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  1. Ds(18) is feeling back to normal today, about 36 hours after his vaccine.
  2. I did not know this existed and am looking forward to trying it. I’m a big fan of both Coke and coffee.
  3. Ds(18) had J&J vaccine about 14 hours ago. Slightly sore arm last night, and he woke up with a headache, achy overall, low fever (~100) this morning. Took some Tylenol and went back to bed.
  4. I felt the same after my first shot.....I also have fibromyalgia, hashimoto’s, and possibly some additional yet to be diagnosed autoimmune things going on. I’d told dh I wasn’t sure I’d notice any side effects....I have fatigue, feel cruddy, and have muscle and joint pain most days.....hoping the second dose isn’t much worse.
  5. This thread is great!! I have a fantastic playlist going now of so many songs I forgot! What happened to this genre of movies of the 80’s/90’s....so many good movies. I really feel like my teens have missed out not having these types of movies anymore.
  6. I was able to get ds(18) scheduled next week for J&J. He’s doesn’t have any high risk factors and is nervous about the vaccine in general, so I’m satisfied that he’s willing to get J&J even with the lower efficacy. Dd really wants to get the vaccine but doesn’t turn 16 for another month, and she’ll be limited to Pfizer.
  7. Today, Dh just has a mildly sore arm. I have a sore arm but also a headache and feel just kind of rundown. Not terrible, I could work if I had to, but since it’s Saturday, I’m just taking it easy.
  8. Dh and I got our first Pfizer vaccines this afternoon. I also had my face feel hot for a bit, but I get that with flu vaccines as well....actually pretty much any medical procedure causes it for me, but I do have anxiety. Six hours later, we both have slightly sore arms but not worse than a typical flu shot. We’ll see how we’re feeling tomorrow.
  9. A friend here got Moderna at Kaiser today. Dh and I got appts for next Friday at our local pharmacy. I believe we’re getting Pfizer, since they automatically scheduled our second shots for 3 weeks later. I’m super nervous but just because I have health anxiety.
  10. ITA. This pandemic has really shown people’s true colors and how selfish many people truly are. I’m also sad/mad. We’ve pretty much lost most of our friends/acquaintances over the last year because we are higher risk and being cautious and not just living our lives as normal as most of them are. And they don’t even have the courtesy to try to do small things (like distance and/or mask or meet outdoors) to make the more cautious be able to participate in pretty much anything. I have no desire to have these people in my life anymore after things get more normal. They’ve shown they are s
  11. I’m so jealous of everyone getting their vaccines! Dh and I are both high risk for Covid with multiple comorbidities, yet our stupid state is sticking with their tier system. We aren’t even eligible for another week, yet the news is reporting vaccine events with many leftover vaccines (like 400 extra). So frustrated with our governor.
  12. Lefty—rock, paper, scissors
  13. Yes, very seriously (LCMS Lutheran), and I’m very thankful for it as many of the churches in our area are not.
  14. I understand....I have anxiety, and particularly health anxiety, along with a couple autoimmune diseases. I have my first shot scheduled in mid-April, and while I really want it, I’m also very anxious about it and possible side effects/reactions, even though I don’t have any logical reason to be so nervous.
  15. This is one of the most disgusting things I’ve read.....even more so when I looked up the pastor.
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