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  1. I’m also a fan of Jessica Smith and Leslie Sansone. I found Gina Buber, Up the the Beat Fit on YouTube. I love her workouts an the music in them. She has some DVD’s as well.
  2. I agree with others for having the house checked for mold. Pulmonologist sounds like a good idea.....has he had his heart checked? That may have been part of his surgery pre-op, so maybe already ruled out.
  3. I’ve had them a few times without associated headache. It really scared me the first time it happened. Mine looked like water droplets and wavy lines around the edges of my vision. Lasted about 20-30 min each time. I saw both my eye dr and regular doctor. Neither were particularly concerned and said it sounded like ocular migraine. My ophthalmologist said they are generally more concerned with sudden loss of vision than a “gain” —lightning bolts, waves, etc. It’s definitely good you have appointments soon, and can discuss with your doctors just to make sure it’s nothing else.
  4. My mom used to threaten my sister and I that we’d have to walk home when we were fighting in the car. She never would have actually done it though. It did happen on a school bus, though, in middle school. There was a kid who was always causing trouble on the bus....fighting with other kids, swearing at the bus driver, etc. The driver had given him multiple warnings, and he responded by throwing an apple at her. She pulled the bus over and made him get off. He was about a mile from his house. It wasn’t an unsafe area, but I can’t even imagine something like that happening today without the d
  5. I totally hear what you’re saying on this....I watch the news of things going on here and listen to the governor’s rules and am starting to think I’ve gone crazy.....but I really don’t think it’s just me. Things have turned upside down.....I agree with masking, distancing, limiting event sizes, but it needs to apply across the board.
  6. I do like the social distancing.....I’ve always hated strangers being too close to me. I hope the distancing in public is here to stay. 😂
  7. Target and Walmart here have signs saying masks are required, but I haven’t seen anyone at the door or inside the store enforcing it. I have heard the general announcement in Target reminding everyone masks are required. I’d say about 95% of people I’ve seen are masked in the stores, but there are always a few with no masks.
  8. I just watched a segment on the news about the saliva tests.....they appear to be very good, much more tolerable for people, and don’t require much PPE for health care workers to administer. I hope they become widespread the normal way to test for Covid.
  9. I told dd it was my security blanket. 😂 I definitely don’t want to wear masks permanently and will be glad when/if things go back to some kind of normal.....I just thought it was an unusual observation....but can see how it especially helps those of us who feel self-conscious.
  10. I’m wondering if it’s just me or if others have noticed this as well? IRL, I’m quiet and really very shy. We’re in a mask-mandated state, so I’m wearing a mask now pretty much anytime we’re in public or around others. Both dh and ds have commented that I’m much more talkative and outgoing wearing a mask.....since they said that, I’ve noticed too at the dr’s office and just talking with acquaintances I’ve run into, that I do feel less awkward and more relaxed when I’m wearing a mask and am friendlier. I didn’t think there would be a benefit of a mask beyond health reasons, but maybe there’s a s
  11. I so agree.....I got sucked into a few “conversations” on our neighborhood Facebook page. I don’t respond anymore to the posts. I don’t have advice on how they can get a free babysitter. That’s pretty much what they’re asking.
  12. Definitely still social distancing and wearing masks when in public indoor spaces. We visit with my parents a couple times per month, outside only and distanced at least 10 feet apart in their yard. Dh and I are working from home, so no issues there. Dc each have a couple friends they’ve only seen outside and distanced, or riding bikes. I mostly do grocery and curbside pickup, only going into a store occasionally.
  13. Yes, I would and did. I had to have a wisdom tooth removed in March that couldn’t wait any longer. Dh, dc, and I have all been to the dentist for cleanings, and ds had to get a couple fillings. I certainly feel safer at the dentist’s office than the grocery store. They’re all wearing PPE, temp/heath screening everyone before they come in, masks required, no one in waiting room. I felt they’re doing the best they can under the circumstances. I’m not super comfortable doing medical/dental things right now, but think at this point may be a greater risk of putting things off longer (I’m now alm
  14. I don’t have an answer, but I’ve been experiencing what sounds very, very similar for about a year now. I’m 48, not menopausal. I thought I might have appendicitis and went to ER last fall. They did CT and ultrasound and found nothing except a small ovarian cyst. (I have PCOS, so this is not unusual). Gyn did follow up ultrasound a few months later, which was fine. It’s been pretty intermittent but always comes back. It’s been bothering me for a few weeks now again, and I finally saw my GP about it, and he thinks it’s something nerve-related. He sent me for a spinal X-ray just today, so I hav
  15. No tomatoes at all, but I found ds’s drama to be much harder than dd’s. Though I come from a family of all girls....even all my cousins are girls. I know how to handle the girl drama, the boy drama surprised me. 😂
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