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  1. This is my biggest stress right now. Every SAT test date my senior son has signed up for has cancelled so far. The ACT is a total mess for us. In desperation, we had him take the CLT on August 22. We are awaiting those scores. I would really like to know if anyone else is applying test optional. We literally have not been able to test. He has no score.
  2. I take bioidentical progesterone and have for awhile. I am currently taking it in trochee form which dissolves under my tongue. I also take estradiol via a patch. I am menopausal (and young). I had a lot of symptoms with the cream. They were physical not mood/hormone related. I also had a lot of symptoms with micronized progesterone pills. So far, the troche is the only thing I can handle. Please feel free to PM me!
  3. It is the mental visualizing she struggles with- and the mental flexibility- not literal visualizing.
  4. Does anyone have experience with NILD or know anything about it? Thank you!
  5. So, I bought this and gave my daughter the assessments. According to their procedure, she placed out of this. However, per their guidelines, she did not have to take assessment 2 which is the one she would have failed. I know that there might not be anyone on this board who has used this resource (corrective reading and comprehension) but I am just reaching out in case. -Rebecca
  6. Does anyone have any experience with Visualizing and Verbalizing with an older student? I am interested in implementing this- but I don't think I need the whole classroom set. I am uncertain what components are absolutely essential. Thank you for your help!! -Rebecca
  7. Good thoughts for MUS!!! I do not have to use an outside provider. Yes. I am homeschooling. Yes, I outsourced math. I do not have to use an outside provider. Math is her strongest subject, and I wanted to make sure she was getting the instruction that she should. I began outsourcing math because of my experience homeschooling my older three sons. I wish I would have outsourced their math. I regret that I didn't. I began outsourcing math this past school year- and had one in PreCalc (tutor at co-op), one in Honors Alg 2(live online with a local instructor) and same one in regular Geometry
  8. Ah, PeterPan- yes, you nailed it. She STRUGGLES with the word problems. Struggles. However, she is a very hard worker- so she managed to get a grasp/handle on them by rewatching lectures, correcting homework; test corrections were allowed on the regular tests/exams but not on the mid-term/final. She did test corrections for everything she could. The textbook was Foerster. It was hard. I didn't sign her up for Geometry with the same teacher because it was so hard- and I had a comfortable line-up for Algebra 2 somewhere else. However, that instructor (Alg 2) has now stepped down- and I am
  9. She can read well enough for social media communication. She regularly emails/skypes/ hangouts/etc. She is complex in terms of placing her need- she can read- and she can read high level vocabulary- she struggles with meaning/comprehension when it is within the context of a paragraph, etc. The SPL noted that she read the difficult words with ease but missed the small/simple/easy words- and she referred this as a possible attention issue. The psych noted that she could understand high level language in isolation but when placed within a reading sample- she understood very little. She is
  10. I understand your concern, Storygirl! My idea of dual enrollment for her was just starting very very small with one math course, etc. I certainly hold any plans loosely! Our CC has remedial courses that she can start with also. And certainly, she would have to place into them too. I do think the CC is the next step for her after high school. And, I also think she might take a slow course to get to her destination- whatever that will be. She is on or above grade level in math. She took an online honors Algebra 1 class this year for ninth and ended the year with an A. But you are righ
  11. I looked into the DSM criteria for autism (on several different sites including CDC, etc) , and I don't really suspect ASD for her. She really has two main pieces- and that is the social pragmatic language and then the additional language disorder that psychologist diagnosed: mixed expressive/receptive - which manifests in very, very low comprehension of both written texts and then- not as low- but still low- what she hears. She struggles with reading, writing, and the mechanics of language- on the complex level. Complex sentence structures, etc. She struggles with inference and nuance The SPL
  12. Mindwings looks amazing! PeterPan, I wrote this before I saw you post above- so I am going to go through what you wrote more carefully. I am trying to figure out how to know what to choose for her. For high school, they have the thememaker kit/set. The Making Connections book doesn't seem to be in that kit? Can you share how you use these resources? I appreciate your help so much. On hand, I have IEW for high school- and she did have success with that at a younger level. I also have Barton, and she has agreed to go through it with me. Barton stated that they begi
  13. PeterPan, thank you. I have Barton- ( you have replied to my posts about my younger 7 year old daughter)- If I google Story Grammar Marker- will I find what you are talking about? I feel like I have to remediate/intervene myself. She was recommended for an hour of SPL therapy a week- but the clinic is mainly looking at working with her function in life- i.e. social language- and not helping with the academic side at all (frustrating to me). Even though the report stated explicit instruction in reading and writing is needed, they did not recommend therapy for literacy and said i
  14. I received my oldest daughter's evaluation from Speech and Language today. This was one of the recommendations: Explicit Instruction in Foundational Reading and Writing Skills I am wondering if anyone has curriculum suggestions? Thank you, Rebecca
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