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  1. Thanks for all the great ideas! I'll run these by him and look to see what we have locally.
  2. I tried them with my oldest and it was an epic failure. That turned me off for many years but I'm breaking one out again to try with my second son. He loves cutting, pasting, and all that jazz so I think it might be a good fit. We shall see.
  3. This little guy is half way between many of his levels so it's hard to tell where he will be next year but he will be continuing on with most of what he is doing this year. Math: Singapore 3 and Beast Academy 3 Language Arts: FLL 3, AAS 3-4, Probably W&R Fable although I have IEW Intensive A that we might use - We need a break from WWE History/Literature: Tapestry of Grace Year 2 - Upper Grammar Latin: ?? He's finishing Song School 2 this year. I'm not sure he's ready for LFC A so I'm looking for a filler. Any ideas?? Science: We will be ready for an Astronomy and Earth Science year. Probably following WTM recommendations and notebooking with lots of field trips and star gazing. Arts: Home Art Studio and Piano lessons Continue building typing skills, we may start cursive or give his manuscript more time to mature
  4. So much of what we are currently doing is working so we'll be doing much of the same. I'm still working out logic, science and extracurriculars. Math: AOPS Pre-Algebra Language Arts: GWTM Red Book, AAS Level 7, Continue WWS 1 half speed (My son has requested more creative writing. I'm looking into The Creative Writer for him to do half pace with WWS. Opinions welcome!) Latin: Latin for Children C (We may spend some time shoring up on skills from A and B before we move on) Logic: ?? We did Basics of Critical Thinking which was a hit and we'll complete the Blast Off with Logic series this year. Maybe The Art of Argument or Fallacy Detective. Opinions welcome on these. History: Tapestry of Grace Year 2 - Dialectic Level Literature: Pulling half of this from Tapestry to coincide with history and will choose other fiction for the rest of the year. We will probably do some Teaching the Classics with these. Science: ?? We're up for an Astronomy and Earth Science year. Right now, I'm considering RSO for this or following WTM recommendations for logic stage and picking some resources from there. What have you used? Art: Probably continuing Home Art Studio. I'll also be looking for local classes to attend live throughout the year. We will continue building typing skills by typing a paragraph in a Word doc every other day or so. He can't think what to write and type at the some time yet. We will also continue Morning Time but I haven't planned any resources yet. Piano Lessons
  5. What are some outside the box activities or clubs that your middle grade children are doing? I'm looking for something new for my 11 year old boy. Help me brainstorm a list of ideas to investigate in my area. Thanks!!
  6. I'm part of one but we will be in year 2 next year. Heres a link to the year 3 TOG Facebook group. You might have luck posting there or in year 2.
  7. What year plan are you looking for?
  8. When you have a distributor, please let us know. I'm leaning towards purchasing this before trying Writing with Skill. Thanks!!
  9. I bought it for my 5th grader this year, started it, and he felt very unsure so we put it on the shelf to try again next year. I really didn't want him to see writing as a burden and he was just so unsettled and losing confidence that I shelved it for now.
  10. I had mine cut and then had the covers and the teacher pages bound. I hole punched the student pages for their binder.
  11. I've heard of many using these programs together. I intended to at one point but have decided to go a different direction with writing. There are many source texts and other resources for matching IEW with TOG on the TOGLooseThreads yahoo group. Here is a link although I think you have to be a member to access the files.
  12. I have my eye on this one:'+Chart+or+Map+of+History+Casebound/027268
  13. Grammar up to this point has been a 5-10 minute lesson so I was surprised by the 45 minute recommendation. Are you using Grammar for the WTM and keeping it at 15 minute lessons?
  14. long on average do you spend daily? I'm trying to plan a time budget for next year. The 4th edition recommends 45 minutes for grammar lessons. (I know this is just a recommendation.) Does it take you 45 minutes a lesson for this program? That seems like a lot of time to spend on grammar daily.
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