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  1. Nemom

    Writing after NaNo...

    I made it to Day 5 of Week 2 before I got sidetracked. I'm hoping today I can start again.
  2. Nemom

    Writing after NaNo...

    The holidays really threw me off! 😞 I need to get back to writing every day.
  3. Nemom

    The bubble wrap calendar was a hit. :)

    Any day is Christmas around here when we get bubble wrap! 😂
  4. @Pen Sorry you are going thru this right now. I have no personal experience but agree with others. I would let him finish the day. I'm assuming he is taking semester finals right now? Which would reinforce the decision to let him get through those tests today.
  5. UGH! This news story has today's date.
  6. My husband received an Amazon Chase Visa today with a $10,000 credit line. He does not use Amazon and even stated he probably wouldn't be able to make a purchase if he tried (VERY tech challenged). The Amazon account that we use is in my name only. I didn't apply for the card which is only in his name. Has this happened to anyone else? I'm concerned his identity may have been stolen.
  7. This is a good cookbook to get her started baking gluten free. She doesn't have to use the other substitutes. Regular milk and eggs can be used in the recipes. I wouldn't try to find any good replacements for bread for awhile. Nothing GF compares to the real thing. Give it six months of taste buds changing and then find something to try. She will need to replace most of her kitchen. Gluten will hide in wooden spoons and cutting boards. Everywhere. About a year after going GF, I noticed I was getting sick every time I used the pan that I use to make pasta in. I ended up buying new pans. @cintinative I would love your cinnamon roll recipe if you don't mind sharing.
  8. Nemom

    Sierra or High Sierra? For Mac

    Yes! I always wait before I do an update.
  9. Nemom

    Sierra or High Sierra? For Mac

    @Pen I would update to High Sierra. I think El Capitan is from 2015 and probably not supported anymore. I checked and have Mojave 10.14. I haven't had any issues with Safari since installing it. I do not use Dropbox. I have Scrivener & Scapple. No issues with either using Mojave or High Sierra.
  10. Nemom

    Sierra or High Sierra? For Mac

    Yikes! I just updated to Mojave three days ago. No problems yet. What issues have you been having? @Pen I didn't have any issues with either Sierra or High Sierra. I would update to High Sierra personally as I believe it is the most current of the two.
  11. Nemom

    Writing after NaNo...

    I've only made it to page 12. I'm hoping to get some reading done this afternoon. So far, I think I will like it. Can't say that I've read anything that I didn't already know but I am looking forward to see how she breaks it down the process of planning. I am normally a planner in life but haven't for either NaNo. So I'm hoping her ideas will work for me. I had a fiction book that I wanted to finish reading first. How far have you made it & what are your thoughts?
  12. Nemom

    Writing after NaNo...

    Mine will arrive here this afternoon. I'll let you know what I think later. 🤞
  13. Experienced PANDAS/PANS parent. I don't like to post about it but you are welcome to PM me if you have any questions. I will say that my dd was not symptomatic of strep (negative swabs too) at the time but had ASO titers & AntiDnase titers that were off the charts. I would suggest you have your Dr run labs for both of these. Unfortunately, her PANS was actually a symptom of a much larger health issue going on and just one of many chronic conditions that she now has. So I now have experience with lots of odd health issues. 😏 My dd has had all of the symptoms you have listed for your son. And do I recall correctly that you have experience with Lyme disease yourself? Or am I thinking of someone else on here.
  14. Nemom

    Have you/do you live in Arizona?

    Colorado Springs in on the list of possibilities but the COL will be higher than where we are now. Boise is a good idea that hadn't considered and we should look at. Utah has been tossed around as well. Unfortunately, we are very familiar with Lyme disease already. Twenty-six years for myself but not dx'd until ten years ago so it is chronic. Unknowingly passed it on to both of my kids. Youngest has had the hardest struggle with it. It has left her with a multitude of other chronic health issues including basically no immune system. Monthly IV treatments keep her as healthy as they can but still leave her vulnerable. She never gets a mild case of anything unfortunately. So, I think the Valley Fever aspect will have to play a part in any decisions we make. Thanks for the link to the map.
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