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  1. I’m so sorry you’ve experienced this, but I feel the exact same way about my life over the last 25 years…..also had mono in my mid-twenties that seems to have set off a parade of AI stuff afterwards and life has not been how I thought it would be.
  2. My dc go to different local colleges….one is staying virtual for fall quarter, the other is going to hybrid classes with no more than 50% of the students on campus at a time.
  3. I’m also nearly 49 and have thyroid disease. I’ve had severe premenstrual anxiety for many years, usually about 5 days before my period starts. I also tried just about everything else. I take xanax for about 5 days each month. It helps a lot. I’ve never needed to increase my dose or become dependent on it because I don’t take it every day. I’ve been doing this for close to 15 years. A good friend is taking CBD gummies and having good results with those.
  4. I did have a mild/scratchy sore throat after my second Pfizer. My dd did as well. (And she had her vaccine over a month after mine). It didn’t worsen or any other symptoms develop and cleared up in a few days.
  5. Our Kias aren’t newer….2014 Sedona and a 2013 Soul. We would absolutely buy Kias again, they have been extremely reliable and nice to drive. We’ve only had Toyota’s in the past, which were great, but we saved a lot with Kias and really don’t feel like we sacrificed anything (except maybe resale value, but we drive our cars forever).
  6. I was sick for a little over a week….mine stayed upper respiratory (headache, very sore throat, severe congestion). I did go for a Covid test even though I’m vaccinated, and they tested for flu as well, both were negative. The NP I saw said there is a non-Covid respiratory bug going around, and they’ve seen a lot of it.
  7. My sister, cousins and I ‘smoked’ candy cigarettes—both the gum and white sticks types, chewed Big League Chew, ate the ‘tobacco’ beef jerky, had the wax lips. These were all very popular in the early/mid 1980’s. We also had bubble gum cigars. None of us ever became smokers or tobacco chewers.😂 The candy cigarettes and bubble gum cigars are still available at a little candy store in Seaside, OR. My kids have ‘smoked’ them every time we go there.....and I always buy myself a couple boxes as well.
  8. The two unvaccinated are from the same household. Their parents are vaccinated, the parent are just not sure yet that they want their teens to get it. Thankfully all her other friends are vaccinated or have at least one shot so far.
  9. None of this group have seen the two currently positive for at least 3 weeks, so no exposures there, and the two positive are quarantining with their family.
  10. Congratulations!! That sounds wonderful and how kind of you to share it with your family.
  11. Dd gets her second shot this week, so she won’t be fully vaccinated until about June 7th, so we haven’t done anything indoors yet. But that’s a good idea.....😊 It’s still a quarantine for 10 days after the positive test (or longer with symptoms), but I don’t think most people are actually contagious probably even for 10 days, especially without symptoms. Dh also mentioned she’s probably at a greater risk driving to and from this event (she’s a newly licensed driver)... 😳😳 I think that was supposed to make me feel better.....I’m not sure I’ll survive the teen/young adult years.
  12. Honestly, I think it’s me being anxious more than anything else. And I will need to get over that. Dh is fine with her going, and he works in public health and takes Covid very seriously. Dh, ds, and I are a month past our second shots, so we’re fully vaccinated. I think we’re only higher risk due to being overweight. I have some autoimmune issues, but don’t think they make me have a higher risk, since I don’t take steroids or immunosuppressants. My parents that we see frequently have also been vaccinated. Our main circle of frequent contacts have all been vaccinated. There’s also a decent chance the weather will be nice then, and they’ll watch the movie with the outdoor projector in friend’s backyard.
  13. Yes, the currently positive teens were diagnosed over a week ago, so when this event occurs, they will be 5 weeks past their positive test. They currently don’t have symptoms any longer and only had very mild ones to begin with.
  14. This is pretty much what dh says, too. The two currently positive will be better, and dd is vaccinated anyway. I would have preferred to ease back in a little more, but my concerns may be more anxiety based than science based. ETA: health anxiety and a pandemic have made for a rough year. I am so thankful for the vaccines. It will get easier for me, and I will chill out.
  15. Yes, two currently have Covid. It’s not at their house, but they would be attending. ETA: the two tested positive last weekend. Their whole family was positive, but they are no longer ill.
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