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  1. I have liked the GE Profile appliances that I have had. Not much experience with Whirlpool. Personally I would rather wait for a better appliance than settle for what is in stock. A month without a microwave will soon be forgotten, but living with a glitchy appliance will bother you every day.
  2. Disposable surgical masks are pretty comfortable to wear, and very lightweight. I see a lot of people wearing them now.
  3. Kebo


    If you had the neighbor's girl over to hang out with your three girls, do you think it's possible she might get along well with either your older or younger daughter? Just because two people are close in age doesn't make them a match, but she might be a good friend to one of the others. Or not ... but you wouldn't have much to lose by inviting her over to play board games, or watch a movie, or build a fort or whatever your girls like to do.
  4. Are you taking any antihistamines? Claritin made me feel like that when I took it regularly, and a different antihistamine had a similar effect on a friend's daughter. The problems resolved as soon as the antihistamines were discontinued.
  5. Would any of them like a cooking subscription? We have used Kidstir and Radish, and prefer Radish, but they were both fun. It's not entirely consumable, as you end up with laminated recipe cards and kitchen gear, but it's useful rather than clutter. Or maybe a magazine subscription geared to their age level. A membership to local museum (or zoo) as a family Christmas gift for the kids. Audible or kindle books if any of them are big readers.
  6. Our best splurge this summer was buying all 9 seasons of The Middle after watching the first 3 for free online. We had to have the rest -- The whole family loved it!
  7. The cone is to stop him from licking the surgical incision, possible causing infection. You can remove it! It just needs to be on any time you cant watch him very closely to prevent licking.
  8. Your cats may reset faster/ more completely with a little pharmacological help. it can calm down the emotions and many cats can then go off of medications after a while without resuming hostilities. I would try to Feliway first, though. Also, I don't know if this will be an option for you, but one of our cats lives in the master suite, with only supervised visits to the rest of the house. There have been no fights, and she acts friendly to all, but she breaks litterbox training (that is, she urine marks) if she co-exists in the same space with the other cats. She's perfect if kept i
  9. You might also try Feliway (calming pheromones), which is available as a diffuser, wipes, or a spray. I would agree that keeping separated eating, drinking, litterbox, and sleeping areas can help cats tolerate each other when their personalities don't mesh, or one is a crankypants or a diva. If there is anything you can do to keep stray cats out of your yard, that would also be recommended.
  10. I think they were writing slowly so you didn't see that there is a lag between writing and showing up on the tablet. I don't think you have to write slowly, but it might be disconcerting to actually see the lag.
  11. We just made this recipe for zucchini bolognese this week and it turned out very well. We used the tips in the first review to add tomato paste, thyme and oregano. VERY easy recipe, but it takes 4+ hours of cooking. It is vegan if you leave off the parmesan. https://www.delish.com/cooking/recipes/a58228/zucchini-bolognese-recipe/ Minestrone will also get a lot of veggies in, and you can adapt it to the veggies you like. I add carrots, zucchini, yellow squash, spinach or kale, onion, and sometimes some sliced cabbage. Also vegan if you skip the parmesan. https://cookieandkate.com/c
  12. A few more...I like how the flower is smiling : )
  13. Sorry, don't know why they doubled up! I tried to edit, but no luck. The flowers are cactus blossoms, and the owl is a burrowing owl that was perched outside a local pizza restaurant, looking grumpy!
  14. You can live trap it and relocate it. We just did so with a roof rat. It took quite a few tries! We ended up using this live trap (linked below) and stringing cheerios from the roof. Everything else we tried was eaten but the trap not triggered. He was freaky smart. It took at least a dozen tries -- we even tried hot gluing food to the pressure plate, but in the morning the food would be gone and the trap still set. It started to feel like Caddyshack! Good luck! https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B078JBSBFV/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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