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  1. I have the Lenovo 13” Thinkpad Lanny mentioned above for work. I’ve had it for about a year and a half. It’s a great computer, and I’ve had no problems with it at all.
  2. Yes, the closer school has long term teachers, Bible course is required each year, chapel weekly, and a short 2-week term in the spring where every student participates in a variety of service projects either locally or abroad. They also have long term service hours required and available locally working with kids at the nearby elementary ps, the food bank, clothing bank, or shelter for women and children. I like that the closer school is very involved in our community.
  3. That’s a pretty clever idea! I don’t know much about the schools in neighboring districts. Most only have one high school. The area where dh works is known for having excellent schools, and I wish we could afford to live there. But a 1 br 600 sq ft condo sells for $700K+. And he works 10 hour hour days so would be too early and late for dd to ride with him.
  4. Yes, if she homeschools, I will continue working part-time and plan to return to full-time when she starts DE.
  5. Possibly on the other ps, though it can be hard to get a waiver, because many students try to waiver there than attend our ps. But we could try.
  6. Yes, moving closer to the farther away school isn’t an option. Dh already commutes 1.5 hours for work, and moving closer to that school would add an additional 45 minutes onto his already long commute. Plus, while I like the farther school, the area it’s in is not a nice area at all. I wouldn’t want to be driving through that area at night. It’s sketchy during the day. Prior to having kids, I worked in that area and used to pray every day that the lights would just be green, so I could cruise right through the area. On two occasions at a stoplight, I witnessed someone punch the side window out of the car in front of me to steal the person’s purse on the car seat. So, no, I definitely don’t want to move to that area. We live in a high COL area and already live as close to dh’s work as we can afford to live, and the area we currently live in is pretty nice.
  7. Yes, finances are definitely a big determining factor in our decision as well, especially with college costs in the near future for Ds. His next 2 years of dual enrollment are tuition free, but then he will likely go to a 4-yr school, and we will help him as much as we can. I always planned to return to full-time work at that time. The current plan is to shadow a day next week at the closer school. We will also likely apply there and also for tuition assistance. At this school, if they are not able to give a tuition assistance amount that will be enough, our application money will be refunded. So, we’re not out anything by applying and asking for assistance. The farther school is no longer an option, and even dd is in agreement after talking about what it really would be like going to a school so far away and the social impact it would have on her likely not being included especially in last minute things. We will also register for the co-op, since after next week it will no longer be an option for next year if we don’t. Losing a small registration fee for that if she does end up at school would be worth it to hold her place if we do homeschool 2 more years. After the shadow day, if the closer school doesn’t look to be a good fit for her or us financially, we’ll visit the ps. The ps is really the last option. We had personal experience with the middle school, my dc have friends currently attending the ps and are unhappy with it, and I have 2 close friends who are teachers there that also have little good to say about it and send their own kids to private school or the ps in the next town. So, it’s last on the list of options.
  8. Oh yes, I know all too well about the homeschool’s a big part of the reason her current group has dissolved, more like imploded.....with the exception of the kids who are moving, the rest is a bunch of junior high drama—caused by some of the moms, not even the kids!
  9. No, I wouldn’t want her or myself to be in that type of environment. Though from both of the schools we visited, that’s definitely not their belief or attitude, and I wouldn’t expect that from the kids that go there. Sadly I’ve seen that more in some homeschool groups.
  10. Thanks. Yes, the private school said shadowing needs to be done in May. The public school does not allow shadowing at all. We can just talk to the guidance counselor there. .
  11. I’m hoping to at least convince her to visit the co-op with me. It’s a large co-op, and we went there when she was much younger. We only stopped going because of my work schedule. She’s not wanting to go because she didn’t have any friends there before......she was in 3rd grade! I’m guessing it’s not quite the same group it was then. They are offering some good academic classes for high school next year.....biology lab science, art, Spanish. I thought 14-year olds were more reasonable than 13-year-olds, but I’m not so sure now.😳
  12. Discussed all the options with dh this evening. He agrees the further school should be off the table. Dd can do a full shadow day at the closer school. (She doesn’t want to because she says she hated it when we visited). Dh said that’s fine, then her options are 1. to visit the co-op on Monday and plan to continue to homeschool for 9th/10th grade then do dual enrollment at CC. He agreed she can take an additional dance class if she’s homeschooled, which she wants to do but wouldn’t have time if she goes to school. 2. We visit the guidance counselor at the ps and discuss options at the school, but she will have to be on the college-prep, AP track for him to even consider her going there.
  13. I agree. And we’re north enough that it will be dark both going to school and coming home in the winter....even at the closer school. I told her we needed to take a break discussing it for a day or two. At this point we just end up in an argument.
  14. She doesn’t know anyone going to either school from her former group. It’s over $300 application fee for each of the private schools, so I only want to apply to the one we are fairly certain to attend.
  15. We don’t know any of the kids attending currently. No, she thinks she likes it based on our 1.5 hour visit. Same for the closer school. She says she likes the farther school because it’s smaller and felt like a co-op more than school. The larger, closer school (still not large—200 students) felt too much like a school.....well, it IS a school.🙄🙄
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