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  1. Thanks for that encouragement! For some reason, I'm very nervous about upper level math even though I did well while in school. I think it is because my son loves the "why" behind it all and I never really understood that part of it. I was a plug and chug, memorize the formulas kind of learner. I want him to have more than that. Singapore has been a great fit and now I have to try and find something that will work for both of us for upper level math.
  2. Thanks! I'm pretty sure if we use Jurgensen I'll need the teacher's guide. I won't be able to teach without it but man, it is a hard pill to swallow.
  3. Did you purchase the teacher edition for Jurgensen? It seems so pricey!
  4. I'm leaning towards Foerster's. Can you tell me a little about the instruction? Did you feel there was enough for you to assist with teaching and help when your son had any issues? Were the solutions fully worked out? Thanks!
  5. Would you share your high school math sequence and the publishers you chose? My son will work through all of Singapore Dimensions by the end of 8th. At that point, we will need to choose a new publisher. He will be ready for either geometry or algebra 2. What did you use for Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus?
  6. What are you using for Algebra 2 and Geometry?
  7. You can start in any color book for GFWTM. Like the previous poster said, they are non-sequential and cover the same material with hopefully higher levels of mastery each time you go through it. I will say that I tried the program with a 5th grader and it was way too overwhelming for him to feel successful. We slowed it way down and still only went about 1/2 through before returning to Rod & Staff. There is no way I would try it with a 4th grader but it is absolutely enough for a 7th grader.
  8. I can't really help with the math but I'm in the opposite position on the writing track. We have used W & R through book 6 and are switching to Writing with Skill this year for my 7th grader. He likes the W&R program which is a good motivator in doing the work but I'm not seeing the kind of progress I would like in paragraph formation or outlining skills. This is just our experience. From what I've read of others, W&R has been enough to get their children writing well for high school. I wouldn't skip any of the books if I were you. They do build on each other.
  9. I didn't know about these. This could be a great fit! Thanks!
  10. They were in the middle of updating Primer C when we were ready for that level. On the Latin Alive page, they suggest skipping C and going to Alive 1 or doing C and going to Latin Alive 2. We have contemplated back tracking to Primer C at this point but I think we will go on to Third Form. My son needed the bells and whistles of the CAP program to get started but would benefit from a bare bones approach at this point. I'm hoping MP Forms will be the way to go. After speaking to MP, they thought he would be able to do 2nd Form as a review or Third Form with only a few topics not touched on
  11. I have an upcoming 7th grader who has finished Latin for Children A & B and the first unit of Latin Alive. We both feel that Latin Alive is not going to be a good fit for further Latin studies. I've been looking at the Memoria Press Latin options and I'm not sure where we should start. Maybe Third Form Latin or Henle I? Has anyone moved from Latin Alive to a Memoria Press product? What was your experience like?
  12. Favorites I've used in the past: Favorite Poems Old and New, Lives of the Musicians (Also Artists and Scientists), A Child’s Introduction to Poetry (also Orchestra), Draw the USA (and others), Maps: Getting from Here to There, D'Aulaire's books, You Wouldn't Want to be... books, Renaissance Artists who Inspired the World, Tales for Shakespeare, Usborne Famous Composers Reference Book, Handbook of Nature Study, Trial and Triumph, Childcraft Encyclopedias, The Book of Virtues, plus we usually have a joke book going from the library. Not a book but we love the Simply Charlotte Mason Artis
  13. We are continuing with much of the same things next year. I'm still undecided on how to tackle science though. Math: Singapore 4A/4B and Beast Academy 4 Spelling: All About Spelling 4 Grammar: Rod & Staff 4 History/Literature/Geography: Tapestry of Grace Year 3 Upper Grammar Science: Undecided, maybe Real Science Odyssey for Earth Science and Astronomy, maybe just let co-op handle it He will be doing interest led science following along with his brother Latin: Continue Latin for Children A We have decided to move to MP First Form Co-op for Gym, Art,
  14. We will be continuing what has worked in the past for almost everything except science and a few others. History/Literature/Geography: Tapestry of Grace Year 3 Dialectic -- I am considering using Walking with Wisdom Literature Guides for a unit or two but haven't decided. Reviews appreciated! Math: Singapore Dimensions 7 Writing: Writing with Skill 1 -- He has been using Writing and Rhetoric and will have just finished book 6 but I'm not seeing enough skill development in building paragraphs and transitions. I'm hoping a year of Writing with Skill will help with that.
  15. Thanks for all the great ideas! I'll run these by him and look to see what we have locally.
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