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  1. We are looking for a Mini Australian Shepherd. My daughter is wanting a dog that she can do agility training with. We are also considering having the dog trained to be a service dog for her.
  2. Breeder never said we couldn't come to their home and I never asked them to meet us halfway. They offered. I am in no way put out by driving three hours.
  3. Ok. I have four images and they all came back "No other sizes of this image found."
  4. shoot. Won't work because she texted me the pictures.
  5. UPDATE: We have decided to keep looking. Thanks for your input. FYI-After a name change around 2010-2011, the AKC started recognizing the Mini American Shepherd. We have spent the last two years looking for a puppy/dog for my daughter. I think we have found one, but I found him in a newspaper ad. The breeder is three hours away but is willing to meet us halfway. I have never purchased a dog from a breeder nor from a newspaper ad. They do not have a website. Their FB page was last updated in December 2018 with a litter of puppies. I cannot find any other information about them online. What do I need to be asking before we purchase this puppy? What are red flags that I need to be aware of? Help! Please no lectures about adopting from a no kill/humane society. As mentioned above, we have been looking for two years and have not found what we want at any of these types of shelters. And it is not from lack of trying. We have specific needs we are trying to meet. Thanks.
  6. I have always purchased either Turbo Tax or H&R Block software and completed our tax return. This year I am thinking about skipping purchasing the software and just using one of those two options online. Anyone have experience using the online programs? Good/Bad? Other options you would recommend? Our return is very simple-W2 income and some investment income including a K-1. We don't have enough deductions for Schedule A.
  7. In my experience, the symptoms you listed could very easily signal lyme but they could also mean something else. I'm including a link for a symptom checker that many LLMD's (lyme literate MD's) use when treating patients. Have your friends watched the documentary Under Your Skin? I believe it is still available on Netflix. This Pediatric LLMD is very well respected. You can find a lot of information on his site.
  8. There is to much moisture from taking showers. There is a small transom window above the shower that is set in a ledge that is about three inches wide. Water just sits on the ledge. I think we will put tile in rather than drywall but the ledge will still be there and need to be wiped down after showers. I'm thinking I'm not going to have much luck getting the teenagers to do that. 🙄
  9. We have mold growing in the window above the shower in the main bathroom. We tried removing it ourselves last year. Husband removed the drywall, applied Kilz and repainted. I also replaced the ceiling fan in case it wasn't working properly. The mold is back. Worse and now on the ceiling too. I am going to call a professional this time. If you have had mold removed before would you please share your experiences with me. I'm getting the feeling that is going to be a lot more expensive than I thought. I want to make sure I am asking the right questions and that we get everything done correctly this time. We do suspect it is affecting my daughter's health. Thanks!
  10. You are awesome! Thanks.❤️
  11. Love Red Rocks! We were there last summer. Anything good in Golden?
  12. Looks delicious but I have to eat gluten free.
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