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  1. I think our health insurance covered the anesthesia portion of the procedure. ortho students have to learn somewhere. 😀 a friend was taking her son there.
  2. We had my daughter's braces done through the local dental college. We saved a ton of money and had no issues. I believe it was less than $3,000. We had the same student throughout and really liked her. My daughter has a couple of issues unrelated to the braces that have needed monitoring. We followed the student to her Ortho job. She has never charged us for any of the follow up visits. Great experience for us. My son just had his wisdom teeth pulled two weeks ago. Between our dental and health insurance, it sounds like we will owe less than $50.
  3. I am not doing the camp. I decided to join a FB challenge instead this year called 365 Day Writing Challenge. As you guessed it, we are supposed to write every day. They have an accountability spreadsheet set up for everyone to complete every week. It has been fun. I plan on still doing NaNo in November unless something unexpected comes up. What about you? Are you doing the camp this month?
  4. I would say histamine reaction. Does it happen after you eat high histamine foods? (Sorry, I see you said it does not seem to correlate to foods.)
  5. A dog called Louie and a cat called Zoey.
  6. Scooby is out because my dd wants a dog the same breed as Scooby Doo to name Scooby. Charlie was a top choice but the neighbor's dog is Charlie. Jasper was suggested and thrown out. I like Dingo since that has Australian roots.
  7. I have one teen who spends less than an hour in his room and another who spends the majority of the day in her room. I think it just depends on the kid.
  8. We found a puppy! Yay! 😃 We found a licensed breeder in our state who was recommended by an award winning agility trainer (also from our state) whom I found on FB. He comes home in 40 days. Now we need a name. Looking for suggestions. Original post here:
  9. We are looking for a Mini Australian Shepherd. My daughter is wanting a dog that she can do agility training with. We are also considering having the dog trained to be a service dog for her.
  10. Breeder never said we couldn't come to their home and I never asked them to meet us halfway. They offered. I am in no way put out by driving three hours.
  11. Ok. I have four images and they all came back "No other sizes of this image found."
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