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  1. Thanks, everyone. I've only been to Europe in the past and the flights returned to my home airport so I've never had to think about this before. I booked the tickets with the two hour layover.
  2. Yes, this is exactly my situation. Thank you so much.
  3. The first flight is EVA and the second one is United. I'm purchasing them together through evaair.com though. Would that be considered booking separately?
  4. Haha, yes! It is tongue-in-cheek. I love the city/my husband loves the country. So we compromised and moved to a small town in the country and I travel whenever I can.
  5. That's great - I didn't know you could just drop off your luggage again after customs. I would prefer a longer layover, but the only other option was 16 hours in Seattle. (I am visiting a friend in Asia and she is pretty specific about when she can drop me off at the airport so I don't have many choices.) Another question: What happens if I do miss the connecting flight? Do I have to purchase another ticket?
  6. I am planning a trip overseas and the flight home has a layover in San Francisco for 2 hours. I'm just wondering if that's enough time to get off the plane, get my luggage from the carousel and go through customs, and then walk to the domestic terminal from the international terminal. And then I have to check my luggage again. Where do I do that? At the gate or somewhere else? Has anybody been through this before?
  7. We are going tonight. I don't know who the opening act is, but if it's Camila I will look for a hoodie for you. What size should I get?
  8. Thank you so much, Lori! I guess I didn't look hard enough.
  9. Can anyone who has used Notgrass' Exploring America tell me which units the literature corresponds with? The lists their website gives for America the Beautiful and From Adam to Us for example list the name of the book with the Units with which to read it with in parenthesis, but I can't find the Units listed for Exploring America. I'm including the list of books for easy copying if you're able to look up the corresponding units for me. •The Scarlet Letter (Nathaniel Hawthorne) •Narrative of the Life of David Crockett (David Crockett) •Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass (Frederick Douglass) •Uncle Tom's Cabin (Harriet Beecher Stowe) •Co. Aytch (Sam Watkins) •Humorous Stories and Sketches (Mark Twain) •In His Steps (Charles Sheldon) •Up From Slavery (Booker T. Washington) •Mama's Bank Account (Kathryn Forbes) •Miracle in the Hills (Mary T. Martin Sloop and LeGette Blythe) •To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee) •The Giver (Lois Lowry) I may not want to buy the entire literature kit and am trying to figure out which books to purchase depending on the timeframe. Thank you!
  10. Does anyone know if the Apologia Astronomy Notebook (2nd Edition) can be used with the Apologia Astronomy Textbook (1st Edition)? I already own the textbook and I cannot find the original Notebooks for sale.
  11. The boys department at Glik's goes up to size 20 and the 1897 jeans fit my son who is 28x32. Maybe you could try a size 18? https://www.gliks.com/Jeans-C362.aspx
  12. Thanks for your thoughts, everyone! I seem to never know what to say so mostly I'm pretty quiet around people. But then they think I'm a great listener and go on to tell me all sorts of things. Then I'm even more unsure of how to respond! :-) Your ideas are very helpful.
  13. How do you respond when you're talking with older people (70 or 80 year olds who are generally healthy) and they make comments like, "I'm not going to get a pet because I don't want to get something that will outlast me," or "I'm going to have my kids go through my things and tell me what they want when I'm gone," or "I don't know if I'll still be here," when talking about plans a few months off. These are three different people who have said things like this to me in the recent months. It feels uncomfortable to agree with them, like I said they aren't sick so the end isn't imminent. My reaction is to brush them off like, "Oh, don't talk like that!" but it seems like they do want to talk about it. How would you continue the conversation?
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