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  1. I've been told that saying something like "I'm here for you. If you need to vent, I'm here to listen, but we could talk about your kids or I can tell you a crazy story about my cat, or we could just watch this movie together or read books next to each other, if you want." Is that something that would be welcome, those of you who know?
  2. Thanks to you all. I'm working up a better list now. Yes,my oldest is 7 and a Wolf. She owns a knife thanks to my dad, but she doesn't feel ready for it and won't be allowed to carry it until Bears next year anyway. I'll fix my signature to make it less confusing. I just know I'm too lazy to update whenever we have a birthday.
  3. We are, and it's always good to know which off brands are actually a good buy and which are cheap in quality as well as price.
  4. We did that last year and will get pool passes when it warms up. We have a pretty long outdoor swim season, so we're a little low on indoor pools. Last year I got the oldest swimming well, the second on his way, and the third ready to try. This summer the oldest can learn different strokes and maybe join swim team, the second can get to the point of swimming laps, and the third might be able to as well, if he's willing.
  5. Thanks! Some of that we already have, but some of it had completely slipped my mind. Underlayers for sure! I'm not sure I can get elderly relatives to get excited about giving it to kids, but we will make sure they have it.
  6. Our kids don't have many items on their wish lists, but we need to ask for things to keep from being given random toys and such. I had the idea of lightweight portable camp chairs for cub scout events, which made me think of other camp and scout things, but I'm a little thin on specifics. I haven't done much with this before, and my husband gets his gear free through the military, though some of that he'll have to give back. We have an arsenal of knives dh has won as prizes, and the kids are a bit young for them anyway. Also they have hydration backpacks already and we have a family tent. Any ideas? It's okay if its something they can be excited about now but not really get much use out of until they are older.
  7. Basically, yeah, that's part of it. If someone seems unhappy in it, or like it isn't working, what can we say or do? Right now I'm thinking that steering the conversation towards "what are your goals, and what steps do you need to take to meet them" is a good way if it can be done naturally and non judgementally, but I'm trying to get more perspective.
  8. Sorry, I didn't mean pressuring someone into homeschooling. Absolutely not! I mean, just the fact of so many people homeschooling, especially in circles where it is popular, creates some pressure, and that's something I haven't seen discussed here. Should we try to counteract that? If someone sees that homeschooling is working for us and others and so starts, but it isn't working for them but they seem to be continuing because they feel they should, is there anything we should or even could do without violating every boundary there is?
  9. Have any of you seem home schooling be contagious or people feel peer-pressured to home school? I know many have seen the opposite, but the threads complaining about new homeschoolers and some of my own observations make me wonder how widespread this is. I've seen it be good. For example, one young relative will be homeschooled starting in January because when her Kindergarten class was clearly not meeting her needs, despite her parents working with the teacher, her parents felt good about making the switch and so weren't stuck just complaining about the situation. On the other hand, I've seen a few families who are surrounded by home schoolers bounce their kids in and out of school, feeling guilty when they enroll their kids somewhere but not ever getting around to much education at home. How do we harness this peer pressure for good, encouraging other families to all do our best by our families? Everyone's homeschool will look different depending on differing needs and priorities, so is there any standard at all we can hold up as a general goal? I know some here are very "eyes on your own plate," but I'm at least a little "no man is an island" on this subject, especially as it relates to close friends and family. I'm interested in hearing thoughts and experiences on this to help me develop my own thinking.
  10. I would try to be encouraging but as realistic as possible, perhaps describing how home school takes money, time, and expertise/knowledge. You absolutely don't need gobs of all three, but you do need at least one, and two is helpful. Or the other way people say it, that you have to choose 2 of 3 with quality, ease, and cheapness.
  11. One year my mother-in-law gave me pan scrapers from Pampered Chef. I'm not sure what they're actually called, but they are really hard plastic and great at scraping gunk off pans without scratching them up. Each corner is different so they can get right into the edges of every dish I own. I rolled my eyes when I opened them and they sat in the package a while, but I use them nearly daily.
  12. Thanks, having this to say is probably more helpful than my "that seems like a bad idea." I agree totally, but I have to stay in the bounds of encouraging and giving the advice asked for. We're close enough for me to say some things, but I'm not the parent.
  13. Thanks. That was my gut reaction from what I had heard but I didn't want to give advice from a position of ignorance.
  14. Another mom of several is looking to simplify their school day and asked my opinion, but I don't know much about Saxon. Would doing Saxon Math 2 days a week (alternating with English two other days) be enough to allow kids to progress? The kids are elementary and middle school age, with one mathy child and one struggling learner in the mix.
  15. I got 69, which is far better than I expected. I focused on the eyebrows and described them in words for each one, which I think helped. That doesn't work so well in real life as many people have very similar eyebrows.
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