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  1. I went through a terrible period of insomnia before I my first period started. My dd did as well. Even now, we both experience insomnia for a couple days as a PMS symptom. We both use melatonin during these times. I also let her sleep in when she can.
  2. Unisom comes in two is doxylamine succinate, which is also an antihistamine (and there is also a version of unisom that is the same ingredient as Benadryl). I find it much better for sleep than Benadryl when I’m having trouble sleeping. I can take 1/4-1/2 of a unisom and fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up not groggy.
  3. I haven’t read all the responses, but if she’s a close friend, I would gently call her out on it and ask if there’s any way I could help her. I’ve spent about the last 6 months doing this inadvertently.....there have been a lot of stressors and things in my life that felt out of my control. A few weeks ago, my teen daughter brought it to my attention (with all the tactfulness of a 15 year old😂). At first I was mad and defensive, but after thinking about it, I realized she was absolutely right. I don’t want to behave that way. I’ve been really trying to stop this and refocus on dealing with the stressors and issues that were leading to this behavior. So, while I didn’t take it well when it was brought to my attention, I am thankful that she did.
  4. No, I would also return it. I had some iron from Amazon come in a ripped/damaged box, Amazon refunded me no problem.
  5. I am the same way. For several years when my dc were younger, I had quite severe stomach flu started after our whole family was violently sick with it at the same time, and dc were only 9 months and 3. It was truly horrible. This was followed by dd contracting salmonella and campylobacter when she was 1. No one else had that, and we still have no idea how she got it. And probably yearly stomach bugs for dc until they were older. Needless to say, I dealt with a lot of vomit and diarrhea in a very short time, much of it ending up on me. I became very anxious at anyone even mentioning they’d been sick and avoided many activities and play dates. 14 years later, I’m still somewhat anxious about it but not nearly like I was for about 5 years. We are still very meticulous hand washers. I attended two Christmas dinners last week with two completely different sets of friends, and at each dinner, one person said casually, “I probably shouldn’t have come, I was up all night with a stomach bug!”🤢 Yeah, no, you shouldn’t have! No one got sick from either of these people, but still, my anxiety flared, and my dinner was no longer too appetizing (thankfully these were at restaurants, so no shared food).
  6. Flu (influenza) is going around here, and a lot of people in our church has had it....a number of people I’ve talked to had a stomach component with it for several days. Not “fast and furious” like norovirus usually presents, but days of nausea, fever, fatigue, headache, with or without ever vomiting.
  7. I did use LED tea lights when my dc were younger.
  8. I spent 47 years in the PNW having Thanksgiving with many different people and thankfully never came across an oyster dressing. I’ve never heard of it. OP, I’d lie as well; that sounds disgusting....and I like oysters... but in a dressing? No. 🤮
  9. That was polite and nice of you to respond. I recently ghosted my long term hairdresser also for increasing prices, and not really paying attention on my last two colors and cuts. My last cut was the worst cut I’ve ever had. I felt guilty about it because I’ve seen her for years. I did find a great new hairdresser who is $40 less than I was paying for two process color and cut and does a much better job.
  10. I have a silicon popper and really like it. The only downside is it makes less popcorn in a batch than my old air popper did. But, it makes good popcorn, and I’m usually the only one eating it anyway.
  11. This happened with Ds as well. He had bronchitis and/or pneumonia every year. Didn’t discover he had asthma until he was 14. His is cough variant asthma—he doesn’t wheeze, but coughs and has reduced lung function. With his inhalers, he hasn’t had bronchitis or pneumonia in 3 years now.
  12. Fellow LCMS Lutheran living in an area with no LCMS churches close by.....Yes, it’s big in the evangelical and reformed churches here. I don’t like them for the same reasons op mentioned. I’ve also seen it create more of a ‘clique-ish’ feel in the church we attend.
  13. HSmomof2


    I agree. Aleve helps my severe cramps some, takes the edge off. But, ibuprofen works much better. I take 600 mg every 6 hours the first 3 days of my period to help with cramps. I would wait to hear back from her dr before taking pills out of order or switching to a different pill.
  14. Thank you all for the suggestions and encouragement. I need to do better allowing/acknowledging her feelings but not getting sucked into the teen misery myself. She has temporarily deleted social media from her phone for a week or two. She was seeing a counselor last year and has asked to see him again for a few sessions. I’ve left a message to get an appointment set up. I’m proud of her for knowing she’s struggling and being willing to ask for help. We are also looking at a family trip in the spring, which she wouldn’t be able to do if she were in school.
  15. Public school has been on the table as an option. It’s not a good school academically or otherwise, but we would have let her go if she’d wanted to. She has said all along she does not want to go there, and still doesn’t. She’s mostly sad right now with things changing. Older ds talked with her this evening, and she seems to be feeling a little better. Hopefully things will improve over these next few weeks as we get into our routine.
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