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  1. This made me think a lot about my own viewpoints of history. As a Christian, I do tend to somewhat have a providential view of history but like Bauer, I'm hesitant to interpret how providence played a roll (ie, I believe God plays a roll in history, but I don't believe I can say that "this and such was part of his plan in this way." I trust that God has his hands on history but I believe that, apart from where God has revealed it specifically through scripture, it's dangerous for us to look at specific things that are happening and assume we know their purpose in God's plan. But I thin
  2. That's cool. It would be worth asking if you're our does this. If that was the case, to keep books in circulation we could just unshelf books we want to use later, occasionally, in stead of checking them out.
  3. I'm needing some poems with lots of -er words. They do NOT need to be easy to read (but it's fine if they are). Thanks in advance if you can think of any.
  4. I've heard of another activity I thought was good related to subtraction. Take goldfish or beads or any small countable thing, and get opaque plastic cups. Have your child count how many items in a pile and the cover up some of them. Have them tell you how many are left (outside the cup) and then tell you how many are covered up (without showing her), and then reveal them and see if she was right.
  5. I loved Addition Facts that Stick and Subtraction Facts that Stick, which have short hands on lessons followed by math games for practice. Also, while I did this in KG it's an activity I think might work for 1st grade too. I gave my son a certain number of toothpicks and had my son count them and then make shapes with them. Then I would ask him to pick two shapes he made and count the toothpicks in both of them. We would put a plus sign between them (on an index card) and count out that many toothpicks and make a new shape with it. So we had a picture of this plus this equal this,
  6. I agree with this. Graphic novels helped my reluctant reader so much. I would read the novels with him...we would each take parts (at first he would just take one part, and then he moved on to taking all the male character's parts. That helped with fatigue a lot because he had a break. And there are many graphic novels that are of high literary quality. In junior high when I was in school our class read Maus (a comic book about the Holocaust) and my son read the comic book version of V for Vendetta in one of his high school classes (he could chose between the comic book and text ver
  7. We are on our second rotation of ancient times. Last time we did it using Story of the World. While we'll review some of what was covered I'd like to focus on topics this time that weren't covered in SOTW, and I'd love suggestions. Also, if there were topics in SOTW that maybe had aspects that weren't addressed based on it's age range, that could be with a 12 year old (more mature content, etc)., I'd love to suggestions for those too.
  8. I also have some activities I collected, including some free nile printable and a very neat 365 degree photo tour of a spot on the nile. The silt activity honestly was pretty meh. http://imaginativehomeschool.blogspot.com/2016/10/story-of-wolrd-chap-2-two-kingdoms.html
  9. Sure. I used another unit in this series and it's really good and aimed at around that age. This is the free sample but if you scroll down they have the link to the unit, which is only $3. The "Animals of Ancient Egypt" unit (also linked on page) might also be good since it's going to be mostly animals that live on the Nile. It's more just a text but they also have an optional science experiment you can add on for a little more (2nd link). I think the unit comes with some worksheets too. https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Ancient-Egypt-Science-The-Nile-River-1633849
  10. So, long story short I am homeschooling again, but through my schools homeschool program (something they had before covid, not distance learning), and in 6th grade they cover Ancient Times (which we spend two years on and only finished two years ago...we never got through the rest but he's been getting that in school...it lined up pretty well actually with what we would have studied had we stayed in homeschool). So, I MIGHT have a chance to use something other than their textbook (which I'm not thrilled with), and I absolutely can supplement. I want to cover stuff not covered in SOTW sin
  11. Excited about this! Any chance in the future of a revision of Volume I that would deal with some of these historical errors? http://imaginativehomeschool.blogspot.com/2016/09/story-of-world-error-list.html
  12. My 17 year old loves Overly Sarcastic productions, but I would really preview it first with an 11 year old. Some of them would be fine...others, especially some of the Greek myths, you might want to avoid or at least want to talk about with your kid or watch with them. If there's violence or sexual deviance in a myth, they don't euphemise it...they talk about it. Its not dealt with offensively or gratuitiously dwelt on or anything, but expect things like a picture of an ancient Greek mural of people carrying a giant penis through town...can't remember which one that was in. And some of
  13. Here are my faves... FOR HISTORY Extra Credits History (look up "extra credits history chronological and you'll get chronological playlists...look for the ones to saying Pre-History - 1699 CE and 1700 to present because those are the official, complete ones. It's my favorite history series. Invicta - Pretty in depth and interesting. I haven't watched a ton but all of them so far were good. Crash Course American and World History (it's really good, but occasional does a joke thats a little not so kid friendly. The only one that really bothered me and that I would purposefully
  14. What about a unit study on something he's interested in?
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