things, etc, they are learning lots and lots which makes them stronger, more capable, more observant, better at communication, etc. Others seem to mean primarily that lessons for young children should be done by making the lessons in
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