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  1. FairProspects

    Talk to me about lab reports

    Ah, ok. I think I got the number of reports idea from the fact that we will need to use a cover school to log a transcript, so maybe this is a question for the cover school. I just assumed since they required a set number of lab reports to count the course as a lab science, that there was some standard number of labs somewhere that was necessary for high school credit to be applied. Thanks!
  2. Yeah, unfortunately that doesn't sound high to me for a CC class. But everything is expensive here.
  3. At what level should students be completing lab reports? How many lab reports per semester or year are appropriate for high school science lab credit? I have a STEM oriented student who will be beginning 9th grade next year, so it matters to me that he is well prepared for college science. I never took lab science at the collegiate level, so other than what I took in high school I have no frame of reference. During my education, we started lab reports in 7th grade and wrote them throughout Earth Science, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, but I don't remember how many or any of that. I'm assuming lab reports are still critical for college level science, yes? He has not yet written lab reports outside of science fair projects completed in both elementary and middle school years. Ds is ultimately not looking to consider Ivy League schools, but hopefully top state schools or honors programs, and some fairly competitive private schools. Can you all help me guide him through this? He will be in Geometry next year for math (private math teacher) and probably taking Biology of some kind.
  4. FairProspects

    Where to take AP exam???

    His dream school is Embry Riddle, which looks like it gives 3 elective credits for a 3,4, or 5. That may or may not be worth his time. I'll have to talk with him about how interested he is in the topic and whether he wants to put the time in studying for it or focus on some competitive choir opportunities and actually building & flying a plane through a teen aeronautics program instead.
  5. FairProspects

    Where to take AP exam???

    Really? I was about to start planning this course for older ds to take next year. He has a spatial strength and interest in geography, although he is ultimately more STEM focused. Would this course not be worth his time? It would be a huge amount of time and effort for him, but I thought it also might be a way to show a strength in humanities that is not otherwise as apparent. If it won't be accepted or won't matter much to earn credit, he may be better off spending his time on foreign language or additional science work.
  6. You people are my people. I feel exactly this sentiment and just as Roadrunner expressed about MCT - grammar, vocab, and all.
  7. FairProspects

    Parent Removal of Student from College?

    Outside of teaching, does GPA matter for jobs at all? My dh is an undiagnosed dyslexic and did poorly in several reading heavy classes at the end of his college career. It has not made one iota of difference for his career, and this is including the one class he passed with a D- or a 0.7. All that mattered was that he passed the requirements to get the degree. I can't speak to the other concerns and if there financial reasons, that does change the picture a bit, but poor EF skills and grades are not a reason I would consider pulling an adult out of their current situation.
  8. For the closest WA equivalent to your Ocean Grove, look at Columbia Virtual Academy or OASIS through the Orcas Island school district. Those both have fewer dollar amounts per student that what you may be used to, but are more similar in structure to what you are describing. WA ALEs do face significant laws limiting them, so you'll have to determine if their approved curriculum lists meet your needs or not.
  9. FairProspects

    Compass Prep's NMF discussion

    The threshold is only lower for the kids who tested on the alternate date. The students who tested on the original scheduled date did not face the harsh curve since they took a completely different test with a different curve. It is beyond unfair.
  10. This is so true and exactly what happened at our private school as well. People just wanted to throw money at experts to educate their children. They didn't really care about the details of educational philosophy or child development, as long as the sports teams won, the arts programs came home with distinguished awards, and kids achieved good grades & top scores. If the school got to be too much of a bother on their time with the educational details, they would just switch to one of the other prestigious private schools who would take care of more of the tasks for them.
  11. I'm in this exact situation right now and it is HARD. He is home this year for 6th and does not like it. I have considered changing course at least half a dozen times already this year. I'm not sure what the right answer is. I wish some of these private schools wouldn't also follow the educational trends. It's really frustrating.
  12. I agree that she more than likely has the skills she needs for high school writing. However, if I get to that place of burnout that you are describing, I have this resource bookmarked for future reference. It is more like a customized writing tutor and he can work month-to-month.
  13. If you can go without an answer key, I really like MCT Practice Island for this purpose. MCT does not teach diagramming; it teaches parsing, but I think that parsing is a helpful pre-diagramming activity. Once the sentence is parsed, I have my boys diagram it in the margin below. PI does not have an answer key for diagramming, like I said, so you will need to be able to identify any errors in diagramming yourself, but usually IMHE, having the parsing above allows you to do this fairly easily and quickly. Also, the MCT Practice Island sentences are generally simple, which makes it easy to see repetition errors based on misunderstandings and correct them at a foundational level.
  14. FairProspects

    All About Spelling or Spelling You See

    All About Spelling for a dyslexic. Definitely. It's OG based, which is considered the gold standard for dyslexia. Unless you have some additional information from a neuropsych or educational therapist that indicates a specific reason why OG would not be the best fit for your particular dyslexics, I'd recommend AAS.
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