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  1. Ella Enchanted (The book is much better than the movie!) and other books by Gail Carson Levine The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place Rabbi Harvey books (The same author wrote some fun history books for kids, like King George: What Was His Problem?)
  2. Think of it as a small, portable oven with a few differences: it preheats much faster, and all cooking is timed, so when the timer rings the oven turns off. Other than that, as long as the pan fits you can broil, bake or toast just like you can in a full sized oven. Do you have a Williams Sonoma near you? I think they have them in their stores. The standard size oven comes with a 12" square pan and also fits a 13" pizza pan. Here's a link the the Williams Sonoma website listing:
  3. The Breville Smart Oven gets a lot of use in our house, especially in the summer. It functions very well as a small oven, and is a great toaster, too. More expensive than most, but the build quality seems good and it has held up well. I have seen them a few times at TJ Maxx for about $150. They come in multiple sizes, so there is a more compact one for tighter spaces.
  4. My first thought was a pinched nerve (from disc disease), possibly in the cervical (neck) region. Is he holding his head carefully, or reluctant to jump or move as usual?
  5. I have the washer dryer set (about 4-5 years old). The dryer works fine, no complaints -- I'm not very picky as long as the clothes get dry in a reasonable time. What I do like is that the lint collection is very accessible and easy to clean out. And, I can put a ball of aluminum foil in the lint collector which helps with static electricity. I won't use dryer sheets, so I really appreciate this option. Other dryers might have similar set ups, but none of my previous ones have.
  6. For those of you who do it deliberately .... can I ask why? I have known a few examples of this, but they were either cases where someone disliked their given first name OR they were called by a "cute" childhood nickname -- examples from my life are Ducky, Bunny, Dobie and Newbie (the last one was because a sibling kept calling the "new baby" Newbie and it stuck).
  7. I have a new Bissell Big Green that I have used a handful of times. It has pros and cons, but I will say it does get the carpet pretty dry. I cleaned one room late last night and by early this afternoon it feels dry to the touch (I don't trust that it is fully dry, but it feels like it). I do go over the carpet quite a few times to remove water, but I did that with previous machines with worse results. It is heavy, bulky, and not very maneuverable, but it is a better cleaner than a Rug Doctor that I used previously, which made the rooms smell like a wet dog for days! It seems well-made and durable, but it's too soon to be sure about that.
  8. Two things that haven't been mentioned yet: 1) If she isn't already doing so, shave every single day, year-round. Shaving exfoliates the skin and skipping days can cause hairs to be trapped under the skin 2) consider laser hair removal. I wish I had done it sooner. It hurt like crazy (that varies from person to person and with the type of laser) but was very worth it for me.
  9. How about a cool birthday card, with a letter inside .... a "50 years ago today" (or however many years is appropriate) sort of card to spur some memories. What music was popular, what phrases were common, clothes and hairstyles, some memories of hobbies or activities you shared.... Maybe include some nostalgic candy you liked if you can still find it on short notice.
  10. You could make your own! Bagels are time consuming but not hard to make. and many more recipes searchable on the web (Disclaimer: I've made bagels, but not these particular recipes as I'm not gluten-free)
  11. It's not portable, but I find cooking and baking makes a nice hobby which allows me to still chat and hang out. The chopping, kneading, mixing, etc. don't take much concentration, but keep my hands busy. This week I made shaped pasta and three of us were rolling out the pasta dough together while watching MasterChef. We ate the end product an hour later, so no worries about having to donate .... but I've considered cooking for a Ronald McDonald House or something similar if I had more time on my hands.
  12. Do you think you could videotape the decluttering process and talk with them on tape about the significance of the items they find precious? I think sometimes there is a worry that without an object around to look at, the memories associated with it will be lost. If you could preserve those memories it might be easier to let go of the items, and also provide some family history to pass on that others might cherish.
  13. Have you tried eating recipes made with Einkorn wheat? Supposedly some people who are intolerant to modern wheat can eat this more ancient version-- Einkorn has 14 chromosomes vs modern wheat's 42 chromosomes, so it's changed quite a bit over the years! Here's an article that discusses Einkorn wheat.: I get Einkorn flour and wheat berries from the Jovial website. I have made Jovial's basic bread recipe with Einkorn a few times and enjoy it quite a bit. It makes a pretty dense, hearty bread, but I like that. It can give inconsistent cooking results, so I stick with recipes designed for Einkorn.
  14. We use a bowl filled with equal amounts water and apple cider vinegar and a drop of dishwashing liquid to break the surface tension. It seems to work best if replaced daily.
  15. I think it is all co-ed, but my son loved his school trip to Catalina Island, and they offer summer camps.
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