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  1. I'd also like to hear a review on Dimensions Evanthe 🙂
  2. Doing a slightly over mid year update - Hits above are all correct 🙂 Yay, we had a pretty good list of hits this year. I think I would add: Mom Made Literature Units to this - we used MP's Lit guides for Little House in the Big Woods and Mr. Popper's Penguins and picked up TpT resources to add to Because of Winn Dixie. All of these have been great and the kids have enjoyed them AND their reading is growing by leaps and bounds this year. Beast Academy - we finished 2A-2D and started 3A. We'll be skipping around a bit from the geometry in 3A to fractions in 3D and then review multiplication again in 3B before going back to work through areas we skipped. The kids still complain when they are asked to think about anything 😛 But I think that Beast Academy is a really great way to reinforce and review the concepts they have already learned in Singapore Math as well as really challenge them. So I'm going to count it as a hit even if the kids might only kind of sort of agree with me (they do like reading the textbook). MP Latina Christiana - I wasn't sure about this when I wrote the last post but I'm moving it to a hit. The kids are actually learning some latin. They are telling me what words mean that they haven't seen before based on their knowledge of latin 😉 And this gets their Dad hands on teaching time with them which is a nice bonus. Misses Writing/Grammar- we DID drop Writing and Rhetoric Fable. My kids just were not feeling it at all. We've incorporated some grammar and writing in with our Literature units, but I'm still kind of floundering on this one. I think after we finish Because of Winn Dixie I'll pull out Write a Super Sentence from Evan Moor and go through that with them. I'd also like to add that choosing to do "latin as grammar" has not really worked this year. I should have picked a grammar curriculum and kept them working in it. I'm planning to use Treasured Conversations this next year.
  3. My 3rd born will be doing Kindergarten this fall. He turned 5 in January this year and would be going into Kindergarten in August if he were in public school. We started doing PreK with him last year when he turned 4, so he has already learned his upper case letters. We are working right now on pairing up lower case to upper case and reinforcing the letter sounds as well as working through Singapore Earlybird Kindergarten Part B. Extrapolating out to August, here's what we will likely be doing: Phonics/Reading: Continue PDX Reading Specialist Dyslexia Toolkit Level 1 until ready to start Level 2. Add in Progressive Phonics, BOB Books, and other phonics readers. I have a copy of Reading Pathways as well if needed. Math: Finish Singapore Kindergarten Part B book and then start Singapore Math 1A and continue on from there at his pace. Also considering picking up Arithmetic Village to fit in somewhere. Writing: Print Path from Teachers Pay Teachers. I'm not sure in addition to this - I pushed writing too early on my first son and it created negative association with writing . I'd like to do slow and steady with this one. Probably lots of fine motor activities. Maybe a We Craft Box subscription to encourage fine motor activities. Religion: joining the rest of the family with the Great Adventure Bible Kids Storybook and starting CCD where they will utilize Image of God K Memoria Press Kindergarten Enrichment Behold & See K: Exploring Nature, Wild Kratts, Magic School Bus, Let's Read and Find Out books. He might tag along on history this year with my older kids, we will see. He is a very active and not entirely attentive listener.
  4. I'm kind of trying to decide right now whether to just do THE NEXT THING now that we've kind of gotten into a groove or shake it up and do something more fun for fourth grade. Here's the NEXT THING plan: English/Language Arts: Treasured Conversations Assigned novels with TpT units to add additional reading comprehension or grammar activities - Hatchet, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Dangerous Journey Pilgrim's Progress (this one from Memoria Press), Robinson Crusoe Building Spelling Skills Grades 3/4 from Evan Moor Considering Winning with Writing if it wouldn't be overkill Math: Singapore 4A/4B Division Facts that Stick Beast Academy 3C,3D, maybe getting into 4A Reflex Math subscription Possibly Everything's Coming Up Fractions History: The Story of Civilization Vol 3 from TAN Press Science: Astronomy with Memoria Press plus 365 Starry Nights, What we see in the stars, 50 things to see with a telescope, the usborne book of the moon, ultimate explorer field guide: night sky and a telescope of course Mystery Science subscription Latin: First Form Latin from Memoria Press Religion (we're Catholic): The Great Adventure Bible for kids Morning Time Enrichment: Typetastic subscription Picture and Music Study from SCM Tin Man Press Start Thinking! Grade 4 Continued Cursive Handwriting practice Memory Work, likely from Memoria press recitation Programming with Scratch Something more fun ideas: Harry Potter units from Build Your Library? Narnia year with Further Up and In?
  5. I'm finishing vpk with my 4 year old son. He is turning 5 in January and we are starting kindergarten work. We did a _lot_ less than I did with his older siblings, now 3rd grade age twins, when they were that age. I'm perfectly happy with this though. This child was not interested in sitting down to do school and I've learned from my older kids to allow for more time to learn some things. So, vpk for us looked like: Farmland Math from timberdoodle and some MEP reception Letter of the week I put together when the twins were little. We read picture books featuring our letter of the week, did handwriting without tears chalkboard and chalk letters and sand tray writing letters, and some coloring pages and tpt printables for out letter each week. Brainquest trivia decks and kumon activity books for coloring, cutting, and gluing That's it. I'm not doing much more for kindergarten honestly. And I'm happy with it.
  6. I was very gung ho to get started with my 4 year old twins when they were this age, and I pushed academics too early. It took time to undo the harm especially to my son who I pushed to write too much too soon. So, I would recommend taking it slow and knowing that with consistency (and no learning differences that need to be taken into consideration) your son will read when he is really ready. Reading is a bit like learning to walk - some walk earlier and others later but they walk regardless. My recommendation is to look at samples and choose what seems best to you. For my 3rd child, a now four year old boy, I have chosen: ivy kids kits memoria press enrichment (used with my twins now 8 ) printing with letter stories from IEW (used with my twins) singapore kindergarten essentials (used with my twins) BOB books (used with my twins, see Progressive Phonics (used with my twins, see ) reading lots of books and Dyslexia Toolkit Level 1 from PDX Reading Specialist (new to me, but I like it a lot. There are similar products on teachers pay teachers that you print yourself and are cheaper). My son is not dyslexic as far as I know, but I wanted a fun, game based reading curriculum that he would find engaging and this has fit that bill. But many of the activities are available from places like this reading mama and others. I wanted something easy this time because I’m just so busy. Good luck!
  7. Hits: Typetastic Catholic Heritage Curricula Handwriting Year 3 (cursive) Evan Moor Building Spelling Skills Home-made Fairy Tales unit study using If the Wolf Were an Octopus (RFP) and Tales of Wonder (Circe Press) and lots of picture books Daily Mental Math Tin Man Press Start Thinking Grade 3 Singapore Math Story of Civilization Part 2 The Medieval world Scratch (on my own curriculum based partially on the Scratch coding cards) - this is by far their favorite thing we are doing. Misses: Writing and Rhetoric Fable - I had really hoped that this would jumpstart our writing in third grade but it has not worked for us. We are about 3 lessons in and I'm seriously considering jumping ship. The problem is I have no idea what to jump ship to. The Jury is Out: Beast Academy - I really loved 2A-2D, but the kids continue to complain about it. And they absolutely hated the online component - they prefer the practice pages. Memoria Press Latina Christiana - My husband likes it and is teaching it, but the kids vacillate between being excited to do something with Dad and hating the amount of work required to learn a language, especially Latin.
  8. We just took the nwea map test with literally zero prep. They were a grade level ahead and probably would have done better with some prep. If you want to focus on test taking, I think ctc has some books specifically geared toward those skills.
  9. I have boy/girl twins, so my experience is different from same gender twins. My twins are very close, especially since we homeschool, but they are not dependent on each other at all. My girl twin craves alone time from her siblings, especially her twin. They can be competitive about academics, but not overly so. They shared a room until recently when we separated them because my daughter is a light sleeper and was complaining of her brother waking her (he rolls around a lot in his sleep). When they were babies, toddlers, and preschool age they found each other comforting but now they irritate each other like any other two siblings would. Some advice given to me on here that I found helpful was to get 2 different curriculum for them. It's harder to compete and compare. And twins often need different approaches which can include having different curriculum. I don't do this with all of my curriculum but I found it especially helpful when I was teaching them how to read. My daughter thrived with memoria press and my son hated it. He did much better with progressive phonics, bob books, and activities to go along with them. I still use different resources when needed even though they are both reading now.
  10. My 2nd grade twins do: Daily Mental Math level 2 Handwriting from catholic heritage curricula Growing with Grammar 20 minutes silent reading a book of their choice OSMO activities All independently. Everything else we do requires input, teaching, and/or follow through from me.
  11. I feel like we are just now getting into a groove with my 7 year old twins. They will turn 8 July 1 2019 and we will "start" 3rd grade at the end of August, but since we school year round it's more like a technical distinction. In order of my confidence that it is what we will actually attempt to do: Math: Singapore Math 3A/3B Beast Academy 3A-3D with online subscription Daily Mental Math Grade 3 Additional materials to drill multiplication facts likely (already purchased some from TPT) History: The Story of Civilization Volume 2 TAN Press The Story of the World Volume 2 Peace Hill Press Famous Figures of Medieval and Renaissance Times additional picture books, chapter books, and videos from the activity guides and Guest Hollow Science: Zoo Homeschool class Mystery Science Morning Time: Brain Quest Trivia cards / Melissa and Doug Smarty Pants trivia cards Memoria Press Recitation Plans 3rd Grade Units to cover in the year in 9 week increments: Fairy Tales, Shakespeare, New Testament, US Geography STEM: Scratch Coding Cards EEME subscription box OSMO Religion: Image of God Grade 3 At the feet of Mary: A Hands on Resource from Catholic Heritage Curricula Language Arts (SO TORN): Memoria Press Literature Guides for Grade 2, start Grade 3 (we are about a half a year behind on these, building fluency and confidence) Catholic Heritage Curricula Handwriting Grade 3 (cursive) A spelling curriculum (we will have finished AAS Levels 1, 2 - I am torn about going on to do 3 or jumping ship for something new) Grammar - either continue Growing with Grammar Level 3 OR Start Latin with Latina Christiana from Memoria Press and let latin be our grammar for the year Outside Classes: Zoo Homeschool Class ( 1x / monthly) Art Class (weekly) Homeschool PE (weekly) maybe add a co-op (weekly) - unsure if I can manage all of the above plus working 30 hours a week and fit in a co-op 😅
  12. Following up on the weekly folders... I just wanted to throw out there that I use 36 weekly folders but I do not put resources in them ahead of time. I plan out each week the week before. I use a word document I made to plan each week and by Saturday I have the next week planned - that's when I stuff my next week's folder with any printed resources, the lesson plan, copies of workbook pages etc. Then during the week I keep the folder for the week in my school basket with my books and such and as my twins finish work I stick it in the folder. I then return the folder to my filing bin and stuff the next week's and do it all over again. At the end of the year I have all the work by week in the folders and I take it out to put into a portfolio for state requirements. But I do not have the entire year planned out in my folders and if I had to use the folder system that way I would also not find it helpful.
  13. I can't speak from experience, but I would probably drop everything except reading and math in your situation. Involve your boys in packing and moving as much as possible - this is a life skill that they are learning since most of us will move a few times in our lives 😊 And maybe decide to make up some school time by schooling through the summer after you settle in. Welcome to Arkansas! I grew up there, in the river valley, and graduated from the U of A in Fayetteville. If you enjoy hiking there are many varied opportunities for outdoor adventures. I wish I had appreciated it more before I moved away. I hope you enjoy living there.
  14. Sorry to hear that you are also feeling yucky with your pregnancy... my 2 year old (#3) is still napping in the afternoons, thank God. I used to use this time to do extra school work and now I just sleep. :mellow:
  15. This year has been difficult for me - I got pregnant with baby #4 in August right before school started. I thought at the time that this was clever timing because it meant the baby would be due late April/early May... a great time for a break, I thought! But ugh... this pregnancy has been my hardest so far, lots of nausea and exhaustion, migraines... just general yuckiness that is making school really hard for me to get done. I've cut back a lot of the extras I had planned because I just haven't felt up to the extra planning it would take to pull them together. So...hits and misses.... HITS: Singapore 1A and Addition Facts that Stick / Subtraction Facts that Stick - math has been going well. We did Singapore for Kindergarten, and if anything 1A feels too easy. But I'm willing to work through it anyway for the reinforcement of concepts that we touched on last year. I was originally hopeful that we would finish 1B and go on into 2A this year but now I'll just be happy to finish 1B. See above. Beautiful Feet Books Early American History Primary - although I've cut a lot of the "notebooking" from this curriculum and we're mostly just reading aloud and using the discussion questions, it's been a hit. My kids are learning it and enjoying it. ELTL1 - this has been great. My kids love the literature selections, and they are getting to hear Aesop's Fables. The copywork and gentle grammar introductions are just right and I'm seeing improvement in handwriting from this alone. Memoria Press Enrichment - We don't always get to it but I enjoy it and so do my kids. The memory work is something we always do and it's been really great. I like the picture book selections and art cards. Neutral - Royal Fireworks Press Aesop's Fables: Books about Reading, Writing, and Thinking - I made a master list of the fables in these books and matched them up with ELTL1 so that I could pull them in instead of just reading the fable from ELTL on the weeks they matched up (yes, I did that way before the pregnancy happened). We've done a few and some of the tasks are just above my children with their so far limited exposure to grammar. They do like some of the ones we've done. Misses - Science - I just haven't gotten around to it. It keeps getting shoved on to the back burner for "another day" that rarely comes. :/
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